: Ivern/Yuumi is by far the most fun lane I've played in URF.
Yeah, Ivern is a very strong pick in URF ever since he got his URF based buffs. I had a Yuumi who joined me after some time and came bot lane. We kept eating entire rotations from a 3 mank gank like it was nothing.
: Is there an ability in the game that you, personally, just can't dodge?
I always have trouble trying to dodge {{champion:110}}'s Q, the sudden change of direction when he lets it go messes with me. {{champion:36}}'s Q, but only if it is a Co-op vs. AI bot, I swear they curve at you. If {{champion:101}} didn't have an indicator on his Q, I would probably include him.
: So we're just going to ignore this then...
jclar371 (OCE)
: Bring back Rotating Game Modes
I was checking for a rotating game mode in the patch notes, but I didn't see any. I decided to log in just to see if one happened to be up, and I must have come at the right time, becuase ARURF is up now, at least for NA, so _maybe_ the rotating game modes are coming back.
: Why do I find the Champion movement animations so cute?!
{{champion:9}} has the funniest walk to me. He is moving like he has a stick up his arse or has to poop badly.
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CLG ear (NA)
: what would you do if you were called into a meeting with HR at your work, and the HR director was LB
Run away out of fear and hide in the bathroom. I will stumble upon the mirror, and realize that I am just a LeBlanc clone, and that my entire life and memories have been a lie. I will then completely disappear and everything will go black as I am completely erased as LeBlanc's will demands it.
: You can't say it's the most popular game mode without stats to back it up.
Having stats to back one's claims up is a a huge plus, but in this case, when it comes to URF; there is no doubt that it is the most popular. Just by looking at community reactions and how much more it is spoken about and demanded than other game modes, both on and off release. Hell, there are even people who don't even play League unless URF is available, not only that, but there are plenty of players who don't even visit the boards, unless they want to make an URF thread. I really don't feel like pulling stuff up and typing too much, so you can consider what I said null.
Ràinbow (NA)
: Why does Tristana get trapped in Cait's trap
Tristana's W is classified as a dash, despite it having visuals of her jumping.
Sozan5 (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Bârd,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=oNUW4Gcv,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2017-06-21T05:52:02.180+0000) > > {{champion:57}} Nobody fucking dies. Funny at first, less so when you're 35 minutes in and neither side has taken the second tower. > Hah, that's because you couldn't adapt. I still remember my {{champion:201}} game - everyone built full tank, bunch of unkillable bastards. That's when we realized it's best to just ignore enemy team and start breaking turrets. It actually worked, and soon after we started that tactic, enemy Braums noticed it and started doing the same (we won tho). xD
Haha, dude, that is hilarious!
: I'm angry that practice mode's maximum duration is 60 minutes
Yeah, I remember I was in a match for about an hour once (using the tool to speed time up, of course), and I turn around for a few seconds, and I suddenly lost the match.
: Laughing Fish's 175,000 lifetime upvote spectacular (Come and get your free skins!)
: New players are pretty much League's punching bag, sadly, and bots don't even get game modes anymore (I miss URF bots).
Fam', I miss URF bots too...
woobee (NA)
: How many times does Riot have to change things for people to realize that they DO listen?
: Oh well look at this interesting team composition!
{{champion:7}} {{champion:81}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:57}} {{champion:28}} {{champion:37}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:266}} {{champion:16}} {{champion:120}}
: Heimer Turrets arent proccing deathfires touch or liandries torment.
: How much DPS can a tank take in a Patchwork Fight?
The same amount a wood chuck could chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood
: How to counter Xayah and Rakan in one spell
I never really noticed how similar Ahri and Xayah look....
: How accurate is the end of game stats?
The stats shown at the end of a match are accurate. The Death Recap is not all too trustworthy, but it is not too bad of a source either. Just not as reliable as it **_should_** be.
: > [{quoted}](name=Princess Emma,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=bxP61EIz,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-04-26T18:24:22.674+0000) > > Lux wont allow it. this is weird... my neopets name is princessemma
That's even weirder, because I have a Pokemon named TrundlePro on Emerald.
Noraver (NA)
: Can Garen and Kat get married already?
