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: But Hamshinsham said that ganking top is free and you win everytime Why would any other lane matter
> [{quoted}](name=Jimmy Rustles,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=0kAZXs62,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-08-20T20:54:38.523+0000) > > But Hamshinsham said that ganking top is free and you win everytime > > Why would any other lane matter hashinshin is always right, this is true lol
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Teh Song (NA)
: Wouldn't tethering make it look like the problem is worse? Somebody does their placements, and gets iron. Then they only play norms, and go on an mmr raising winstreak. When they go back to ranked, they are now an iron playing with gold's, because that's where there mmr is. Or they place high, have a norms loss streak, and are the gold in an iron match. All that aside it's better to not have ranked and unranked mmr tethered because people play differently. People go into norms and don't take it seriously, trying dumb things and the like. If mmr was tethered, norms antics would tank people's ranked mmr, causing bad matches. In fact I dare say all the mobas that do have ranked an unranked share an mmr need to stop doing that.
again, "trying dumb things" as a diamond player, that player is still leagues above a silver 2 player. it's not just the unbalanced match making either, it's the huge swings in skill level in general. one norm game i'll have 4 diamonds in game. the next i'm playing against 5 high silvers/low gold and going 20/0/10 as a support. it's so back and forth. i never felt this way playing dota or hots or any non-moba game. tethering may not be the end all answer, i'll admit that, but their matchmaking is pretty atrocious.
Prime159 (NA)
: please for the love of god, tether norm and ranked mmr.
i cannot emphasis enough that these are games that should never happen. if there were 5 golds vs 5 high silvers, i wouldn't be commenting on this in the first place. it's these games with multiple plats/diamonds vs all silvers that is the issue and it happens quite a bit more than most people realize if they check their match history. it's like 1 of every 2/3 games that one team is extremely lopsided.
: That works for only people who play both ranked and normal.
if you don't play ranked, you would just use the normal mmr as they already do. macspam, again, you can play customs with friends. there is absolutely no need to play against lower skilled players when you are trying a new champ. a large amount of skill is based on macro, making good decisions, map awareness, controlling vision, etc etc. a diamond player who is playing a new champion is still not going to be as low as a silver 2 player in general.
RaQqa (EUNE)
: Don't u think Draven is too strong right now ?
the only reason people on here think he is "fine" or "balanced" is because they don't play against decent dravens often. there are so many people who need to put all their focus onto catching the axes and can't concentrate on anything else, and are just terrible with him. when you go against someone who is decent and around the same mmr as you, he cannot be stopped in early laning phase. once he gets vampiric, he can heal almost everything. there have been plenty of times i've watched a bot lane hit every single skill on him, aa's weaved in, and draven takes almost no damage because of a heal/shield support. luckily he is a bit higher mechanical skill than some, so you really don't need to deal with him often in the silver-platinum elo.
Barkley (NA)
: Am I the only one who feels like Draven's early lane phase is too strong?
agree with the people saying camp him and just don't give him easy kills, but he is ridiculous early game. if the draven player is decent he can sustain against almost anything. just yesterday i had a draven/karma lvl 4 (draven had vampiric), vs caitlyn/me(fiddle) lvl 4, they engaged, the karma didn't do too much, but i hit draven with fear, he stepped on a trap got empowered aa on him, my cait e'ed back from him, got another empowered aa while hitting him with q. i got my ravens to hit him and karma, and sat there and drained him and he sustained through all of it, while being hit by 7 minions. it's just a little bit ridiculous, and yes some adcs scale better, but tbh, if you know how to play draven, you don't lose ur ridiculous damage and sustain, even late game.
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Zelnick (NA)
: Do ranked and norms share the same mmr?
they have separate mmrs, but they should most definitely be tethered, like they are in most games, including other mobas. there are entirely too many games in norms where it is 3-4 plats/diamonds vs all silver 2's or silver 3's. the only reason your norm mmr is that much lower than your ranked mmr is because you completely throw games in norms. another thing that should be done, again something that is done in many games besides league, is have a max spread on duos/trios/etc. a diamond player shouldn't be playing with a bronze player, plain and simple. i get we all have friends who we want to play with and what not, but you can do customs. most people have plenty on their friend list to do this. no point having a bronze in a mostly diamond game, or (what happens much more often), a solo diamond in a game vs all bronze.
: I've never gotten any gemstones. Maybe a useless emote but that's about it besides the shards or a small amount of BE.
i sort of agree with you, but at the same time, when did you obtain all the champions? the reason i ask is because i've had them all for about 75 levels now (currently 252) and i have maybe 40k be? i find it hard to believe that you are only lvl 100 and have 155k.
