: I wish you didn't lose half your XP gain if you lose, kind of makes it seem like a wasted match
Play bots if you want XP. Normal games are only really worth it for chests tbh.
: If you actually watched the video you would see the problem with the new conqueror. The problem is that champions who spam spell casts can stack it considerably faster and keep it stacked better than the intended users of conqueror. Ryze can fully stack it in a little over 1 second. Meanwhile Tryndamere has to spin in and use 4 auto attacks before it is stacked. The problem isn't that it will be strong on champions with damage over time which again is described in the video as not being the case. The problem is that it will be weak on most of the champions who currently rely on its use and a lot of them will probably go back to using grasp if the change goes through.
Considering Tryndamere spends all game spinning in and autoing 20 times with his ult, you're drastically overstating him being weak with it.
CytheGuy (NA)
: I just checked all of your sources against OP's... League of Graphs reports a **51.5% Winrate** in **Platinum+** across **All Regions** in **Norms and Ranked** OP.GG reports a **51.62% Winrate** in **Unknown Ranks** across **Korea** in **Unspecified Queue Types** LoLAlytics reports a **51.89% Winrate** in **Challenger** across **Unspecified Regions** in **Unspecified Queue Types** OP's Source: Champion.GG reports a **51.24% Winrate** in **Platinum+** across **Unspecified Regions** in **Unspecified Queue Types** (Winrate is slightly off from new data 19 hours later I don't see any major discrepancies between yours and OP's sources.
He probably means the pick and ban rates, which use different data points on each site. Most sites look at the percentage of games in which a character is banned / played, where champion.gg looks at the percent of players that ban / pick them. The highest possible number of players that can pick a character is 50% since that locks the opponent out from picking them, and the highest possible number that can ban a character is 20%, or 2 out of the 10 bans every single game, where as this would result in a 100% game presence and 100% banrate respectively if you were looking at the games in which they are picked/banned
: 51% someone stop the presses! 5% pickrate btw
5% pickrate means 5% of the players are locking him in even through bans, meaning that if he weren't banned in 70% of games, he would be seen nearly three times as much. That "5% pickrate btw" is also the highest presence of any midlaner beating out {{champion:238}} by a margin of about 6 players per 100.
: I actually agree with hash here
How many consecutive attacks to reach its true damage and heal... hmm {{champion:202}} 1 {{champion:202}} two {{champion:202}} Three {{champion:202}} FOUR ... {{champion:1}} Five!
: can anyone confirm it if will even work with DoT's? if so then {{champion:17}} {{champion:69}} {{champion:77}} {{champion:63}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:41}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:27}} {{champion:29}} {{champion:91}} {{champion:122}} are immediatley out of the question for it. same for people with {{item:2033}}
Cass isn't out of the question. She can still mash E to stack it up. And Morde seems really strong with it actually. E Auto Q1 Q2 Q3 into true damage ult and massive heal on W.
: New conqueror needs to be melee only
> [{quoted}](name=Anime Fizz,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=iUs5UqW9,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-02-13T01:38:08.808+0000) > mages, please dont make the strongest class in the game even stronger. {{sticker:sg-lux-2}} Mages aren't even doing best in their main lane where assassins dominate, let alone the mages in off lanes like top where Bruisers are reigning supreme or support with playmaking engage champs and enchanters taking the top spots. The fuck are you on? Jungle Karthus? A single problem champ directly followed by 9 divers/skirmishers in a row?
: My depression is gone
-3 AD, nice fucking meme riot {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
: God forbid Lux and Barnd _"Support"_ can't build like Mid Mages if their precious free gold source is ever touched {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
Bully supports are even stronger after the changes because they can force the opposing adc out of lane and fuck over their opposing support's income at the same time.