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Glîtchy (NA)
: Okay https://www.powerbar.com/sites/npwrbrcom/files/Peanut%20Butter_2.png
_Then Yasuo died from his peanut allergies_
: Xayah and Rakans bonus synergy is overrated
I got your synergy right here {{champion:51}} {{champion:254}} {{champion:1}} {{champion:106}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:86}} {{champion:102}} {{champion:59}} {{champion:45}} {{champion:117}}
Rioter Comments
: What league player are you?
I need an {{champion:61}} option, for doing bots all day.
ˆTalon (NA)
: Practice Tool not Working?
I might be a little late, but when creating a custom match, you have an ''All Random'' option listed, so you will get a random champion if you have that box ticked.
Cloud273 (NA)
: Is morellonomicon a little too strong right now?
Morellonomicon is definitely stronger than it once was, but the item has been a staple in many AP champions builds for quite a long time, both before and after it's changes. Even if Riot did nerf down the numbers (or revert it to it's previous state), I doubt it would make the item any less desirable. Unless of course, it was nerfed down to hell and back. Although I do agree that the item is strong and has quite a nice bundle of stats.
: Completing a game now gives a chance for a random T3 Rune to drop.
If this were to happen, accounts that have too many consecutive reports on them for botting shouldn't be able to get T3 rune drops.
: Bots on aram.
Oh man, I sure **_hope_** they allow us to add bots in custom ARAM matches again, that was literally the only thing that made me want to log into League more often when I found out that you could. It's empty for me as well, and I pray that being able to add bots in custom matches wasn't a mistake.
Nidken (OCE)
: Redemption is now a summoner spell
The first summoner spell with a 1000 second cooldown.
Rioter Comments
: Me and Kayle would get along well...
I didn't read the title, and I was thinking that this was Poppy, because the position of her wings made me think of pig tails.
singiel38 (EUNE)
: @Riot you are planning to add bots in 7.1. Will it be avaible to add new bots to custom games?
Hopefully. I know they included some new bots in custom matches, like Fizz and Jinx, but they removed them shortly after.
Lohrr (NA)
: Please add: Intermediate Bots on New Client in Twisted Treeline map.
Same man. That, and the fact that I can't add bots in customs.
: The Noxian General and the Demacian Ranger meet
Quinn looks like she came straight outta 1980s anime.
: Show me your main's (or any champ's) ult in a gif! (Inspired by robothax's post)
{{champion:45}} {{champion:1}} {{champion:161}} http://imgur.com/a/Oi7hq
: What are some dumb balance changes that could break the game?
: The summoner name "TSM" will be availiable tmrw
...and then the person who owns the account logs in.
: When is urf coming back
Probably not until next year, because rotating game modes are popping up twice in a row, and we only have so long until it's 2017.
Faie (NA)
Don't do PvP (aside from special game modes), but I am happy Twisted Treeline is getting some love!
: Do Roti get rid of un-used accounts after a certain time?
They don't get rid of the accounts (I think), but they do lose their name. There are certain websites that list a bunch of names and when it will expire so it is up for grabs.
ItsOrval (NA)
: Why Are Koreans Better Than Everyone At Video Games?
It's a cultural thing. Gaming is widely accepted in Korea. There are internet cafes everywhere, people there can dedicate so much time to gaming and not suffer too much. Being professional in video games in Korea would be equivalent to being a professional athlete in the Americas. Yes, there are people in other countries who dedicate so much time to games, but there are more outside influences that pressure them away from video games compared to Korea. Their national sport is **_StarCraft II_**, a video game for pete's sake.
: The only thing I disliked from the new Doom Bots
Yeah, that electrified turret mumbo jumbo is annoying down to the bone, and the bots already zone you out enough as it is.
: Doombots Lux
She is a pain, but she isn't necessarily a ''God'' in my matches. Out of 100+ matches, I do not think she was all too hard to deal with.
Candoodle (EUW)
: [SHOWER THOUGHT] who would win in an eating contest?
Outside a game play point of view, Cho'gath absolutely dominates, but Tahm definitely would savor a meal, much more than Cho.
: [Small comment to add into the comedy and upvotes.]
: Is Zyra Good, Evil, or What?
: Star Guardian Lulu Fanart
I'm stealing this creature and claiming it as my own.
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