: Zoe is not one shooting you in the early levels stop lying like it is actually impossible.
zoe can take out about 80% of ur health with one combo at level 2, depending on what champ you are. kindred for example, if hit by her cc, loses the vast majority of her health. zoe is one of the strongest early game champions if you know how to use her. the real thing they need to do in terms of nerfing is reduce her sleep duration and increase it's cd. those two things would bring her into balance. in fact, the duration almost isn't the biggest issue. it's the cd. it's ridiculously low for how much range it has, the fact that it is aoe, and that it stays on the ground for multiple seconds even if it misses.
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BayoNX19 (NA)
: Riot has made its toxic 50/50 matchmaking into the biggest determinant of winning or losing a game.
I agree to an extent. It is very frustrating to play 15 games in a row where you have a top laner who is hard pushing and never wards and goes 0/4 in 3 minutes, but you will have games where the other team has that. It evens out. I truly believe that eventually you will be the rank that you deserve. Regardless of your teammates. I used to think like this, used to say "i am better than low to mid gold". Then i bit the bullet and focused more on what i could do better, not what teammates were doing wrong and i have immensely improved my pathing in jg, warding, objective control and carry many games now. I always tell everyone this, if it frustrates you playing with players who will lose games for you, then dont play a team based game. Get into 1v1 fighters, battle royales, rts, even mmorpgs. Mobas are not the route if you are going to let every bad player affect you and not focus on yourself.
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Ætheist (NA)
: How do you counter Int Sion?
i mean considering this is something riot has specifically mentioned as being broken, it's basically like taking advantage of a glitch. they will fix it in the next few patches from what i've seen them say. until then, i think it's a basic must ban. unless you are playing like heimer/yorick/etc who can heavily outpush him, or a teemo who can continually blind him. basically anyone that can outpush him, u dont need to worry about the passive and demolish. you can kill him 10-15 times in 25-30 minutes with a champ that doesn't outpush and it doesnt even matter. happy gaming people
: Currently what champion has the worst late game?
i'm not sure what you guys are talking about. sivir has one of the strongest late games of all adcs. pretty apparent just in how often she is used in lcs. her early game is a bit weak, mid game strong, and like 4-5 item spike is incredible.
Prime159 (NA)
: no... at the lower elos it is constantly bronze players who talk the most shit. i dont play against challenger players obviously so i wouldn't know, but it's much rarer that i see golds/plats being toxic.
and i'm not sure if anyone in the game has ever "made fun of me". unless you are speaking about making fun of my skill level, in which case, ok...
: lol btw i have seen challenger player to be toxic so its kinda some bronze made fun of you and you took it on heart
no... at the lower elos it is constantly bronze players who talk the most shit. i dont play against challenger players obviously so i wouldn't know, but it's much rarer that i see golds/plats being toxic.
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: Nexus Blitz - Remove Sudden Death
this mode is just garbage in general. it's a poorly put together mash-up of other popular games. with all the buffs, events, etc etc the damage is way off, people complain about the current meta of "cc one guy and blow him up" this mode makes that even more apparent. it's all about heavy burst damage. it is not going to last. at least not for people who play league regularly.
: Patch 8.16 Notes
They could probably address the garen play platinum and below. Nerfing him wouldn't hurt him that badly since he isnt taken much at higher elos but he is taking over too many games at that plat level. He has a top like 7 winrate from bronze to plat. The dude is semi crazy if you think about he. He is not mechanically difficult, he has an execute ult, he is tanky has high sustain and high damage all built into one, he has high movement speed with his q, one of the few champions with a silence, and can do all this said damage without building any damage items. People say tanks need to be buffed but there are several that literally cannot be killed if they have just a decent first 15 minutes, while doing massive amounts of damage. I understand its an assassin meta but honestly I'd rather deal with assassins than champs like garen. Cannot lie and say I have never used him but he is sort of ridiculous at my low to mid gold elo. I've had several games where I'm down cs with him, have 1 or zero kills, and by minute 25 I'm 1v3ing the enemy team with little to no effort. Reminds me a lot of mundo a couple months ago.
: ***
mage i'm beginning to think that normal mmr doesn't even exist besides a ceiling and floor of who you can be matched against, let's say a 3 league different. the reason i say this is because their lower "normal" mmr is not indicative of how they play in norms. every single game ive been in with diamonds and plats they have had like 20+ kills on average and completely carry the game. i've not seen one player in plat/diamond in my games in the past 60 or so games i've been in that i have been checking rankings after the game that has not carried. again, my original post was made to point out that other mobas do have a loose tie between the elos. there is no reason that the top played moba wouldn't.