AidanWR (NA)
: Yeah, they literally took a strat that didn't work and decided to fuck supports to make sure it didn't happen. Top laners would lose out on a lot of gold if they took spellthief's top, but apparently 30 gold per wave is the same as an entire wave of gold. Now extremely aggressive supports, or bot lanes that are behind don't get gold for doing their job, or not being able to do their jobs due to low gold, respectively
The real problem with kleptothiefs was that by not csing you would give your lane opponent a bounty which could be taken by your jg, mid, or yourself to get 5+ waves of cs worth of gold. But rather than addressing the real issue (farm bounty) riot decided to fuck over supports by nerfing their items.
Hensetsu (EUW)
: If you're playing AD champs vs Karthus
RIP {{item:3102}} Went from a viable tank choice on champs or builds with already high HP (Or on any fighter or even mages that needed the spell shield) to a mage exclusive that still hardly gets picked even on mages.
JJI744 (NA)
: Yasuo is much more impactful than you say. 19/61.5/64. (Pick/win/ban) Champion.gg actually does suck for pick/ban rates.
It lines up perfectly with the other sites but it gets its information from a different statistic. Pick and Ban rate are the % of players picking that champion in that role and the % of players that ban the champion respectively. In a draft game, even if a champion was in 100% of games in a role, they could only be picked by 50% of the players. Ban rate is similar, with the highest possible being 20%, meaning 2/10 people every game ban the champion. 10% of players banning still wouldn't be the character banned in 100% of games though, because some of that 10% would overlap as a double ban. It's extremely rare to get a banrate above or even up to 10% though, so the result is that, in effect, multiplying the banrate by 10 translates to the % of games the champion is banned rather than the % of players that ban them. And what do you know, if you multiply the pickrates by 2 and the ban rates by 10 you get nearly identical results to other stat sites. They aren't wrong stats, they just draw their information from a different source. Just because you can't interpret data doesn't make that data incorrect.
Leetri (EUW)
: 5% pick rate is below average, even Rammus is more popular than that. The stats in your pictures are factually incorrect.
https://i.imgur.com/cY5Qszc.png ?? ???????? EDIT: The preview is broken but clicking the image link still works. For the lazy, the same site shows Rammus at about a 3% pickrate, and the trend continues with every character being about half the rate shown on other sites because of the way Champion.gg collects its data.
: And a 6% playrate in mid. Yeah i call bullshit
Similar to the banrate, the playrate on champion.gg is listed as roughly half of other sites for every single character because it shows the % of players using a character in that role, not the % of games they're present.
: Your stats must be false. 7.03% banrate ? what is that
Champion.gg lists its banrate weirdly. It lists the % of players that ban a character, not the % of games in which they're banned. so 7% banrate on the site means that statistically he is banned by not quite 1 person every game. The highest banrate possible on champion.gg is 20%, meaning 2 out of the 10 bans in every single game get used on a particular champion. This is corroborated by op.gg listing him as 76% banrate If 10% of people ban a character, he will be banned in not quite 100% of games (since some of that 10% will overlap as double-banning them), and 7(0.5)% banrate is just reflective of whatever specific elo that the op is examining,
: Movement speed is absolutely broken, lees MS = run faster
I thought something seemed off when I was able to roam through my jungle with the shittiest routing imaginable as {{champion:34}} and get a gank off top between minion waves.
: in all honesty what was the thought process of lulu top? that hasnt been worth a damn in 3 seasons
It's to farm and poke against teemo. I actually ended with more farm than him because unlike my other, melee choices or auto focused ranged like Quinn, Lulu can actively trade and punish teemo. Lulu is my usual pick into other ranged tops because I know how to play the character modestly well and it's a better chance than my other options. I don't know if it plays out as an overall trend, but it tends to be my only real viable choice from anecdotal experience.
: > first time players The lowest level in that game is 43. Who is a first timer?
> [{quoted}](name=KnightsKemplar,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=6htwVcIN,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-02-13T01:42:18.364+0000) > > The lowest level in that game is 43. Who is a first timer? The Jhin with 0 mastery points?
