9Lives (NA)
: Who did the Thresh piece? That's probably one of my favorites. It really captured the whole "creepy/spirity/no escape" vibe he's got going on. Makes it feel like Thresh gets what he wants no matter what and no amount of running etc. will save you The suspense it built <3 Gives me goosebumps when I listen to it
Ah, that was me. Yeah, Alex Yee, one of our writers, had written a nursery rhyme, and I went "wait a minute.... how about we get some kids to sing it and make it all creepy." -- turned out quite nicely ;)
TBakes (NA)
: I have a couple of questions that are kind of two different sides of the same coin (the coin of pre-conceived notions): 1. When composing music for a champion/event/theme that is related to archetypes that we already have music attached to in some way, what do you do to create something truly novel? Is this something that you are conscious of? For example, "pirate-themed" music already exists in the world. My first thought goes to _Pirates of the Caribbean_, _Pirates of Penzance_, and all of the "Yo-Ho Yo-Ho the Pirate's Life for Me"-type-stuff. How do you go about composing music in a way that utilizes these pre-conceived "pirate-music" themes, while adapting it to the fictional, fantasy world of Runterra? 2. When composing music for a champion/event/theme that is completely detached from any archetypes we may have in the real world, where do you start? Where do you find inspiration for legendary figures that are unlike anything in the real world? For example, the more mystical champs: Aatrox, Bard, Tahm, Kindred. Where d you start to find inspiration for the music of the Void. Do you typically find something relate-able in the real world and go from there? Do you just try to create music that is different than other music in the real world? Thank you for your work. As much as I love the Lore, Art, and Gameplay Design, the sounds of League really make a larger impression on the game than I think most Summoners even recognize. {{summoner:31}}
Cool questions! A) I should let Alex speak to that one, since he worked on Bilgewater. ;) B) That's always very individual. I do believe that a lot of what will then resonate with our audience when they hear a piece of music is based on creative interpretation. As in, Does the raspy low cello make sense for the Wolf? Also, is it okay if we just have a cellist play classically, or do we need to give him special instructions for playing a bit more "rosin-y?" There are dozens of questions like that on every piece, in the harmonic language, the melodic, the instrumentation, the arrangement, etc. We talk about these things a lot as a team. Jason is really into outer-worldly space stuff, so he is always very inspired by Void-y things. I'm really into chamber music and modern alternative stuff and metal. Alex is big into symphonic music. Sebastien is really into German polka and Russian trance. So we all bring in certain knowledge of how an instrument could work really well for a project. Also, I lied about Sebastien being into German polka and Russian trance. Or did I.
: I've got a question, Praeco, relating to Pentakill. How did you guys even begin to work with Jorn Lande? Like, was someone a fan and reach out to him? I ask because he is currently my favorite artist, along side Matt Barlow who I would love to hear in a Pentakill song, maybe on a song about the Shadow Isles or the Void (Kinda want to hear him singing more like his 'Something Wicked' saga.) All the music from league is fantastic, I've never not enjoyed a single tune I've heard from the game or anything related. Metal!{{item:3025}}
I actually just messaged him and went like "Hey, so we're a bunch of nerds and wanna make some metal. Can you please sing on our songs" :P He's a super friendly guy. I remember the first time I called him, he answered the phone while he was fixing his roof on his house in Norway, which had a very cold winter at the time. Very open minded and simply wants to make some music. Very passionate!
: Ok, so who made the awesome Vel'koz theme?
I think that was Chemicalseb. Edit: Never mind, That was actually a special case, our friends from the Riot Brazil office helped us with that one!
: Love your work Praeco! I fell in love with your vocals on the Curse of the Sad Mummy song! I made a fun parody of it a while back if you're interested. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z05ugMqknmY
Ha, your voice definitely fits the song :) Very nice!
dEAdbUs (EUW)
: Will there ever be possibility to remix LoL music? Or even make contest? I'm making remixes from time to time, and will be very happy to remix your stuff.
We've been thinking about that. I think giving out our stems and files opens up a can of worms for us that we still have to really consider. But yeah, we definitely wanna find ways to enable and support the League community and the musicians among them.
