AriCei (NA)
: ""trash talk" is sassing the other team after an outplay or something, which is fun. " This is wrong. You will get reported and banned for this. Reportable offenses include "nice dive, noob" which in my mind is hilarious. Keep that faith in the system though.
Well yeah, just like in sports, there's sportsmanlike trash talk and unsportsmanlike trash talk. I don't have any data on what gets punished and what doesn't, but it's usually obvious if someone is being mean-spirited or not. Personally, I think it's fantastic that Riot is pushing against the years-old notion that you're allowed to be a jerk on the internet. It's not accepted IRL so I don't see why it should be any different here.
: lmfao you must be off the privileged decent you dont understand clearly but like i said before if the community is this melted ice cream soft it aint or me common sense aint so common. so minimal shit talking equals perma ban (do not care how much i got punished in the past because its the past) to talk trash in 2 games and you think thats bannable but people throwing racial slurs and flaming is ok riiiiight ?
Nobody is saying "throwing racial slurs and flaming is ok". The people who do that get banned too. Maybe not immediately, but usually pretty fast. (Also, "trash talk" is sassing the other team after an outplay or something, which is fun. What you are doing is shitting all over your teammates.)
Wuks (NA)
: Filter Help & Support from Red Tracker? That's the plan!
I will miss you on the red tracker, Broporo and Porocles {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}} (But also thank you for making this change)
: New Client Directly Affecting Toxic Player Problem
Riot has told us several times over the past few months that number of reports doesn't matter at all (except for edge cases, I'm assuming). Any report will trigger an automatic game analysis, so as long as you are reporting those who deserve it, it doesn't matter whether or not you can get the message out in post-game chat. (And this is more personal taste, but I'm never a fan of telling the other team stuff like "please report xyz, they were toxic all game"... I'll report for toxic behavior I see myself, but I've seen plenty of situations where someone lies about toxicity within their own team so I'm not gonna take your word for it.)
Rioter Comments
: So as far as I can understand, it means if we mute pings, we are muting the whole team's ping (every type of pings) rather than a single person? It mentions just an option to mute pings, and gives it as an example as muting chat which mutes all chat. If that is true, and its meant to block all pings, why is Riot doing this type of "marketing tactic"? Rather than fix the issue right away (for this case, allow us to block a specific person from pinging us), you start from the bottom and just make it block everyone first then later on in patches you work on towards that lol. (P.S., if this option allows us to mute pings from a specific person , then excuse everything I said above :D and have a "thank you very much" response in replace)
It's most certainly "block a specific person from pinging", just like regular mute.
Porocles (NA)
: ~~As I understand it, the messaging meant any matchmaking mode for Summoner's Rift. Twisted Treeline, ARAM, or Poro King would not have unlocked eligibility.~~ Hope that helps clear things up, and that the icon comes your way! **Update**: I was wrong! Any matchmade mode minus customs should grant the icon, including Twisted Treeline!
Yay! So [crushing those poor, poor TT bots]( was eleven minutes well spent.
