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: January Early Sales: 1.19.18 – 1.22.18
I know they're both ADC roles and start with a T...but like did you have to forget how to spell Tristana?
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: New Champion Q&A: Jhin, the Virtuoso [COMPLETED]
Just noticing that Jhin's favorite number is four which in Japanese is yon/shi in romanji and that shi also can be translated to death. I'm guessing that little tad bit was added on purpose, even to the extent to where the roman numeral four was added as an accessory to his outfit?
: Worlds is more important than some shitty skins. Sorry kids, that's the way it works. Maybe one day you won't feel so self entitled and you might be able to wait a whole week to throw your money at Riot.
See for me it's not even about skins. They're cool skins and what not, but they aren't the reason why this matters to the majority of the community. This is about the lack of appreciation for their players, and communication. There's no "entitlement" that is even happening. Think of it like this: you win a 50 meal ticket from your favorite restaurant from their grand opening and you happen to be number five in the line to receive one of these tickets. However, when you go to use it they tell you that it only is applicable for the meal that is the most disgusting to eat (in your opinion). That's basically what Riot did. Yes this is a free to play game and that is something even Riot has said time and time again that's never going to change. However, they only got this far because of communication to players and out reach to new players, so no one here is really feeling "entitled" but instead they are feeling more upset at the lack of player respect. If you are a host at the party and you didn't even bother cleaning/set up/food/drinks than don't bother thinking that your guests are going to have a fun time, but be prepared for some push back and get your excuses ready. The Harrowing was the party the host was Riot and we are the guests, but nothing was done for it so the host now looks really ashamed for delivering an extremely poor party, or at least that's what I'd like to think.
Kalidin (OCE)
: You don't NEED to know these things though. You're not entitled to the information. You're not entitled to transparency. How's about you get off your bandwagon and let the Rioters do their damn jobs without people jumping down their throats? Sorry, but every person that works for that company is a PERSON. You might disagree, but a group of employees put thought and hard work into this event, and you're just shitting on them. The tone of your rant is accusatory and demanding, and that's unnecessary. Cool your nuggets and stop being a child.
Yeah if that was true than Riot would have let Worlds be a random event that was unplanned and spontaneous! However, it was a planned event that Riot let all players know months in advance where, when, and who. Where as this was an in game event a simple Harrowing delay message and when to expect a full release would have been more acceptable than to completely blow it off.
calisker (NA)
: About the Harrowing
I've noticed that the most the Riot employees are suggesting at to the players on The Harrowing event is mainly to just go read the "Shadow and Fortune: A Harrowing Story." Yes I've read it, but what about it? It was a fascinating read to myself, but why are you point to go read it to the players when they ask a question on the subject? Seriously, I would like a top ranking Riot employee to explain why there is such a lack of conversation between player and corporate on a SIMPLE video game event. If I asked a question on LCS I bet I would get a reply back in a heart beat, but with The Harrowing I've seen like five riot employees trying to say something and three of which have no clue what is going on either!? I know you're a big company now, but seriously that is an absurd amount of miscommunication on your part. If you have a lack of communication at the work place for such events like these I fear what the winter event will be like with this amount of miscommunication. The lack of communication at the corporate level transfers over to the lack of communication at the player level, and half of your players have never even talked to you face to face I bet. Going forward I fear that the game will start to decline in productivity, and even management. Back when I first started playing in 2010 there were so many great things about League of Legends and I even invited my friends to play it, which they still play to this day!! There wasn't the worry of Lore, or story board but it was a game that was still in the making. I love the fact that the Lore has been gradually building since that time, but still I didn't play because you had the best writers or the best story, but I played because you cared for the players!! I remember when you use to give out free RP if you felt like you harmed the players game play or something went amiss. That was how I bought my first Malzahar skin, with the RP you gave me because of a bad patch. I was so over come with gratitude that you even cared about your players; but this last month I felt like you don't care about your players, and that's sad. There was so much focus on Worlds that I felt left out from the game because you didn't even bother explaining in detail what you're going to do with The Harrowing event going forward, but dodge the questions players are asking. I spectate that the main reason you even made The Harrowing is because of Halloween. Ha"rr"owing....Ha'll"oween...not much of a difference in letters between the two. All your players want to know is what's going on. If you don't have details yet enough to explain what's going on for the events going forward you should probably hold off until you can create the details because as of right now to myself I can tell that you literally have nothing actually planned on how you're going about these events since you keep repeating yourselves. "look a little different from what you’ve previously seen" is all I have seen, and all that indicates is that this was a last minute decision made probably a month ago or so, and lets face it Worlds distracted you so much so that you didn't bother working on the details. I apologize if I hurt feelings over this post, but sometimes the truth hurts. What I have said is a double edged sword and I got cut posting this because it hurts to even feel like I have to say this to a company such as yours.
IiIiana (NA)
: This year's Halloween event **will** be happening! The whole Harrowing-not-Halloween-anymore controversy was blown out of proportions, all Riot wanted to say with the note was that they will no longer be using the Shadow Isles (Harrowing Mist) as the theme for every Halloween event from now on. This year, the Halloween event is Zombie Apocalypse themed and should be coming extremely soon (would say early next week). The legacy halloween skins will most likely also be returning then. Quote from RIOT KateyKhaos: > We've got a lot of awesome stuff planned. Since it's going to be a bit different than other years, I'd love to hear your thoughts after the event ends!
I'm fine with the Shadow Isles now becoming a year round thing (like Demacia), but the Halloween event didn't even happen on Halloween. "We've got a lot of awesome stuff planned. Since it's going to be a bit different than other years, I'd love to hear your thoughts after the event ends!" All this implies is that they are still in the planning process before they can release it. Which I also understand (Worlds) but it feels like the casual players that weren't in Worlds got the slops this year (even the patch updates this month were a little off and bizarre).
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