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: I'm gonna have to stop you right here. This discussion is going to inevitably be loaded with semantic quibbling from you where you try to re-contextualize what you did, and it's not going to fool anybody. You're not going to be given any leniency, you're not going to change the system, you're not going to have a productive conversation. All that'll happen is you'll make a few over-used under-considered points, folks will downvote you, and then everybody will get bored with the thread and you'll finish your two-week vacation. Or maybe you'll get pushy with it and get the thread locked. Either way, no good comes from these sorts of threads. If you really and honestly feel the need to learn what is going on here, you'll gain that knowledge through introspection. Is what you said and how you said it appropriate at your job or school? Would your parents think it was appropriate? If you witnessed a public figure speaking that way, how would that be received by you? If you don't think these are relevant to your behavior in a video game, you need to examine why YOU think there's a difference. Does another player being on the opposite side of a screen change how you should treat them?
I agree that our culture has some serious problems. This explains it well. You never explained why using a word in a non-racist context makes it racist.
Mr Elessar (EUNE)
: You didn't have an n word pass.
Poondar (NA)
: 14 Day Ban for Saying the N-Word (No chat restriction)
I am going to leave you all with some wisdom. Perhaps Riot games may educate itself with this video. I am not too optimistic but as long as one person learns I will be happy.
: > [{quoted}](name=Poondar,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=sWMaeQGr,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2019-03-02T16:37:20.334+0000)I didn't display any racist behavior. That is a racist insult. You may not be a racist *person* but when you used that word you were displaying racist *behavior*.
Using a word in a non-racist context is **not** racist behavior. You may think it is, Riot may think it is, but that just says more about your mind than it does about anything else.
: Oh really? You want to have a discussion as to why dropping racist shit in a video game or **ANY** situation is a bad idea and gets punished more harshly? Why don't you go think about it on your own.
What is racist about calling a white man the n-word? Think about that.
: >What is so bad about calling a white kid the n-word? Because it's a racial slur that derives the negative connotations it has in *any* context from the fact that it is used to insult and denigrate people solely based on the color of their skin, and implies that that skin color makes them worth of being insulted. There is no context in *League* where this is acceptable. They let you say the word because if they censor it, people start finding other ways around that censor that are more difficult to detect but still have the same effect and the same meaning, but just aren't censored. >And why is calling a white person a racial slur worse than flaming your team for 45 minutes? Both are bad. The first is just zero-tolerance because racist behavior is something that is commonly known to be unacceptable in most social situations, and isn't just something that can be attributed to being very angry. That said, severe flaming can *also* earn an immediate 14-day ban.
I didn't display any racist behavior. I insulted my team mate, who only reported me because he knew I would get in trouble. Had I known that Riot had a childish ban policy that doesn't take context into account, I would've said something else.
Poondar (NA)
: 14 Day Ban for Saying the N-Word (No chat restriction)
Basically I want an argument as to why no-no words are more harmful than actual "toxic" behavior.
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