: I believe this is the log you meant to post for that game: [0:42] [All] Lucario5623 (Mordekaiser): FUCK [0:45] [All] Lucario5623 (Mordekaiser): MISCLICK [1:20] Lucario5623 (Mordekaiser): udyr [1:31] Lucario5623 (Mordekaiser): get triforce [2:48] Lucario5623 (Mordekaiser): ??? [3:19] [All] Lucario5623 (Mordekaiser): mordekaiser is retarded [4:44] Lucario5623 (Mordekaiser): annie ulted the ghost lmao [5:10] [All] Lucario5623 (Mordekaiser): lmao [6:49] Lucario5623 (Mordekaiser): we know [7:00] Lucario5623 (Mordekaiser): im new to mordekaiser [7:05] Lucario5623 (Mordekaiser): but he's actually hard to play [7:09] Lucario5623 (Mordekaiser): because you get kited [7:13] Lucario5623 (Mordekaiser): with udyr you just e [7:13] Lucario5623 (Mordekaiser): lol [7:18] Lucario5623 (Mordekaiser): go full a [7:20] Lucario5623 (Mordekaiser): d [7:22] Lucario5623 (Mordekaiser): one shot bitches [8:47] Lucario5623 (Mordekaiser): holy %%%%%% can we do something please [8:59] Lucario5623 (Mordekaiser): i keep dying [9:57] [All] Lucario5623 (Mordekaiser): kys [10:24] [All] Lucario5623 (Mordekaiser): k [10:50] [All] Lucario5623 (Mordekaiser): nig not [10:55] [All] Lucario5623 (Mordekaiser): you're salty too lmao [11:12] [All] Lucario5623 (Mordekaiser): talking in all chat [11:20] [All] Lucario5623 (Mordekaiser): Lol [11:36] [All] Lucario5623 (Mordekaiser): i love all chat [12:02] [All] Lucario5623 (Mordekaiser): you are salty and do not understand the phrase so it makes you even saltier [12:49] Lucario5623 (Mordekaiser): shut the fuck up you fucking tit wiggler [13:19] [All] Lucario5623 (Mordekaiser): lol I highly doubt that because I have friends who are black that play this and they do no be racist in the game ever [13:47] [All] Lucario5623 (Mordekaiser): So you can earn a chat ban [15:42] [All] Lucario5623 (Mordekaiser): lawl [16:18] [All] Lucario5623 (Mordekaiser): aaaaand one shot [17:26] [All] Lucario5623 (Mordekaiser): why did this retarded ult go off on blitz [18:45] Lucario5623 (Mordekaiser): ANYONE FUCKING HELP MAYBE [20:16] [All] Lucario5623 (Mordekaiser): ez [20:25] [All] Lucario5623 (Mordekaiser): lol [20:27] [All] Lucario5623 (Mordekaiser): you are sad [21:18] [All] Lucario5623 (Mordekaiser): Btw Muted and Reported for racism and hate speech [21:56] [All] Lucario5623 (Mordekaiser): and one shot me [22:12] [All] Lucario5623 (Mordekaiser): league of legends is fun [22:39] [All] Lucario5623 (Mordekaiser): one [22:40] [All] Lucario5623 (Mordekaiser): shot [22:52] [All] Lucario5623 (Mordekaiser): reporting annie
I'm so confused right now. It looks like this guy... retyped and editorialized his entire chat log? *Why?* (While I'm on the topic, the other thing that will never make sense to me is when people say "and I only got reported by one person", under I guess the misguided assumption that people will always inform you in all-chat before hitting the button?)
Prynce (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Riot NaKyle,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=PzY1ArN3,comment-id=000400000000,timestamp=2017-03-28T22:29:27.210+0000) > > Yeah, that's why we're clarifying. Now let's dive into the details of this one to clear this up. > > You're playing adc (in 2017), and everything's going fine. But then your jungler blows a gank mid and your midlaner goes off the deep end. They pop off with "Report troll jungler" in all chat and other, worse bullshit. Even if the other team reported that jungler, the jungler wouldn't get hit with a penalty because they didn't actually do anything wrong. However, if the jungler reports the midlaner, they're likely to get hit with a penalty depending on just how much they tilted and their game-over-game history with that type of talk. > > Where the confusion creeps in is when you try to reduce things down to: Does "X" mean penalties. Instant Feedback only works that way with hate speech and threats of harm. That's the sort of harassment the team is much more focused on. Report calling is often a minor negative thing, but say there's a spectrum of chat where 1 is hyper-friendly, 5 is neutral, and 10 is literal death threats, this is like a 6. Thank you for clarifying, but I'm a bit confused. So, the mid laner report calling isn't bannable, but in your scenario because he report called in a toxic way, he had a high chance of being banned because it can be toxic itself (if he used certain languages and etc). So report calling is okay, just don't be a dick about it...?
> So report calling is okay, just don't be a dick about it...? Pretty sure that's exactly what he's saying, and it's not particularly surprising. The important thing to note is that in the example NaKyle gave (*and also every time someone talks about calling for reports being punishable*), the point is that the jungler who failed a gank isn't *actually* feeding or trolling, and the mid laner is being a jerk and saying they are in a roundabout way. That's totally different from reminding your team to report the Akali who afk'd half the game in post-game chat.
