: How does one get unbanned? Like Tyler1
I understand being banned for being toxic, but what if u were banned with no warning and when u ask riot they tell you, they can't disclose that info? Should u stay banned?
: How does one get unbanned? Like Tyler1
But, he could be. if we Group together. I am forming an army of keyboard warriors. Join me my children.
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We're more than daily tournaments, we're a community. {{sticker:zombie-nunu-hearts}}
: Support can be stressful, almost like your trying to herd some children to get objectives. I honor all of my supports that goes positive in lane. So long as they aren't being abusive to other team members or the enemy. You wouldn't believe how many Blitzcranks I've seen fire their grab at a 90 degree angle from the enemy. Some supports feel like they just want to get carried and not support at all. Apparently people think support is like a freelo role. Free honor to all you TRUE support mains out there!
support is a freelow role #rakamain{{champion:16}}
: Jst took a look at this! The breakdown of wards by role (for these 11k wards in group stages) is: **Support:** 38% **Jungle:** 28% **Top:** 17% **Mid:** 12% **ADC:** 4%


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