beany (NA)
: Story behind retooling "demacia rising" from league music vol.1 for her theme? And about her backstory: will it be revealed where she got the hammer from? And are there any changes to how her father died and all that. Oh and how did the sound team make her ultimate sfx its one of the most badass sounds I've heard in league.
Hello! Regarding the music - we really wanted to capture both the Demacian and the Yordle aspects of Poppy. We ended up really liking the contrast of the low brass representing the strength and seriousness of her Demacian side and the playful flute for her Yordle roots. The first few theme ideas ended up sounding too solemn, but when I experimented with playing a lighter, more uplifting (Dorian), sprightly variation of Demacia Rising on flute, the piece fell into place. There is also the element of the flute not fully fitting with the low brass and the rest of the orchestra which I believe to be very fitting for a Yordle in Demacia.
: Between Two Turrets - Come chat with L4T3NCY! [COMPLETED]
Japcakes (NA)
: I really enjoy your work! I have been studying recording arts for the past 3 years and was wondering if you could shed some light on your history before League and the super sweet pentakill series! What brought you to sound design? Hows the Hierarchy at Riot? When you have a new character do you work side by side with their design team to create their soundtrack? Finally, whats the weirdest thing you experienced/ know that people did for League foley? Thanks for your time!
Hello! It sounds like you are in the last year of your studies? I hope you are enjoying your major. Good luck finishing everything up! Before Riot - I was a scrawny video game nerd.....oh wait, not much has changed....... I graduated from the Berklee College of Music (Film Scoring and Performance) and began playing in bands, teaching guitar and doing sound/music work for any project that I could find. I ended up meeting some people (through an IGDA project) who worked at Activision which I believe helped me secure my first industry job. It's always best to involve the champion team when creating the theme/soundtrack for a new champ. We always kick ideas off of each other. I'm not the Riot foley expert, but I'm sure we have all heard the dogfood / condom story for Zac and a dude lighting himself on fire for Annie in A Twist of Fate. I wish I could give the story more justice.
: This topic has over 1.2k upvotes. Yet no riot employee has commented on it. Can you throw us a bone on the topic?
Hey Taco Dragon, I wish I could, but it's really outside my area of expertise.... like really outside of it. I just do da Musics!
: What advice do you have for an aspiring musician?
Practice! Get good at what you want to do. Listen to and follow your heart (sounds cheesy, but it's powerful). Find your own sound. Be genuine and be a good person. Get involved in your music community. Be open to all styles of music - There is something to be learned from all. Work with a mentor. Have fun!
: Yo Proto! I love your music, especially the Tahm Kench theme most of all. What made you want to make soundtracks and songs for League? Do you yourself play (may be a dumb question) What is your personal favourite Champion? How is working for Riot? Great work and thanks! I think you should add some Cello into some of your songs; have you seen 2Cellos? They really rock.
I love your name. You must be an astrophysics (or at least sci-fi) fan? Blackholes and Dark Matter? Fun! Strangely, I have wanted to make music for games ever since I was a little kid. My brother and I would jam on old SNES tunes constantly when we were growing up. I also wanted to be a fighter pilot, but gave that up when I found out you can't be color blind and have to have perfect vision......along with perfect grades and a bunch of other stuff. Of course I play League! Or at least I try to! Fiddle is one of my favorite champs. Working for Riot? Hmmmmm it's ooookkk :P Honestly, I feel that we are all blessed by the universe to be here. It has been by far the closest thing that would be considered a job that aligns with my life purpose and soul mission. The guys from 2Cellos are awesome. I saw Steve Vai in one of their vids and became and instant fan. It could be a cool collaboration! They do indeed rock.
Jikosei (NA)
: I knew that name looked familiar. I'll have you know sir, that I played the SHIT out of SUPRAHUMAN on Guitar Hero:WT, it was truly a friggen masterpiece; rhythm guitar was super-heavy, solos were mind-blowing and sounded really well. GAH. Now I need to listen to it again. I SALUTE YOU SIR.