Meddler (NA)
: Completely understand the desire for hints, that's something I'll avoid though. The teams that work on new champs spend a lot of time on them and their teaser campaigns/promo materials and I hate to undercut their chance to do a cool introduction.
Hmm, which part of this is the hint? *Undercut* can't be coincidental. Karate champion incoming?!
Rioter Comments
: Patch 7.5 notes
Can you provide any context on why Ranked Flex health has gone from "✓" to "!"?
: > [{quoted}](name=InvalidtheUser,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=aIE85O17,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-01-17T07:44:53.870+0000) > > Don't mean to hijack, but I had a question. Have IP bans ever been considered? Yes, and they tossed the idea right :D Banning ip will cause more harm than good College campus's have limited ips so banning one could in fact ban thousands of players Homes 1 ip- 2 league players, 1 cheats both are punished....
Not to mention that dynamic IPs mean they won't even work in the first place for the vast majority of American households. IP bans pretty much stopped working in the early 2000s when ISPs generally stopped assigning static IPs.
Basshead (NA)
: League running at 111% cpu usage since new client - how?
Can't help with League of Legends, but I will drop some mad knowledge: These days pretty much every CPU has 2+ cores (dual core, quad core, etc). Each core *basically* acts like its own CPU. The CPU usage listed in the resource monitor tracks usage across all cores. So if League alone is using say 60% of one core and 65% of another core, you'd end up with a listed CPU usage of 125%.
: Can you provide me a link to a rioter who has mentioned that *everyone* would be getting an invite? According to our [Alpha Client FAQ](, this is not the case, as we'd prioritize PC's above minimum specs and players that fit the specific criteria our teams have requested for testers. I can't manually review your application, however, according to [this post]( the open beta is coming soon and you'll have a chance to use the new client then. Let me know if you have any other questions.
Dunno if it's a communication/interpretation derp, but that's the impression I got too from this post:
buksch (NA)
: how can THE GAME possibly be this overly protective of only one subsection of humanity. I could go in there and insult every religion and race and this shit wouldn't happen. Literally the presidential candidate of the USA says far worse on a daily basis. Please Riot. Stop being over sensitive, it's ruining a good thing.
> [{quoted}](name=buksch,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=vHRln7I2,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2016-10-28T23:17:26.905+0000) > > I could go in there and insult every religion and race and this shit wouldn't happen. Uh, give that a try on a new account and see what happens... (actually don't because you'd be ruining the experience for 9 other people each time. But the point still stands -- hate speech against *any* group is unacceptable in League.)
: > [{quoted}](name=Kaioko,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Ia9eHzUJ,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-09-13T19:18:15.495+0000) > > Question along those lines - not entirely related but didn't feel like making a new thread: > > I played Kog before the introduction of {{item:3508}} - do you believe that item in conjunction with a crit item like {{item:3085}} will be worth it on him? Combine that with 10% greater scaling CDRs from blues and you get to 40% CDR and are able to have the W with the increased range on a 10.2 second CD meaning it only has 2.2 seconds of down time. > > It could also be helpful for your mana in order to spam your ultimate although I think you would then need a {{item:3043}} which I'm not sure would make sense to build on him and make him weaker early. I don't recall Old Kog being a heavy mana spamer, unless you were playing him AP. I'm also not certain that CDR will be as effective as you think. His AA is a far more important damage source than his spells, (Unlike Jhin or Lucian) and he doesn't have a ton of utility on his spell either. (Like Ashe or Vayne) My guess, Kog will probably use the old TF BotRK build. He will have the CDR from TF, and with TF trading the crit chance for AS, it will probably scale better with kog than before.
Ult uses waaaay more mana now, and I haven't checked PBE but I believe Riot isn't planning on changing it at all as part of this unrework. I was a big fan of ER on pre-rework Kog so I'll happily continue building it now, personally.
