: New champion ideas
This is so old lul
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: April fools
Don't forget to warn vega squadron for stomping them that hard. Unacceptable.
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saltran (EUW)
: Yes, but Rito is full of adcs mains and that's why they nerf the things they use, wait, at least that was the circlejerk here for months.
Personally i think there are more mid and jungle mains rather than adc mains, i personally main adc and i feel the nerfs of the heal a lot
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: New free champion rotation: Braum, Fizz, Gragas and more!
someone in your team doesn't know that irelia was reworked {{champion:39}} {{sticker:sg-janna}}
: Love this rotation because I barely turned level 11 and I main Darius, so this will be nice because I don't have to buy him yet. XD
if you dont own darius you surely dont main him lol and i mean like not even having 30 games on him i mean like having a lot of games with him. if you just did 10 games and you do well with him doesdnt make a main of him, you need to know his mechanics ecc before you are his main
Avatorn (NA)
: um, why is Yasuo a "10/10" difficulty? By comparison: Aurelian Sol: 7/10 Xayah: 5/10 Kassadin & Syndra: 8/10 I can agree with all of those 4 (Xayah may be a tad low), but TEN/TEN Yasuo difficulty. Maybe these guys should write reviews for IGN. They'll give anything a 10 (e.g., Celeste).
yasuo is hard to play, one of the hardest to master, like azir and ryze
sorry for your loss, if you dont mind me asking.. did it happen in malta? because here in malta someone died who got punched in the face
: Hextech skins
you have a point. But the hextech alistar skin should not be in the rare skins, because it surely doesnt cost more than 1350 Rp first of all and alistar barely has any good skins... as in epic skins (altough i would count moo cow as an ultimate XD, jk) so why would you give a champ which doesnt have an epic skins yet and make it only with gemstones? honestly, dark star jarvan IV looks like it had much more work put on and it costs only 1350 Rp. you are pretty lucky that you have 4 gemstones.. i got zero from all of the chests i opened, also i went on PBE opened 25 chests which cost 4875 Rp and it didnt give me a single gem stone... way overpriced.
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: New free champion rotation: Camille, Tahm Kench, Taliyah and more!
{{champion:110}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:164}} trying those
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: I've never had a problem with using Ezreal, and my question for Yi still stands. I'm not saying Kennen is hard to play, but I wouldn't say Ezreal is any harder.
pls go check ezreal montage and come back and tell me if you can do that
: Since when are Jinx and Ezreal harder to use than Kennen? And why does Yi even have a difficulty bar???
lmao ezreal is alot harder than kennen to play
: Patch 8.3 notes
Riot are you serious? you buff {{champion:11}} which doesnt need skill to play and already had a good late game and you buffed it even more. and you nerfed {{champion:13}} ult+ zhonya combo???? why so? ryze is completely balanced even with that combo, but one thing that im sure about is that yi wasnt balanced before! and you made it even worse
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: Why is it so hard to get Blue Essence? And why Champions are kinda in a expensive price?
i might just quit this game. riot made be too hard to get. also... to put an m6 champ to m7 it is 3900 blue essence, i player around a game or two a day, so to get those 3900 be it will take over a month do riot only care for the kids that have time to waste?
: New free champion rotation: Miss Fortune, Taric, Lux and more!
oh great, thanks riot..... now there will be infinite {{champion:99}} ap supports spoiling my experience of the game
: New free champion rotation: Ornn, Jinx, Ziggs and more!
: New free champion rotation: Ornn, Jinx, Ziggs and more!
: New free champion rotation: Ahri, Ivern, Nami and more!
id love to see {{champion:157}} {{champion:30}} {{champion:106}} in the next rotation
: Why does deactivating Yasuo's shield not give me a kill?
firstly that yas passive should be never asap when i play against him with ekko i cant land a single godamn combo
: refunds
i like your idea
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: Deathcap needs a buff
it would be better if its passive gets a bit buffed
Bubble B (EUNE)
: Best supports of Seasons 7?
i will give you a top 5 1.Alistar he is very tanky you can just pop ult go into the middle of the enemy and you wont die so fast plus if you do that with your team mates behind you your team will get alot of kills 2. Thresh, he has a very good pull and in team fights if you q and q again and e that enemy will probably die because your team mates will kill him pretyy fast since you pull him next to your team. 3. Blitzkrank, he does high damage and he is very tanky, his pull isnt good as thresh's pull but he still it is very good, if you go against an alistar with blitzkrank and you pull him you are pretty much getting his adc free kills because he qill q and w your adc or you away from your turret 4.Tahm kench: good damage, tanky and can save team mates pretty well with his w, he can set up ganks with his adc for mid with his r and trust me his r is really good to gank other lanes with your adc. 5. Janna : i dont use janna but when i go against her she is extremly annoying and can save her adc with her ult, her tornado is annoying too but i dont know much about her.
: Whose champ price goes down after kayn's release?
Candurill (EUW)
: If you want your idea to be noticed, you might want to put more work into your idea ^^ As it is now, its really hard to understand what exactly you mean. Now it just looks like he has 4 abilities that are all buffs. Just give us an impression of what your champion is like, what is his theme, what is his story, what exactly happens when he uses his abilities. I really think that the idea would come over much better then. Also: Riot always has made the price of new champions 7200 for the first week and 6300 after that...So I don't really get why you add a suggested price XD
HI thanks for the suggestions i will see to that soon i did the suggested price because he is pretty op when used properly
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