Hey Thanks dude! Not to sound like a cheeseball, but it really means a lot to me, so thanks. I'm looking forward to rhythm games (GH and RB) coming back this year. There may be a few surprises in there. How about yourself?
: Overall, I think that what you do is amazing to the game. :) Without you, simply means an absence of another star, and I can't wait to experience it all when I start playing again :D Keep it up!
: I know I'm SUPER late, but what's your opinion of Metalocalypse?
It's pretty freaking awesome......But I'd add more pinch harmonics and squeals :P
: Dude, thanks for showing me "Rocket League" ... now when my ping shoots up after the servers move i'll have another fun game to play. Never heard of it before thanks!
HAHA! Have fun learning to fly! Thanks for reminding me *loads up Steam......
Quoub (NA)
: You completely dodged the second question. You could just say "I don't want to hurt any of the other guitarist's feelings so I don't wish to give you my answer." People would understand it and its a lot more original than "Oh man but there are so many good ones I cant pick one, so here are the ones I remember off the top of my head!"
Actually guitarists don't have any feelings so I don't have to worry about hurting them :P Favorites change from phase to phase. Current phase - Quoue YOU are my favorite guitarist!
: There's a Music of League Volume 1, will there be a Volume 2? If so, what might be on it?
There are many ideas getting kicked around and plenty of music to make another full soundtrack so we'll see ;-) What tracks would you like to hear?
: hey Protoshredanoid, I have a question. Some people asked how you got involved with riot and making some of their music, I was wondering was there anything specific that they look for? Are they only interested in people with vast experience and resumes, or are they open to more amateur work assuming the product is completely professional and streamline? Are they open to any more musicians/sound engineers being employed or collaborating with them, or are all the spots filled? I'm sorry if you might not be able to answer some of these questions as they might be riot policy stuff. Hope you answer!
> [{quoted}](name=Feelblitz,realm=NA,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=IRm9AW2c,comment-id=0018,timestamp=2015-08-12T23:12:28.364+0000) > > hey Protoshredanoid, I have a question. Some people asked how you got involved with riot and making some of their music, I was wondering was there anything specific that they look for? Are they only interested in people with vast experience and resumes, or are they open to more amateur work assuming the product is completely professional and streamline? Are they open to any more musicians/sound engineers being employed or collaborating with them, or are all the spots filled? I'm sorry if you might not be able to answer some of these questions as they might be riot policy stuff. Hope you answer! Hello! Things that I would be looking for would be similar to what I mentioned before. Is this person really good at what they do? Can they offer something new and unique to help build and strengthen our team? Is this person a passionate gamer? Do they love League? Are they are cultural fit? Would they be a nice person to work with? I think these questions would be inline with any position at any game company. Not everybody has to have vast experience, there are usually positions open from junior (entry level) to senior levels. If I was looking, I'd be scouting the boards every minute to check for job openings. I'm not sure what is open at the moment, but it sounds like you should check it out! Good luck FeelBlitz!
: Thanks for the reply! I agree; the solo section of "Deathfire Grasp" is a fun one to play. Definitely my favorite part of the album. I have one last question that I neglected to mention: How do you feel after you watch a Pentakill guitar cover/playthrough done by another guitarist? Anyway you deserve way more support for all of your works! I hope one day you get the attention you deserve!
That solo came about in a funny way. I played these lush open voicings for the halftime breakdown section of Deathfire and it sounded kind of cheesy so I played a "cheese" solo on top as a joke (since is was late and past our productive time - overtired zone), but it came out having some feel to it so we keep it. As far as seeing covers of the Pentakill stuff - I think they are all awesome. It's super rewarding to see and hear people play something that you wrote that could potentially inspire them to write something of their own. I hope to see one from you! Keep Shredding!
: Hi, I really like your work (I love the Pentakill album and I haven't stopped humming Tahm Kench's login/teaser music since the teaser was up). And for my questions: Can you say whether or not there will be (perhaps anytime soon?)/are you working on : - A new Pentakill Album (and if you can provide a little bit of details- Such as a general ETA or something)? - A Music of League Volume 2? -_- Also, are you guys planning on doing more things like The Curse of the Sad Mummy in the future?