Crounty (EUW)
: Hey I've got a question having something to do with that topic. What if someone gets somehow unintentionally my account data and plays games on my account using third programs and then the account gets a ban for terms of use violation, do I get my account back or will it stay suspended? I read several cases where ppl got access to accounts they shouldn't have and used third programs so that the account remained banned even though the owner did nothing do and had no access to it
Yes, if someone steals your account and plays games with cheats just for fun, Riot can tell and will reinstate your account after you prove your identity. Of course, 99% of the time poeple come to the forums and says that happened, it's because they paid an elo booster to play on their account -- you're not getting your account back from that.
: Hmm...definitely sounds odd. If you could, please provide a screenshot of the exact error message. Once I get a good look at it, I should be able to provide some troubleshooting steps!
I've been getting this too ever since patching yesterday. It pops up as soon as I enter the "dynamic queue team builder" lobby -- a message about "a request to the server has failed; we recommend you restart the client" or something along those lines with an "ok" button. I tried restarting and continued to get the message, but either way, I hit the ok button and then... everything seems to work.
: It's certainly against the letter of the law, granted. But the spirit, I can't see why... The other guy is still playing "under your responsibility", it's not as if a few games would wildly throw the match-making off the tracks, and it's very hard to detect, unless someone come here on the boards and openly says it. I believe you can detect change in play patterns when someone is boosted, but I don't believe you can detect that over the course of a few games in a single evening. All in all, it's probably not why this guy was banned, assuming he's telling the truth here, and it sounds rather hypocritical. No offense Katey, I saw all your other posts and I know you're very supportive and very cool, don't take it personally. But in this specific instance, your answer is not helpful.
> it's not as if a few games would wildly throw the match-making off the tracks Much of the problem here is that it WILL throw the match-making off the tracks, for the few games that the friend is playing at least, resulting in a not-fun experience for either his team or the other team, depending on how good the friend is. The unspoken half of this rule is that you're only going to get punished for it in Ranked, though.
Veruka (NA)
: Sexism?
This does bring up a question I have always wondered! When someone is playing Vayne, do you call the player "her" because they are playing a female character, or "him" because they are statistically likely to be male?
Puddy (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Positioning King,realm=NA,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=hbJF0K2v,comment-id=005200000001,timestamp=2016-03-09T19:55:49.206+0000) > > Won't you only get the "per level" AS 17 times, not 18? Thus, the calculations would be: > > 1.5*17+35 = 60.5 > 3.5*17 = 59.5 > > Kog'maw is losing 1% AS at max level. > #UNPLAYABLE > > (But, serious question -- are "per-level" stats applied to lvl 1?) They are.
Source? Not that it's definitive, but the wiki lists lvl 18 bonus AS as +59.5%:
: Ahem. Time for the professor to enter the room. Hello, welcome to Kog'maw Mains 101. Kog'Maw is a late game cannon, focused on helping the team last till he gets damage. While removing his instant Attack Speed Growth on his w seems like a nerf, in all actuality the way they changed him, he is buffed. Time for the math. * With no items, the old Kog'maw recieved 1.5% attack speed buff, and the additional 50% from his w. 1.5*18+35%= 62% attack speed with only a minimum 15 damage at level 18. * The new Kog'Maw recieves 3.5 attack speed growth per level, and instead of an attack speed buff on his w, he received a magic on hit buff of 25. 3.5%*18= 63% with 25 magic on-hit at level 18. Sure it may only be 1 measly percent of an attack speed, but in return, you now have 30* magic on hit to add. While this may seem like a nerf, at level 18, he has more attack speed, more on-hit damage, and hey, his q is a little less costly. This will be on the Test on Friday. Do not forget to study, have a nice night. **Edit**: * The on hit is 30, not 25.
Won't you only get the "per level" AS 17 times, not 18? Thus, the calculations would be: 1.5*17+35 = 60.5 3.5*17 = 59.5 Kog'maw is losing 1% AS at max level. #UNPLAYABLE (But, serious question -- are "per-level" stats applied to lvl 1?)