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: But what about if you dont play ranked, just purely normals. Would you just have their normal mmr never improve? Would there just be a hard mmr floor of your ranked mmr that can be increased in normals via play? But that just turns the feel of normals into basically what ranked already is. Normals is supposed to be a broader range and if youre constantly playing vs really good players you should be able to learn things from these games and adapting to play against them. On top of that the rank of someone in Ranked is completely separate to how theyre gonna perform in a normal game. Ive beaten master/challenger players plenty in my games, had diamond players hard int and have lost to random gold/plat players.
there is that problem for sure. what i think would solve that is that unranked players just arent put into games with ranked players. they definitely could do something like hots did when it first came out (not sure about now since i havent played in a couple years) and have it so that people more than 1 league above you or below you cannot que up with you. hots, when they did this, had pretty closely balanced games 99% of the time. it was rare for me to see complete stomps, where as in league its like 90% of the games are over by minute 20. i will say i had a streak yesterday and today where i kept having plats and diamonds on my team and won like 14 of 20. i know it goes back and forth, it's just sort of annoying to not have competitive games. i get it, i can just stick to ranked, but i still want to just chill and not worry about my rank and have a decent game. i know we all have friends we want to play with but i just don't see the point of ever allowing a diamond player to q up with a silver or bronze. the skill gap is so huge that the vast majority of the time the diamond player just 1v5's.
: Normals is always like this, theres not real way to fix it without connecting normals mmr to ranked mmr in some way (or have it influence) but i dont think thats a good solution. Hell im a plat player and ive faced soulmario (500-700lp challenger kled main) multiple times. If you want balanced games, play ranked not normals.
yeah, i know that ranked tends to be more balanced, but i feel like connecting the mmrs actually would help the situation. for example, the 5 diamonds in my games obviously have a low mmr in norms because they mess around a lot, like a lot of us do. However, me messing around vs a diamond messing around is a completely different situation lol. Also, i have faced many diamonds/plats over the past couple years, my point was i've now had 24 games in a row with the other team having a higher elo. Usually you see back and forths in elo, even in normal games. This is by far the longest streak i've seen. I guess it doesn't matter in the long run, unless this goes on for another 25-50 games. I'm already feeling a bit like quitting because besides the 3 games where we got lucky, they have all been pub stomps basically.
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Ryu1992 (EUW)
: not getting blue essence at all
coming from a player who plays about 5 games or more a day, am level 37, and own all but 14 of the champions, you do not gain essence faster than you gained ip. i was able to buy a champ every like 3-4 days max, now i am able to get a high blue essence 6300 champ every like week-2 weeks. depending. the past 7 days i've only gained 2700 blue with disenchanting the champ shards from capsules. it is by no means as quick as earning ip from wins and losses.
: To be honest, I've been waiting for someone to say some thing about this. I myself haven't fought him yet but every time someone on my team has to fight him, they feed like crazy. I never know if it's because they're just having a bad game or if he's just super broken... That is until I got hit by an Urgot ult that did 9999 damage, like rito wtf???
i'm not sure of his power 3 months ago, but since his buffs just this past month, he is definitely broken. i can't speak for mid plat and above, but low plat-bronze, he is literally unstoppable. it's interesting to seem him miss his ult and still be able to 1v3 prior to having any items. yes, u can stay out of his w range if u are good, but if the urgot is good he is going to know when to go in and when to throw u over his shoulder. i have seen nothing but 15+ kill urgots in every game i see an urgot, given he is banned a decent amount now. i am saying this as someone who plays him btw lol. top 100% of the time and he is the strongest champ i've played top, ever. it's stupid how easy he is against any melee champion.
Zastie (NA)
: Can we delete autofill yet?
let's just say for the sake of the argument that you are extremely versatile and play all the roles. you are still, most likely, going to excel at one role over the others. the reason for this is all of our brains work differently. we tend to do better in different situations depending on who we are as a person. so again, let's say this versatile player is diamond level adc. he had the skill level of platinum in every other role. this player is open to playing other roles, but plays best as bot. the autofill is going to take his mmr/ranking down, just a little bit, instead of showing his full potential, which is adc.
CLG ear (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Zastie,realm=NA,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=WFi8NV65,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2017-04-28T05:58:02.448+0000) > > I main support so I don't really have to deal with either poor queue times or getting autofilled (so the negatives of either having it or not having it), but objectively from observation and what I've heard on countless occasions it's just a poor system. a lot of people do not that's the fault of "maining" anything. This isn't a game that "maining" a champion or role is healthy. This isn't wow or FF14 where you can choose your class and just do that. You need to be flexible; and the community has shown they dont want to be flexible.
this is a ridiculous comment. even the top of the top, challenger players, main a role. imaqtpie is way better at adc than anything else. sure, he and others can play the other roles, but you are literally saying maining a role is not what the game is for. every single moba has roles and the people who play them usually main one.