Thank you for the kind words. I'm glad Tahm Kench is stuck in your head :P I wish I could provide more details to you - but I can say there are many ideas floating around in the horizon. Its actually hard to keep track of them all ;-)
Yooru (NA)
: YUSSS JAZZ is wonderful. I was a vibraphone player for mine in middle school, and my teacher had me play some percussion in concert band because of it (though I am a flute player)! Next question. Do you play and tap-based rhythm games like osu! or stepmania? And if you do, do you think it helps with your musical career at all? (my favorite rhythm game is deemo hands down)
Yes it is. I hope you're still playing! As far as rhythm games go - I used to be super into the big ones like Guitar Hero and Rock Band, but I have been slacking in that genre lately.
: you are doing a great job ! keep working hard like that!:)
Thanks dude and thanks for digging the stuff we all make. It's really a team effort :-)
anstent (NA)
: Whats your favorite musical piece and instrument?
It's so hard to just pick one piece :-( The Instrument would definitely be my guitar! (I have been extra into my 8-string lately) I can probably express myself better through guitar than words........but I'm not the best with words anyway lol
PixTron (NA)
: If no one else has asked this yet, are you gonna help make another album of Pentakill? Or another metal album? Hope you do! And maybe you can suggest Riot to make Pentakill skins for {{champion:412}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:120}} {{champion:3}}, and {{champion:107}}?
I hope so too. There are a bunch of ideas floating around ;-) I like your alternate Pentakill line up! Battle of the bands to claim the official title of Pentakill????
: So are you going to be one of the guys to praise for what I'm sure is going to be one heck of a song for the Arcade Riven, Blitz, etc.. Login Screen? Besides that, Actual Question: What has been one of the most Difficult challenges you had to overcome in your time employed under Riot in your line of work??
Great question! The biggest challenge I have faced, and continue to face is the issue of balance between music/work and life. But don't we all??? I mentioned in another post that music/any creative art can be both a blessing and a curse. Here's to balance!
: I wish I could ask you some sound/music specific questions, bit since I can only play the kazoo I'll ask some generic questions :D - Favorite champion and why? (What's a League AMA without this question?) - Favorite non-LoL game? - Favorite game soundtrack? - If you could eliminate one genre of music, which would it be? - Burritos or tacos? Btw, amazing job to you and the rest of the music team. League's music is my favorite game music together with Shadow of the Colossus. I listen to all the champion themes on repeat all the time. And my favorite song of all time is Lightbringer.
Thank you :-) Lightbringer \m/ Favorite champ - I'm a sucker for the void stuff and Vel'Koz still has a strong place in my heart, but Leona is a strong second. Fav non-LoL game - At the moment, Rocket League has been taking over my life. I like alot of classic SNES games as well. I just started a new save slot on Super Metroid :P Fav game soundtrack - I'm a sucker for those amazing melodies from the classics - Zelda, Contra, Megaman - but Super Metroid is my favorite. Hmmmmm the next one is a loaded question, but to be honest I'd have to eliminate anything that's done in bad taste (happens in all styles) Tacos! Cheers!
: Is there a secret button that switches the normal music on SR to the pirate music from the Bilgewater event? If not, we should all group up and convince your co-workers to make one. Because pirates.
: Ummm.. Um.. Um, where to begin..? Okay I got it: ...No I don't.... This is so hard. Okay here goes, if you could add another music themed skin group to LoL, what champs would they be and what kind of music group would it be. For example, Ahri and Lux could make a K-pop duo.
Hmmmmm what a tasty question........ I think Ezreal and Taric could join your K-pop group :P BUT! I think it would be hilarious to have a Hillbilly bluegrass twang band with banjo, washbucket bass, jaw harp, acoustic guitar and fiddle with Tahm Kench, Hillbilly Gragas, Corki, Outback Renekton and FiddleSticks! ALSO! A crazy weird Void band that makes alien music........I might need to start working on this now.
: I can show you the world Shining, shimmering, splendid Tell me, princess, now when did You last let your heart decide?