: Based on our internal item purchase data - Cass didn't buy ~2+ mana potions a game which was our internal metric for mages to determine whether or not they used mana potions extensively enough to be heavily affected. We didn't compensate based on mana consumption - but directly off whether or not they purchased it significantly.
This is actually really interesting to me. I'm a Kog ADC main and I usually buy several mana potions on my first back if I have leftover gold, which REALLY helps bullying/generally surviving in lane, especially after lvl 6. I am low plat and don't really watch any pro play so I have no idea if this is a "good idea" or something other Kog players do. I noticed that Kog was getting substantially less extra base mana than the other champs getting touched in this patch -- does this mean most other players were never buying any mana pots?
Meddler (NA)
: There are a few on hits (6-10 from memory) that didn't get properly updated to respect the revised blind/dodge/block rules. Nasus Q is one of those, should be fixed in 5.23.
Just throwing this out there -- is Yorick Q part of this? He wasn't including in the list in the patch notes. I haven't gotten a chance to try him yet, though.
: Patch 5.22 notes
Is Yorick's Q not affected by the "Empowered basic attack changes", or was he just forgotten contrary to his wishes? :(
: Correct. Leaverbuster pretty much does not affect you getting Ranked Rewards whatsoever
Just to clarify, it sounds like Ebay Account (lol) is saying that you *won't* get rewards if you have an *active* low priority queue, whereas you said "Leaverbuster pretty much does not affect you getting Ranked Rewards whatsoever." Which of those is correct?
Godaren (NA)
: My friend got demoted cause he dodged as 0 but it might be low mmr
I'm pretty sure your friend made up an excuse for why he got demoted :P I've dodged a game with 0LP myself, and it comes up often on the forums. You stay at 0LP, and next time you win, you end up at "amount from win -3" LP.
: I don't think the idea in its entirety encourages toxicity; it's brought up because we as a community want to help each other out. Perhaps we just need a different approach in how to make people in unwinnable (?) situations feel less shitty other than lowering how often it happens (which we've been quite successful in doing so far).
With respect to "Perhaps we just need a different approach": I don't have the data to back it up, and this *may* just be confirmation bias talking, but it seems like a vast majority of 4v5s that I see in mid-Plat solo queue are caused by people being unable to connect to game server after champ select and never appearing, rather than ragequitting. Personally speaking, of the 2-3 ranked games that I have ruined with my AFKness, I was frantically trying to reset my router and whatever other voodoo magic would let me connect after getting through champ select. I didn't feel good about it and I can't imagine the other 9 players did either. It seems to me that this situation shouldn't be unsolvable -- are you familiar with the DOTA 2 system where if someone fails to connect by the minute mark or so, the game is dropped? One huge difference there is that draft happens on the game server, and so if you just ported that directly over to League you end up with the ability to avoid a game after a terrible draft, but it's something worth pursuing. ----- Another leaving mechanic DOTA 2 has is that after a player has disconnected for ~5 minutes I think, while the game will still count as a loss for the losing team, *anyone else is free to leave without a leaver penalty.* This is something I'm pretty happy about -- it's really frustrating to be stuck in an unwinnable situation that you have to play out until the 20 minute mark. ---- I realize these fall firmly out of the realm of Player Behavior; sorry about that.
: Patch 5.16 notes
I realize this is not the most relevant comment, but this is the second time I've seen "refactor" used incorrectly in LoL patch notes. > Without downgrading Viktor too much, we’re refactoring his Hex-assisted power curve to better fit his ideals of evolution and provide opportunities for enemies to halt his rise to glory Compare to... > Refactoring. …is a disciplined technique for restructuring an existing body of code, altering its internal structure without changing its external behavior. Its heart is a series of small behavior preserving transformations. I'm pretty sure "altering its internal structure without changing its external behavior" is the _exact opposite_ of what tweaking numbers is. Pedanticism yay!
: Is this an automatic thing? Because I always thought it was suitable as a friendly joke when the opposing team has an Ezreal (or, at least, I've always taken it as a friendly joke when I've been Ezreal)
Unless you've been making jokes about it all game, I wouldn't count on your opponents interpreting it that way.
