: Uh no, they aren't. Every kit is different, every champ uses different build styles as well. So I stand by what I said- never first time a champ in ranked.
>Uh no, they aren't. Every kit is different, every champ uses different build styles as well. Pffffft HAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHA
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: its always been like that. gold only affects your damage if you buy something which nobody does between lvl 1 and 2
Wtf are you even trying to say with your response in regards to my comment man. I mentioned point A and said it caused point B. You respond with the meaning of life through the eyes of a failed chiropractor.
: No matter the story, regardless if whoever fed what,** you don't first time champs in ranked. Period.** Ranked is for serious competitive play where you know your champs well. If you want to first time and to learn a champ's in and outs, **go to normals! **
Let me let you in on a little secret: More than half the champions have the same kit and their combos are pretty straight forward if you havent noticed.
: Game is now more than ever about picking broken champs.
>Your macro knowledge doesn't matter, your csing doesn't matter, your pathing doesn't matter This is true. Lol. Champions carry so much in their kit that it pretty much allows them to bypass the fundamentals of league. Level 1 Leblanc missed every single CS the first wave? That's okay, as soon as she hits level 2 she will just Q+W you and half your health is gone.
: I Feel Bad for Junglers
True. Or when teammates ping for help when they are pushed to the turret.
yuuum chan (EUNE)
: I think Riven needs some minor kit adjusments
Keep passive. Q - Cooldown now starts at the end of the final cast W- Make it a slow or at least a skill shot. E- Scales with AP. Wow was that so hard Riot
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: A Simple Idea To Reduce Snowballing
I would rather be able to bring back old defenses in runes so I can itemize against a specific match up going into the game.
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: Silver 1-2 is only a couple divisions away from Gold 4. It's not a huge difference, especially given that matchmaking is based on matchmaking rating and not tier/division.
A silver player might have the same mechanics as a gold player, but the Gold player will better manage an advantage and out-rotate the silver once the laning phase is over.
Rioter Comments
: What do players from earlier seasons think is currently wrong with the game?
Tanks for one doing as much damage as an assassin in the laning phase And I miss the old runes where one could itemize against specific match ups BEFORE the game even started. Which is what I think shifted the meta a bit. True damage is high, but the only reason why I think it's high is because I cant start the game off with +23 MR against a LB. Or whatever the number used to be.
: RANKED LP: a new way to award/distribute LP
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CwRDzipMvno&feature=youtu.be&t=180 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DI4shM8NlR0&feature=youtu.be&t=179
Zerenza (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=PrismalDawn,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=2WP5NwmE,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-04-02T09:13:34.528+0000) > > See the problem with being the only person extremely fed is your team is probably behind and not only that but if you manged to get fed while your team didn't then chances are they aren't very reliable to begin with. > > So the only way to win is to split push and hope to draw some attention so you can rotate yourself to your team and win with a numbers advantage. Alright, so let's say our fed Mid laner is splitting, the rest of this mid laner's team is behind but only 2 of them inted really hard. Our fed mid laner succeeds in drawing one or two of them to them, but here comes the problem, what are they going to do against an enemy that's more than likely more fed than they are. Now if you took 1 from the enemy team you made it a 4v4 but here's the other kicker, remember that 2 people on this mid laner's team inted really hard, 1 of them went after the mid laner and the other is with their team. So you have 2 people that just didn't feed but are probably really far behind and 2 people that are much further behind against a team of 3 relatively okay player's and 1 fed player. This is why the whole "i'm fed let me split" thing doesn't work unless you have more than 1 fed person on your team, because your team will just lose every fight since none of them are of equal strength to the enemy. Don't get me wrong, splitting every so often is fine but to often i see my fed ally that i want to carry my ass out of here split for literally 10+ minutes at a time completely ignoring Objectives, Teamfights and The Team when they do this they just make the gap even wider between their team and the enemy thus making them all too heavy to carry but if you just grouped initially your teamates could have just played around you, without you there's nothing they have to play around. It's a game by game thing, yes, but in general i think it's probably worse to split when your the only person who has any strength on your team.