Hello! Why yes, I played guitar in both jazz band and pit orchestra......until my teacher wouldn't let me play the national anthem at homecoming. Then I quit! Of course we all had to play recorder and other stuff though out elementary school (but I kind of though it was bull back then) I wish I took it more seriously, but I was like 6 years old. Guitar started at 7 and took over my life at 14. Good luck Yooru!
Yooru (NA)
I can show you the world Shining, shimmering, splendid Tell me, princess, now when did You last let your heart decide?
Siachi (NA)
: I was working on something for Tahm, though I can't help but feel some of the lines I have sound awkward, so I'd rather not share all of them. The lyrics I have, they're supposed to be sung from Tahm's perspective, since it's supposedly the song he uses to get people's attention for one of his 'deals.' So at the start of the song, he's telling the listener "You'll find all that you need [in the river]." But by the end of the song, he's mocking them for taking his deal, and letting him in threatening to "Drag you down the river." I could post what little I have, but like I said, I'm not great with music, and I some of the lines ended up sounding awkward to make them 'fit' with the tune.
Sounds cool! Try humming these lyrics with the Tahm Kench theme: Have you heard the tale of Ol' Tahm Kench? Come down to the river, and lay your troubles aside. The waters flow ooooooooo Deep into the night Have you heard the tale of Ol' Tahm Kench? He'll give you absolution for a miniscule price. Let him in. ooooooooo (And) Give your soul to the tides.
: I guess you have been asked this alot already but how do you compose? How do you decide how the main theme of a champion should sound like? Do you just start with a melody that comes to your mind when thinking about this champions background and personality and take that as a starting point to write a full song? How much of a team effort is writing this music? How much do you let yourself inspire by already existing pieces of music? How long does it take you to complete a song/login screen? Do composers also have some kind of writer's block when writing music? How do you get around such a block if it exists?
It really depends from project to project. I mentioned something below, but personally I like to dwell on the character, get into his/her world and do my best to let the theme - whether it be the actual notes and harmony, instrumentation, sonic palette or all three - come to me, but it doesn't always happen that way. It also varies between the five of us composers here. Certain pieces are more of a team effort and others are more individual depending on the nature of the piece. Regarding writers block - of course composers have it as well! I don't know how others deal with it, but I'd recommend clearing your mind (especially of whatever you are trying to write) and do something completely different. Or take a break! A fresh mind can go a long way! I do have to say, composing, to me, is both a blessing and a curse. Since we can't always control when those creative juices are flowing, when they do occur and they are flowing, I drop everything that I am doing and the creativity becomes number one above everything else. If an idea comes at 4am, you have to wake up and sketch it out ect. While in that zone its easy to lose track of time and the world around you which, for me, makes balancing life and music kind of difficult....but totally worth! I hope I answered all of the questions! Take care!
: Absolutely love your work, especially Cygnus Rift and Ohmwrecker. I'm a sucker for instrumental "space metal" as you put it. If you haven't heard Joe Satriani's "Engines of Creation" album, I highly recommend you listen to it, I bet you'd love it. Anyway, here's my question: how do you go about writing songs that are themed around a champion's motif? (How did you get the Vel'Koz song to sound like Vel'Koz, etc?) What is the creative process usually like?
Thanks dude! I have heard "Engines of Creation" for sure. I can confidently say I know every note of that album :P I probably don't even realize the influence it's had on my lead guitar playing. Good ear recognizing that I'd be into that album! Thanks for the awesome recommendation. As far as a champion's motif and theme, it really depends from champ to champ, plus each of the composers here have their own work style and techniques as well. Personally, I like to dwell on the character, get into his/her world and do my best to let the theme come to doesn't always happen like that though! On a side note, I didn't do the music for the Vel'Koz login, but if you want to hear an organic, purple void ooze Vel'Koz inspired track, check out "Amethystine"! Especially the last 30 seconds or so. Disclaimer - It's kind of weird!
