Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: February 15
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: January 25
Is it possible if we could get stats on how much damage aftershock prevented rather than just seeing how much damage it does?
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: January 11
Hey Meddler any thoughts on {{champion:72}} ?
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: January 9
Any thoughts on skarner? Meta doesn't favor him which is expected, but losing the ad from celerity really kicked him while he was down hurting his clearing and dueling on spires by 4/5 ad
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: November 7
Hey Meddler, I have 2 problems with the new celerity change. First off it feels too similar to approach velocity, making you faster for being fast is also lack luster due to movement speed penalties at higher numbers. I feel that having celerity give increased movement speed effects last longer on you would be more unique and allow more champions with movement speed effects to consider rather than 'i wanna be fast'. Second now that celerity gives no damage, it should be swapped with gathering Storm, as the rest of the middle row gives conditional damage as well, which makes more sense than having celerity there and makes ADCs choose what type of damage source they want instead of x+ gathering Storm.
Meddler (NA)
: We're talking about Tabi at the moment. Should have some thoughts to share on Friday about them. Lot of that conversation's focused on how much of the issue is them being too strong versus being always a good choice (related issues, but not the same one).
Swap the passives from Randiuns and Tabi's, so that tabi's has the same weakness as merc treads, being good against all AP champs statwise, but a unique passive that isn't strong against all AP champs (eg. Morde vs Viegar). Tabi's is straight up good against all AD champs because all ad champs rely on auto attack damage, on top of the 30 armor basically halves auto damage, especially early on. It should be a more niche choice rather than deciding if the enemy has more than one ad champ on their team.
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Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: November 17
Hey meddler, any thoughts on ghost? With the new predator rune it's a lot easier for champions who would consider running ghost now stick with flash. Kinda worried that ghost will become obsolete except on certain champs like hecarim.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: October 25
Hey meddler, ghost as nerfed because ranged mages were abusing it's burst of movespeed to escape ganks and chase kills on a short cooldown, hurting melee champs who used it as well. Could ghost have a ranged/melee form, where for melee the movespeed happens immediately and ranged has a 2 second delay?
czo0p (NA)
: Skarner Popularity
He needs a new passive plain and simple. Other than that I think that Skarner's ultimate is stupidly powerful when it works or he becomes near useless when he cannot reach his target because of qss and the amount of mobility and that has been added to the game. Making Skarner's R into a skill shot with a longer range could allow him to reach mobile targets easier and allow enough counter play to him to allow for other buffs in his kit.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: March 7
Any plans to help jungle nautilus and Maokai, who were pushed toplane because of their manahungry and slow clearing. And were nerf repeatly without compensation to their jungling and effectively solidifying them as toplaners (and support). To rephrase the question do you consider Nautilus and Maokai as toplaners, junglers, or a flex pick?
: Fixed for 7.5. Although It is still going through QA though, if you have a PBE account, you can see if it is fixed to your likely there.
Just did some testing on the PBE and can't recreate it
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: Veigar's Stun Can Have a Delay but...
Pre-Nerf Veigar was very unstable in terms of snowballing. When Veigar is ahead, 4 out of 5 enemy champs were victim of deletion, however Veigars kit does not translate into late game, and once then enemy adc gets a qss or banshees it was nearly impossible to pick them off. When Veigar was behind, he was the stun mage, and hoped his team could clean-up before he gets obliterated himself. Tanks could sit on Veigar and easily take the burst, not to mention that if they built Tenacity Veigar was a sitting duck. The changes turned the burst mage into a 'potential for high damage' mage. Meanwhile champs like leblanc, Lissandra, Annie, Kassadin, Diana all have some sort of frustrating aspect to them, yet each consist of Veigars problems early game, yet don't suffer the same problems late game.
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Meddler (NA)
: Yeah, Trundle's pillar is deliberately set up to draw agro around towers as are a couple of other non damaging spells that affect enemies (Zilean's Time Bombs for example draw agro on application, despite no damage being dealt then, not just when they detonate).
Hey, thanks for visiting my post and answering questions! However can you explain the reasoning behind it? I understand why Zillean's Bombs draw aggro, but why does trundle's Pillar draw aggro and not other cc such as Nasus's wither?
