: um.......... because unlike bronze 5 LCS players know how to kite. They have communiation so they can just cc the udyr so he doesn't reach the carries because he has no gap closer. That's why voli isn't played
I can agree with your statement to some extent, but if you consider movement speed as a "gap closer" adding ghost to Udyr's E is all u really need. Quick in—quick out>
: Feral Junglers Flare up in LCS Playoffs
". . . He [Meteos] does think that 'Feral Flare is strong on champions that auto attack a lot and can clear the jungle quickly. . . '" Feral Flare is extremely potent on the champion Udyr. I don't understand why LCS players don't use him more. I build Feral Flare>Sunfire Cape>Trinity Force>BotRK, and own solo cue.


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