Time Out (NA)
: Who made the theme song to Lucian (for the client when he was release and for the teaser)! It was so good!
The Crystal Method!
: here's a question i always ask every time you guys are open to it: omg how was it like to work with danny lohner AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
Danny is as crazy as he is talented. :P Always fun to work with him. It was pretty inspiring just to see how he works.
: First of all, congratulations to Edouard on joining this fantastic team of composers! I was wondering if there was a way to contact someone on the music team or representing the music team about various subjects. I am an aspiring composer, currently a first year university student majoring in music composition, and my dream for years has been to write music for Riot Games. Thank you for the consistently wonderful music and for inspiring me to write music.
Hello sir, As petty as it may sound, we actually don't have the time to respond individually to folks. :( I would recommend searching through our forums in regards to questions about career building and/or how we build our music team at Riot! Had a bunch of those in the past.
: K, I gotta ask. When's the next "Theme song" champion we're getting with strong vocal tie-ins ala Jinx, Vi, Draven, Diana, etc?
I'd like to know that myself! :) Frankly, it kinda just "happens" -- whenever there is a champion that inspires vocals / lyrics and justifies going into that direction. We'll see when the next one comes around the corner. Hard to predict.
dEAdbUs (EUW)
: I wrote notes for Valor just by ears. There is no polyphony in their music, so you can do same. However if I'm right, Praeco said once that may be in future they will release scores. Btw you can find some made by community in the Internet. I saw scores for Amumu, so there is can be others.
We will indeed release this one, as soon as Ed is done with the proofreading
: I absolutely love the classical feel it has. It sounds really pretty to me. Very dramatic and soothing at the same time. Nicely done :D
:) much appreciated. Ed did a great job.
: Praeco, did Riot Utora leave?
Shaune (NA)
: Is there going to be an update to the League of Legends album? I can't wait to hear what songs are going to be in Volume 2!
Yes. Also in the beginning phase, but this one should be taking way less time than the first, because the newer music is produced much better, and hence will not require as much re-production.
: Will we have more music from Pentakill? One album isn't enough considering the possibilities.
Yeah! We've had a handful of get-togethers so far to write on some new stuff. We don't have much yet, but we're actually working on it :)
: Good stuff as always Praeco!
  Rioter Comments
: > [{quoted}](name=Praeco,realm=NA,application-id=aAJWt2b9,discussion-id=KmwUdGiZ,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2015-09-14T21:59:22.098+0000) > > Yeah. > > We're currently putting together some ideas for potential track involvements. At some point, we wanna feature and give you the opportunity to access all of the previous and current League music, just gotta find the right format. I think the next album is probably going to be a healthy mixture of older revised, current and future music. :) Is there any chance we will get the entirety of the bilgewater soundtrack? There was at least 15 minutes worth of it if I recall for map music.
Yeah, those tracks are specifically composed/produced to be background music and to loop, so they can be a bit tricky to put onto the typical platforms like Spotify, etc, since their listening experience has a different nature, but we can definitely make it available somehow.
: Current Status of League of Legends Music
Yeah. We're currently putting together some ideas for potential track involvements. At some point, we wanna feature and give you the opportunity to access all of the previous and current League music, just gotta find the right format. I think the next album is probably going to be a healthy mixture of older revised, current and future music. :)
Krizalid (EUW)
: Late question about "The Hex Core" music track
Hey dude, We actually worked with Danny Lohner on this one, he was part of NiN for a long time. :)
oberman1 (NA)
: Hi and thank you all so very much for yore fantastic effort and tireless work! You all play a very important role in making the league come to life, so thank you from the bottom of my heart! I do have one question, How as a team do you work to develop the emotional sound for your music? ps. thank you thank you thank you (sheet music plox for amumu?)
The champion inspires that usually. You kinda think about "What would his character look like if you were to articulate it with instruments?" And then you try to achieve a similar emotion. On Nami, for example, we tried to find instrumentation and melodies that feel natural, organic, flowing, under-water-y. Usually, there is some kind of inspiration for our start.
: Are you guys planning on doing any more music like Get Jinxed? The orchestral stuff is amazing but it would be awesome to see you guys reach out to different genres more!
