: Reminder that support is complete freelo
* Enemy team has a support too * Impossible to carry from support (enchanters/off-tank) ???
Mártir (EUW)
: People is so sensitive nowadays. You cant say anything anymore.
It sounds a lot like you're just being sensitive. Or if you can't handle people sticking up for themselves maybe just, I dunno, don't be a tool? {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Rioter Comments
: This article is what makes me want to take a break from league
I'm not one for conspiracies, but with this many Rioters pretty much echoing the same culture...it's disheartening. It makes me look at the game (professional play included) - in a whole new light. Some of the reported behavior exceeds gender issues and branches into straight-up ethics violations. Absolutely unacceptable for such a large corporation. Very sad to hear about indeed.
Kythers (NA)
: Sona should start the game with a tear
Sona is a garbage champion. I don't care if she's unplayed until her rework. She's a a button-mashing shield-spammer with absurd poke and teamfight utility. And the best part? She literally can't miss. Her only skillshot is her ultimate which is a giant AoE stun. I've always found her way more obnoxious than Janna. Janna can't one-shot your squishies while maintaining nearly 100% uptime on a _five man_ shield and speed steroid aura. She's way too cancerous to ever be in a position of power. If she's ever in a decent spot, it doesn't matter who picks her or how well you play. She'll win by virtue of her kit being overloaded and infallible.
MysterQ (NA)
: I will honestly admit. It isn't the sexuality, but that does add to the criticism/change the perspective. There might be my own inherent bias, but it is much harder to connect to the new characters. That is my biggest complaint overall. (The story is fast paced, short, and not detailed to me). Alternate complaint, This is not about the story, but about the fans. I feel many fans are ignoring the bad story because they like the gay coverage. And that is partially understandable, but it is used to silence any negative voice trying to discuss the story.
> [{quoted}](name=MysterQ,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=Tl299tUJ,comment-id=00050000,timestamp=2017-12-03T11:11:26.342+0000) > > I will honestly admit. It isn't the sexuality, but that does add to the criticism/change the perspective. > > There might be my own inherent bias, but it is much harder to connect to the new characters. That is my biggest complaint overall. (The story is fast paced, short, and not detailed to me). > > Alternate complaint, This is not about the story, but about the fans. I feel many fans are ignoring the bad story because they like the gay coverage. And that is partially understandable, but it is used to silence any negative voice trying to discuss the story. What percentage of the criticisms would you admit are examples of irrational and poorly camouflaged homophobia? You can't dismiss favorable views without dismissing unfavorable views for the same reason.
MysterQ (NA)
: His entire village? You mean his mom. Oh alive. You mean his ? oh never mentioned to be dead. Yea he lost stuff. Old Varus was also in a head purgatory. He actively made the wrong choice (in his mind), and now he actively made a dark choice. Who is this "HE can watch his heartlight" who is the HE? That is a problem witht he story. Who is the main character we are supposed to relate to? I am playing Varus not Kai or Valmar. And although you may relate to Kai (it sounds) I would say Valmar is more the main character. But in the end, Varus is actually the main character, and Varus is just a "generic" killer. It isn't a very deep or good story.
> His entire village? You mean his mom. Oh alive. No. I meant his village, like I wrote. But let's be intentionally stupid and ignore the warzone and flaming ruins for the sake of our argument :) his mom is still alive :) > Who is this "HE can watch his heartlight" who is the HE? That is a problem witht he story. Who is the main character we are supposed to relate to? What is Kindred? They're one example. The Darkin is the least changed as he's the dominant personality, but all three of them are dead. Varus hasn't completed his rebirth. Until then we have a triumvirate of hostages and serial-killer demon in one body. You think that's less interesting than a generic edgy 'muh wife n kidz' vengeance story we've all seen literally a thousand times before across_ all _ genres of storytelling? I hate love stories, but at least new Varus is a unique character with greater opportunity for development.
Rebonack (NA)
: Wait. Did you somehow miss the GIANT SHITSTORM that ignited over Riot changing Leona's character?
Yeah, I do. It wasn't nearly this sensationalized.
IDarkIFire (EUNE)
: Irony and usage of hyperbole to underline a point are concepts beyond you it seems. No point in arguing with someone who doesn't want to be argued with in the first place. There is a story called "The boy who cried wolf". I was simply making a parralel with you shouting homophobia, but i guess if i have to explain that to you, you are not nearly as smart as you think yourself be, or downright just playing dumb to suit your needs and deflect arguments. Whichever the case i bid you farewell as dragging out this argument with you is pointless, seeing as you are unable to assimilate such level of communication.