Rioter Comments
Rioter Comments
: [Question] Are you allowed to take other Summoner Spells?
Bot with {{summoner:21}} and supp with {{summoner:7}} isn't uncommon with a more trade-heavy duo composition, and some champions just do well with otherwise odd combinations like Anivia or Ryze with {{summoner:21}} {{summoner:12}} to get an early {{item:3070}} and have constant lane presence.
: > [{quoted}](name=Saezio,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=wBEWdTh4,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-02-12T20:52:28.832+0000) > > I'll go to your match history and look for a bruiser botlaner in the past 2 months. Will I find any? Not relevant to the post. And bruisers took over botlane for like 2 months after the crit item gutting. Lul. But that was just adc crying.
"Bruisers took over for 2 months" Try a single patch cycle. Meanwhile mages and adcs have been lanebullying in top for a while now with no signs of stopping.
: > [{quoted}](name=MasterLico,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=wBEWdTh4,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2019-02-12T21:56:49.516+0000) > > its 2019 bruh plus tanks are so 2018 Read the post. Not just the title. Also tanks died in 2016. Right after the cinderhulk gutting.
Cinderhulk hit them in the jungle, but it was 7.4 and later ~~masteries renamed~~ runes reforged that made them completely irrelevant.
: If you are going to straight up lie then gtfo. You thinking of ANNIE, or you are not thinking at all.
Annie's Q isn't as long range as her autos. Anivia's E is not just longer than her already massive 600 auto range, but also longer than Annie's by 25 units, and both her auto and E are larger than Annie's Q.
: how much crit is too much on jhin?
Jhin scales harder with crit than other ADCs actually. His base line crit damage is only 150%, but that isn't taking into account the extra AD he gets from critical strike chance. At 100% crit chance, he gets 40% bonus AD which applies before the critical strike damage bonus. 140% x 150% = 210% damage. This is without taking into account his baseline bonus AD or the bonus from AS, but it also isn't taking into account his automatic crit on his forth shot. As a general rule of thumb, you should build AS or crit depending on which you have more of at the moment. If you're getting more bonus AD from your AS at the moment, build some crit; if the crit is adding more AD, build AS. Here's a video showing the calculation for it in detail: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LccTfmkMJF4
: Of the 67.8k damage yasuo did, 18.6k was true damage.
"Past year"? Try since 7.4 ruined their items while overbuffing three specific characters they later hard nerfed, until they just ended up turning one of them into a diver. {{champion:113}}
: Why is Anivia so weak?
She has the longest auto range in the game and her E has the same range. She isn't Lux but she is absolutely above most mages in range. W and R make Q much easier to land, and it is already fairly easy to hit since it takes up half the lane. She's also a hard counter to all-inning assassins since she can sit under tower with passive up to deny any ignite kills. She also outtrades most other mages if she lands a single Q E and her mana issues are largely irrelevant past the very, very early laning phase thanks to Manaflow Band and {{item:3070}}. She's anything but weak, she just requires more positional play than other mages since she's one of like four characters that can directly affect character pathing.
: low elo soloque is simply too dis-coordinated for people to save 1 bit of hard CC for the man. plus because games tend to drag out they find it difficult to keep him down before he scales. its the yasuo/vayne syndrome. also is a yi main, sports SKT in name. lmao
One source of hard CC isn't enough for him. He's immune to the most common type of CC in the game and can Q on reaction to avoid any (one) other cc aimed his way. Two autos later and he can Q again. Unless you're team is all on top of him and spaces their CC perfectly to get around the first Q he'll obliterate any minor error. And even if you can land a hard CC, unless it's a stun or knock up, 2-3 autos while he's rooted on top of a character is more than enough to get at least one kill (while burning your team's CC that could otherwise be used against his ADC or midlaner)
GripaAviara (EUNE)
: What makes Nasus balanced?
