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: ༼ つ ◕\_◕ ༽つ C9 TAKE MY ENERGY ༼ つ ◕\_◕ ༽つ
༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ C9 TAKE MY ENERGY ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ
: For a company that trots transparency around in making decisions and business practices, you really need to provide qualified analysis of your findings here. This is by far the worst possible decision that could come to the NA LCS period. If you think viewership problems are the issue, why don't you copy LCK's format/scheduling? They have a Bo3 and they manage to get all their games in because people are willing to watch the games over 6 hour streams 4-5 days a week rather than you cramming all the content into two days on two streams. Common sense here says why don't you ask your viewers if they'd be interested in more days of LCS rather than shrinking down games and going back to Bo1. Rather than try to get everything in on Sat/Sun why don't you do Thursday-Sunday and do Thursday games as literal Prime-Time games. You have an Emmy Award Winning Executive Producer there who I'm absolutely positive can coordinate and run a prime-time show, for those who don't want (or don't have) traditional TV services, this is a great option. Start at say 7PM EST which would be 4PM CST and play for 6 hours a day, assuming you have 6 one hour games in 2 Bo3 Series. That means at the latest you'd end broadcast at 10PM CST/1AM EDT. I personally am already up that late already and wouldn't mind sticking around to finish LCS, especially seeing as that if it's gone that late already there's probably been some excellent competition earlier in the day and I'm already hyped. I want to know who got polled for these changes? Did you just do ballot-box style polling in the LCS studios and not bother to ask any online fans? I know I've never seen on any survey anything related to e-sports content, and there hasn't been anything on Twitch, the Broadcasts, or even in-client. This seems like a move to increase marketability but even then, I don't understand how less games makes streaming rights and advertising dollars more profitable, and my background is in Television Production and I have been a Television Producer and currently work in the entertainment industry. I'm not even going to comment on the competitive integrity issues this brings up, and how this literally is a slap in the face to every single person who just paid the franchising fee to have you turn around and change this on them, because I highly doubt that even with NDA's in place, you informed potential franchisee owners of this SUBSTANTIAL change in format that could very well cause some future franchisee prospects to become disinterested. NA has actually put up a good showing this year so far at Worlds, and even in the NA LCS. There's a definite bridging of the gap, but I doubt we're gonna see that success continued to be grown upon because when teams aren't playing, they'll be grinding solo queue and streaming. No team is gonna bootcamp 24/7 or scrim 24/7, and there's likely to be less of that with this new Bo1 format. Other folks have commented on these points well better than I have and I'm not going to beat that dead horse (unless it's Hecarim in which case screw that dude). The only "positive" that may come from this is that you'll see more fiesta games as teams pull out cheese comps just to win a Bo1 game, but the entertainment value of that is like a WWE wrestler getting a cheap pop from the audience for stating the name of the town they are in that weekend. It's not sustainable, and it certainly will wear off, and when viewership numbers tank even more as a subsequent result, you'll have to consider even more drastic changes or revert to Bo3 without admitting you fucked up. I don't see a single person in this rapidly growing comment section that is expressing approval over these changes. I doubt they are similarly being expressed in a positive manner elsewhere on social media like Reddit, Facebook, and Twitter as well. If you read all this, thanks for your time, and I can only hope my comments are read by those with decision making power and that this change is reverted.
Well the only people who comment are people with really big opinions on the matter and want riot to see their message. People who like the changes won't comment. I'm not saying that the majority of people don't like bo3's, but you don't have any evidence that the comment section represents the community's opinions. There's only so much cheese in the game. At some point all teams will learn these cheese comps and know how to play against them. Nor is their enough cheese to change who will win in playoffs. As for managers and what not not liking these changes I've only seen Liquid112's opinion and he likes it. If you think this hurts the competetiveness of the region you're sorely mistaken. The amount of hours a team spends soloqing and scrimming is at least 3x the time they spend on a measly 5 games in the lcs. It's honestly hilarious how many people actually think that this will hurt teams who need to practice to get better. As for increasing profit and viewership (yes, it's not only about money. I's about if fans like it or not :/) you'd be surprised. On youtube you'll find some content creators who overflow their viewers with content to the point where some viewers like their videos but don't have the time or patience to watch and hour of a series that continues through episodes if an hour of content is uploaded daily. In fact I know this is true because matpat who runs game theory works with other youtuber to make their channels more succesful and says he's told some to cut the amount of content they make in half and sure enough their viewership increases pretty drastically.
