: I don't just care about KDA, I actively try to get objectives, but no one on my teams do. What you're saying has little to do with my post, I've just been dealt an unwinnable set of games. No ones who progresses this fast and has been at the same level for 3 years just starts losing every game because of solely their fault. It takes literally just one player and one play to lose a game.
Well you're obviously the problem. I do believe people get unlucky patches of games but you consistently go even or worse and even when u do get fed you die way to much. Thats why I suggest you play for kda but obviously get obj when enemies are dead. Like my 4 losses in row in my match history yesterday those were truly just unlucky. the others my team werent the best and one of my laners hard feeds nearly every game but I still win so idk what to tell you if you dont want to accept you have to constantly be trying to improve.
hGAldrich (EUW)
: matchmaking is rigged. Want a proof? Here it is
I dodge or ban any yasuo depending on how they react after me banning their champ lol. Ezreal isnt really a problem for me as you can just opgg them and if you see they suck just dodge
: Stuck in Gold 2 for 3 years now, literally losing because of teams despite doing well - Read First
Just become a K/D/A player and you will climb because even in the games you win your scores are pretty bad. If you play for kda you force yourself to go for kills putting the enemy team behind and doing so just power farm and take obj. Stick to fizz and if your team is behind just let them die and go for kills in teamfights. Play for picks and force fights depending on how many you killed. Team comps dont matter much unless the enemy team is just stacked then just dodge as tanks take literally no skill to play and are broken anything else you can actually outplay. You can play whatever you want id say just 1 trick fizz and become a god at him.
: > [{quoted}](name=Tahminatrix ,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=7k3YoWW0,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-06-10T06:07:43.441+0000) > > {{item:3157}} {{item:2419}} {{item:3026}} does nothing, zed ult CD is shorter than zhonya with his standard build, asuming he needs ult to kill you. Rengar can 100-0 you before you can even press the button, unless you massively predict him leaping on you and even then he will just wait out and kill you.
This is just untrue anyone can time the stopwatch unless you're a complete noob who deserves to be 1 shot
: The only counterplay to rengar/zed as a squishy is pretty much this
Counter them with stopwatch as your team will kill them if they stay to finish you or are forced to back out so pretty much get stopwatch and force teamfights to make it 4v5
Gabriyel (NA)
: Why do people act like they're breaking up with you when they don't want to duo que any more?
I cant relate I have no league friends only 1 person that Ill sometimes play with but I just prefer to play alone as I only play rank.
: Play what you want to play. Don't let anything other than what you wanna play determine who you main. I started maining Yorick for one reason and one reason only, I liked Yorick. Had nothing to do with his win rate, play rate, whether or not he was meta, if he was strong, w.e, I just played him and liked him. Thing is, you play with a champ long enough, you'll climb with it no matter who it is. I'm fairly certain there's a main for every champion in masters+ right now specifically for NA and if not, then definitely global. Hell years after his rework I'm still finding new ways to play matchups, new ways to build, new macro strats, etc. So find a champion you enjoy playing, and play it nonstop. Picking them (or wanting to pick them) will become second nature eventually. Small caveat here though, if you play ADC, you might not find success every season by sticking to a singular main since it's a heavily homogenized role (whoever has stronger right clicks wins) so you might be forced off some seasons. Not true for all ADCs, only the ones that are over-reliant on right click power. If you play something like Ezreal you're good for life.
For how much you play yorick you dont seem very consistent with him you either go even or hard int and rarely have a really good kda
Amozaven (NA)
: How to even Pick a Main
: 7 game losing streak...
Why do you play so many different champs lmao. You did have some awful teammates some of those matches but I feel like you coulda won more than you lost there if you just stuck to one champion.
: They also had an unranked - That's probably why. Also LoG is saying your enemy average rank is silver 3. Sure you had S1 and G4 in this game but your average *is* s3, which means new people being queued with you isn't unreasonable at all.
