: Champion Update: Ryze, the Rune Mage
"It cannot be self-cast, because warping to your own location would be silly." At least until One For All.
: jeremy talked about the jinx skin 3 weeks ago
3 Weeks ago ? That's thousands of years in human time, probably.
: sorry but riot is a let down... no way in hell or that planet that they live on is the moon stronger than the sun....last i checked if the sun were to explode it'd take them out with a black hole. and if the moon blown up guess what? nothing but dust and baby rocks falling to the sky... oh lets not forget some cools facts that riot forgot like how the light off the moon is sunlight? so id say {{champion:131}} would in fact have to get her power from the moon which is getting it from the sun... which {{champion:89}} shes a templar which is trained to disable mages.lasted i looked {{champion:131}} is a mage-assassin... sound like to me all they did was pick the fav... sad sad day for riot....
"Hurr durr I canne hav fun."
: It seems that these boards are just full of Heretics http://static2.fjcdn.com/thumbnails/comments/5201138+_d7896f266db62d705305808e1669eb02.gif FELLOW SOLARI JOIN ME IN CLEANSING THIS LAND OF ITS HERESY
No mercy for the guilty, bring down their lying sun.
: Damn that made me laugh real hard x´D
Thresh's secret passive, "Wifesteal", causes Thresh's auto attacks 100% crit on Lucian.
: Possess all three skins, the champions for 25% off, and Omen of the Damned for 1 RP. {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
But where's the fun in actually reading it right?
: <------the joke ()<------your head
Those are two parenthesis, my head is currently attached to my shoulders.
: Champion Insights: Taliyah, the Stoneweaver
: Its not a type. Learn to comprehension.
Probably should have checked yourself, because you wrecked yourself with that typo.
: Possess all three skins, the champions for 25% off, and Omen of the Damned for 1 RP. We can get all that for 1RP? :D
: As he lay on his bed...
: Patch 6.9 notes
Unholy Cthulhu that Rift Herald Buff. Edit: And those Bloodbornesque skins!
: Patch Chat with Playtest - Comet Dragon
If you were a giant star creating Dragon, what would you do first ? Follow up. Team Leona, or Team Diana ?
: Between Two Turrets - Come chat with WookieeCookie! [COMPLETE]
Cthulhu (probably) has a question! You mentioned that you do a few things, and don't particularly like to smack people with the ban hammer so I was wondering what your favorite thing to handle is. Also, when you first made the change from the player support and moderation of MMORPG's, to League, was there any differences of support/moderation style? Or was it a fairly easy transition? I hope it was maddening. Probably. ~
: i want gnar so badly but the time i get him the skin will disappear :.(
Cthulhu is, probably, on occasion, a generous god. Sleep child, and pray you do not find me *cough* him, on the rift. For my *coughcough* HIS, generosity is replaced with unbridled fury and tentacles.
: Looking ahead: NA and EU LCS format changes for Summer Split 2016
: Champion update: Poppy, Keeper of the Hammer
: My gameplay is just fine so are many others. Did you not even read over what I had said. The whole point is it's the same for everyone no matter were your true ranking lies. Ranked is still RNG and very screwed at the moment. You can lose so many points for AFK's, Feeders, or Trolls. That can alone feed enough to make it to hard to win. A lot of champions now take very little skill to actually do well on. Once you get fed it's hard to screw up, people don't throw as much as they used to. With the minion changes as well it makes it even easier to snowball and win. Meaning a feeder can have a even bigger impact on your chances to win, it's hard to shut down a fed bot lane even in a 3v2 if they have a large gold advantage. Go ask some challengers you will get the same thing, honestly that is how ranked is now. For a tester that works at Riot to not understand that annoys me. This is a massive size game I expected the smartest employee's with the highest understanding of their game as possible. Not some one who doesn't even understand the current ranked system and is a "tester" of all things. Some one that massively impacts our game and has some serious flaws in his grasp of the game he test. That is a huge problem IDC what you think.
Just won another 4v5. Still don't see the point in calling Riot employees idiots. Maybe if I play some more, I'll figure it out. You're too good for me, meng.
Koda (NA)
: You havent even played a game since preseason started
Uh, yeeees ? But that's okay. I can see you're upset.