*tips fedora intellectually* crinnngggeeeeeee You've been QQing about hetero Varus for hours. I doubt you'll stop now lol
IDarkIFire (EUNE)
: No point in arguing with a guy who screams "homophobia" and starts a long rant about people being immature. Displeasure about the lore started from before the full release of the new lore AND BEFORE EVEN any mention of gay being a topic, but let him rage on about the immature homophobes that roam the community...
> [{quoted}](name=LiubenX,realm=EUNE,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=Tl299tUJ,comment-id=0001000000000000,timestamp=2017-12-03T08:45:50.895+0000) > > No point in arguing with a guy who screams "homophobia" and starts a long rant about people being immature. Displeasure about the lore started from before the full release of the new lore AND BEFORE EVEN any mention of gay being a topic, but let him rage on about the immature homophobes that roam the community... Funny how you accuse me of "screaming" when you're the one using rampant hyperbole and caps. Also, you missed the point of the thread 100% and yet proved it in the same breath. You tell yourself whatever you'd like, bro ;-)
: Stop being a varus. Permanent loss of loved ones > strange purgatory with your lover's essence and sliver of hope.
His entire village was wiped out and his loved one died. That's why he's in purgatory. If anything that's _worse_ because it's like an Ellaria Sand/Tyene except x10 and potentially without end. He can watch his heartlight either fade away or be forced to watch him become someone he doesn't even recognize anymore if he's permanently consumed by Varus' bloodlust. Oh, and now he's also been turned into a genocidal spree-killer against his will instead of just some generic anti-noxian edgelord.
IDarkIFire (EUNE)
: You are clearly oblivious to the points being stated in a lot of the critical comments. Also you weren't reading BOTH of the lores carefully if you claim it's the SAME character with the SAME motivations and the SAME personality. Nothing being the same is the issue.
Your inability to view the character as anything other than his new sexuality sounds more like a 'you' problem than the writers'. I'm keenly aware of both his old and new lore, thanks. I just haven't been triggered into a homophobic nerdrage by one irrelevant minutia of information.
Rioter Comments
: It was confirmed by Riot that they aren't demons.
> [{quoted}](name=XIII Vanitas,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=LPyuyxMU,comment-id=0002000000000000,timestamp=2017-10-12T07:37:16.940+0000) > > It was confirmed by Riot that they aren't demons. I didn't know that. Source please?
: Darkin aren't demons. They're their own very intricate race that is definetly more anchored in the physical world than demons are. They're just stuck in weapons.
> [{quoted}](name=BonzaiBuddy,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=LPyuyxMU,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2017-10-12T03:36:54.716+0000) > > Darkin aren't demons. They're their own very intricate race that is definetly more anchored in the physical world than demons are. They're just stuck in weapons. I'm not sure. They have lots of very demonic traits. They're ancient and seemingly immortal. They feed on human energies instead of physical food. Their powers include telepathy, possession, magic, and power augmentation. They were also bound to inanimate objects instead of being destroyed, which seems redundant and unnecessary if they were flesh and blood creatures. I know it's all very vague, but I feel like the evidence points to them being incorporeal beings at least.
Rioter Comments
: Demons +
Demons are created by us. They're parasites of negative emotion and chaos. Our officially classified demons are {{champion:28}} and {{champion:223}} . They probably came to be in similar ways, albeit with different food sources (pain and gluttony, respectively). We also have the Darkin, which may be demons that early people imprisoned in weapons to both subdue and exploit their power. {{champion:141}} feeds on death, {{champion:266}} feeds on war, and {{champion:110}} feeds on revenge. The fear-friends are in murky territory until they get their VGUs to bring them into the modern lore. We know they're demons, but they all feed on fear. If I had to guess,{{champion:56}} feeds on nightmares; our unconscious and faceless fears. {{champion:35}} feeds on horror; the shock and panic you experience before death. {{champion:9}} feeds on terror; the dread and anticipation of eminent demise that eats away at us from the inside. This leaves to question what they'll do with {{champion:25}} and {{champion:10}} .
: So, with Eves lore out now, can we finally give Tahm a color story and bio?
Evelynn was originally a shadowy wisp that was brought to life by the world's collective agony. I think it's safe to assume Tahm Kench came to exist in his current (and powerful form) when the world began to hoard and overindulge. Evelynn is to pain what Tahm is to gluttony/greed.