: I'm not sure. I'd imagine at one point Trundle's pillar was supposed to do damage, so there may be some residual coding in Trundle's pillar that's causing the turret aggro to jump to you. Hopefully Meddler sees this post and double-checks it. **Hopefully.**
One can only hope/dream... #Meddler
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JSTboi (NA)
: Thank you kind ma'am! For the yellow and red parts though it felt a bit like Gundam for me when I was done with it. I didn't even think about it when I was drawing it up! But now I see how the ears look like wings, haha.
That's ma'am to you, sir.
sp441 (NA)
: How about an active? Active UNIQUE: Rejuvenate - Health Regen is doubled for 5 seconds (60 Second Cooldown)
Feel's like a burden rather than a buff, having to reactivate every minute, and for the most part a lot of Champions naturally don't have a lot of regen, but champs like Mundo and Voli will become Godlike with this Active.
: Gentlemen, we must buff Warmogs
Agreed, in the meta where top lane if dominated by poke and sustain, tanks get the short stick until late game, and even then tanks frequently have to base, due to their nature of soaking up damage, but having no way of replenishing it natural (excluding Mundo, Volibear, Maokai, etc.)
Kaine (NA)
: This is because: 1) Legendaries are not price protected 2)People demanded that riot not increase the entry skin tier to 1350 3)People really REALLY want 1350 Skin Tier Features 4)Riot is an awesome company and compromised so the die hards get it on sale at the price they wanted when it comes out, riot gets the price they want for the quality they delivered over time, and price conscious users still get he eventual 50% off sale.
1)Legendary skins are price protected EXCEPT for legacy legendary skins which sometimes are on sale 2)[Citation Needed] 3)Who doesn't? But the fact is is that 1350 skins get a release sale and still follow the regular sale schedule while Ultimate skins get a release sale but no sale schedules, it just doesn't make sense for Legendary skins not to follow this path. 4)No argument there, and i understand if they want to get full price on such an amazing skin (that will **NOT** be on sale), Like i said, i'm just curious why their pattern is uneven.
Fisyx (NA)
: So not a price reduction, then.
Technically correct, more of a release sale type of deal.
Fisyx (NA)
: Isn't that only a sale, though? For a limited time?
Yes It is, but only on release, so like one or two days.
: Create a Team based on Lore/Skins - is it viable?!
Why pool party, of course {{champion:58}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:115}} {{champion:104}} {{champion:89}}
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: Yams. I didn't know there was such a thing as a Potato Jesus. I was trying to think of a good resurrection joke but I didn't know where to starch. Question for you: What is a word you think sounds really weird?
I find the word Maroon is one that is fun to say and makes people hold of the ~oooon~ sound for a long time. (I saw what you did there)
: Friday Fun: Ask You, Ask me
Serious Question: Yams or Potatoes?
: Who was your first penta?
Mine was on Karthus... on a One for All: Mirror Mode... on PBE... So i guess it doesn't count (especially since after the quad on my ult the last remaining karthus and i had a gentleman style duel to the death, so it wasn't a hard earned penta)
: Thanks for the report! We'll take a look at it!
: Alright will do and check again
Just did testing after repairing and still no laugh.
elduris (NA)
: Hey there This is a debug code related to Quinn's Vault ability that accidentally made it to the live client. There's nothing wrong, it can just be a little annoying. Riot knows about it and will be fixing it.
Saw this happen in one of my games, was about to report it, glad its already discovered.
elduris (NA)
: Hey there Sounds like some files might be corrupted or missing. Be sure to run a repair by clicking the gear icon in the top-right corner of your launcher.
Alright will do and check again
: Community! Tell me your skin ideas.
Toga Party Gragas Storm Lord Kassadin Battlecast Skarner Time Lord Zillean Life Gaurd Braum Grim Reapper Fiddlesticks Buzzsaw Draven
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: Redesign Diana. BUT! With no numbers!