Yeah, I think our champions and the different genres of our game should also find their way into our music. So we're definitely interested in going more into extremes.
: What is the most 'emotional' part of the music video for Amumu in your opinion?
Hmm, the most emotional part for me obviously would be when I scream my lungs out. ;) It's when Amumu loses full control. My favorite part though actually is the violin solo.
: Why has *"(The) Summoner's Call"*, the Theme and Title Song of the League of Legends, the Flagship song that started it all, and the reason why you all exist directly or indirectly here in the first place talking about LoL's music, **BEEN COMPLETELY AFK FROM LCS EVENTS** (post season 2)? Even now... Season 5. I watched Week 1 Day 1/2 of EUW and NA and yet... nothing... Why not use this song at least SOME of the time... especially World Championships or otherwise. I fail to understand how the main song of the game isn't used in the game's core moments of history. And what about variations of the song? This song's theme isn't interwoven throughout other pieces like most musical themes usually are....
We did use the old theme in the very recent World Championship ceremony 3 months ago, and weave it in other themes as well whenever it makes sense. Our game and its universe is big, and variety is important.
LilToe (NA)
: First, thank you so much for all the work you guys put into this music. They're all stunning but I especially like Diana's song. The feelings and inspiration I got from the album is something pretty special. In the documentary, it was mentioned a few times about how important it is to have a good relationship with the people you work with. What happens when it just doesn't "click?"
Then it comes down to being professionals. Sometimes, it doesn't click, and you just gotta make sure that you get something solid out of the session. In order to get the most out of it, you simply have to know the musicians' strengths. There are many cellists that we work with that are not like Cameron. In fact, most cellists are not so much into improvisation on the spot. In this case, we knew that his specific playing style would match the song and the feeling really well, so we didn't even want to write out too much for his part and just let him do his thing. On the second half of Daylight's End, for example, it was a completely written out part, because it mattered to the rest of the song to be exactly how we want it. The individual approach is important to achieve the "magic"
: -How much of the process is actually writing and recording the music and how much is just fiddling around and trying to find something that sounds good? -How do you start? Like does someone higher up tell you, "Make something Freljord-y" or do you say "Hey I've got this awesome concept, what can we use it for?" -Can we expect to see more albums like the one that was recently released? -I'm a prospective composition student (Currently a junior in high school). What kind of background and education do you need to land jobs like this? Thanks for the Q&A opportunity, Riot!
The initial phase of coming up with the concept and core idea is usually pretty quick, and we then flesh out the song's structure together which can take some time. Tiny Masterpiece of Evil took Alex quite a while and brought him close to mental insanity, so some pieces demand more than others. Recording is usually the last of the creative phase, which we then weave into the rest of our song. Sometimes, we start based on a musical demand that another project has or would like to see, like a certain scoring to a trailer or something. Other times, we are just inspired by something (like Amumu or Jinx). Usually, there is some sort of inspiration though before we start hitting keyboard keys, no matter where it comes from. Yeah, our plan is to keep releasing these album volumes, consisting of previous music and some new material, kinda a healthy mix of both. Obviously, it takes some time to produce these, but our goal is to keep these coming, so eventually, our players have a bunch of volumes that include all of the important musical work of our game. We are currently starting on the second one, which will obviously also take some time to produce, but as we say in German, "Gut Ding braucht Weile" (good things need time). In terms of how to land a job as a composer, it's honestly hard for me to say, since we all came from very random directions to our positions at Riot. In general, I think it's about having a certain style or artistic creative mind that adds something to our musical world. Musical education of course is important, in order to be able to produce and prepare your music, but it's harder to find composers these days that don't just follow formulaic big epic patterns. We ARE actually going to look for another composer within the next few months to add to our team of vagabonds, which we will add to the job offerings on riotgames.com, so to those interested, keep an eye on that.