So your idea of trying to win the game with against an enemy team is to fight the enemy team full force? That's not the smartest idea. If you are the ONLY person on your team that is fed then you will be THE ONLY person focused if a fight breaks out. A 5v5 is detrimental to your cause as in reality it is only at max a 2v5 if you have a decent support. The best scenario is to, again, split, draw the attention elsewhere, and THEN ROTATING to your team so you have a number advantage. 1 of 4 possibilities (not only 4 but these tend to happen the most) happens when you split. 1: The enemy team dives or initiates and gets some kills. All the while you get more gold in minions and exp and you should ideally get a tower or better in the process. Half the time the enemy team is low enough for you to clean everything up if you are "extremely fed." 2: The enemy sends 1 person, sometimes more, to contest you in which case it leaves the mid lane open for a gank, but if not, you at least relieve some pressure and prolong the game. 3: The enemy team forces a bad fight and miraculously ends up losing, leaving the map uncontested for more objective control. 4: The enemy sends all 5 to you, at which point you either notice it soon enough and get out or just run away wasting all their abilities. Once again however, you draw attention away from mid, prolonging the game and relieving pressure for your team. All in all, it is the best way to go about doing things. Keep in mind that while the enemy team is all grouped up mid, they are sharing 1 lane worth of gold and experience between all 5 of them, while your team is soaking it up as 4. In the long run, it benefits your team better than it does the enemy. ALL THE WHILE, you are alone gaining levels are a more excessive rate. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=atqd7r_HwnQ
: WHy wont riot clean up the community
>and before all of you say its your playing you are the problem....... you can go fukkk yourself... Found your problem
Zerenza (NA)
: Goku Syndrome/Main Character Syndrome.
See the problem with being the only person extremely fed is your team is probably behind and not only that but if you manged to get fed while your team didn't then chances are they aren't very reliable to begin with. So the only way to win is to split push and hope to draw some attention so you can rotate yourself to your team and win with a numbers advantage.
: Needing jungling advice
You shouldnt worry about topping the damage charts. If you are topping the objective damage charts thats more than enough. Junglers should get their team ahead (at least try to) and then later control the map with the lead.
iiGazeii (NA)
: Why do people hate playing support?
Play the support role as a second jungler and watch your team love you
mack9112 (NA)
: Before your 5 win streak you lost 7 of your 11 games.
And before that I won 8 out of 11. Your point?
Rioter Comments
: @Riot Leaver Warning, Zero LP Gain, No Awards...for a game that I played in
Should be fixed tbh Really frustrating and it has happened to me where I actually carried the game. Now that I know that his happens however, if I DC I usually just stayed DC and let my team lose. Petty? Hell yeah, but if I am not going to get LP for something out of my control I am taking people down with me as a protest.
Snowbrand (EUW)
: Pls nerf the sion inting thing
>It lacks counterplay and is really unfun to play against. Lmaoooo Do you know that towers receive 60% damage reduction if no enemy minions are near by? So how do you counter it? CLEAR THE FUCKING WAVE. Buy a tiamat if you are melee. And if you aren't chances are you have good wave clear anyhow.
: Promo for Silver 1 against Plat 4????
In my opinion MMR is a dumb ass way to match people against others. You should be playing AT ALL TIMES with people within a respectable range of LP with you AT YOUR OWN TIER. "Oh but a silver 1 player and a gold 4 player arent very different in regards to their skill!" WRONG! A Silver 1 player and a Gold 4 player may be on the same level mechanically, but the Gold 4 player who actually managed to climb out will have a better understand of the little aspects of the game such as XP, lane manipulation, objective control, ect.
: How Riot can fix Matchmaking.
A better matchmaking system would be to queue people up with the same winrates. One time I got a Lux that had an OVERALL 20% winrrate. OVERALL! How the fuck is it even fair to be matched up with someone who doesnt win the same as you. Obviously they dont take the game as serious as others so why pair them with someone who does.
: Just huge heads up for all Jungler out there when all your trash Laner lose lane
: Is it just me or is anyone else find it harder to earn Mastery 7 for Champions?
Just you mate. My latest is mastery 7 xin in like 30k mastery points.