: @Riot Could we get a sketch of Evelynn as a male?
I'd love to see some Malevelynn concept art, and maybe some concept art of its primal form (if any exists?) Somewhere between its current 'perfected' form and its previous existence as a wisp, it was awkwardly practiced taking shape and took on various horrifying, monstrous appearances.
: Sometimes I feel like Riot has ruined champions and not given a shit about it after.
Skarner, Malzahar, MORDEKAISER, now Maokai. The list goes on. It's sad.
Tentaku (EUNE)
: So how do you feel about Kled?
: Why is Cassiopeia rarely played?
Cassiopeia has some of the highest potential DPS in the entire game and can easily carry games if you let her. She scales extremely well and is one of the few mages that can deal with lategame tanks. However, she does have a couple easily exploitable weaknesses. She's _super_ immobile, making her very easily punished for bad positioning. The second is her range. Twin Fang is an incredible bullying tool, but the problem is that it has a generally short range and much like Ryze, she has to run at you, making her pattern predictable. Her Marksmanship-like damage style also means she has to live for a while to be able to contribute meaningful damage. Lots of champions can punish this. **Viktor** can throw down a Gravity Field to shut down her advance or threaten to one-shot her the moment she gets in range. **Orianna** can zone and punish bad positioning with her Ball. **Syndra** can land easy E's on an aggressive Cassiopeia and then there's always follow-up kill pressure. She can also simply be out ranged and poked down by the likes of **Lux** or all-inned by the likes of **Fizz**, **Zed**, or **Diana**. TL;DR: Cassiopeia is a _really_ strong, fun, unique champion with high carry potential if you don't exploit her weaknesses (which oftentimes, teams don't.)
Rioter Comments
: A Karthus Main's Thoughs on Edge of Night
They should delete Edge of Night. Are assassins not supposed to eliminate their targets using their kits? You know, by _outplaying_ their enemies? How is a 30 second spell immunity "outplay"? On an item that already gives AD, MR, Lethality, and movement speed? And that most assassins already have an amplitude of methods to avoid or juke spells to begin with? Its bubble is more op than Banshee's Veil for christ's sake and that's a dedicated defensive item. Why is AD itemization always so overloaded? Karthus is absolutely dicked by so many champions and items and he doesn't offer anything to make up for it.
Ningendo (NA)
: What are your favorite sounds in league?
Ningendo (NA)
: I like "An enemy is godlike". It's not a good thing to hear, but the way she says it omg.
She says it like she's horrified. "An _enemy_ is **_GODᶫᶦᵏᵉ_**!" D:
: Why is Morgana such a good support?
Alas, if only she didn't look like the mangled offspring of a bird and a traffic cone.
: > [{quoted}](name=Currently Absent,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=UKeyEWtQ,comment-id=000500010000000000000000000100000000,timestamp=2016-07-19T23:21:17.192+0000) > > A lone marksmen is pretty much a free kill until they have a few items on their opponent and even then only a few of them excel in 1v1 outplay (vayne and twitch come to mind.) > I disagree that twitch is really a duelist. He's super super squishy and with the stealth delay mechanic if you catch him out, he's fucking dead. {{champion:67}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:133}} and maybe {{champion:22}} are the only ADCs that can semi-reliably fight bruisers on their own.
You're right. Twitch can ambush someone from stealth but he definitely has less 1v1 outplay than someone like Vayne or Quinn.
: Except ADCs get a good amount of tools to prevent being one shot. Enemy mage landed their CC? QSS. Assassin jumps on you? Steraks. Enemy Mage lands their CC an your QSS is on cooldown? Maw of Malmortius (mutually exclusive with Steraks). And that's just to name a few items without talking about the BC/Youmuu's build or the _dedicated babysitter_. And while your 'entire team' is killing their ADC theirs is probably killing yours.