: NA LCS: Format update for 2018
It's mind boggling to me how no one actually reads the article. The first thing in every comment is talking about how riot is a bunch of money grabbing assholes. Maybe if you actually fucking read the article you would see that the reason they did was because of entertainment of the audience so they aren't overflowing viewers with content to the point where they don't want to watch because following a team takes too long. Honestly, no one watches all of the bo3's of top teams, whats the point of watching a 3-0 of p1 by tsm. It's really not interesting. This makes things interesting and people are more likely to watch "But it makes NA uncompetetive" This is the dumbest shit I've ever heard anyone who actually thinks that the majority of practice a team gets is playing in the lcs is sorely mistaken. I mean its so obvious that player spend hours solo qing and streaming, as well as scrimming ( which riot said they would help make more impactful because of people who thinks this makes na uncompetetive). Maybe a rookie needs some time to get used to it but ask any of the pros who have played for a season or two and I guarantee they don't have nerve issues which is literally the only difference between playing in the lcs and scrimming.
: I wonder where they collected this "feedback" they're citing. Anything that gives NA a chance to be internationally relevant is effectively gone with this change. I'm certainly not in favor of it.
How does this make teams less competetive... They practice from scrimming not from a measly 5 games on stage. Hours and hours of scrimming.
: "we’ve weighed a lot of info including months of surveying fans, conducting focus groups, auditing viewership for both streams, and reviewing feedback from fans, teams, and pros." Weird, I never got asked or surveyed on what I thought about this.... I'm guessing every single person in this comments thread shooting down Riot's bullshit can say the same. The moves already being made for next season with Franchising and potentially the strongest lineup that the NA LCS has ever had, along with a World championship that could highlight some of our teams this year as a global powerhouse, this would have been enough to bring the viewership up for 2018. Moving MORE formats to LCK style like MVP points would be another way of doing this. Riot games proves to us all time and again that above all else they care only about revenue. They will never reach the pinnacle of what it means to be a great video game company because their values are absolute dog shit. Maybe email the guys over at Blizzard and ask them how to treat their community and run a long-term business. If you all want to make something for riot you need to stop cash cowing your ONLY game because it's going to reach a point where you've made so many negative decisions for the community just to try to maximize profit that you're going to lose it all. You take years upon years to catch up with what your community asks for, It's absolutely embarrassing for every single Riot employee that the barrier to entry for this game took until 2018 to be (sort of) resolved with the IP changes and Runes/masteries not costing years of gameplay to unlock. The leveling process and cost of champions (in relation to the number of champions available) is still absolutely outrageous. This decision, again with the decisions in the past prove to us again that you will lie to the face of the world in saying that you are actually keeping your communities best interest in mind. It's going to be hard to revert these changes in summer 2018 if you drop 50% viewership and "apologize" (again) for a really bad decision. I, and assumingly the mass majority of North American viewers hope beyond all else that you re-evaluate this before you drop the ball in such a massive way. Best of ones is uncompetitive and a horseshit excuse for everything someone wasted their time typing about in this article. Honestly confused as to what you even pay your employees for if this is the kind of shit you're all coming up with. I stopped watching NA and EU and only tuned in to LCK games starting around spring of season 4 because I knew with how absolutely trash the western organizations were they would never compete globally and LCK games were so much more explosive, innovative, and exciting because they had the luxury of BO3. I began watching NA again when BO3 was Incorporated because I finally saw a step in the right direction, now we come into worlds the 2nd strongest region in the world by far (in my opinion) with 3 teams that have very good chances to leave group stages (in my opinion) and i believe it's largely in part to the format of the past 1 1/2 years. If you take away BO3 you're going to lose my viewership again 100%. And clearly there's a mass majority of people that agree with me. (I honestly have no issue only watching LCK but I'll be sad to not follow my team, Cloud 9 again. Tldr; Fuck this company.