: I'm guessing you weren't around when it was pick-order. Ranked isn't just how good you are at once lane, if you can't play all the lanes decently, then you don't deserve it.
lucifer, this is a completely ridiculous comment. almost everyone who plays the game has a main role they play that they are much better at than other roles. even the top tier challenger players have roles that they play 99% of the time. autofill would not be an issue if they had ranks based on specific roles. in other words, you could be silver support and platinum adc, gold mid and diamond top. if they separated the rankings by role i don't think people would have much issue with autofill.
: > [{quoted}](name=Prime159,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ZyPtw5MQ,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2017-04-03T20:15:55.660+0000) > > are you kidding me? saying lulu is not op? i play anywhere from silver 2 to gold 1 and lulu is banned on a regular basis. she literally can bully almost anyone in lane. her shielding and ult with polymorphing enemies can keep your carrys alive almost indefinitely. hell, just for fun i sometimes go nashors and rageblade on her when i'm playing support and can hang with anyone else in the game in terms of damage output. i can't speak for what is going on in bronze or low silver, but i know that at my elo and from what i've heard, higher elos, she is a beast right now. it's not about btching about her, it's about knowing who is strong and who isnt from patch tp patch. if you are good with her you can dominate a lot of top lanes as well. > > also, in response to the ahri comment. ahri is still top tier and has been for quite a long time. just because people don't talk about her all the goddamn time does not mean anything to the contrary. I think you are actually mentally retarded. LOL. You actually aren't really producing any facts that make her op. Most traditional buff supports (Enchanters) do exactly what you just described.
mentally retarded? when she is god tier in almost everyone's opinion.... riiiiiiight
: "Lulu is op" LOL WHAT?????
are you kidding me? saying lulu is not op? i play anywhere from silver 2 to gold 1 and lulu is banned on a regular basis. she literally can bully almost anyone in lane. her shielding and ult with polymorphing enemies can keep your carrys alive almost indefinitely. hell, just for fun i sometimes go nashors and rageblade on her when i'm playing support and can hang with anyone else in the game in terms of damage output. i can't speak for what is going on in bronze or low silver, but i know that at my elo and from what i've heard, higher elos, she is a beast right now. it's not about btching about her, it's about knowing who is strong and who isnt from patch tp patch. if you are good with her you can dominate a lot of top lanes as well. also, in response to the ahri comment. ahri is still top tier and has been for quite a long time. just because people don't talk about her all the goddamn time does not mean anything to the contrary.
Oatz (NA)
: Had a Yasuo who said KDA didn't matter because it's not COD and he said it is acceptable to have 15+ deaths. He even said that it's common for pro players to have 15+ deaths in a game. Yea... we lost that game.
that is comical. there are so many pro games that go 15-20 minutes in a game without 1 kill. it's this sort of mentality that is just rampant in the game. i just had a game where 2 people called "bot", separately. i then called support. once getting into the game i started to go blue to leash for the jungle. these two people then said they called bot before me. now... no one in the game had a support item except for me. i tried to explain to them that "bot" is equal to "adc". support is support. i tried to explain that if one of them had said "i'm bot with...." that that would have made sense. they continued to argue the point and one of them was lee sin adc. let's just say that without shaco getting huge and me, while playing from behind with support item to start, being able to get top cs in the game and take 4 turrets, it would have been a mess. i guess neither of them have played any drafts or ranked, otherwise they would not think that when you pick roles two of the players have "bot" by their name.
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: It is not harsh enough
Can you give me a reasoning as to why you think that? I want to know just for shits and giggles. League currently has the harshest system of punishment in all of gaming, yet there is a percentage of people who don't seem to think it is enough. It sort of confuses me.
Kei143 (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Kei143,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=oP5RJtko,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-03-02T17:38:05.705+0000) > > (its not time based, its games-played based) > > there's no definite timeframe, cos when you get validly reported, it'll take more games to prove reform. How much more clear do I need to be?
well you said it would take about 150 games, THEN you said there is no definite timeframe. You sort of contradicted yourself, but ok. I guess you wanted to go with "no time frame".