He has no way to deal with crowd control. Even more so than other champions that have this as their main weakness. {{champion:23}} can delay his ult and still cast it while cc'd to wait for his opponents to spend their cc early {{champion:11}} can Q on reaction to most CC in the game, including snapcast targetted cc {{champion:86}} {{champion:36}} and other juggernauts have insane amounts of tenacity to shrug off anything but knockup chaind. {{champion:420}} and others still are CC immune during a well-timed ult or other spell in some cases But {{champion:75}}'s only cc resistance is the innate universal tenacity available to every other character. So more than just about any other character, he falls hard to CC and followups. Unless he has a {{champion:25}} backing him, then you're fucked.
: Why is armor so useless against crit
Yasuo's crits have 50% armor pen. It isn't a crit thing, it's a Yasuo thing.
Moody P (NA)
: I still don't have much reason to get BC over Trinity
Cleaver invalidates any tank in the game Thing is tanks are already invalidated because offensive classes get an item and a half worth of extra stats over them per game and hardly any tank scales with their stats outside of the occasional %health shield.
: Where did all the hate for Sylas go?
Oh it's still there seething. I ban the fucker every game I have the chance Dude builds a single offensive item and inescapable 100-dead combos the cast or builds a single defensive item and facetanks entire combos while taking 20% max even without his heal into account.
: For a champion with a splash art that doesn't make you feel like it's from Leagues early days
{{champion:58}} Has it much worse. His splash art looks sharp and almost naked, but in-game he has rounded metal all over so much so it looks like an alternate skin compared to his official art.
: Veigar's cage should be a slow rather than a stun.
You shouldn't walk into a stationary hitbox.
: playing adc in bronze is the worst
Playing support is worse. Even if the adc isn't autofilled, the support has no agency whatsoever because of the nature of low elo. Play an enchanter and the ADC never takes advantage of your stronger trading power. Play a tank and the ADC never follows up any engage (While also taking cannon minions). Even playing a carry support like Zyra you have minimal influence over the game as the results of top and mid result in stronger carries on the enemy team.
: Jayce the Artillery "Mage"
Jayce is a Diver/Assassin/Skirmisher/Artillery/Burst/Marksman
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: February 8
As long as the goal is to get {{champion:421}} feeling better to play, how about giving her a passive instead of her current one that just explains how her W works? Anything would be welcome. Bonus AD at max fury, extra fury generation vs champions, anything would do. Fury itself isn't a passive, otherwise there would be no need for {{champion:23}}'s crit or {{champion:58}}'s bonus generation at low health.
Shahamut (NA)
: only clears it makes any difference on is the first, MAYBE the second. And that early, its hardly anything, certainly not massive XD And Skarner would love to have his full kit not ONLY be accessible in the jungle, and only IF you control the spires. Oh yeah, and no mana. That would also be nice!
Fury as a resource isn't a passive, otherwise {{champion:58}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:150}} {{champion:102}} {{champion:23}} all have additional passives. All of them besides Rek'Sai have some form of mechanic though. Trynd's passive isn't that he uses fury, it's his bonus crit chance Renekton's passive isn't the upgrades to his abilities, it's doubled fury generation at low health Gnar has his transformation Rengar has, well like 50 passives, bush jumps, tooth collection, cool down resets, on top of those resets granting empowered abilities Shyvanna's passive isn't even tied to her fury at all But Rek'Sai's passive is just a part of her W. Like hey here's some awesome new passive ideas for characters, just get rid of the ones they have and add these: {{champion:89}} "Shield of Daybreak's resistance duration is increased if it hits an enemy" {{champion:34}} "Enemies stunned by Anivia's Q or caught in a fully formed ult take bonus damage from E" {{champion:86}} "Garen's Q briefly silences enemy champions it hits" {{champion:164}} "Hookshot sends Camille further when aimed toward enemies while on a wall." {{champion:45}} "Veigar's W stuns enemies that come in contact with the wall" At least Skarner's passive does SOMETHING, if not much. Rek'Sai is among the few characters with legitimately no passive though. The others being {{champion:43}} (Just an explanation of how her R works), {{champion:126}} (Again just a function of his R), and {{champion:83}} (Okay very very technically he has a passive without Q level 1 that makes graves, but he exclusively starts Q such that if it was moved to a passive effect of Q itself there would be a 0% difference in Yorrick's gameplay).
