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Kürama (NA)
: What if that person was a friend or relative or yours? Would you still think it's fine?
remember that one time.... you said I had no friends...? Yeah, what happened with that, kid? Seems a bit... hypocritical, don't you think?
: 250K mastery points on Kog'Maw...
u were fishing for upvotes and gotten none, lmao
: Stop Suicide Suggestions. Please. It is NOT okay.
This is perfectly fine, I enjoy having kids quit the game for said reasons. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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: Have you tried it after the MYMU or nah????
: Your Favorite Cheese Pick?
{{champion:45}} jungle 3 times in the past 2 years. 2W 1L
: the reason why you fail is OJ had a jury not a case by judge it wasnt the judge who let him off , the jury said he was innocent
So why were there controversy over O.J if 12 original normal strangers agreed that he is innocent. tbh I don't know anything about O.J lmao
Top Main (NA)
: Riots punishment system is disgusting and laughable, and the community is turning into a toxic maelstrom ruining the game for others
Top Main (NA)
: Riot seriously needs to up their punishments by a lot
: yet you still fail... leave it to the professionals thank you
: A small change to "Fill except X" that will make it viable again
Wuks (NA)
: You're making a false equivalency. Metaphors and similes are great in helping people understand concepts, but not for rationalizing the decisions behind them. What I mean is that the metaphor of "if you leave a handgun out and someone uses it == you leave your account with a weak password and don't take steps to protect the account and someone uses it" is good for helping people understand that responsibility of your property is something essential, but nothing beyond that.
well guess what, I just used this post for a satire
Zached (NA)
: Another ban for swearing? Makes tons of sense! (Paragraphed)
Cuss in a sports team, see who gets kicked out then
: Ryze in lower tiers
My problem with Ryze is his cs potential for minutes 1-15
: Chicago isn't a state.
IAmWoralo (EUW)
: Poll: are you happy with the game?
the state of the game is Chicago
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aron304 (NA)
: Why people are forced to play support
Hibeki (NA)
: Im really tired of Leblanc hitting me for 400+ damage with a skill shes not even maxing in laning
Drahcir (OCE)
: {{champion:37}} : "Aggressive Melody"
hence your downvotes, nice try fishing for upvotes, kid
: its a new keystone mastery in the resolve tree called Courage of the Colossus
: what does that have to do with anything on this thread ?
: are you cereal right now ?
: how many champs do you have? how much do you have to spend ?
PB&M = little kids acting like polices and lawyers to see if people deserve their bans
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: New player finally managed to save up enough to buy any champion. Who do y'all suggest?
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: Probs cause Olaf is a viking and not a king?
Sckullzz (NA)
: They were called kilts...
Why did this post get downvotes, it's original. no one has made a body like this before...
Kei143 (NA)
: I'd rather deal with AFK threads than your "i r T1 on PB&M" threads.
Then you obv didn't read the post stating that I am done
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: "Talino". Taliyah = Mexican. Talino = Mexicant.
Mexi**cant** build the wall, or perhaps shouldn't
: that's not racist though
Then why did riot remove my post under 'racial' for making a post that is " _______ picker Lucian" "{{champion:236}} " like seriously, Lucian can't be a _____picker or wtf? Edit: fill in the blank Hint: it's made of 100% of _._._._._._
: lol people say im a troll and it was fun for a while but i got bored with it... i still do from time to time
people are hypocritical in PB&M I once made a post of a vote for Tyler1 if he should come back and many voted no. Then I made a follow-up post saying that the way to remove Tyler1 from buying 1-day-lasting accounts for stream is to get rid of bots. and it got so many downvotes.....
: I have a problem with runes
save up for {{champion:157}} to power lvl up in vs AI
: We must unite, Only then can a proper wall be built.
{{champion:163}} ult cost no mana cuz who built the wall?
: Nah man, they're too busy hiring policemen to go pew pew pew whenever they want, and protesting about their election and having a mini civil war about a pipeline on native land. Ain't nobody got time for a wall lmao.
: They're actually more mobile than pant leggings :D
and that's why you downvoted?
: Well?, The wall ain't gonna build itself!. Sorry...I had too... don't hate me, i'm just an innocent Canadian bystander making idle jokes about the whole thing.
: AFK's
Riot can't change players decision of afk or not
: Someone tell me what Yasuo's weakness is
: i just want his dash nerfed. and his windwall... and shield oh and the free crit strike and armor pen is that too much to ask ?
Where have you been all this time? You acted like the police in the PB&M threads, it was crazy. You should come back to clean up the mess, the current polices aren't good enough because they think a tiny downvote will shut them up. But your words are powerful, pls come back and clean up PB&M.
: So You're Nerfing AP Shaco
: We're talking about Rammus top
{{champion:157}} has more cs potential
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: ......Well i'm forever gonna call Omen the skirt now....
Men used skirts during the King/Queen era.
Eyesack (NA)
: Why does darius have a 55% winrate and rising in DIAMOND?
It's because I exposed my secret build in an earlier post. {{champion:122}} {{item:3071}} {{item:3006}}
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