: How did you get a job working for riot, and how do you think I could get one
Hey dude, After college I worked on a bunch of IGDA stuff. Basically, I offered my services to anyone or any project that needed music! Eventually I did a project with some people who worked at Activsion and I believe that helped me land my first job in the industry. Advice on getting a job? At its most fundamental level (but it goes a long way) - be good a what you do, be fun to work with and be a good person :-) Good luck!
: What was it like working with other Artists for the music in DJ Sona? Do you have a preference between Ethereal, Kinetic and Concussive?
It was awesome working with all of those amazing artists. Collaborating with 2 artists per genre created some interesting music and challenges. Through out the project I was always switching between Ethereal and Concussive.......but then Kenetic started to grow on me! Each genre has a time and place in my heart.
Sir Nope (NA)
: Hey, I have a few questions: • What was your favorite sound effect to make, and why was it Zac's "splat?" • Are there any composers or musicians who you feel have influenced your work? I want to say Dave Wise, but I think that's just me liking Dave Wise. • Are there any projects you deeply wish gets dropped on your workstation/keyboard/keyboard with a note saying "Feel free to experiment?"
My favorite sound to make was the Vel'koz Ultimate for sure! -Many influences! -Any project experimentation regarding the Void or Mount Targon would align with my soul :P
Siachi (NA)
: I'm musically inept myself (Like listening to it, but for the life of me couldn't tell you any of the terminology), so not many questions from me. --- What is your favorite style of music? What was your favorite project to work on, in general, not just League? EDIT: Thought of something else; you worked on the Tahm Kench Login right? I don't suppose your team ever thought of any lyrics for what Tahm's humming in the song, did you?
Favorite style - It really depends from time to time. We all go through out favorite phases. As a composer you should be familiar with as many "styles" of music as possible. One day I'm listening to Prog Metal and then straight ahead jazz the next. I listen to a lot of film score and try to go to classical concerts. I also like a lot of weird dark ambient and industrial electronic stuff as well. I hate to classify music in to styles so overall we could just say - favorite style is "good" haha :P -Some of the funnest projects at Riot would be Pentakill and recently the Tahm Kench music. Outside of Rito - I had a lot of fun working on the old Guitar Hero stuff and of course my own weird music. - Funny that you mention Tahm Kench lyrics. Let's just say there were plenty ideas floating around! Do you have your own lyrics for him? Cheers
: Love all your work dude, especially your work with Pentakill! I'd like to know: What guitar(s) did you use to record the songs for Pentakill? Who's your favorite guitarist of all time and who are some of your biggest influences? What's the greatest guitar solo ever written (in your opinion)? What was your favorite song to play off the Pentakill album? What the heck are those effects in the intro to “Cygnus Rift?” Sounds awesome!! I'm sure other people will bombard you with Pentakill tablature questions, so I'll leave it at that. Rock on dude!!
Thank you for the kind words! - We used a bunch of guitars for the Pentakill album. The coolest one by far was a 7-string custom Siggery. The thing is a beast. It makes one feel like a warrior when you pick it up. We named it "Trinity". For some of the solos I used a Peavey Wolfgang which is my go to guitar for the lead/shred stuff. We also used an Ibanez baritone and a 7-string PRS for some of the rhythm tracks.........possible 8 string action coming up though :P - Favorite guitarist? Hmmmm so many it's hard to say just one so I will list a few. Allan Holdsworth, Greg Howe, Joe Satrani, Marty Friedman, Buckethead, all of the Sharpnel dudes, newer guys like Tosin Abasi and Guthrie Govan, the classics......Hendrix, Wes Montgomery, Stevie Ray Vaughan. Man I could go on forever and these are just guitar players....... - Lightbringer and Last Whisper are satisfying tunes to play, but the riffs from Ohmwrecker and the verse section on Thornmail are semibrutal and make you feel like you got kicked in the nxts! (Which is a good thing for metal IMO) Also, the solo section from DeathFire Grasp is really fun to play. - Regarding the intro to "Cygnus Rift" - Its actually slap guitar played on an American Fat Strat tuned down a half step. I actually have tabs for that part! The rest is a bunch of metallic percussion and synthy stuff that I made. - Rock on! \m/
: Tahm Kench login music
Hello! I'd consider Tahm's music to be Dark Folky Delta Blues (with demonic undertones).There are many types of Blues, but the River King piece was heavily inspired by Delta Blues. If you want the real deal for that Delta sound check out Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters, John Lee Hooker and Mississippi Fred McDowell. If you want to hear amazing modern blues guitar check out Stevie Ray Vaughan! Let me know if you want more :-)
: About the River King music
Hello! Why yes, there is definitely a strong blues influence with this piece. There are many types of Blues, but the River King piece was heavily inspired by Delta Blues (with dark folky undertones). If you want the real deal for that Delta sound check out Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters, John Lee Hooker and Mississippi Fred McDowell. If you want to hear amazing modern blues guitar check out Stevie Ray Vaughan! Let me know if you want more :-)
oRexo (NA)
: Working at RIOT in the Future (If a Rioter could please read this...)