: LCS/Worlds Casting Champion Select music played on FOX for Football
Hmm interesting. Do you happen to know where I could find that on some kind of video? Dan of our music team wrote that music, so I wouldn't know how they got to use that music piece. ;)
: I don't mean to be a party pooper. Calvin Harris didn't get no music degree, he just started creating his own music. I am not saying you are trying to be that kind of musician. I understand you talking about music in gaming and movies ect. So my next paragraph covers that. Lastly there is no demand for it either, I am not just talking about big popular music, I am talking about music for games and moves ect. People with your kind of degree go years feeling dumb for their decision and then get shipped off to the millitary, or get some other easy access job that america needs such as 48 states truck driving. Jobs like being in the military, and truck driving 48 states, these jobs actually move america forward. So things are exactly how they should be, people who are stupid and get these music and art degrees go hungry, and the people who do jobs that move america forward actually make livings. Not only make livings but there is large demand for what they do, as in you'll find jobs 48 states truck driving easily, and same with military jobs. The only downside is the lifestyles are both dangerous and rough, and lots of sacrifice is needed, many times human lives.
i don't have a music degree either. i actually don't even have a degree whatsoever. but that's not the point. the training you get from going down such a studying path is helpful and constructive as a composer, absolutely. the reason why so many people with a music degree fail is because they just weren't good enough. a degree in arts / creative work does not mean you'll be successful. but the people who DO have what it takes to be successful really benefit from these studies. also, composing music for orchestras and classical instruments in general requires knowledge and training that you cannot obtain as "calvin harris". we are also on-staff composers, and not independent artists. so your whole comparison and paragraph, frankly, doesn't really apply whatsoever for what we're talking about. completely different skill sets and career paths.
Silven (EUW)
: I would love the idea of new music, given I've long since replaced the current one with music from my iTunes library (SORRY TO ANYONE WHO MADE THE MUSIC! It's just not as interesting to hear anymore after the 900th game...) I'm having trouble concerning one matter though. I heard it had been suggested to make some 'dynamic music' which changes according to the situation. For example, if you're in a fight, the music changes. But what determines if you're in a fight? Would small skirmishes, if not just poking an enemy, have the same impact on the music as going in an all-out-brawl à la Unstoppable Force engage? I think it would be a tough balance to find. I guess Riot could make it so that attacking an enemy champion continuously for about x seconds could be described as a real fight and hence trigger different music, or something like that. I personally don't think that siege/poke situations and hardcore teamfights deserve the same kind of music, as one is filled with suspense and the lingering idea that a fight could break out at any moment whereas the other is a legitimate battle in which everything's going to hell. It'd be pretty difficult to tell those apart... At least that's my concern
Rest assured that we're taking all of this into consideration. :) But it's always valuable to bring these things up, since we definitely want to make sure that we hit all the things that could cause problems.
xGunnerx (NA)
: > We've spent a lot of thought on what would make the best musical experience when you play, and part of that is reacting to the progress of the game and the environment that the player's champion is in. I think it's about finding a healthy balance between supporting game play, giving emotional context and also having a certain interest and musical character in the music itself. > > And with that in mind, we just saw down as a music team and tried to compose some neat musics! I must commend you on how well thought-out your answer was, but to be honest, you didn't really answer the question... At all. I can understand you not wanting to give out information that you'll be releasing later on. However, "Yes", "No", or "Can't be answered right now" would be most clear answers, and more pleasing to curious users. It's quite frustrating when a question has been asked, and the answer you get is intended to mislead the user who asked the question, and those that were curious about the same thing. On another note, I am very pleased with what has been revealed for the upcoming update, and look forward to receiving new information about it. * two thumbs up*
Hmm I thought that answered the question, since music that reacts to game play progress and environment should definitely be assessed as dynamic. ;) So yeah, the music is not gonna be just static, it will be dynamic. Again, it's important to strike the right balance. Games can be long, and filled with a lot of fights, etc., and you don't wanna tire everyone with constant noticeable changes etc., but I think we've found a good way to offer diversity, several awesome musical themes and reactions while not jumping into the player's face.
: > Hi Harry! Hey! (I really meant to check this thread for replies sooner - I was at a class from 5-8pm AEST D:)
great to hear you're studying composition in contemporary music - there actually aren't so many schools/colleges/universities in the world that offer that! usually it's only classical..
