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: lul
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Meanwhile, AP kog'maw cries in corner.
: Well, they said that they would nerf him if AP Kog'maw ever became viable. Considering the backlash for broken promises last season regarding Dynamic Queue, maybe they decided now was the time to stand by them. Poor little Koggles.
Wait for mid Vayne to become viable. Guaranteed radio silence from Riot. There's already Vayne top.
: This just in, the latest shipment of tin foil was completely bought out and is currently being worn as a hat. Grow up, you angsty teen.
Google "Fiat Money". Technically, this system applies to Monopoly money and American Dollars very similarly.
: "Majority" You do realize that the VAST majority of the LoL community never even looks at these boards, or even LoL subreddits, right? The vocal minority creates a very strong illusion that tricks none but itself.
That doesn't mean that the people who don't look at the boards don't agree.
: Patch 6.24 notes
"SIR, THEY'RE PLAYING AP KOG'MAW, WHAT DO WE DO?" > [{quoted}](name=Meddler,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=n2TXPr88,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-12-06T18:02:04.911+0000) > > WHAT THE FUCK IS A KOG MAW? NERF THAT SHIT.
Oglaf (EUNE)
: I'd imagine going Runic Armour plus the new Courage of the Colossus might be pretty good on him_** if **_eating people counts as hard CC.
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TheFoxas (EUW)
: When do you guys gank lanes, and when it is a bad idea to gank ?
1. For your first gank, always ALWAYS be full health. 2. Don't be persauded into ganking more than your champ can handle. 2 ganks before 6 is plenty for most situations. 3. If a lane is doing very very bad, consider ganking more selfishly. If someone seems unskilled early on, they probably aren't going to suddenly carry. (Sometimes even keeping their death streak up can deny some gold and exp. Cruel, but it works.) 4. Be cognizant of wards. Sometimes you can ignore the possibility, but be aware that in some situations they can lead to a tragic counter gank. 5. Ganking a lane is almost always easiest with red buff. 6. Always start refillable. If you're getting countered, upgrade to hunters potion. (There is some debate on this.) 7. Look at your mana before a gank. 8. Chicken buff is your friend.
AD Yuumi (NA)
: This is an interesting concept. I wonder how we'd sell it in terms of clarity (so you know it's happening). Side note: Wouldn't it be cool if Cho'Gath's ult just IGNORED SHIELDS. Like he just EATS YOU and you're in his belly and you die. Kayle ult? NOPE YOU'RE EATEN. (this is probably not a good idea)
: Sion ult doesn't crash?
It's called drifting. Look it up on Youtube.
Xeruon (NA)
: Except flat penetration simply falls off a cliff after a certain point of the game, hence why most ArPen stacking champions have to resort to splitpushing late game. I'm not trying to say that tanks are OP or whatever, but they're certainly not UP either. People on these boards seem to think "Tank" means being able to run into the enemy team 1v5 and still survive due to a combination of extreme amounts of Health, MR, and Armor. This was the case for a while fairly early on during S5, when the cinderhulk meta was a thing, but that was just a mess, and this isn't the case anymore. Tanks are there to engage/disrupt and peel. While that does mean soaking up some damage, it doesn't mean that you should be FF12 Yiazmat levels of unkillable (Kudos if you get the reference) Through some miracle, tanks are at a balance equilibrium right now, and I don't want that tipped.
Tanking an entire teamfight and walking away was how it worked every season before and nobody complained.
Xeruon (NA)
: This has been said a million times, but you tank mains's skulls are as thick as your champion's armor and MR. The only ArPen item that's actually good vs tanks is {{item:3036}}, flat pen items such as {{item:3142}} {{item:3147}} can't and won't shred tanks, end of story.
{{item:3153}} + {{item:3036}} alone is enough to really make tanks very sad. That's before kit shred bonuses.