Yes because picking a champion you dont play in a rank match is excusable and a high skill cap one at that dude didnt use his axes the entire game not even to farm literally used an axe just to throw it and not catch it as he hard intend bot. 3 trolls in a row unlucky
Rioter Comments
: Why is it always about "1v1 outplay"? Can't we just enjoy league being a strategy game, can't we play the macro game, the team game? These days I have been playing Ziggs, and of course enemy team picks Ahri or Leblanc or Zed or Yasuo or Kassadin with ignite electrocute, then they try to kill me. But meanwhile I focus on farming and roaming. And then they are frustrated like "omg I won lane but lost game, report my team". The goal in this game is to take the enemy nexus. Kills help... but objectives (drakes, rift herald, baron, towers, inhib, or even farming waves and pressuring) helps more. I don't think we need more Jax/Udyr for stat check or more Akali for fancy 1v1. I think we need more macro. More utility champ for strategy. More tankiness to add depth to teamfights.
Wym you have 5 losses ina row with ziggs lul
Camille Bot (EUNE)
: What am I doing wrong? I was platinum a month ago, then I suddenly started losing, I got to gold 3
Its because you're a Katarina main sorry bro you're gonna have to find a new champ :(
Rioter Comments
: Will leave League of Legends if Riot doesn't fix the Broken Matchmaking System
My games have been pretty good lately I think the matchmaking is fine just look at history my enemy and my team are around same rank
: Isn't her ultimate the longest dash in the game?
Its an ultimate with a long cdr so its acceptable
I agree tanks have way to much dmg for such cheap items
iPrawn (NA)
: Can we please get each person on the team into their best roles, matchmaker?
This sick of getting multiple offroled players on my team hard inting wasting my time because they wont ff. Then when I check enemys team they're all on main roles on champs they actually play lmao
: best mentality to have as a winner imo
You just have to get the mentality everybody on your team and enemy team is bad and that you're the only reason you ever win that is the winners mentality
: Yeah at least half of my wins are comebacks. "Giving up" is literally a report option in League, there is no excuse for playing if you don't intend to play it out. I would argue that Surrender should only be employed for one of three reasons: 1) when the enemy is winning but wont end it, or are toying with you. 2) if your team comp are really good on holding on defense but bad at pushing, & could never win the matchup 3) you have an extremely toxic/afk/trollish teamate who is stalling the game or throwing the game. quitting early is bad sportsmanship and actually robs your opponents of good scores and the tangible benefits like chests that they earned by outplaying you.
Thats the point lmao I always tell my teammates who wont ff after theyve inted my game why not ff all you're doing is giving them better kdas and boosting their egos lmao they dont listen tho they prefer to go 0/9
Voldymort (EUNE)
: i don't know what kind of short term memory you rely on but knowledge on a familiar topic doesn't go away in a mere 2 weeks... {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
Saezio (EUNE)
: Yeah cause people that play daily and are still iron-gold are bound to have amazing understanding of the game. xD I say we shouldn't allow people bellow level 300 to post. How that sound? :)
More so than someone who doesnt play at all and just adds their ignorant opinion. 20 games on this acc sooo...
Julevi (EUW)
: Knowledge about what aspect of the game exactly? Gameplay related issues (champions, builds, etc.), player-behaviour?
Rioter Comments
Xavanic (NA)
: Tank junglers feel too strong...
Tanks are broken asf and riot doesnt care what do you expect cheap items with champs with way to high of base dmg lol this game
: Chat restriction but can't play
Weird never experienced this as I just got a 25 game chat restricted today aswell {{champion:107}}
: Can we make an OPT to join voice chat in League in ranked please?
: ***
Why are you being racist
Xavanic (NA)
: Rengar has been nerfed so much, even i have trouble playing him anymore (and i mained him for so long), same with most assassins, the class as a whole isn't consistent anymore, too risky and all people have to do is play safe early on and you fall off so quickly, with a couple exceptions such as kayn/ekko who can become a bruiser instead if they don't get fed, but assassins like zed/rengar don't scale well as bruiser, but rengar is worse off atm, he wants to be a diver, but doesn't have the toolset to do so, if they would change his Q to do some flat bonus dmg and some % dmg he would defintely feel more viable (think like how eve is rn)
I feel like hes fine I can get behind early game and still 1 shot long as they arnt stacking armor
: Rengar honestly feels like the worst champion in the game right now
Rioter Comments
: Mac was made for people who need the organization and on-the-go utilities that simplicity provides. They have more advanced cyber security and more customization built in with MacOS. It really isn't an inferior product. If you want to play games you can buy a gaming laptop. Macbooks and Macs were made for work rather than games. You don't need to judge others purchases especially when they're something you can't afford.
