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: The border is only for the God King Garen or Darius skin, depending on the one you got.
You have to pay money to get the skin in order for the border to show? well screw that. and screw you riot.
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Kyleto (NA)
: Urf 2018??
I have been petitioning for urf for a while now. I've spent over 600 dollars on this game. Riot's focus is on Ranked SR only. ESports is front and center with them. They make insane amounts of money with it. Remember, the people in this company are not gamers, they're businessman. And they don't care about you.
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: Ultra Rapid Fire bows out
Please bring this back as a permanent mode! It is so much fun. Please don't downgrade it, maybe tweak it but not completely rip it apart. Never had more fun playing league than in this.

Pr1nce Laharl

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