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: Can we get more champs like Yasuo?
Yasuo is the only good champion. Outplay potential is on point. CC to, dmg op and sustain. I think Riot should release champs that are like Yasuo in a snese to where all abilities do more than one thing.
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: First Zed... Now Riven. ;(
thanks bros, I saw tht ranked was, so I ssumed they were to. Also added a poll, just in case they weren't disabled
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: Yeah, we need more champions at the bottom of the barrel so that Yasuo won't feel so bad about having the lowest winrate in the game.
You sound bad..... lol. He has lowest winrate because when people do get to finally choose him in ranked they think "OMG YASUO I NEED TO MAKE PLAYS." These same people have NEVER played yasuo other than maybe 1 time a month ago. Also, his massive waves of unneeded nerfs didn't help much either.
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I just hate it. Like if they are strong, make other champions stronger. I believe if you do more buffs instead of nerfs, more people will play buffed champions and the strong champions now. For instance Yasuo will still be played, but say they buff another mid laner, then people will play that midlaner and the overall played champ pool is widened. Boom. With nerfs they are making it shorter and shorter. Also hopefully the next champion is good unlike gnar and azir. Yasuo is godly but those two suck imo.
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: Champion and skin sales delayed in NA
So delays.... no matter, how about that ultimate skin????
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: Way to Improve Runes
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: I personally feel that jax is a darkin
Maybe, but I doubt it. Hopefully Riot foes a series tho
: @Riot, about the possibility of recolors for champions and for champion skins
I think this idea is awesome and shouldve been implemented long ago, however riot would never do such a thing so glhf.
KHsieh (NA)
: THAT WOULD BE OP MAN! RITO PLEASE. Also make lore and stuff.
I decided I was going to do a full champion idea on all of them, so it'll be soon friend. Thanks though.
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: Someone tell me what OP and GD stand for lol
op is overpowered. gd is maybe game devs... but im not sure on that. Alos the "trolls" tht say op doesnt mean overpowered are in fact trolls
: I wish I worked for Riot...I have so many ideas and stuff for them to use and implement to make a better game. I'm a game designer so I try really hard to make cool stuff...and League is one of my favorite games to watch, play and craft for. Thanks again!
yeah well you are good at it. :) Hopefully you land a job at Riot or even start something fresh, anyway great job on the idea, hope to see more.
: Wow! Thank you so much! I really appreciate your comment dude. I wholeheartedly upvote you sir.
Yeah np. Wish Riot listen to people like you. This concept is just epic.
: Kozen, The Soul Razor(Champion Concept)
So this needs to happen Riot. I never thought about something this epic. I can just see the q so perfectly its unreal. Plz Rito look into this
: Whats that? you lose almost every game you play? but you are not matched with or against the same people every time? hmmmm, this is odd, I admit. You seem to be the constant. :D Perhaps you try working as a team with them rather than blame and insult them?
Constant in wiinning you loser. stfu and gtfo my thread.
: This a QQ thread. Don't wanna read it. Don't click on it.
Its to bad IM one of the best in bronze and Ill be in the right division I belong in. Today i was playing and we were ahead, thenak to me of course. And My team asked why I focused sooo much on farm. I almost grabbed a gun. Then I thought, just explain. so i did and they told me its the amount of kills you get is how you rank up. not farm. I almost cried right there.
: Right Now.
I better get loss prevented Riot need to just make the servers work. All you need to do is just leave them there. thats it. just leave them be. dont mess with them. dont "improve them" just leave them sitting there and everything will be fine.
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: Kha zix mid?
Kha Zix is a beast, if i mid, i bait them into jungle, or atleast get them away from minions so you can isolate them. Also he's alot better in the jungle. BUt anyway, at 18 you can hit q for 1K+ dmg.... so yeah isolate and devourer noobs.
Yeroban (NA)
: @Riot, I have a simple idea to improve Item Sets
: Champion Concept (Idea, Thing...) - Roald, the Iron Juggernaut (STANCES!)
Pretty epic.. although I can see him getting into Lees position as he doesnt really have a weakness.
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Statikk (NA)
: Statikk Q&A (completed)
So I was just wondering if you can make Shacos E apply on hit effects... BUT ALSO, There is very limited champ pool right now for high elo/lcs, do you plan to just nerf more champs and shorten champ pool, or buff other champs to enlarge the champ pool? Other champs need mobility, and that's what the mages need, some form of it. Also everyone hates Lee Sin DOMINATING the jungle, easy fix, revert changes to Kha Zix, and boost mobility and maybe ratios for other junglers.
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