Hey dude, Thanks for reaching out. It's always awesome to hear from people who share a similar passion for music and it's even more awesome to hear that you are following that passion \m/ My advice as this point in time would be to take in as much as you possibly can while at college. Take as many classes as your schedule will allow and don't be afraid to experiment with courses that you think you might not like - they may surprise you. If not, you can always withdraw. Surround your self with like minded individuals. Be apart of music and gamer communities. Lend your talents to projects (Student films, mod projects ect) that need help with music or sound (even for free at first :P) Take lessons to take your piano playing skills to the next level and keep practicing. See these next 4 years as a time where you will be learning skills that you will use for the rest of your life. Hard work now will pay off for a lifetime. I'd also suggest joining something like IGDA. Search for projects needing music or sound and reach out to them. You never know who you could meet on there. And oh, Being a good person and building real relationships with the people you work with doesn't hurt goes a long way :-) Good luck and keep us updated!
Moineaux (NA)
: I am a huge fan of video game music and have followed it since I was a child. My older sister made fun of me when I was a kid cause she said it's just beeps and boops and not real music. I later showed her the Eminence Symphony playing Final Fantasy music haha. Things have come a long way. Creating music for one of the biggest video games in the world - I gotta ask, do you have a favorite video game soundtrack and/or composer?
Early video game music had a huge impact on me as a child and definitely started me on my compositional adventures. I still love the music from Metroid, Contra, Zelda, Gradius, Castlevania and Megaman........I could go on, but now I am trying to get the Megaman 2 Dr. Wily stage music out of my head!
: What was it like working with Jorn Lande and ZP Theart for Pentakill? How does a company like Riot go about finding/choosing/contacting gods like them?
Those guys rule. Both are amazing Golden God vocalists and super cool dudes who understood what we were trying to achieve with Pentakill - so it was awesome. I think we all felt like little kids at Christmas after each vocal take. Jorn's voice still gives me shivers and makes me want to piledrive random strangers.
: Do you prefer the Pentakill EP or the LoL music EP?
Surprisingly, Classical and Metal have a lot in common. Most Metal is heavily influenced by Classical music so for me you can't have one without the other :P
: I'm expecting a "primal" feeling to it, with lots of percussion. Kinda like Rengar's. Please tell me how close I am.... PLEASE!
Pretty close! Especially regarding the percussion. Think more playful and quirky than Rengar though.
: What song that is already released (Like any song in the world) Represents Gnar as a whole? I feel like a trip hop song or a percussion only song reminds me of him.
Hmmmmm good question. Gnar is a cool little dude, but I'm just curious as to why you would mention trip hop?
: I hope I'm not too late. I'm majoring in Audio Engineering (I plan to hopefully make music and do sound design for games) so I wanted to ask a few things about what goes into this. When you guys mix down all the sounds for a given character, do you add artificial reverb there, or do you keep it dry and have the audio engine's dsp add the reverb on the fly in game? What were some of the audio design considerations you had to take into consideration when doing the foley for Gnar?