QSS dispels CC, not damage. No ADC buys sterak's anymore. Maw is an option, but it scales horribly so unless you're being camped by a Nidalee or something it's not worth delaying your build. The BC/Youmuu build has also been nerfed heavily for ADCs and even so the former provides flat health and the latter provides movement speed so I don't know if I'd call them defensive items necessarily. The dedicated babysitter is more or less important depending on the marksmen (Ezreal's support can roam fairly well while if you leave say...kog'maw alone he'll die if someone so much as sneezes in his general direction) and it's typically because Marksmen aren't tanky/self-sufficient like most toplaners, they don't have CC or escapes like most midlaners (and bot lane is much longer than mid lane so being caught out is way more dangerous), and junglers spend most of the game alone. A lone marksmen is pretty much a free kill until they have a few items on their opponent and even then only a few of them excel in 1v1 outplay (vayne and twitch come to mind.) I won't argue ADCs have some _very_ good tools but I personally don't believe it makes them OP for a couple reasons: 1. The meta is very mid-focused with tons of power picks and midlaners generally counter marksmen, 2. the ability for a single player to solo carry has been greatly reduced over the past few months, and 3. the prevalence and power of burst/dive champions (Irelia is a menace, Le Blanc is very meta, Viktor is insanely punishing of bad positioning) which are the bane of every marksmen. And just for the sake of clarity, **I don't think marksmen are weak in any regard**. They have their moments to shine but also their moments of weakness (though the weaknesses are more unique to the champion than the role ie, Ashe has weaknesses that Lucian may not and vice versa.)
: > [{quoted}](name=Marshbouy,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=UKeyEWtQ,comment-id=000500010000000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2016-07-19T13:16:19.111+0000) > > original poster. The guy who is whining about champion balance. > > ok? Go play an ADC and see if you have to position. i did. i recently 1v1ed a talon on kog maw by straight up bursting him in melee with auto attacks. i tdont think you understand how tanky adc have become with all the defense tacked onto their core offensive items. the main offenders in general are {{item:3046}} in combination with lifesteal items imo.
All of Talon's damage is in his burst rotation. The minute his combo failed (and a failed combo is an inefficiency of skill, items, or both) he should have bolted because there was no way he was going to win the battle of autos vs. kog'maw. He failed his assassination and gave you time to lifesteal back up then tried to facetank some of the scariest single target damage in the entire game. Same as OP, he wasn't playing to his strength and he paid for it.
: > [{quoted}](name=Marshbouy,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=UKeyEWtQ,comment-id=00050001000000000000,timestamp=2016-07-19T13:10:12.669+0000) > > Did you just say that ADCs don't have to position anymore? WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU SMOKING? if they can drain tank brusiers and assassins and win by straight up auto attacking, then they dont. this is what the entire discussion is about. there is a group of adc right now who can win fights lategame without even attempting to kite or position. imo because some of their items are broken. {{item:3046}} should not grant them damage reduction for example. its the strongest defensive stat in the game that cant be mitigated by penetration or % health shred. why is it accessible to adc on one of their most cost effective damage items?
12% damage reduction when you stack 0 health and 0 resistances is nothing. You can't lifesteal your way out of being one-shotted _which is what you're supposed to do lategame to the enemy marksmen_. If your entire team combined is incapable of providing enough damage to kill the squishiest member of their team before he can lifesteal back up for 5+ seconds you were probably going to lose anyway.
zzerakku (EUW)
: sooo, a twitch just facetanked me
6 item ADC > 6 item bruiser. Furthermore, you engaged in a 1v1 vs. an assassin as a teamfight-wombo bruiser. Twitch already had the edge because you weren't playing to your strength. Illaoi isn't a duelist or an assassin. Twitch is. If you'd like to play one of those there's plenty-a Fiora, Le Blanc, Yi, Rengar etc. who are designed precisely to deal with solitary priority targets.
: Don't play if you don't want to win.
I agree with you. I think it comes down to integrity but I do believe it's exacerbated by two things: 1. The game is incredibly snowbally. Victories compound victories and the further ahead the easier it is to make mistakes without repercussions. If your team was losing when it was even what makes you think you can win from behind? and, 2. As soon as things start looking sour the first thought that often comes to mind is "great, I'm about to waste 20+ minutes of my life." You know that feeling. Top lane gives first blood before five minutes and immediately starts trash talking. Mid lane dies next. Bot is being bullied in. **There's absolutely no incentive for drawing things out and making it a genuinely 'good game'**. No matter how difficult or bloody you make it, a loss is a loss and chances are if you're losing you're not having as much fun anyways because you're spending less gold and more time looking at a grey screen. I don't think wins should be undermined; it's a competitive game. If you want to win you have to put yourself out there to lose. But I do feel as though losses weigh a bit too heavy for the investment they represent.
