Heretus (EUNE)
: easy to dodge spells, garen,teemo,darius,urgot,illaoi,kayle,kennen can kill him with relative ease, I do not see how morde is OP now , if the enemy picks morde I usually go for teemo , gg
this is a bottom lane morde
Blåsigt (NA)
: Another issue I have with him is that he relies no resource, aside from cd management, to play him. Moreover, he is rewarded with a shield and self-heal. I dunno, seems a little overloaded
probably due to his base stats too with the large armor and health early game where it becomes a threat to adc's and camp.
: Hes not OP, but at the same time he needs changes.
Some of the changes he needs is that stupidly huge damage he gets, his ultimate needs to be changed where adc's early on don't get terribly destroyed if a Mord chooses bot.
Blåsigt (NA)
: The only mage champion that I have been able to spar on equal footing with him is Karma, because she has the means to avoid is dumb passive. Honestly, the only thing broken about his kit is that stupid Aoe that does percentage health damage
well I mostly blame it for the ultimate and damage, isolating adc's to just die
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