Eeyore (EUW)
: Is account sharing going to be specifically targeted, or just malicious "boosting"? And how well does the system detect the difference? (Even though I'm aware account sharing is against the rules). One my my mates have like 20 smurfs and his brother also plays on the same computer - and when his brother started playing he just used one of my friend's smurfs (I think he now has an account that is strictly his, but they still have a large collection of "shared" smurfs). They now basically just play on whichever account is logged-in when they get to the computer. They both play ranked and if any of the accounts are attributed to the system as belonging to the brother, then I suppose it would appear as though my friend is "boosting" - since he is the better of the two. But neither are specifically trying to boost the other. I mean, my friend has the newly ranked smurfs in order to distort MMR for ranked-duos - but "playing with friends, even in ranked" is something you (Riot) said you're okay with. I just don't want even of them to get banned for elo boosting just for incidental account sharing.
Regardless of boosting/smurfing/whatever, your friend and his brother are sharing accounts which is against the terms of use, so they should stop doing that.
: Twisted Treeline is still unplayable to me because of the BOTs, especially on TT! Does anyone else have this issue? I used to play TT exclusively and then the bots took over. I'd play ranked, but I just solo Q. Am I missing something - why isn't this ever addressed? I REALLY wanna play again with the updates, but the game is completely unsatisfying with bots and I hate to start and drop to find a game. Anyway? ANY help would be nice. And I'd prefer not to just custom... thanxx :(
Are bots a problem in TT normals at lvl 30? I've played a few recently and did not run into any bots. I'm going to assume you mean 30 because you mention ranked.
: Mid Champs that Double for other roles?
Kog'maw! He's a solid ADC, but also incredibly fun mid. Seraph's + Liandry's = raining hellfire artillery literally forever. Getting to level 6 can be a bit of a struggle with no escape moves and only a moderately strong high cooldown slow, but once you're there, you can farm ultra safely and wreak havoc from the back line.
: The LoL Client is acting like a virus
The LoL client... changed and glitched your wallpaper? I'm going to go out on a limb and say you have an *actual* virus, as well as having League installed. Just a hunch though.
Gunhaver (NA)
: Well I just 6 ip bonus. Really? I'd rather it be zero and not feel like I got ripped off for having a four man team.
Well, we played ranked 5s and got a whopping 10ip reward, so you aren't far behind!
: Do people actually pull their connection though? Maybe I'm just incredibly naive, but why would someone go to the effort of unplugging their router just to leave a match? If people have to stoop to those levels than I feel sorry for their subconscious dissatisfaction with themselves.
If literally all it took to leave a match with no penalty is flipping the wifi-disable switch on your laptop (functionally equivalent to unplugging your router), you better believe your games would be full of leavers.
: 4.21 Makes me at TWO FPS, out of a normal 120 fps.
Do you use LoLRecorder or any other replay generation program? Seen lots of reports that those are wrecking performance in 4.21. Note that this is distinct from just screen recording programs.
: I did get warnings on my accounts due to server issues. I'd get the freeze lag and 500 ping DC bug, and have to leave games to reconnect, but the servers going up in flames prohibited me from rejoining, but it still counted as if I left the game regardless, despite trying 10 times to reconnect. It happened, people got the warning messages from LeaverBuster, and Riot pretty much said "it's your fault not ours, talk it through with your cable company.", when in reality it was an issue spread from all regions and all internet providers. Which seems more likely, everyone's internet goes out simultaneously only on League, or there's a problem with League's servers? Occam's Razor.
Yes, I'm not disagreeing that any of that happened. As I said, I and my friends also suffered from the exact same problems. I even had a conversation with dArtagnan about how frustrating the lack of communication was! But were you banned? Was anybody you know banned? Why is everyone jumping to the conclusion that the new system will ban people in response to server issues?
: Mhmm, and what about all the players that got their accounts nuked? Forgive me for not being 100% supportive of this since I've cut it close to the banhammer multiple times from your server issues. I distinctly remember sometime this season (methinks it was summertime, can't remember for certain) that your servers went up in flames and starting DCing people left and right, and for the longest time, you guys failed to address it as an issue on your end, despite the fact that there were THOUSANDS of threads saying otherwise. How do I know that you're not going to player blame again? Quite frankly, I don't have a lot of faith in that. History has proven otherwise.
