KluPL (NA)
: A team of mine is making a new game based off League of Legends (MOBA)
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: Lmfao, thats Rito for you. Ornn getting a new skin soon, better buff!
Too true. Ornns gonna be like this for like 6 months, just like Akali, Irelia, and Kai sa was.
: Plat for 3 seasons - Can't get out of silver this season
Its not you, its just this season. You be getting 18% winrate players on your team almost every game. Games are decided before game even starts
: Why Did Riot Make CS So Unimportant This Season?
Riot dumbed down this game for new players, yet I dont even think new players are enjoying this game anymore than before. Back then you wanted to be good at the game, learn all the mechanics, macro, gameplay, what to do, freezing waves, pushing waves, when to take objectives. This season its, hide on brush, kill enemy in .7 seconds, kill baron in 4 seconds. SO MUCH SKILL!
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: plays 11 games on 1 day. "how can you guys play this game". https://i.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/newsfeed/000/993/875/084.png
I live in the middle of nowhere. I go to college, do college work, go to work, come home and have nothing to do. Thats the only reason I play it, but i doubt everyone has the same thing as me, unless theyre all truly bored.
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: How This Season 8 Has Been All Season
Sad, but true. If youre playing a non meta champ, you gotta do 10x more work than that of someone playing a meta champion just to have a chance for winning.
im izded (EUNE)
: How do people find this game fun ATM?
We dont, we just bored and theres nothing else to play.
: I feel bad for all of you that still believe Riot can unfuck their game at this point
Season 9 is going to decide whether i stay or not. Ill stay through Preseason to see if any problems are being addressed, otherwise if its the same RNG game where you stomp or be stomped then I will uninstall and probably not come back. Thats what happened with me and Call of Duty. Advanced Warfare sucked, I gave them one more chance, they bring exo suits back in the next cod, never played a CoD since, even tho I hear CoD stopped with the exo suits, its too late. Thats exactly whats going to happen to League too, once they start dying, they will be forced to get a new balance team and listen to the community. But by the time that happens, they will already have lost over half their community, which theyll have to bring something big and exciting to the players to even make them think twice about coming back.
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: First mistake:you should have dodged when you saw kaisa and lulu.Second mistake: you should have checked if somebody is autofilled.Third mistake :you probably didnt tp bot but just got kills for yourself off mid.And finally,why the hell didnt you just push your lane when nasus was actually getting MR? LOL
Clearly i did tp bot when i said i gotten the adc kai sa 5 kills lol
SanKakU (NA)
: Maybe don't sell your items. {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
Sparkle (NA)
: Yes. Every game designer and playtester who works in Gameplay plays League of Legends basically every day (and quite often multiple times a day) whether on internal environments, PBE or the live game. But you knew that, yeah? This isn't really a question, it's one of those "sick burns" that the kids like these days right? :P Let me add that as a frequent Boards-goer it's really disappointing to see the same tired, old memes at the top of the front page about the "balance team being silver" and "balance team doesn't even play the game", and I'm not even on the dang balance team. They're simply not true and, real talk from someone on the dev side, I think topics like this can be really discouraging for Rioters who want to come here and talk directly with players.
>Let me add that as a frequent Boards-goer it's really disappointing to see the same tired, old memes at the top of the front page about the "balance team being silver" and "balance team doesn't even play the game" Almost like your community is hinting at you to do something. Oh whatever could that be hmmm, actually balance the game? Nahhhh that cant be it, lets just add more damage to the game and fuck more shit up.
Ixoziel (NA)
: That Kai'sa had no idea what they were doing. 9k damage . . .
Yeah i wanted to dodge really bad but i gave it a shot. I have yet to see a good Kai'sa, normally dont find people good with new champs till a month after release.
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: Honest question: how do people have more keys than chests?
Because we one trick champs instead of playing 100 champs
: This just sounds like your bad tbh And by that I mean that you gotta get better at using the keystone.
Honestly thats probably it, im just not used to the rune.
Dfeeds (NA)
: Because you're using Jayce. Melee attacks refresh the rune's CD so the damage continues to apply. It was designed to be good on bruisers and not adc champs. Don't call something trash when you can't even use it properly. It consistently does around 4k damage around the 25 min mark for me.
Jayce isnt an adc champion. Jayce can go into melee form to reset the CD. Do you even know Jayce's kit?
xCatBugx (NA)
: Is any chance in hell that a Riot artist would want to help me with simple sketches to propose?
Xcion (NA)
: Conqueror
Its a trash rune. Just look at my recents, 4 losses in a row using that rune, but i win almost all my games using thunder-lords. Conqueror just goes away too fast, you gotta auto minions for 4 seconds, then you auto the enemy laner, then when it finally procs you get about 1 second to make your play. Its just not worth taking, especially in a season where you die in 2.5 seconds of fighting lol. You wont have 4 seconds to proc that keystone. I had the keystone do only 131 damage in a 29 minute game. Thats when I decided to stop using it when I found how absurd it is.
: When you enter a champ select...
