: Everyone that plays WOW wholeheartedly agrees that while you were working with Blizzard you ruined it, everyone who plays League of Legends wholeheartedly agrees that you are ruining League of Legends. Stop working with Riot please, I'm not trying to be an asshole I just want to enjoy playing the game I love and don't want it destroyed by someone who has no idea what they are doing.
Last I checked, "everyone" includes me, and I'd appreciate it if you didn't speak for me. Thanks.
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: We'd like DFT to be the sustained damage option and Thunderlord's the burst damage one. Both should have reasonable scaling though, hence the ratios - we're not looking to make one of them a non item dependent option. We increased item costs generally in preseason while modifying gold income and item premiums. We have seen a lot of early feedback on AP mages feeling punished by that, from the looks of it so far though some are struggling and some aren't however, so we'll need to be more tactical about changes than just straight AP item buffs across the board (Heimer and jungle Nid look too weak for example, Brand and Swain too strong). I expect we'll look at AP items in the coming year. Immobile mages in particular are one of the classes we're thinking of tackling next and some item adjustments would likely be part of that process as with Marksmen/Juggernauts.
Will you considering changing Void Staff like you changed Last Whisper? One thing I like about these changes is that Last Whisper is no longer required in every match and is a true tank-busting item now. I think Void Staff could use the same treatment.
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: There won't be an Eve VU in preseason and we don't currently have any work underway on an Eve VU. Apologies if we'd previously made promises that indicated otherwise. She is a character we agree needs a VU at some point, but she's not one we're currently prioritizing.
What about Jax? He has one of the most outdated models in League. Any plans give him some love in the pre-season or early 2016?
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: Hey all, We’re constantly working with ISPs to ensure that you have the most optimized path possible to our game servers through peering. Even though we have peering agreements with ISPs, there can be issues where the ISP doesn’t enable peering on their end or the peering becomes inefficient. A relevant example is Shaw, whom we’ll focus on for this post. Currently, we peer with Shaw in Seattle, which routes all Shaw traffic there first before going on Riot’s dedicated network - even if that isn’t the shortest path possible. We’ve heard from a lot of players in Alberta who are being directed to Seattle and then being directed to Chicago. Check out the image below: http://i.imgur.com/5YHRVXl.jpg We contact all peered ISPs (including Shaw) in an attempt to ensure that they’re correctly routing to Chicago before the move. However, it can sometimes take time for ISPs to respond back to us (anywhere from 20 minutes to days or even weeks). In the case of Shaw, players were actually having a more negative experience on our peering network than they would on public internet. In situations such as this, we will consider disabling peering with that ISP if we determine this will improve the experience for players on that ISP overall. We will continue reaching out to these ISPs to hopefully enable peering again. ***Fortunately, Shaw has responded to us and are actively working with us to resolve any peering/routing issues.*** If all goes according to plan, this should be resolved shortly, and should look like this: http://i.imgur.com/xYoDxur.jpg If we experience a similar issue with another ISP, and have to remove our peering with them, here is what all of you can do to help us get a resolution ASAP. Call your ISP or send them a support ticket and let them know the following: * You are having a poor experience playing League (Riot Games) from your geographic location. * Make sure to attach the file created from the [Log Gathering Tool](http://na.leagueoflegends.com/tools/network-logs) that shows your routing * Ask them to peer with us, and provide our [peering policy](http://www.riotgames.com/peering-policy) (this is especially crucial for smaller ISPs who may not have heard of Riot Games/League of Legends) We’re also contacting ISPs on a constant basis, so this will help us get the attention of ISPs from both ends.
Is Charter Communications an ISP you are taking a look at? I know you are peered with them but I'm getting 80+ ping from DFW in Texas while people with Verizon are getting 30-40.
: I'm having the same issue. ISP is charter as well. tracert to gives me 41. ping but I get 85 ping in customs (the same as it was before). But I haven't had time to play a matchmade yet.
Yep, same boat for me too. Around 80 ping while people with Verizon in the same area are getting 30-40.
: Chicago Connection Clinic Megathread [Closed]
Location: Texas (DFW area) ISP: Charter Old ping: 80-95 New ping: 75-85 It went down by about 5 ping on average, but people in DFW who have Verizon went down to 30-40 ping. Is this an issue with Charter that's going to be resolved?
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: Zionspartan Estimated 0 points in the first match?
He's not allowed to play the first week because he talked with Doublelift about joining CLG while he was still under contract with Dignitas.
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