: In regard to 3, there is a serious problem with that. The thing is that is really isn't easy for pro players to climb anymore. Ranked is a game of RNG at this point yes the better players that carry win more often. I tend to have 4.0+ kda's every game and get plenty of objectives I carried myself up to G5 for the rewards this season. I used to have little understanding for League till this season. Going for D5 this season, but anyways back to my point. It really isn't that easy to carry it takes a while to actually grind up. If you watch streams you will see just how hard and long it can take master+ smurfs to rank up. Now it takes way to much team play to grind up. In silver, gold, and plat, their are what I like calling the easy OP's. They are the champs that take very little skill and are extremely consistent it's pretty hard to screw up on these champs. Even if you do mess them up they will be strong regardless at some point in the game. Some examples Lux, Yasuo, Tahm Kench, Darius, Garen, Heimerdinger, Malphite, ect. It does matter your ranking you could be master it's still hard to dodge a Malph ult and it only takes one lucky snare or knockup to end you. When it comes to teamfighting till Diamond it's a complete cluster fuck. It can go anyway regardless of how fed you are and your skill level. Yes you may be able to have the fight in your favor but half the time it doesn't come out as you think it will. Also don't bullshit we all know bad players exist. I had a Ashe that was Diamond last season that was some how negative 100 wins and alone fed the entire enemy team. She wouldn't work with the team or fight when needed she kept trying to split push and just died. That is a bad player, if the enemy team had someone the same they are also a bad player. I mean if they are the solo reason a game is lost I'm pretty sure that means they are bad. It takes some pretty stupid mental state to actually continue to feed and not help that much. If you are the type of person that runs testing that explains why ranked it so fucked and RNG right now. If you get unlucky you can get 5 players in a row that can screw your games over. Here is my favorite example, I carried myself to promos for gold ok? Constantly getting objectives, kills, and helping my lanes. I was carrying amazingly. I was 2-0 gold promos, then I get 2 AFK's 2 feeding bot lanes and a troll. I lost my promos that day to some complete bullshit. The next day I got into gold though on my second attempt. But the whole point is the system is broken right now. Honestly if you have AFKs on your team at the end of a game you should not be losing LP and being punished for your team mates bullshit. Nobody on your team wanted to deal with a AFK or a feeder or a troll! Who does? Nobody, so the question is how is it balanced if you can constantly lose games because other players doing things like this? Even if you are master if your ADC goes AFK, feeds hard, or trolls that is gonna make that game 10x harder. The chances of winning are slim to none. PS:If Kalista is weak give her some slight buffs nobody said anything about "drastic changes" Such as maybe a little base attack speed, movement, or AD or scaling? Come on are you really gonna say that is gonna break the game. Balance her out a little bit so she can maybe deal with the new ADC reworks. Like I'm sorry but I can't refrain from calling you a idiot, you have so little understanding for your own game. @Areakuma Sorry about this Riot member just giving you bullshit answers, he is just horrid at knowing his own job.
Calling a Riot employee an idiot because you're so focused on things you can't control, you refuse to use the wonderful power of introspection to focus on your own League flaws and work on improving your own game-play ? Like really, that's beyond rude.
: Champion Insights: Illaoi
Cthulhu approved, probably.
: ^^ but what is that eye though?
: Limited Edition skins aren't Legacy skins anyway.
I'm Cthulhu, probably. Such trifles as "accuracy" mean little to me.
: Nightmarish Legacy Skins descend into the Vault
Is it sad that I own all the Legacies barring limited editions like F************** Championship Riven!!!!!!!!1!!!1111!!!1 Rito pls. I'll never get a perfect pick.
: Champion Reveal: Illaoi, the Kraken Priestess
: How to end a game with style
Well, it's not particularly glorious, but I recently won a game so hard, my teammates surrendered the second before we last hit the enemy nexus.
: Racists see racism, Mr. Politically Correct. Keep trying to change the world you go getter!
Grumpy people aren't buttercups. You go get 'em you go gettererer... er? RRRR.
Lugg (NA)
: Probably not in this lifetime.
That's the beauty of it. We're only going to have to suffer it for another 80 years or so.
Lugg (NA)
: I'm not saying SKT wasn't a great team, but they honestly had the easiest road to a championship of all time. Their group stage was a complete joke since they had probably the two weakest teams in the entire Worlds with them and EDG never showed up at all. AHQ didn't have the meta game to even come close to them. OG played good the first 15 minutes of game one in their series and then went complete tilt. The final didn't even need to be played since SKT had already beaten Koo all year. The game three loss in the finals looked like a total throw just to keep it from being over too soon.