When youre in series and you see your bot lane lock in yasuo and mid laner lock in master yi
datfatguy (OCE)
: Ok, so who are some DoT mages? Not trying to be toxic or anything. That's a legitimate question. Would champions like Malzahar be counted as one?
CLG ear (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Linna Excel,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=BH0p1IzO,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2018-03-20T18:56:22.190+0000) > > So which game is he moving to streaming? > > PUBG? Fortnight? Overwatch? fortnight
> [{quoted}](name=CLG ear,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=BH0p1IzO,comment-id=00050000,timestamp=2018-03-20T18:56:34.684+0000) > > fortnight nothin better than building forts at night
: why my fps getting lag after all those updates?
A. Your ram is either broke or really bad. B. Your gtx is broke C. You have 14 games open at a time. I have 970 geforce and 16 gb ram and i get 400 fps on highest settings.
Sparkle (NA)
: Could be. We don't have specific 'goal' for how many runes should be in a slot (the answer is like 'however many the Path/slot needs to serve its audiences well or make an interesting choice') so it's very possible that we see 4 runes in a slot in other places and Paths.
Cant wait to see the domination tree and inspirations tree 4th keystone. For me i have yet to find one that fits me, but thats because i spent 1k games on jayce with the same runes/keystone/items in season 7. So now i dont know what to take.
Vei (NA)
: post pizza in this thread
: your post and opgg tell me you're a toxic player. I've never seen anyone with 8 accounts that doesn't have a few of those banned or isnt a like popular streamer in challenger. Your opgg tells me you rage quit if you aren't winning there are a few games where you sell your items 5 minutes before the game is actually over and im pretty sure a number of these losses are because of you're just unwillingness to play games from behind. If you're constantly getting ganked you're probably an overly aggressive feast for famine kind of player and its backed up your inconsistency with CS i see a number of games where you average like 4 or 5 CS per minute if you're diamond i just dont believe it with these kind of numbers in low gold MMR. You sell everything and buy tears when the game clearly isn't over and your post here which you blame everyone except yourself if you are truly a diamond player you should have NO issue playing against gold players. learn to control your emotions and learn to play the game.
I dont think you read my post all the way lol. I cant do shit as a top laner in gold, I cant keep a ward on the river 24/7, last game I literally got tower dove at 3 minutes in with 75% health dying, I dont sell items and buy tears unless the game is literally 30 seconds away from ending, i even do it when im winning. You brought nothing into discussion about junglers, thus your comment is irrelevant.
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: [Trust me, I'm red.](https://gfycat.com/everlastingevenasiandamselfly) Now I gotta get me a title.
Rather dead than red you commies
: Which champ has the WORST passive in the game???
Jayce: Bonus movement speed for like 1.5 seconds when swapping forms
: TP ganks
You only have those every 5 minutes, and it takes 5 seconds to tp. By the time your tp is complete, the enemy bot lane runs back
: I can't figure out how to get out of silver...
Im a diamond 3 player s7 and i cant get out of silver in s8, so im just taking a break till they fix this game
: Selfie Thread!
*Riot somehow manages to give it to Zoe*
: More interesting, Items that not only provide benefits but debuffs as well. Say Phantom Dancer (just an example) when it's unique passive is applied, you deal a % less damage to them in trade for less damage received. It's a concept I never really stated but I think it'd be a really good tool to use for balancing. So an item like a Shield Reducer could be something like doing a percentage of your own damage dealt to the shield is done to the shielded, in trade for less damage to the shield done. A bit complicated but something like this could work.
Kinda odd a Yasuo main would want that, I thought Yasuos built Phantom first or second item lol
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: GG ez at the end of a 55 minute game feels like shit.
Dude was probably being sarcastic. Clearly a 55 minute game isnt "ggez", use your head.
: List of champs that have a spin move
: Without getting into whether this particular argument is the issue with marksmen (I certainly think it's fair to say there could be several), it's pretty likely marksmen issues get some attention in the near future, especially if we're going to be looking to diversify the kinds of champions that can be played in the bottom lane effectively. Item efficiency could be one of the things to look at.
Hold your horses boys. When a Rioter says "Near future", that means anywhere from 6 months - 3 years
: {{champion:72}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:201}} all on one team lmao. you have not experienced antifun until this.
{{champion:75}} {{champion:72}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:223}} Yikes this team
Jbels (NA)
: As far as removing the different smite abilities, letting smite heal you on all camps was a good change. Junglers with bad sustain could only smite red buff for that extra burst of healing they needed. That, or they were forced to take Ranger's Trailblazer over Blue Smite (the op one at the time). What I don't understand is why the Krugs stun and Gromp poison smite buffs were removed.
But now you got junglers that have can farm all game an maintain a full health bar after first back. Its just too easy, feels like another thing in this game that takes less skill to do now.
: Stormraiders lol.
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: Kai'Sa makes the Void seem boring
All the things in the void wanted to bang her so they left her alone
: My biggest problem with Kai'sa it's not that she's beautiful - she's LoL generic beautiful.
They literally havent released a good looking lol character for a while, why are you complaining? Camille and Taliyah were just released, why cant we have a good looking character? Id rather have a perfect looking girl than an old lady camille or thicc eyebrow and nose taliyah.
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