How does this make teams less competetive... They practice from scrimming not from a measly 5 games on stage. Hours and hours of scrimming. And also this is the most stupid thing I've ever heard. bo3's never made NA better and there's no evidence you can pull out pointing that it did. NA got better as a region over time and from imports. Mass majority that agree with you, evidence? There intentions aren't just to make money. It's honestly mind boggling stupid people can be when they don't read the shit that they're getting mad at. All this is is flaming riot. I bet youre a solo quer who constantly screams about bad teammates and overpowered champs. If you read the article you would see that part of it is entertainment. They think that this will get people to more enjoy watching series of games. They even said because people think it will make NA noncompetitive that they will try to make scrims more impactful. But I guess you skipped over taht because Riot is always a horrible company and you've erased the fact from your mind that they specifically got player input to donate to a charity of the community's choice.
: no need to watch NA anymore, RIP 2018 worlds for na.... no real practice now
How does this make teams less competetive... They practice from scrimming not from a measly 5 games on stage. Hours and hours of scrimming. "Real practice" Any good veteran player doesn't need to have practice being on teh stage. Rookies, sure but after at least one season, even if its bo1's, you're probably not gonna get worried on stage.
Kalzix (NA)
: I am pretty disappointed by this change. We don't have access to the actual numbers you are using to make your decisions, but this definitely sounds more like a cash grab than it does improving regional performance or health of the League. While most likely not even related to Franchising, I can't help but feel like there is a connection to dumbing things down after making basically permanent slots for teams.
Its for entertainment. Do you watch lcs? If so do you watch all of the 3-0s of top teams? Do you watch vods of other nations? At some point there's too much to watch. Even if you aren't happy with the amount of content from Na, you can always watch another region. They want to make it exciting, though I know some will say bo3's are still better but I disagree.
: this is fucking stupid and they wonder why we never win msi or worlds
How does this make teams less competetive... They practice from scrimming not from a measly 5 games on stage. Hours and hours of scrimming.
Amocoru (NA)
: I never post on this forum, but I have to. This is a TERRIBLE decision. I've asked everyone I know that watches NA LCS regularly and they all feel exactly the same way. BO3 are more competitive and when games are more competitive they draw in higher viewership. People don't want to watch the other games because the teams are absolutely terrible and we're not really learning anything or engaged by their level of play. Of course everyone tunes in for TSM, C9, and CLG. Don't even kid yourself and pretend this is what's best for the fans. This is what's best for you and nothing else. Edit: I'm still not going to be any more interested in teams like Echo Fox until they step up and prove they can be competitive. This is going to be moving them backwards, not forward.
People don't watch all bo3s of the top teams. As riot said, there is too much content. I highly doubt you watch every 3-0 by tsm or c9 because its the same old shit. This makes things at least slightly more exciting but you're welcome to disagree.
: RIOT no, Stop put it down, put the stupid stick down. Stop hitting yourself, please. Well there goes Riot trying to mess up a good thing again. RIP to the competition, I have read 30+ comments on here, and 29/30 said this was a bad idea. WHERE ARE YOU GETTING YOUR DATA FROM. OHH, you think if you switch back to BO1 you will have season 2-4 number, and that is just NOT the case. You are making a grave error in judgment, but you will learn your lesson once again............
How does this make teams less competetive... They practice from scrimming not from a measly 5 games on stage. Hours and hours of scrimming. The only people who comment are the ones against it. I' m not saying the majority don't agree with you but who knows. People who agree with it are probably gonna be like ok this is fine and move on. Plus if the ydo comment they will be flooded out by the people who are angry and are more likely to comment and will upvote comments like these.
: this is a dumb idea, what will bring viewers in is strong NA teams, you will get strong NA teams with BO3 format. why do you think everyone around the world watches korea pro play, because they have good teams!!!!!
Why would more people watch if the region is better. Think about it, how good a team is is relative. If Team Liquid moved to a Latin American region they'd be really good. If the best team in Latin America moved to NA they would be pretty bad. So eve nif all of the teams in the league get lets say 10 percent better, they're will be no difference in what you're watching. Besides, flashy shit doesnt make you good so better play wont look any cooler.