Lugg, it's okay. NA will eventually catch up.
: Champion Insights: Kindred, the Eternal Hunters
What gets me is the fact that Wolf never once acts the killer. It thinks that chasing them off was an acceptable response to being shunned. Lamb, however.. Is the killer. Splitting oneself in half with an axe is hardly an image that fosters life and prosperity. Lamb is Death. Wolf is Life.
: Everybody is overreacting about the ult. Read it and it FOR ALL UNITS. Now i'd assume that means enemies as well as teammates.
It is, if you watch, Kalista gets the health boost as well when it procs.
: Location: Anchorage, Alaska ISP: GCI Old ping: 45-50 New Ping: 100-120 I know they're not on the list, and don't exist outside of Alaska as an ISP, but the +2X increase in ping is really rather problematic.
So is that a "can't help" or "won't help" ?
: Chicago Connection Clinic Megathread [Closed]
Location: Anchorage, Alaska ISP: GCI Old ping: 45-50 New Ping: 100-120 I know they're not on the list, and don't exist outside of Alaska as an ISP, but the +2X increase in ping is really rather problematic.
Onagon (NA)
: Ravenborn leblanc {{champion:7}} in born to kill?
I suspect fowl play.
: Time to photoshop myself 4 times in the same photo as different cospalys since I have no friends {{champion:32}}
[Someone already beat you to it...](https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/7a/c0/cd/7ac0cd5f9f0411bd8c26295ed58cf6ac.jpg)
You're this thread's Edward Macaroni Fork.
: What happens when Tahm Kench devourers the following champions, whether friend or foe? Swain with ult on. Fiddlesticks with ult on. Shyvana Dragon form with her W on. Zac while ulting. Sion with his W on. Wukong while ulting. Singed with poison trail on. Maokai with his ult on. Nasus and Renekton with their ults on. Any other champion who has a sunfire if Tahm has sunfire(will they stack?) A champion ulted by Lulu. Karthus with his E on. Kennen with ult on. Garen while spinning. Jax while dodging. Blitzcrank with his passive ult on. Amumu while crying. Anivia while she has her ult on. Diana with her W on. Sejuani with her W on. Thresh who dropped a lantern. Sona while she has an aura up. Phoenix Udyr(while pulsing) Rumble with is Q on. Mordekaiser who W'd himself. And of course, any champ who was tethering somebody before being devoured, will the tether break upon being devoured?
Simple answer. Terrible, wonderful... things.
: Champion Q&A: Tahm Kench, the River King
I just NEED to know.. Is Tahm related to Fizz? .. Like that one sketchy uncle that your family never talks about but shows up for Thanksgiving and just watches American Football(Handegg)?
: Same, it really is Riot's best work
The think-tank that created these had trouble ... Swain the vote. Cuz y'know, LeBlanc's Ravenborn skin is just feathers she ripped off of Tyrant Swain.
º LB º (NA)
: the music bundle {{champion:37}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:157}} we need more champions that deal with music ;w;
Bard is a demon. His meeps tell me to KS.
: Clearly temples to Cthulhu.
I didn't commission any temples recently... probably.
Archener (NA)
: N.U.R.F Based on DOTA 2
The joke is: NURF is horrible, but still better than Dota. Now I've gone and given myself the cancer *falls off a cliff*
gubigubi (NA)
: URF fans reaction to NURF be like
Just a tip. Sion in this game mode will be utterly broken.
: Champion and skin sale: 03.31 - 04.03
The feels when you already own everything on sale ... -______-
: Bard, the Wandering Caretaker, available now
"Stars have aligned"... Bard is Probably Cthulhu.
So ... I just wanted to say that from the moment he was released I was in love with Bard. Madness is probably my thing, see. My first thought about his abilities and character model were: "So they took Gragas, and Soraka, a Zhonya's Hourglass and a Heal Shrine; and literally said THESE THINGS NEED TO BE ONE THING BECAUSE REASONS", and it has not been disappointing to watch the rest of this wonderfully mad creation's story unfold. Really, that's all I had. ... I love you Riot. - Probably an Eldritch Dragon Man Squidtopus
maewo (NA)
: eaten*
Lyte (NA)
: Introducing the new LeaverBuster system!
Bahamut is involved in this? May he ever walk in the light of the Crystal ... Well, at least until it comes time to reseal him in that blasted moon.
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