: I dunno, While the Anti tanks stats might be a bit better than before, Those items have become a lot more niche. LW isn't even a core item on many ADC builds anymore. Building Anti Tank usually means giving up burst or dueling power against other ADCs. Many late game carries will simply focus Crit instead, to maximize their damage against all targets. Though Tanks won't exactly melt in such conditions. This may be part of the reason why Tanky fighters are such a problem.
I really question the difference in time-to-kill of a squishy by an ADC who built a Essence Reaver (or the like) over an ADC that built an LS based item (which mortal reminder helps kill any lifestealer anyway).
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: That's what he's complaining about. lol
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: Please update Nashor's Tooth item icon
It's actually a recolor of the Stinger. They know what they did.
: Before her mini-rework, it did have a mana cost from Mana/Mana/Free. They realized that it was very costly for LeBlanc to do W>Q>R>E in the early game because she basically used up her entire mana pool, leaving her helpless if the enemy survives. So they removed it to allow her to still be present in teamfights even if she failed to assassinate someone.
Because that fits the idea of an assassin, right?
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: Champion mastery display during pick phase
This would be good before someone does the math to tell you when you should dodge based on teammates mastery levels. Not so easy now because you have to look it up. See: World of Tanks XVM; majorly contributed to player loss and it's just a mod.
Vritra (EUW)
: Please Read : Trying to understand why SoloQ's not here
TL:DR. I mean for real man, I started reading it, went to take a shit, and when I came back, I still wasn't done reading it.
: Does anyone use the Stormraiders keystone mastery?
ƒoes (NA)
: How "Natural Selection" Plays Its Part in League of Legends
And thus begins the mating season of the boosted animals.
: Some of us solo climb (Like myself) and don't want to be called a scrub when i'm legit good..
You can't stop people from calling you a scrub. You can realize that whoever called you a scrub is a dumbass and not care about what they think. However, in game, just mute them; they've run out of smart things to say.
: I hate the -- If your not plat your garbage way of thinking.
Haven't you been here for the dynamic queue debacle? Ranks don't mean anything anymore. Riot's handing out participation badges and you can pay to become platnum. The only time you're garbage is when you come on this shit show of a board, let someone tell you you're garbage, and believe it.
: Bugs into mechanics
This gets out of control super easy and is one of the few things that riot and a lot of players agree on. In short, I'm talking about the Riven debacle.
: Don't bother, I remember that post. It's also not his design phase. Blitzcrank was designed to be a solo top laner. He's now balanced for his role. Morgana was designed to be a mid lane Mage. She got nerfed because she was support. So did Annie. Design intent has nothing to do with live balance.
I don't want to break this away from Tahm too much, but Annie? ~45% win rate; worse than Tahm.
: > [{quoted}](name=Prince Cobalt,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=F3MVeOz0,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2016-06-30T03:40:28.928+0000) > > I'm guessing that's why they dropped the +20 flat, so It's not a surprise it's easy to miss. Yes and that damage was too high for a support. Sona has a similar problem. Her passive gives her too much damage for free so she gets constantly nerfed. Tahm Kench is a support. You shouldn't be upset that they nerfed his jungling a year after he came out. At least they didn't decimate his damage to champions like they did when Alistar was jungling.
Fun Fact: During his initial Q&A, his developers said, "he was the first champion designed without a role in mind." > With Tahm, we decided not to explicitly design for a role (let's see how that goes!) As such, I have no strong feelings about how he performs in the jungle vs top lane vs support, but if you asked me to make a prediction I'm going to say he's going to be played mostly as a support. Eating your most important ally is just too powerful an ability to pass up, especially compared to what he brings from the jungle. I can see him working as a supportive jungler, like Nunu, but still, if you have a fragile, immobile marksman such as KogMaw or Draven, support is where Tahm will shine.
: It's maximum health. The original ult buff was 4/6/8% bonus health. If you don't see why that's relevant then...yeah.
I'm guessing that's why they dropped the +20 flat, so It's not a surprise it's easy to miss.
: The patch just came out. How about you wait a few days to really see where he's at. If he's still weak or even weaker I can't imagine Riot not addressing that.