You say you've "cut it close to the banhammer multiple times" but what are you basing that from? The server issues earlier this year? Anecdotally speaking I also disconnected several times earlier this year, and everyone I play with did too, and I haven't seen a single punishment to anyone come out of that. It just seems weird that people are accusing Riot of making a system that will punish innocent people, with literally zero evidence of it.
: > Hey guys, thanks for reporting this. We're looking into it, but we've been able to find a workaround for this issue in the [Help & Support Board]( > > It seems this is affecting players with non-default DPI settings. So if you're using anything above 100%, try resetting it back. > > First, open your Control Panel. You can do this from the Start menu. When the panel opens, click on Appearance and Personalization: > > > > Second, click on Display: > > > > And finally, select the "Smaller - 100% (default)" option, then click Apply: > > > > Re-launch your patcher afterwards. > > Alternatively, you can use the Windows Key and search "Personalization" (without the quotes) and continue from the the second step onward. So we have to change out settings just to log in to league now? gee willikers you guys are controlling huh riot?
For the record you can do this on a per-application basis as well. Find the patcher executable, right-click -> Properties... and then on the Compatibility tab, check the "Disable display scaling on high DPI settings" box.
: Wow. Really disappointed and this close to quitting LoL.
But... but... there isn't even a new patch hitting or anything. It's just twelve hours without League, and then coming back to the exact same thing with apparently more stable servers. Surely you've gone twelve hours before? I can understand being annoyed that some special release is delayed, but...
Rioter Comments
: League Of Legends Client Will Not Stop Scanning Files.
> I have now waited till the next day and the same problem Do you mean you left it open for 24 hours, or you just tried again the next day? Unless you've been waiting more than a few hours, nothing is "stuck" -- it's just a long process! Let it keep going.
: Hey all! So I brought this issue up with someone much more in the know about these things than I am, and they believe that this is experienced when the projectile is being created on the client and destroyed on the server but the player doesn't receive the packet to destroy the object fast enough. There is actually a fix being worked on that should hopefully help reduce this from occurring, so we are going to try to push that out when we can. :] Thanks again for bringing this to our attention!
Just wanted to say I'm super happy to hear this is being worked on. I know it was a big deal many patches back and was claimed to be fixed many times with questionable results, and I was pretty much at the point of just dealing with it, but I like the idea of it going away more. So, thanks guys!
: Hey J3ff0! I went ahead and took a look at your ticket from back in April. I won't mince words or dance around the issue, the experience you had sucked. You had a legitimate concern and question, and it was not responded to or addressed, but I will make sure to reach out to the specialist who helped you to ensure that this kind of experience does not happen again. We definitely let players know when we are experiencing issues on our with the servers, and if you are ever curious as to whether we are seeing widespread issues, make sure to check out our [Server Status page](!
So apparently I'm really unlucky about when I play this game? In a Ranked SoloQ game last night, everyone disconnects, I can't get back in, eventually I do and the game is over and it's a loss. Amusingly, ~2 minutes later, I see the notification of degraded server status **and that loss prevention is now enabled**. So, my game was most assuredly part of whatever service disruption this was, but I was 120 seconds too early to get my loss prevented. No surprise that the ticket I created resulted in the same generic "here's the server status page, and here's how to debug your connection, and we can't give you back LP, sorry!" I realize there is nothing you can do about this instance, much like how there was nothing you could do about the last one, but it's frustrating to be having this very same conversation again months later, once again with no acknowledgment of any problem with the system.
: ***
Well he definitely still has the health stacking as part of W. I'm unenthusiastic to see he still has the shield, though.
Menin (NA)
: Loss Prevention Enabled TOO LATE! UPVOTE FOR PREVENTION!
: I actually got a loss for this?
Huh, that's amusing, I see according to service status that Loss Prevention is enabled. Too bad I'm still 17lp down.
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