: Making a highgold/plat team need:Top,Mid,Adc,Jungle
Primary Role: Mid Rank: Silver 5 Top 5 champs: Talon, Lux, Ahri, Orianna, Zed, Kinda anyone Time Zone: Central Previous Season Rank: I think previous season was low gold. Didn't play much last season, was plat 4 or 5 the last season that I actually played. Team experience: Lots of random 5s teams from forums and have never been the reason any of them disbanded :/ I know I'm low ranked currently. But I just started playing again, and I was low play last season that I actually played during. I think I'm worth and shot, and I'm also a pretty decent (read: dank) team player, and can also shotcall decently. I hope you're willing to try me out. Hopefully talk to you soon.
: ViV Titans looking for Gold 4+ Mid laner :D
Name: Lucas IGN - Prilosac Rank: Gold 2 Role: Mid Top 3: Kayle, Zed, Fizz Why do you want to join: I want a competitive team that practices regularly, is focused on improvement, doesn't rage, and will allow me to grow as a player Can you stream: Yes! (twitch.tv/prilosac) My only schedule conflict is Friday night, 9 PM - 12 AM central I'm busy but otherwise free!
: Serious Ranked Team looking for Gold 4 + Support and mid - ADC
Just personal experience here, don't tryout. I assume(?) I didn't make the team, but he was an hour late for tryouts, and deleted me/removed me from the team overnight without saying anything. Very unprofessional in my opinion.
: pretty hilarious ruling here. pro players should never ask each other "hey what are you up to" after season ended.
Why not? Why shouldn't they? No ones breaking a contract. No ones suggesting that a contract be broken. Only suggesting that when a contract expires, they think about signing a different contract rather than resigning the previous one. No illegal action. Riot is just being absurd.
: Serious Tournament Team Looking For All Roles
**Team:** Villians/Heroes/Avengers **Name:** Prilosac **Age:** 17 **Rank:** Gold 2 **Role:** Mid **Top 3:** {{champion:55}} {{champion:61}} {{champion:105}}
: ViV Esports Jokers - Looking for Members ( Jungler/Middle/Support )
**Name:** Prilosac **Age:** 17 **Rank** Gold 2 **Role** Mid **Top 3** Katarina, Orianna, Fizz My only thing is that Saturday practice. If you're deadset on saturday practice, I'm probably not your guy. I like my weekends, though I am very serious.
: ║║║║║ Recruitment Post For Serious Ranked 5s Team Gold+ ║║║║║ RECRUITMENT: ON [✓] OFF[ ]
**IGN:** Prilosac **Age:** 17 **Current rank:** Gold 2 **Peak division:** Plat 5 **Position you are applying for:** Mid **Positions you can play at a competitive level:** Mid **Top 3 champions:** Katarina, Orianna, Fizz **Do you watch LCS or anything competitive often:** Yes (I don't often miss matches and when I do I usually look up the outcome and figure out what the champions played were, and if possible I figure out the highlights of the games) **Able to download communication software:** Yes **Timezone:** Central (GMT -6) **How much do you play League of Legends weekly:** Near - Daily (only not if I'm out with friends, really) **What Times/days would you not be available:** I prefer not to practice/play on weekends so I may spend time with friends, however I find that most tournaments are early/mid afternoon Sunday which works for me and if there's certain tournaments on a Saturday or something, that's fine as long as I get decent free time on weekends **What do you look for in a team:** Structure. So many teams fall apart because people don't show up for practice and goof off and I dislike that. I'm a lighthearted guy, but when it's game time it's game time and time to win, not goof off (unless we're in normals or a lighthearted for-fun game situation) **What can you bring to the team:** I can bring a solid mid laner (elaborated on in the question below). Also, I can't be a solid voice for the team. If a shotcaller is what we need, I can step up to that position, so long as I know I'm supposed to do that (I won't naturally join someone else's team and start calling shots, but if I'm a designated shot caller I can see and assess the map quickly). I'm also very open to all ideas, like to learn, and am responsible. **What makes you stand out from other players:** I rarely lose. I'm either an immovable boulder or a downhill snowball (in the good way) out of the mid lane. Recently I've been maining Katarina in soloQ with caters to my aggressive likes (I love to fight, but I know when not to), but I play a solid Orianna/Anivia/Xerath too. I'm different from other mid laners because I can play almost any mid champ, learn quickly, and understand the dynamics of many matchups. Also, I've mained every role except for support before so I know a bit of the dynamics of those roles as well, meaning I can see clearly how the roles are all interconnected and work together. **Competitive experience:** Many ranked 5's teams, as well as a few Go4LoL's. Played in one streamed tournament, but I can't recall what it was called (it wasn't very big) **Strengths:** Game knowledge, Quick thinking, Wide champion pool **Weaknesses:** Sometimes I forget to leave my lane (I know it sounds dumb, but sometimes I get very caught up in laning)
: New team starting~~~ Plat + prefer. Looking for all roles for tryouts other than adc and jungle.
: Serious Ranked team looking for a mid and jungle!! *Taking all that are committed*
Role: Mid Rank: Plat 5 Top 3 champs: Zed, Ahri, Orianna (I can really play and learn whatever I need to) Do you have skype or teamspeak?: Both, and can download any voice software I need.
: To be honest, I don't see how switching the ratios from AD to AP will harm Nidalee. The only true drawback would be the loss of AD items and AA damage. There are still items such as {{item:3116}} and {{item:3151}} which give valuable stats and durability. In fact, with the changes to her abilities (mainly Bushwhack) this would be a great bruiser style combo build for her. She retains sustain from her heal and only really needs to worry about mana usage up in the top lane. I'm sure that if you identified points as to why AD nidalee would remain more dominant than the changed version I would be happy to discuss the issue with you. Simply saying that bruiser Nidalee will be killed off without an explanation is quite puzzling...
Those items just aren't....*fun*. As an AD Nidalee/Bruiser Nidalee main, what I love most is the kiting, the jumping back and forth between forms, pouncing, using CD's, and utilizing her mobility to reengage etc. Building those "durable" AP items will ruin your human form damage, and frankly in my opinion, take the *fun* out of playing AD Nidalee, emphasis on the AD.


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