> I can't imagine Riot not addressing that. Where do you download the game you're playing? (+1 because I want to believe)
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Cleril (NA)
: Cleanse is Broken
Their "fix" would be a tooltip update.
: Honor after game
"You have been reported for unsportsmanlike conduct. We know everyone has bad days..." "An ally has honored you for: +1 friendly" One game. Never used chat. I don't know anymore.
: Well tell him about that, not me.
Meddler (NA)
: Hextech Protobelt's an experiment on our part to see whether we can offer a trade off of raw combat power (stats on other items) versus windowed mobility (the active on the belt, which contrasts with the always on movement speed other AP mobility items offer). What we're hoping to find is a sweet spot where the belt's of use to some champions regularly and other champs occasionally, but requires you give up noticeable combat power for the dash. It should feel like something you pay a price for if you're willing, not something many champs just get for free. We'll be adding in some form of brief cast disable while using until just after using the belt (cast delay or self silence) in order to avoid it only being used as part of an instant burst combo (concern being that that case otherwise dominates any other possible use). Despite that, and the stats trade off, it's also possible we still won't see the desired sort of play with the belt, with it either only being used it unhealthy cases or being mandatory on too many AP despite the costs. Our current thinking is that we'll just remove the item sometime a few patches post launch if that's the case. We're looking to make our items more distinct and less 'stat stick' though, hence the desire to try deliberate experiments like this that do have some significant known risk to them.
Does that mean that this would be an item that is intended to be stronger than stat stick items during this window of power, if only logistically?
: You present your view in such a way that it seems less designed to be conveyed clearly and open discussion, than it seems designed to stimulate your own ego. Please take your psychological masturbation to another forum/community.
Stroking my own ego? It's the first paragraph, isn't it? Man, that 15 year old kid was right; about half of what you write will only make sense to yourself.
Émiil (NA)
: Not too sure I am following you one this. I'll have to read it over again once I'm rested. But overall, you don't like how Riot is focusing on the mage update?
To be honest, I'm not sure if having someone on your screen should force a win-lose situation with only a few exceptions. I'm taking that out of context, but you know what I mean.
: While I love the arrogance of your opening paragraph, I didn't find much here overall. It's hard to seriously consider your thought experiment because you don't pay any/much credence to different types of champions. I don't really love Cass, but she does have potential strengths over Zed including stunning an entire team. That strength in particular suggests she's got potential against multiple champions at a time, and so you probably expect her to be a little weaker in a 1v1 against a champion like Zed, who has less teamfight contribution potential. You mention utility being under emphasized, though I think Riot has released a few new champions with interesting utility abilities/kits (Bard and Poppy in particular), but another major way Riot has distributed strength (arguably without enough consideration of the long term consequences) is through mobility, which we do see a lot of.
How about this, compare the the amount of ways to achieve success by means other than damage. Additionally, I'm aware that this is flame bait, but I am willing to answer the question. I would prefer any future comments to be written with a less aggressive cadence.
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: Well thanks for the resource, I suppose. Regardless, you guys called me a PoS so I think people will hate/ dislike me regardless. Still getting him the mystery gift anyways, if I'm lucky I'll get you one too. Hopefully. Damn. Edit: The closest x store on that list is 7 miles away from my address. That's a good 2 hours of walking both ways. I'll see if I can somehow make this work. Hopefully. In the meantime, Microsoft.
Holy shit taco. I'm cool with getting nothing. It's all cool. I'm fine with just having a laugh about this.
: [CONTROVERSIAL] If the trends to Kalista that we see on this patch carry over 6.7...
Kalista has no winning lanes. Her best winrate is 47% against lucian. I win. I'll take my rusty blitzcrank now please.
: How to get Riot to listen to the community
A lot of people already stopped spending money passively because of bad company decisions. The people we would need to agree to a boycott are the people who only do premades, but they're happy with the changes. A lot of the people who are happy with dynamic queue are locked into a land of endless freelo, so they won't remotely listen.
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