I have a kit idea that focus's more on Diana's passive and adds a more of an assassin feeling and keeps the core identity of relying on Moonlight *Passive:* **Moonsilver Blade-** Remains mostly unchanged, but gets small portion of bonus Attack Speed for each 3rd Proc. If the target has Moonlight, deals bonus percent damage of missing health. *Q:* **Crescent Strike- ** Unchanged for the most part; Moonlight has long duration, but is reduced each time Diana lands a spell on the target. *W:* **Pale Cascade-** Grants a small shield that grows for each orb detonated. The more enemy champions hit by it, the bigger the shield becomes. If an enemy champion is hit by an orb while applied by Moonlight, Diana steals a small percentage of Armor and Magic Resistance for a few seconds. *E:* **NEW: Eclipse-** summons the power of the moon to create an area of moon shadow. Diana gains Move speed, bonus Defense, Magic Resist, Attack Speed, only when enemies are in the area. If no enemies are in the area, Diana looses her stats, but becomes temporarily invisible. Enemies in the area that are affected by Moonlight are feared for a short duration. *R:* **Lunar Rush-** Fueled by the Moons wrath, dashes to a target, dealing damage. If the target is affected by Moonlight however, Diana can Dash again only on other targets if they are affected by Moonlight, dealing more damage for each dash. Lunar Rush absorbs Moonlight, granting Diana bonus Magic Pen for each Moonlight debuff absorbed. **Context:** Gives Diana more uses for using the Moonlight debuff other than her ult, Allowing her to be strong in 1v1 situations, but not oppressive with her ult. Her E didn't really fit in Diana's kit at all as a assassin, so it was replaced by something with obvious weakness and strengths in unique 'light' (hue hue) Her ult is changed for teamfights, rather than bursting carries and being stuck in the back lines, Diana now has to plan her dashes when she lands her Crescent Strike, rewarding her for more people hit, and combined with her passive, makes Diana more cautious of staying in the front (or back) lines and wrecking face with her Passive and bonus Magic Pen. Some ideas thrown out there.
Statikk (NA)
: Statikk Q&A (completed)
Dear Statikk, Are there any plans to fix the mess in what is top lane, or are super bruisers and kite monsters gonna rule top lane until the meta changes?
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Jivira (NA)
: One challenge is that as the meta changes they would have to adjust the groupings. Also, what if say 4% of the playerbase uses the champion in another role, at what point do they add the champion to that group? Along a similar line, they could add some team composition based tags. Synergies like Leona's passive or Braum's defensive abilities yeidl themselves well to bot lane, but less so to top. Similarly, Annie's and Zyra's strong CC skills lend themselves well to bot lane, while their AP scalings yield mage classification.
I believe that when a champ becomes known in such a role and time and time again people succeed so well with such a champ or strategy that it becomes common knowledge, and others struggle to fit with it. I mean Skarner top is good and it works, but it doesn't completely change anything, as it just replaces the top laner for a mirror of a top laner. Someone like Soraka, who could punish top and mid lane with ease can change the very shape of the game because the play-style works against the 'current meta'. So it's not truly about numbers, it more of what the community sees the champion.
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: [4.12] Live Gameplay Patch Forecast
What i worry most about the next patch is how the Manamura changes are going to affect {{champion:6}}. Manamura is the best item for Urgot and allows him to stay relatively 'dangerous' late game. Now a lot of its damage has been removed, replaced with true damage and attack speed, Both useless on urgot (though the true damage is nice). Urgot with a Black cleaver and a maxed e can shred 45% of a targets armor, and if we want to get crazy, add a last whisper to pretty much nullify any armor at all. At level 18, Lucian has 58% resistance to armor, but when urgot lands his e, urgot does 22% bonus physical damage against lucian, amplifying not only urgots damage but Manamura's toggle damage as well!. With true damage, there is no amplification, it is useless for Urgot in reality since he can eliminate enemy armor all together. And don't get me started on the attack speed... TL;DR: Manamura is Urgot's best friend, new one is useless for him. Urgot will go cry in his corner of shame. True damage and attack speed useless on urgot compared to current Manamura.
: Potato
Hello, is it me your looking for?
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: {{champion:42}} {{champion:10}} {{champion:26}} {{champion:161}} But how do they trigger Yordle Snare Traps?
Removing of the cupcake would activate the trap, And the only way for them to pick it up is by their hands, when they pick up the cupcake, it clamps and grab's their hand (assuming that they go for the cupcake)
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