: Music Career
Hey man, That actually varies from person to person. A lot of it comes from individual relationships with the people and having something that can add to the team's skill sets - and being able to trust other team members in their expertise on certain matters. On our team, we are all very versed on different genres and production styles, but there still are certain aspects that certain individuals will always know best, and so we always keep an open dialogue and exchange each other every single day about what we're working on. So team spirit is the number one, directly followed of course by musical talent and passion that makes you possess an individual musical skill-set and creativity which can add to our overall palette. One of the most amazing factors of our game is its diversity. As a team, we need to ensure that we can cover that and create a lot of awesome in a lot of different ways. So only being able to write orchestral music, or only writing electronic music would undersell the awesome diversity in our game's world. And in order to do a good job in that regard, we need a really strong music team, with many different skill sets. One point of advice I can give is: Know your strengths and limitations. People walk up to us all the time and tell us that they can write in "any genre" and "any style" - Which is incorrect. Nobody can do that. Sure, if we're talking about shallow, main-stream oriented music, yes, everyone can somehow load up NI Massive and NI Damage and get some electronic music going. And sure, everyone can pop open their Symphobia or EastWest Symphonic Orchestra and get some orchestral music going. But that's not how you write something unique and musically cohesive that has it's own little style world that is developed and artistically invested in, and most importantly, authentic to the ear. A die-hard orchestral music listener, or a die-hard electronic music fan, will always notice if you fake or half-ass something. So be aware of your strengths, but more importantly, your weaknesses/limitations. If I ask someone on my team "Hey can you compose something in style X?", and they say "I can do aspects X and Y, but not Z on that, I'm not good enough on that style yet." - This is totally fine. A talented person can learn anything, and most importantly, it makes me trust his decision-making and creative assessment, I can trust that they have a good understanding of what can enable us to get from good to GREAT. If someone on my team would tell me "Yeah I can totally compose in style X", and it's not authentic to the style and uncreative in the respective genre, and he can't even tell - THAT's a problem, because then his decision making and musical understanding is flawed, and I can't trust him as much when it comes down to spearheading a musical project. So it's definitely a misconception to think that if you apply for a composing job, you need to be able to know or do everything. Talent can learn anything. Awareness and a critical understanding of your own abilities and the high quality bar that you're trying to aim for is much more important. Hopes this helps a bit!
: With the new audio engine, are there any plans on adding stings/cues for certain event flags? For instance, would individual players hear a rise in action as they are about to enter combat with a Champion, is there a trigger for Baron/Dragon, etc.? "No" is a perfectly acceptable answer, just curious!
We've spent a lot of thought on what would make the best musical experience when you play, and part of that is reacting to the progress of the game and the environment that the player's champion is in. I think it's about finding a healthy balance between supporting game play, giving emotional context and also having a certain interest and musical character in the music itself. And with that in mind, we just saw down as a music team and tried to compose some neat musics!
: League of Legends Soundtrack
Atuko (NA)
: So are we possibly gonna get a new background song with the new SU update?
Yes, the updated Summoner's Rift will indeed have new music. The upcoming login screen music will reveal a little bit of it, and we also used some of it in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_e_N4WpqH5o
14 15 (NA)
: @Riot Art Dept. How is music handled at riot?
Hello sir! We actually have 4 composers (Chemicalseb, Scherzophrenia, marignak and myself) at Riot. We write most of the stuff ourselves, but in rare instances work with other composers very closely to collaborate and come up with something cool. We all have been musicians and gamers for a long time and joined through various ways. I previously worked on different teams((Player Support, Live Services), but had worked as a composer before and transitioned after quite some time. Chemicalseb, Scherzophrenia and marignak worked with us as contractors(outsourcers) for quite some time, but were also local and we eventually brought them on. The personal relationship makes a huge difference, because working on something as "ambiguous" as music can be hard to articulate creatively to other people. Working with people that truly care about the project is really key, I think. Hope this helps a little bit :) Christian
Siua (NA)
: Did you use any sound clips from the game, or are all the recordings used in the songs unique? Who did the scream about 1 minute into Deathfire Grasp? What guitar hardware was used? (Pickups, pedals/effects, etc)
Guitar rhythm riffs were mostly played on a ibanez S7421 and a PRS mike mushok baritone guitar, all standard pickups. solos were played on a marty siggery custom guitar with bareknuckle pickups and an old peavy wolfgang with standard pickups. no pedals. guitar directly into sound card, and plugins to get the sound...