: Idea: Feeders lose more LP in ranked mode
Very good, I like this, there is no reason as to why I should lose the same amount of LP every game if I had someone on my team dead for half the game making it essentially a 4v5. On the case that it would "encourage selfish play," this is a really stupid idea and I would HIGHLY welcome the fact that people would consider DYING LESS considering I am a jungle main. In that case too, typically any lane that I play, general rule of thumb, if you die once, maybe twice, it's probably a good idea to stop trying to trade and play more safely. So if you find yourself dying 10+ times in a game, you deserve to lose more LP loss while your team loses less.
Rioter Comments
: 9lp, really Riot?
Dude whatta hell. Hit the print screen button
: If I lock in ADC, I shouldn't be forced to play with autofilled supports.
Just go support yourself if you're so knowledgeable about it.
: What pre-rework champion would be really busted in modern day League?
Rioter Comments
Kai Guy (NA)
: I get the frustration but you got to remember that Bad players ultimately favor your ability to climb. You will have them on the other team more often then yours, the odds are always higher that the worst players get placed on the other side. Its not remotely as frustrating to play vs bad players compared to having them on your team.
It always seems as though I have the worst players on my team. And it is still frustrating, games dont even feel fun anymore. I dont like to lose with feeders on my team as much as I dont like to win with feeders on the opposite team.
Kai Guy (NA)
: Your not. Your wins are still below your loses so your currently repairing your MMR. If you can maintain a positive win rate for a while this will balance out then eventually invert so your lp gains > losses. Don't get discouraged. Don't pay much attention to LP. Just try to win and on bad games or losses try to learn.
I understand that first part, but it is literally impossible to win when you have that shit on your team.
Rioter Comments
: Losing more LP than you gain. Thoughts??
I do. I am now gaining 14 and losing 19 like you. Pretty dumb tbh.
Rioter Comments
Rioter Comments
: > [{quoted}](name=PrismalDawn,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=eWOKEEq2,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-03-12T10:51:33.807+0000) > > Sweeper lens smart one Still, when you buy sweeper, you need to carry a lot of control wards. If you don't, you cut the enemy advantage, but you dont get one. Looking though the timeline, you're never with your team. So they always get outnumbered. Were you split pushing ? No, most of the time in the jgl or "pushing" T1 spot. You were all in the same bag min16, only 400gold in difference, so your mate didn't "threw the game early". I'm not calling them good. I'm not calling you bad. I just say that you contributed to the defeat by missing fights and others missplacement.
You are only allowed to place 1 on the map and carry 2 what more do you want. The timeline says nothing about my placement when fights breakout, yet my score shows that I helped out the most and contributed some of the least kills to the enemy.
: personal stats means absolutely nothing. Even a monkey can have good stats, doesn't make the monkey a good player. How are you using your lead, are you actually winning the game, are you even doing something meaningful for the team other than padding out stats? those any many more are the questions you should be asking. Playing for stats is easy, playing to actually win is not.
Oh yeah good one, try winning the game when your bot laner and top laner half both spent half the game dead.
: 30min game 2wards placed were you afk ?
Rioter Comments
Rioter Comments
Kai Guy (NA)
: My issue here. It is painfully simple to play to stat pad. Stat padding can be done in ways that cost your team a match. This does not create a better experience for players.
How will it not? If there is finally a system in place rewarding players for actually doing well in the game, dont you think they would actually want to do well? As a jungle main, I would FUCKING LOVE if my laners' main concern was to farm and not die. Simple as that.
Rioter Comments
: Ranked Solo bar tricked me in OP GG lol, my bad. But still, you lose too much MMR when you get to lose streak. Also, I said before, Gold 4 is not far from Silver too much. Bronze players get matched with Iron and Silver players too. I mean, happens
Still infuriating that I get pummeled do to others incompetence and still manage to climb out only to be told Im still not good enough.
: You have 45% Win Rate in Ranked Solo/Duo. Also probably that's why you have low MMR. And Gold 4 is not so far from Silver tho.
Where are you getting this information from. Right now I have barely manged to scrape a 50% winrate
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