Kei143 (NA)
: for a 14-day ban, you;ll need to play 150 games or so without getting validly reported (its not time based, its games-played based). Its Riot's way of saying "prove to us that you learnt your lesson". there's no definite timeframe, cos when you get validly reported, it'll take more games to prove reform.
it is not a specific game count until you are reformed btw. I have played about 350 or so games since that one game that i fed with no issues and still don't have hextech back. I have heard from people who have not received it back for over a year. Riot does not have enough employees(support) to actually pay attention to everyone who has been toxic or fed or trolled in a game. there are millions of accounts.
scazzman (NA)
: yes and no, i believe it's too harsh when it comes to chat. but not harsh enough when it comes to gameplay trolling, intentionally trying to bait players into getting banned, intentional feeding ect.
In my circumstance (about 1000 games played now) i fed in ONE game because of my teammates trolling me. You don't think 2 weeks suspension is too harsh? I'm honestly just trying to understand the arguments for their dealing with issues like this. Everyone has a bad day, everyone gets frustrated. My point is that they need to look at the full work of the player. If they get reported for feeding let's say and riot looks at that players history and they have never fed before then i think that player should receive a warning. 2 weeks suspension then permanent ban in my opinion is just crazy. If it were someone who does it all the time then i totally understand warning them a couple times then banning, but for a first offense? A lot of the arguments in favor of riots punishments don't make much sense anyway. Most people I know in the gaming community say that league of legends is the most toxic filled, trolling, feeding game they have ever played. No other game has punishments as severe as league, yet they all are deemed less toxic? There probably is a correlation there. If you suspend someone or ban them on a first offense, never give warning, and give vague terms like "reformed" then you are going to have people who make new accounts and are already frustrated. Meaning these players are going to come back even worse off than they were, causing more toxicity problems in the game. It is the same idea behind people saying petty crime should not have jail time. The reason being is that a lot of minor criminals are turned into hardened ones from spending time in prison.
Sarutobi (NA)
: There shouldnt be a warning to not break the rules. If anything your warnings are the Term of Service/Summoners Code you read when making an account and every time the game is updated. But then again if you are given a warning you are basically saying its ok to do this till you get said warning. With that said in my opinion the punishment isnt too harsh, it needs to be harsher. Because the way i see it, loads of people troll, be toxic or any other rule breaking in their games and this happens way too often. Even the people i see post here seems to do this in a lot of games before any actual punishment is issued.
there should be warning as to what you are doing wrong. I don't believe saying your teammate did something wrong is toxic. they can always mute you. You are basically saying that 1st offense = 2 week suspension, 2nd offense = perma ban is not too harsh... i truly do not understand that. It is the harshest punishment in any major game out there and you want it to be harsher? They only thing they could do is perma ban you for messing up one time. I doubt that is what you really want. Imagine if you have a bad day, feed in 1 game out of 10,000 and your account that you have spent days and days and months and years on is completely gone for good.
: Honestly, I don't think the punishment is harsh *enough*. If you troll or intentionally go AFK in a ranked game, then at a minimum: - You should take all of the LP loss from that game, and your teammates should lose nothing. - You should be banned from playing ranked for a month. - The same restriction should be applied to *all* of your accounts. There is extremely high toxicity in *~20% of ranked games*, and the number has been fairly constant for several years. That's not acceptable in any way, Riot need to really clamp down and start doing something about it.
the punishment is much harsher than you actually want lol... it's a 2 week suspension first offense and then a complete ban. I would think your punishments are valid and fair.
: Wait a minute you got disconnected twice in a month and a half and you didn't return to the game after disconnecting? Then you were toxic on top of that? Yes you deserve to be banned for that alone. Btw if you are going to criticize what someone is doing learn to criticize specifically what they are doing wrong, instead of wtf are you doing which in itself is a useless criticism as it is completely vague in itself.
first off, do you realize how long it takes to restart my computer when it shuts down? the games were over by the time i got back. second off, as i have said, i am almost never toxic. you are going to tell me that you have never once said anything to anyone about the game in a semi-rude manner? give me a break. no one should be banned from a game for saying their teammates suck. this is literally the ONLY game that does. I'm not talking toxicity in terms of spamming chat and enraging your entire team. I mean small comments. There is something called a mute button... it's extremely easy to ignore players who are giving you shit/being rude to you in any way. I don't think you entirely comprehended my post. I am generally a very nice guy and try to help my teammates in every way possible. Everyone has a person or game that tilts them and many react to it. The percentage of players who don't react EVER is extremely, extremely small and i doubt with you making a post like this that you are one of those few. Lastly, i gave that comment as an example. I do comment on exactly what they can improve on.
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Kei143 (NA)
: what the hell is up with people today not using paragrah properly. PLEASE !! HIT THE ENTER KEY !!
i read a lot, there are much longer paragraphs than that in any novel. read sometime lol
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