I like how you assume I cant afford a mac at the end bit there gj showing your insecurity. Its a fact literally anything is better than apple their beats, phones, computers literally anything is inferior
: Mac OS is a nightmare for developers to work with compared to windows. It's a shit show. They've targeted certain coding languages like Java over the years and made integrating them a pain the ass. I mean that's all apple products. They make integrating third party everything a shit show so you are forced into doing every in apple's turf. To a larger extent, everything that isn't in mac's native coding just runs like shit in comparison. > [{quoted}](name=kda akali,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=pbNJdyg4,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2019-06-06T12:05:49.996+0000) > > Mac was made for people who need the organization and on-the-go utilities that simplicity provides. They have more advanced cyber security and more customization built in with MacOS. It really isn't an inferior product. If you want to play games you can buy a gaming laptop. Macbooks and Macs were made for work rather than games. You don't need to judge others purchases especially when they're something you can't afford. More customization? Apple is known for ripping out third party support/plugins and internal modification interfaces in favor of pretty buttons and UI. If your talking about customization as in making pretty look prettier than maybe? but as far as _actual _customization of how your machine operates to the 0's and 1's of the machine, mac doesn't compare. All apple does is dumb down everything and make it look pretty and trendy. They are nothing but marketing geniuses and have built brand recognition that sells itself. They can sell their macs as the ultimate work laptop to primarily around college age demographics because of this marketing. I go on a college campus and everyone has macs, literally everywhere. I go in the real world and macs all but disappear very fast except in select locations with the same marketing demographic as apple. LOOKING AT YOU FUCKING STARBUCKS!!! You pay for macs for the brand and the GUI. It's the EXACT same thing as buying an alienware. Buying a rolex. Buying Jordan's. You eat their marketing telling you it's x y and z meanwhile all it really is happens to be style, design and prettiness. The fact that apple can get away with the specs on their new macs for that price is absolutely disgusting. Hell even on their ad for their newest macbook: "Play a graphics-intensive game like Fortnite and enjoy responsive performance and vivid detail."........................y....yo.....your joking right? Fortnite's graphics are specifically stylizied to run on toasters. My 8 year old dell inspiron which could only run league of legends on low has fortnite. You are NOT going to tell me your machine can support graphically intensive games and then list fortnite as you example! Just another example of apple's marketing taking advantage of trends and people who don't know better.
Why am I not autothorized to downvote or upvote comments. But this post pretty much sums it up PC > Mac
CIapper (NA)
: About Time to Bring Mac Optimization
How does it feel paying more money for an inferior product?
: Rammus is a major exception, hes basically an assassin that builds tank, his W and E cooldowns are long enough to punish him and easily kill him so he hates extended fights and cant do much to anyone who will survive his damage (aside from ccing them for a second or two) Sejuani isn't entirely 100% a tank, she definitely has some damage and slight mobility loaded into her kit and is pretty reliant on it.
LOL just won 2 ina row with him while facerolling the entire game after losing 3 ina row as rengar vs tank stacked enemy teams. First game ramm went 5/5/21 second one i went 10/5/25. My teams werent even carrying both games were literally 4v5 with team feeding early lmao. Hes pretty fun tho rolling across the map at 700 ms with righteous glory and a yuumi straight into the enemy team 2v5 and winning with only 3 items cinderhulk thornmail and glory and whatever boots yes and his cooldowns are sooooo lonng aswell q is on a 4 to 5 second cd i believe and w and e a little later into the game is like 6 or 7 not long at all considering you can disengage so easily yeh not broken at all. Was like my 3 game ever rammus aswell lmao tank abusers i feel gross
: Why are tanks so broken
Ok just bought Rammus Ill update how my games go abusing this sht literally never touched him before in my life other than maybe like 3 games on him. Gonna watch a quick guide then just go into rank
: First, what "tanks" are you referring too?