Hey dude, it's definitely no too late. It's really cool that you are majoring in Audio Engineering. Good luck with your studies! You should see if your school provides specific sound design and/or music composition classes as those courses could be hugely beneficial for what you want to do. Regarding the sound design process itself, we generally do "bake-in" all of our processing with our sounds, so to answer your question, yes, we do add reverb along with many other effects. The sound of little Gnar incorporated many sampled ethnic musical instruments that were further processed to function as SFX. Here is one example - For the sound of Gnar's boomerang traveling through the air, we took some bone flute recordings (in the nice warm, Earthy, naturey key of A flat) and ran them through a doppler to make them sound as if they were wizzing by ones head. This gave us a nice tonal, fluttery, kind of hollow, bone sounding layer, that is in my opinion, the characteristic sound for his boomerang which separates it from any other boomerang you will hear. Chop this layer up and mix it in with traditional boomerang whooses, doppled wind and any foley elements for extra flavor (we used jangly wood chimes and tooth necklaces), add some verb, eq sweeps and compression and there you go. I hope this helps! I wish you the best with your studies.
Jabalor (NA)
: What can we expect for the login music? :D
Only because I don't want to ruin the surprise - do you have any ideas of what to expect? But just to give a hint, expect little drums, mischievous feel, weird instruments like a cows femur, big drums and fun.
: Is he going to be different from other champions sound and visually?
Well, of course! Sound-wise little Gnar has a lot of ethnic / tribal / shamanistic instrumentation that I feel sets him apart from other champions. The sounds of his boomerang are processed bone flute recordings (tuned to Warm Earthy musical Keys like A flat to tie him into nature), there are doumbek drum sounds on certain hits and buffs, bone tooth necklace jangles after he throws his boomerang and of course his voice. Also the contrasting dynamic of small, quick, light, pesky sounds in small form too huge, heavy, smashing rage sounds in Big form makes him stand out to me.
: Will little gnar have different taunts and laughs than the big gnar? Also, how many diffent taunts did you make before you knew which one was the right one?
Both forms of Gnar have their own taunts, laughs, jokes and dances. We are always making little changes to the taunts so I can't remember exactly how many iterations there were. Hopefully we ended up with some good ones!
: Who voiced Gnar? XD
That would be Dorothy Fahn. She was awesome!
thesi (NA)
: I love Gnar and will probably pick him up either day 1 or close to it. My only issue is the voice seems like it will get annoying after a while. Have you run into this in the PBE or internal testing? Will there be a way to have it so he doesn't talk as much? I do think the voice fits him well, its just a matter of personal opinion. Thanks again for bringing such a creative champ to the league!
Hey thanks! When playing him in an actual game his outbursts are much less frequent. Hopefully the voice grows on you and you begin to like it more, but if it becomes too annoying you can always turn the VO off in the options menu.
Moobeat (NA)
: I just want to say the way Gnar tries to say words he hears other champions say is adorable.
You can thank Riot Opeli for that awesomeness. She is always up to something....... We even got a poke at our Lead Sound Designer Jay Watford by having a "Jai Waitford" taunt which hints at an Australian Belieber. We know Jay is a Belieber at heart so it was the least we could do to honor him.
: So hyped for Gnar, got a few questions: - Who drew the splash art, it’s absolutely incredible! - What made you decide on the (annoying) dance? - Why for the VO did you have unintelligible caveyordle speech? - Which reminds me, is Gnar’s voice the same on all regions due to him babbling? - How did Gnar’s concept start floating around the office? - Was Gnar is production longer/shorter/the same as the average champion? - Why a bone boomerang? Cubone reference?
Dance - on top of what Nickstravaganza said - we really just had fun with the voice actor in the studio. We all sang weird/silly tunes along with the video, but it was really the actor who took it to the next level and brought it to life. We were all laughing pretty hard! Overall I feel this dance really captures the spirit of this little rascal. The final version has SFX, ethnic shakers and tribal drums that make Gnar sound like a one man band. Localization - We are localizing Gnar's voice because of certain taunt lines, so he will most likely sound a little different in each territory.
MineToxx (EUW)
: Hi ! Got a little question, why the "Big Gnar" is not on the splash ?
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