: Athenes: Lower CDR, Increase AP
I disagree. Items are designed to fulfill a purpose; they aren't designed around full builds. For Athene's to enable you to do what it's meant to do (poke, then heal) you need AP, CDR, and mana regen. With 20% CDR will the typical support build max out? Probably. But almost everyone does these days and reaching full build is rare (_especially_ for supports). Athene's marks a solid breakpoint for the champions who use it. 10% CDR means more roots, slow, shields, heals (more use of Windspeaker's?) etc. That means way more than some paltry flat damage since the damage of a support inherently falls off anyways. **TL;DR**: delaying CDR for Athene's users isn't worth some paltry extra damage and efficiency in the infrequency of reaching max items on the poorest member of the team.
skribbz (NA)
: Zara support steals too much CS from ADC
Pfft. Try not stealing CS as support fiddlesticks :(
: Hey! Unfortunately, we don't announce skins too far in advance - just what's coming up soon via the PBE cycle. So, I'm not able to say if there is/isn't a new Twitch skin in the works (Sorry!) Kingpin Twitch is a legacy skin, which means he will come back periodically, although, I don't know when he's coming back next. Keep an eye out for him the next time the Legacy Vault opens. Unfortunately, we don't have plans to bring back Medieval Twitch. He's a limited skin that was earned via Refer-a-Friend (RAF). Players had to refer 5 friends who reached level 10 or higher. [Here's](http://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/game-updates/features/refer-friend-retires-thirty-days) a bit more context on the retirement of the skin. Similarly, Grey Warwick was also retired during this time, and is also a limited skin.
Exterminator/Fumigator/Hazmat Twitch pleeaaaaasssseeeeeee pretty pretty please with moldy cheese on top <3
: Why do ADC's believe their role is so hard?
It's a high-risk high-reward role. The risk is you often have very little to offer other than raw damage, the damage itself is spread over time (meaning if you die quickly you provided less than an ability-based champion would have), and you're easy to kill. The reward is that you generally have the highest dps when it comes to taking objectives or drawn out fights. The sustained damage role also places more pressure on positioning since ideally you will be both in range to attack an enemy at all times while also avoiding being engaged on yourself, creating a tight-rope kind of dance. As far as ego goes...idk. Mid and top can brew just as large 'personalities'. Top lane arguably takes a larger ego investment in that they opt into a 1v1 and mid in that they're literally the center of the universe (rift).
: This BS normal match making need to stop
This happens **all the time** in normals. This is why DQ is inherently unbalancable. You cannot assume a 5 man bronze premade vs. any number of golds, plats etc. is going to be fair and the fact that they have to do this in the first place to try and 'balance' DQ is proof that it is flawed at its core. There are far too many variables and the majority of the time it's still a shitshow for one side or the other. These band-aids are naive and short sighted and they cannot fix the root of the problem. Imagine it this way; I have a scale and I give out two different sizes of gold nuggets. Who gets which size is completely random. Eventually the people getting less gold are unhappy, and rightfully so. When I place the two nuggets on a scale it's obvious who gets the shorter end of the stick. So to balance things out, I place a mechanism under the scale on the side I weigh the smaller nugget to pull it down. I place both sized pieces on the scale and demonstrate that they're now balanced. In a way, they are. The scale appears even. But it's not because I've equalized the amount of gold I give people. I've just artificially inflated one side. The problem is still there. No matter how I calibrate the scale, or put little rocks on one side, or cut the larger gold nugget into little pieces. **People will still receive different amounts of gold**. Okay, so you have a 4-man premade. Obviously they stomp 5 solo players. So you place them against players 2 tiers above them. Their individual mechanical skill will never be greater than the higher ranked player so they're still free to snowball their lane or solo carry. Conversely, no matter how good a player is, they are still just one person. One champion. They cannot provide the same level of communication or cohesion as a 4 man team. Either the higher ranked player snowballs out of control or gets massacred 1v4. The odds of the two imbalances somehow cancelling each other out and creating a perfect equilibrium between the individual skill of the higher ranked player and the coordination of the premade is **zilch**. **TL;DR**: Dynamic Queue is a patchwork akin to sewing a banana to a cat and painting the cat yellow to 'balance things out'. It's madness.
awdaf (NA)
: Casual = Normals, go play normals
> [{quoted}](name=foedus,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=qix4hawM,comment-id=000700000000,timestamp=2016-06-20T22:57:12.711+0000) > > Casual = Normals, go play normals Normals are the same shitshow as ranked. Might as well play ranked and get rewarded when the DQ gods hand you a win.
: Invisible Consistency & How They Affect
I agree. The consistency and health of stealth champions is something that definitely needs to be evaluated.
: I actually just realized that Dynamic Queue is Neapolitan Icecream.