Shahamut (NA)
: I would rather trade you passives...
> [{quoted}](name=Shahamut,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=6nsP9VPB,comment-id=000c0000,timestamp=2019-02-06T02:05:36.813+0000) > > I would rather trade you passives... Rek'Sai would love to have Skarner's massive AS boost in clears.
BradNo (NA)
: Bronze Is SOOOOOOOOOOOO ez to get out of.
Hope you got temp banned for that toxic attitude tbh
Shahamut (NA)
: Skarner STILL needs a passive
Skarner already has a passive though. You're thinking of {{champion:421}} who's passive is "Rek'Sai's W works as intended"
Kadexe (NA)
: The problem with these "Nerf Yasuo" posts is that nobody is thinking about how to balance him.
I had a yasuo changelist/rework on my old laptop before it died but can't recover the files, so forgive me if I misremember everything I'd thought of. Passive: Yasuo builds flow by moving. Yasuo's abilities cost flow. Once he reaches 100 flow, Yasuo can cast his abilities at no cost and the next damage from champions, large or epic monsters, or turrets expends 100 flow to create a shield equal to 12.5% of Yasuo's max health. As long as the shield persists, Yasuo can continue to cast abilities at no cost. (Removed: doubled crit chance and lowered crit damage) Q: Steel Tempest Cost: Free -> 15 flow Cooldown: 4-1.33 based on AS -> 4/3.5/3/2.5/2 Removed: tornado (moved to R) New: Upon reaching 2 stacks of gathering storm, the next cast of Steel Tempest hits in a 120 degree arc in front of Yasuo, stunning enemies hit for 1.5 seconds. W: Windwall Cost: Free -> 50 flow Cooldown: 26/24/22/20/18 s -> 17/15/13/11/9 s Width: 300/350/400/450/500 -> 300 at all ranks Wall travel distance: 400 -> 800 Wall travel time: 0.25s + 3.75 s -> 4s, initially moving quickly then slowing down over the duration until it reaches its final range Wall duration: 4s (unchanged) Wall now has 2/3/4/5/6 health. Basic attacks deal 1 damage to the wall while ability projectiles deal 2. E: Sweeping Blade Cost: Free (generates 7.5 flow) (unchanged) Cooldown: 0.5/0.4/0.3/0.2/0.1s -> 10/9/8/7/6 s Removed: on-target cooldown Cast type: Unit targeted -> aimed dash Dash length unchanged Damage type: Magic -> Physical Removed: Casts of Sweeping Blade cause increasing damage on concurrent casts New recast mechanic: If Yasuo passes through at least one enemy unit, he can recast sweeping blade. This effect can be used to allow a maximum of 3 total dashes. After the final dash the ability goes on cooldown. R: Last Breath NEW: First cast: Fires a tornado outward 800 range (from 900 on former Q) Cost (First cast): 50 Flow Tornado damage: 60/120/180 + 100% Total AD Second cast: Yasuo blinks to an airborne target, generating 100 flow and suspending them while dealing damage. Removed: Critical strikes having 50% armor pen after casting R for 15 second NEW: Yasuo gains 40/50/60% armor pen (on all damage) against _the targets hit by the second cast of Last Breath_ for 10 seconds ---- The buffs don't need to be in the form of damage or other raw numbers if the character itself is tweaked around different up or down times. This, for example, increases Yasuo's one-on-one dueling power, especially against melee matchups, while adding more means to play around him and hitting his biggest "nope" button in group fights.
Chiken138 (EUW)
: How are we supposed to kill tanks without conqueror?