Rammus, Nunu, Amumu, Sejuani, Darius, Renekton you know. But i can understand bruisers but full tanks like ramm nunu and amumu like what the fk they outdmg carries its such bs. Guess ima have to start abusing them if i want to win This rammus i just played with not even fed hes 1v4 1 shotting every single person on the team with 3 items like what. its especially worse early game cause u dont have a qss yet and even when u do hes such a nuisance
Rioter Comments
Rioter Comments
: Buffing armor will solve a lot of problems
You want another tank meta? Lmao the game is in a pretty good spot rn of course some outliers like akali and ornn but I think its good atm
: > [{quoted}](name=PositiveMental41,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=kOdHpyNi,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-05-29T11:10:09.600+0000) > > Find a simp to boost you. On a serious note just 1 trick fiora every other champ you play you either go even or feed you look to play very consistently on fiora. Look at my recent fiora games. Doesn't work. Doesn't matter how much I try to carry my teams. Doesn't work. Enemy teams are so ridiculously fed. My best fiora games are ALL losses you should notice. My worst fiora games are all wins. Not because of anything I did late game, or mid game. Just because random luck of the draw on my teammates who were not all feeding like I was during those games. Fact of the matter is my bottom laners have all been questionable if you look directly at their personal scores. The worst of which from my recent matchmaking history is a duo and support whom combined scores were 2/27/10
Try learning another role idk ur w/r is very bad only luck I ever had climbing was 1 tricking champs which is why I recommend it if all you care about is climbing learn jungle and only play yi or you can keep playng top and 1 trick tryndamere up until like plat then you can start playing things you enjoy since your teammates are less likely to hard int even tho sometimes they will. I played only trynd out of bronze 5 to s4 then i mained yi jgl until s1 then i mained graves jgl till p2 only playing those champs at a time still a new player relatively started s7
: Events, gamemodes, paychecks, maintenance, servers, new projects, utility bills... Usual stuff businesses spend money on, I assume.
Yes but what kinda events I saw some stuff on their ig that I would not like to be contributing to.
: How can I fix my MMR?
Find a simp to boost you. On a serious note just 1 trick fiora every other champ you play you either go even or feed you look to play very consistently on fiora.
Rioter Comments
5050BS (NA)
: Here are some reasons why Smurfs are BAD for Rank
Those are the hardstuck gold "smurfs" they cant climb so they make a smurf to feel better than others while still just playing 4 fun actual smurfs wouldnt risk a loss by giving up if they know its fre
: Is Zed His Mobility And Damage Too High Compared To Other Assassin's?
Nice essay lol didnt read. Id say akali has higher dmg and mobility though its just not as instant due to her passive and 2nd r doing the most dmg
: 2-4 ping doesnt do that its called packet loss dumbass, get ethernet
Finally an answer that isnt ignorant you actually knew what the problem was looked this sht up after posting the thread I knew 2 to 4 ping doesnt do that but yes the instability is packet loss
: while no pattern changed (while its only me playing on this acc and i found a mate that has good synergie with me) im really curious. after all i was bronze the entire last season lol
Oh so your getting duo boosted sweet
Eedat (NA)
: you do realize ping is in ***milli***seconds and not seconds right?
I see you struggle with reading. I said it was causing me a 1 to 2 second delay on commands. Where did I say ms is in seconds?
: > [{quoted}](name=PositiveMental41,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=iIfpH17E,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-05-28T00:10:32.319+0000) > > ..Removed by Moderation.. 2-4 extra ping does not do that. Stop making excuses. Please don't respond when you have no idea what you are talking about. I can be hard stuck gold all I want. My rank has nothing to do with you crying because of a negligable increase in ping. Blame your shitty internet instead.
Holy fk the ignorance. If it were stable 82 ms I wouldnt be making this thread its thats its unstable its constantly bouncing the ping may not seem high but in game you feel it it just feels delayed unusual to how I usually play I also have verizon so not sure how its shty. Been this way since yesterday I uninstalled overwolf cause I felt that was causing it cause it started when i downloaded that program but now that its gone im still getting issues
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