Yes, except the strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla are all blended together into one muddy, indistinguishable flavor and some players will get bowls while others will be served their ice cream in an ash tray.
Rioter Comments
Rioter Comments
Alytrox (EUW)
: You can't buff Aatrox too much because...
Yep. "Ball of stats"-style champions are a nightmare to balance because they're so sensitive to being tipped from garbage to gods. Aatrox, Udyr, Ryze, Mundo, and Yi come to mind. Basically, if they can do what their kit intends them to do, there is very little room to counter them. If they cannot do what their kit intends them to do, they'll struggle to do anything.
: Balancing around CDR is a mistake, because it will end up like Flash.
Only 2-3 champions build Nashor's and Athene's isn't a mage item anymore so ironically, CDR is often less available on the class most intended to use it than others. Let's review the CDR AP items; {{item:3165}}: 20% CDR, mana, a mana return mechanic and a decent amount of AP. Imo core on most mages today. {{item:3100}}: Niche. Viktor? Twisted Fate? {{item:3001}}: A solid item, but not ideal for many mages since its AP is rather low and you'll rarely get use of the passive. Core vs. assassins, though. {{item:3157}}: Again, low-ish AP but it's vital as the only AP armor item in many match-ups. Part of the cost is in the very useful active as well. {{item:3152}}: Generally considered weak. Low AP. The dash is used more as an offensive tool than to reposition since its dash is too short to cross meaningful distance and get to safety. Keep in mind that all but one of the above items have only 10% CDR meaning you'd need _4_ of them to cap out. Now let's look at the considered 'core' items that mages are obligated to build most of the time depending on the champion; {{item:3027}}: Core on any medium to low-range AP champions, mana-hungry champions, or both. {{item:3151}}: One of the few MPen items, vital in tankbuster builds. Great synergy with DoT champions. {{item:3116}}: Invaluable CC for many champions/comps and excellent synergy with Liandry's. {{item:3135}}: Core to having any damage as the game progresses and people stack MR. {{item:3003}}: The core mana item for a handful of champions, and unlike Ryze, not all of them have passive CDR. {{item:3285}}: The mobility/assassiny/waveclear item many roaming mids build. {{item:3089}}: Often core for its late-game scaling and raw AP. So you can see there's actually quite of a bit of competition for itemization. If you take the core Rabadon's + Void Staff + Sorc Shoes you have only 3 slots left. Often times the optimal build for many mages only contains 20% CDR. The CDR items on average have lower AP in exchange for defensive stats which backline mages don't typically want to build. Personally I'd put 10-20% CDR on Archangel's Staff, 10% on Void Staff, and _maybe_ 10% on RoA. Riot has also said they're interesting in adding another mana item to go along with the kill-focused Morello's and the poke/scaling Tear which I think is a great decision since there's still a small gap left by old Athene's for mana sustain + CDR that doesn't rely on snowballing in kills. **TL:DR** - most mages still only get about 20% CDR. The new CDR items mostly benefit AP tanks and assassins, since they would have readily built **all** of them anyways.
Bârd (NA)
: When someone on your team instalocks Teemo in ranked
One of two things will happen; 1. Stays top the _entire _ game while the enemy toplaner is making tp plays and grouping and you lose because it's 4v5 while teemo gets caught out again and again trying to solo push. **or** 2. He gets first blood. Gets a kill every time the enemy comes back to lane. Kills everyone who comes to his lane to gank until the entire team is tilted to oblivion. Usually it's the former.
: Is it me or old malz was better?
Malzahar isn't really an assassin anymore. He's more of a skirmisher/disruptor now where he kind of wants to skirt around enemies and corral them with his Q and wittle them down with his E and voidlings. Nether Grasp is for lockdown/all-in or if you can get into a teamfight with your passive still up and land it on a priority target (mostly for the cc.)
: I'm by no means a good player at this game, but as someone who plays a lot of support (or used to) I definitely know what you're talking about. It feels amazing to empower your team and be the thing that pushes them over the top, and utterly hopeless / frustrating to make the exact same plays, but fail because your team have no idea what they're doing. That's the main reason support is such a disliked role; you have to rely on others, rather than just your individual skill.
> [{quoted}](name=AbyssionKnight,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=rXlE1Ru4,comment-id=000a,timestamp=2016-06-09T00:38:28.807+0000) >you have to rely on others, rather than just your individual skill. so...dynamic queue?
Surge06 (EUW)
: I know a lot of people are still mad at Riot, but we can all agree there are worse issues
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