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: its great that only 49 of my almost 275 games are going to count because of this i could of easily played 4x as many games (still assuming some games i got filled) in just one role primarily and probably have ended up much higher (im gold 3 currently) such as maybe platinum , 200 more games is a lot of potential climbing. to receive no compensation for that is complete BS. The removal of this system will screw over a lot of people... maybe not as many that dislike positional ranks but many nonetheless since positional ranks was supposed to be "the way going forward" for this season.
Yes that seems to be the case, the people who followed the lead of riot to try something new and give it an honest effort won't do as well in the rollback as those who never gave up playing the same champ in the same lane each game every game. People who didn't play another role will be ahead of those who played all 5 roles this season. Changes happen but I feel like I played a different version of ranked then the one I was led to believe was the important one, and its my fault, now my rank is lower for not doing the same thing every game in a row. {{champion:110}}
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: Positional ranked sucked you’d have people playing off role just to troll or splash LP or just to get the role up. Also its much more efficient to grind one or two roles doesn’t make sense to grind other roles. It’s kind of unfair to because you can have a gold role and be diamond imagine the matchmaking in that shit.
I don't know, lots of people smurf lots of people complain that they are not at their skill level, if that diamond is diamond, is he really going to carry on a role he sucks at? its like saying that he has the mmr of all his roles individually but at the same time. to me I saw the roles as separate, that I have experience playing higher or lower my role, but I still have to play as the role intended, diamond (one trick) top may not be able to do well enough to even play at his mmr if he doesn't even have his champion. I can understand the idea of cutting down the abuse of the system, but I don't know if its valid to kill an idea because of the ever present bad apples of the league community. {{champion:555}}
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: Petition for solo que
I am getting increasing frustrated at how difficult its becoming to win games as a solo player, dynamic que has ruined my competitive gaming experience and where once i had a chance to leave bronze because of the skill i developed i now have no hope of getting teammates strong enough or willing to help me out enough to match these new premades. So many games i play i have 1 and 15 junglers and 1 and 12 top-laners. i understand in bronze players are of a lower skill but because I don't have time to gather my friends or to make new friends to que with i have to deal with the DISPROPORTION of lower skill players who are also solo queing but have less experience and no coordination from friends in pre-mades or from their ability to listen to their team mates, apparently have amazing performance isn't proof enough to them that I'm strong enough to lead them so i will never match a pre-mades in this regard. Now I will never leave bronze solo because of these changes, forcing me to play at only hours at the day when we are not all at work to get 1 or 2 good games to gain LP from and then never play solo because of this penalizing system absolutely ruins this game for me. its like having a rule that only players with premium accounts can have success in rank, because if you are free to play you are not going have the best experience. There needs to be a change some how to lessen the blow to strong low ranked players so that there is some chance of creating a feeling almost like a premade but with players who you just met. I don't know if anyone has brought forward this Idea but perhaps making a leader position on the team que so that in low rank players can at least identify a person worthy of a chance, never mind someone who is capable. if the leader sucks destroy him, if he does well then you got a captain to rally around and help make the solo player feel like he is on equal footing to the premades with their co ordination. I am sure you are running out of breath reading this but i do apologize I'm just fed up with this non sense and it seems there is very little consideration to people who are unfortunate enough to find them selves in lower rankings but want to play 20 games a day if he had the chance. All i am asking for is a chance to play on a level as the other good players do. hear me out riot. thank you for your time.


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