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: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: January 24
Good Morning Meddler! I was wondering how come GP is most likely going to get nerf in the near future? Gangplank is a high skill champion that should reward the players who play him at its best. I do agree his W/r and popularity has increased after the runes changes and how well it’s synergyzes with Klepto. Rarely Gangplank is seen with grasp since Klept is/was better overall. In the other hand before the changes GP was not being seen because there were better options and counters to him and landing phase could be awful sometimes against Renketons for example. Wouldn’t it better to see how the new rune lands live? And what would be the nerf he would be reicveing, if there is anything already planned for him? Greetings!
: > [{quoted}](name=ker0sene,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=4hY3nm0y,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2017-12-08T17:03:54.873+0000) > > I don’t duo what so ever in solo/duo q Playing duo isn't boosting. Letting a friend play on your account to raise rank is.
Oh trust me I know. Duo boosting is a thing if you did not know. Then again all the people I have played with recently are my friends IRL
: Not every boosting case involves money. Might be someone trying to get a friend high enough rank to play together, "helping" a friend get a border/skin, or similar scenario.
I don’t duo what so ever in solo/duo q
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: A lot of these bans seem to have been handed out recently within the week. I'd try to get in touch with support but it's possible Rito screwed up with their system somewhere too.
Already did. Oh well, thanks for the concern!
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: State of Gameplay: Pre Worlds Updates and Beyond
Hi Riot; I am very pleased with the changes that are coming! Also with some concerns.. a ban for each sounds awesome (Draft Pick//Ranked) and also the banning but wouldnt it make it longer during champ select even if you add the chance of both teams banning at the same time; since each ban its like 30 secs each? Dynamic Q. I am happy with the hole role selection but I still have some issues with it. I would love to see like a way to edit your runes inside champ select; SoloQ is becoming a problem, as a player who often plays alone in the morning I always encounteres pre mades which ironically are the laner who I am against and the jungler and this becomes a problem since I do not enjoy not being able to play a simple lane phase without getting ganked each game every five minutes. This might no be important but why can we buy skins like we can in Blind Pick during champ select? Keep focusing the game. I can actually say this season has become the most balanced to date so I am a little happy! "Bathe 'em in iron!" {{champion:41}}


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