Cemlub (NA)
: Based on that article, it sounds VP of advertising/revenue decided what would be best for league. Very disappointed that you've decided to sell NA LCS competitiveness for advertising dollars.
How does this make teams less competetive... They practice from scrimming not from a measly 5 games on stage. Hours and hours of scrimming.
Vondrova (NA)
: This makes me very sad, I understand that BO1's make it so casual viewers can watch easier, however this is just going to widen the gap even farther. I wish Riot cared more about having a competitive environment for the **competitive** scene but I guess we're fine going back to the days of "NA Flash" if it means more casuals who don't give a shit watching the stream, right?
How does this make teams less competetive... They practice from scrimming not from a measly 5 games on stage. Hours and hours of scrimming. Also, I have no idea waht you mean by casuals who don't give a shit..?? Like youre assuming more people but watch but those people must be bad ? I don't follow
Valmyr (NA)
: This has everything to do with "viewership for all team" and nothing to do with the desire to be more competitive as a region. Whats the point of competing as a region in international competitions if we will actively and knowingly handy cap ourselves so the they can get max viewership on all sponsors. If you want to generate as much money as posable that is fine and a solid business decision, but if you would like to be treated as a real sport, decisions should be made to foster and support the best posable players and teams, This does not.
How does this make teams less competetive... They practice from scrimming not from a measly 5 games on stage. Hours and hours of scrimming.
: I am incredibly disappointed in this move by Riot. The reason I got invested into NALCS was because of the BO3's increasing our competitiveness and now you're great idea is take that away? Sure for the casual viewer this is better but you are spitting in the face of all the hardcore fans who want to see their region be competitive worldwide.
How does this make teams less competetive... They practice from scrimming not from a measly 5 games on stage. Hours and hours of scrimming.
: So you're going to take $10,000,000 from each team owner and then screw the teams so that they are far less competitive at international events? How is this good for the sport? How do the team owners feel about this?
How does this make teams less competetive... They practice from scrimming not from a measly 5 games on stage. Hours and hours of scrimming.
: Welp time for na to become a laughing stock again just as it looked like we might actually be getting better.
In what way... Do you actually think that teams improve by playing other teams on stage? They scrim for hours and hours. lmao....
: "Bo3s provide a lot of competitive benefits, including rigorous competition between teams due to the sheer number of games." - 2015 Source (you): "An assumption was that a more competitive series-based format would better prepare teams for international events like MSI and Worlds." -2017 You can't have it both ways riot. It wasn't an assumption that proved to be wrong, more games will always heighten the competition and prepare our NA teams for Worlds better than Bo1s. This is fact. You aren't doing this for the fan's you are reverting back to Bo1s because the "Bo1 format has some very clear strengths from an entertainment standpoint." Why can't you be honest with us and just say that Bo1s make you more money? Why cloak this announcement as for the fans when really it's for your wallets? I guess being disingenuous helps your bottom line too. Supremely disappointed in your organization. This is be far the worst decision your organization has ever made and it is transparently selfish of you. Expect viewership numbers to drop. I know I won't care to tune in as much as before.
Or perhaps they care about viewership. I only ever watch competetive games of teams i like if they upset a team or got upset themselves. I would much rather sit down every few days and watch one game. Your points are conflicting. You say that this gets them more money but you also say that it will give them less viewership. I'm guessing you don't really think you just kina throw up your opinions onto the paper without thinking if they make coherent sense
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Meep Man (NA)
: Since Riot mentioned Azir in particular in the Ornn reveal with Tips and Tricks, I would say yes.
Yeah but that was to stay he seynergized well with Azir, though I would believe he could be really good against him. And trundle possibly. Though it probably takes good reaction times if Azir trys to ult you under his tower.
: Since Ornn's charge destroys player-created terrain
The thing is they keep talking about how they want to change azir and I was always kinda like well every hero is op if they're played really well, and Azir is defficult to pick up so I viewed it as fair. I think this could be a champ designed specifically to counter azir andthat way he isn't hurt that much in competitive (since he's already rarely picked and doesn't need nerfs) while also nerfing him in soloq.
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