Damage heavily, heavily outscales resistances even without their shredding items. Tank items are about 75% as cost and slot efficient as offensive ones and split across both resistance types. Even ignoring {{item:3071}} invalidating any tanks' ability to 1on1 or {{item:3036}} cutting into their gold efficiency even more, damage picks are effectively working with an item and a half - two items worth of extra stats.
Rioter Comments
Mortdog (NA)
: Full ARURF+ Change List
{{champion:13}} 's shield or root need addressed. With low ping he shreds any nonranged character without counterplay and wins any ranged battle with a constantly refreshing shield.
Moody P (NA)
: "All of two" when there's more than two tanks in the meta right now
The first tank after tier 1 sion and tier 2 poppy is tier fucking 4 malphite with a 48% WR and 2% representation. The best in the jungle are tier 3 gragas and Sejuani And a single tier 2 Alistar in support. Tanks are garbage and have been garbage for nearly 2 years since they were gutted in 7.9.
: Sion at 54% wr with conqueror existing in the game
Ah yes all of two entire tanks in a sea of fighters, mages, and marksmen with above 50% WR and any decent representation. Surely this is the dawn of the dreaded """"tank"""" meta
: Ah yes, explain to me how 3 autos should equate to half my health being gone with no items.
You were already at half health and the entire trade didn't even chunk 40%.
: BuT vAnYe HaS a WeAk LaNiNg PhAsE
Out of position enchanter gets destroyed by sustained damage trade More at 11
: Why do tank stats feel so bad to build?
There is no fall off on the effect of armor or MR. Every point of resistance increases your effective total health against that damage type by 1%. 1 armor is a 1% increase in health whether you have 300 armor or 20. The problem isn't that Resistances fall off, but that damage rapidly outscales and over values them. The best tank items are the two major AR/Health items: {{item:3068}} {{item:3742}}, and a single major MR item {{item:3065}}. In terms of cost and slot efficiency, only visage reaches 100% gold efficiency. Sunfire and Deadman's reach 84% efficiency on their statlines, compared to any random AD item. Literally any of them. {{item:3095}} 106% GE even without its bonus movement speed, {{item:3071}} 100% GE while making every piece of armor you purchase worth less and less. Even the least efficient AD items far outclass their highest armor opponents: {{item:3031}} 72% bought first (it never is) 95% bought second, 119% with two zeal upgrades, and 131% with a final unfinished zeal. The pure or near-pure AR items are much worse in both cost and slot efficiency since the effective health for their cost they offer is minimal- {{item:3025}} {{item:3110}} {{item:3143}} {{item:3075}} Averaging 80% efficiency across all items gives a total of 480/600% costs, against damage classes which get mininum 100%, and usually much more averaging 105-120%. 630/600% costs mean that by the end game, damage classes even without their anti-tank items are essentially playing with an entire _**item and a half extra**_ over their tank counterparts. Add on top of this that tanks have to thin their build across both resistances and even against a 5-1 physical-magic split means that building as efficiently as possible (That is, full set of the most gold efficient Armor items + {{item:3065}}) will be another -40% efficient from their total for 440/600, nearly _**two whole items worth**_ behind their competition. This is all without even factoring in the tank shredding components of Press the Attack, Conqueror, {{item:3153}} {{item:1416}} {{item:3151}} {{item:3124}} {{item:3071}} {{item:3036}} {{item:3031}} {{item:3135}}, the stronger adaptive force offered by runes over the resistances, or ability scalings which are often well over 100% AD. To put it in perspective, for a tank's first item to rival an AD's {{item:3095}}, costing the same 2800 gold, it would need to grant something like 85 armor and 475 health, compared to the current 60 AR and 425 Health. Keeping the cost at 2700 to get the same GE at least, for 2700 gold it would need to give 80 AR and 475 Health. It would be just a touch under the same GE, but close enough while keeping the values in units of 5.
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