: How did you all meet? And what ranks are you guys in LoL?
we're all working together on the audio team at riot. :)
: Which song off the album do you consider the most headbangable?
deathfire grasp... i think.
Syko Sid (NA)
: So why was Orb of Winter an orchestral song? Don't get me wrong I love to listen to music like that, but it totaly ruined my head banging montage throughout your other songs. Could have at least made it a metal fusion like you did with your other 2 instrumental songs. So my question again, Why, Orb of Winter, an orchestral song?
Well, in our twisted minds, Thornmail was kind of the last battle on the field, with all the warriors slaughtering each other and the Pentakill lords of war destroying the last resistance of the enemy's army. Orb of Winter then is the scenery after the battle - As if you were marching over the battlefield, in between all the dead bodies, lamenting their death and seeing their souls leave their bodies. A requiem, dedicated to the fallen warriors on the battle field. Tears, my friend, tears. Tears of mead.
Saem (NA)
: Would you create a god armored {{champion:58}} ?
: what was the inspiration behind Pentakill? Not just the music but what made you guys decide to do this?
we're just huge metal fans and never had the chance to make some metal for league. that, combined with the fact that pentakill was such a cool concept but wasn't fully realized yet... bam.
: Are the guitars in Lightbringer tuned down?
7 string.
Izhmat (NA)
: Could you guys tell us a little of how did you get in touch / decide to work with awesome dudes like Jorn, ZP and Derek? Also, any other side projects on your minds at the moment?
We just asked them, either directly or through friends in the music scene. They are all super humble and chill dudes who just wanna make some cool music, so luckily, they all were interested in helping us with this project.
: You guys sound like you use drop tuning. Don't do that. Please, you'll sound better. More variety and change it up, don't reuse riffs over and over. Go on tour with Sabaton.
Not happening. Drop tunings all the way mang.
: Big fan of Jorn Lande, so I'm glad you went with him. But I'm curious. What made you choose him? Were there any other vocalists you were considering as well?
There were a few, but Jorn's voice is just such a huge part of what made the songs work... We all love his voice, so we were suuuperlucky that we got him. :)
Toka Jei (NA)
: Hey there fantastic album! I believe the musicians and producers out there would love to know what DAW/hardware setup you used to produce this album and some of the mixing techniques used to get such a cohesive sound (especially with the guitars).
Album was recorded/mixed/mastered in Cubase, using Waves plugins to mix. Guitar and Bass sounds were, believe it or not, some freeware plugins :P and a mesa boogie impulse response as a cab. we're all big on RME sound cards. guitars were tricky, the chain is actually pretty intense.. gate, compressor, EQ, guitar amp, cab, compressor, EQ... so a lot of stuff. :)
Capheny (NA)
: Our lovley {{champion:37}} Sona is said to scream in one of the songs, but she's mute! How?!
All lies. Those cravens.
: I love what you guys have created. I was really impressed by the sound of the instruments and how you mixed them. I really enjoy how clear everything sounds! What i also really liked was how you managed to mix modern songwriting and riffing with classical metal themes and kept shifitng through genres. My question is: was it hard to choose from the wide variety of metal genres or did you guys immmediatly know what you wanted the album to sound like and also if you had to scrap songs that you thought didn't fit in?
I think every musician is a the same time also a fan, I think we all gravitated towards what we grew up with and what we loved. A lot of the songs fuse different genres and influences. In a way, we really just sat down and played and jammed, and then moved around the different sections and parts that we played. There are a few scrap ideas that we didn't end up coming together properly... Who knows, if there's ever enough interest from our players to make a 2nd album, we could pick those up again.
: How was it working with Jørn Lande?
Jorn is one of the most humble dudes we've worked with on a music project. He got really excited to do something 'different' with us and actually ended up knowing a lot about the game's lore, items and champions a week or two after talking to him for the first time. So it was a huge pleasure. His voice is just so good...
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