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: > [{quoted}](name=Mavëríck,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=plE5Kky9,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-11-20T19:59:19.914+0000) > > The real injustice is the bullshit Honor level 2 requirement. Honor has _always_ been a requirement.
> [{quoted}](name=Audhulma,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=plE5Kky9,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2019-11-20T20:03:40.496+0000) > > Honor has _always_ been a requirement. Not always. back before no honor system, it was just not having a punishment within a month or two from seasons end pretty sure. Nowadays its extremely more severe.
SGLeeo (NA)
: New Garen Season 10 Needs A Nerf
Stop gutting champions. He already recieved like 3 nerfs since his rework.
: How does a short ranged ADC play around Malph Ult?
The same way every adc plays around malphite. With flash. Literally the only way to counter malph ult.
: just wait untill you go against a fiora darius or literally any brusier in lane and think the same thing, sorry brother u have 0 room to speak
No, you just dont think about your actions before you take them and feed like the rest of the preseason killers. Thats basically how it goes. Will continue to watch people think senna is broken and that S10 is trash just because they don't know how to play around either of them.
: Be like me. Take every drake and rift herald as a solo farming jungler and watch the enemy surrender immediately after getting 4th dragon XD I am already in love with this season. Objective focus and power farming are my style. It's going to be my time to shine as long as Riot doesn't nerf jungle farming or the solo dragon champs that I love to play.
jungle farming was already nerfed.. I played voli last game and felt like I was absolutely useless after my early lead went away.
32bit (EUNE)
Ranked games don't matter.. But I do relate with 99% of the players im match with being brain dead.
: "What do you do as a toplaner when you get ganked?"-A tierlist.
100+ accurate with that top tier. nobody can contest it otherwise
: saguine blade ATTACK SPEED 100% in lane riot what were you on
Imagine people whining even when the items (pretty sure they were tested) are above decent. Heavy forbid we get any decent items for ad champs.
: Proposed Ban Changes
I agree with changes 1-3, 4 is really not a problem, its silly yea, but some people just dont care and i mean if u take away the no ban option, it just induces troll bans
: Well atleast the new conquer going to add that needed power to make lee sin more cancer
Imagine complaining about lee with new conq, when its not even that good compared to old conq
T2K Baka (NA)
Hope to god not. Bring back O4A
: Will the support nerf make botlane less influential and allow more solo carries from mid/ top/ jg?
you mean.. support buffs..?? since supports got massive buffs? gold, free transforming items
Krytoric (NA)
: When you pay for the passes during events, there shouldnt be a time limit on the missions.
Kkasawin (NA)
: No more monster champion designs?
Just give kogmaw a VGU that evolves with his level. ;)
rujitra (NA)
: Please show me where in the rules it says "x champion must build x item". You complain that people who "build 3 of the same item" go unpunished, yet those people **are** reliably punished, as the OP in this thread was. And you apparently did not read my post correctly. You win **20% more games than you lose** - that does not mean you win 20% of games, it means that **whatever percent you lose due to trolls, the percent you win because of them is 20% more**. To make it even more clear, say that you lose 1% of games due to trolls - you actually win 1.2% of your wins because of trolls (20% more than 1%).
The rule? I mean griefing is explanatory it always has been. I never said 3 of the same, I said troll items, 3 starters. I did read it. that 20% is a huge margin of error that shouldn't exist or shouldn't be existent. I dont know why you like to white knight.
Speeedy (NA)
: 600 range as a base already offers you a decent amount of safety. That is why cait is considered so safe with her 650 base attack range.You have to use a gap closer or some sort of stun to get on cait. As for the infinitely scaling champs I am ok with them on the damage side but you should not get range on top of it. There is not 1 consistent thing in this game that out ranges a tower for base auto attacks because every time they do have it, once you get to that point it becomes an auto win. Hence the banner of command with baron buff cannon minion meta. They removed it because there was no real way to stop it since it was outside the cannon minion range. Stat wise she is squishy but shes not worse than sona. I really don't see a problem in terms of how squishy she is if sona is more squishy and dances around the edge of the fight because most of sona spell range is 1000. if you play her as an adc you are getting less stacks but still getting around 70 in about a 25 min game, when you play her as support that's the problem because you easily get 160 stacks in the same amount of time. I didn't say to touch the rest of her kit at all cause she is fairly balanced.
But i mean when it takes u twice as long to fire your autos its not really safe at all. U have to use anything at all basically to get to senna.. shes immensely weak to any form of catchup or cc. if they nerf her range, they have to buff her damage. Senna cant out range turrets unless you literally feed her stacks for 25 minutes straight, not punishing her, sitting there letting her suck stacks off of you. its pretty hard to let her get to that point. Sona has a full kit for every situation and does more damage than adcs as a 'support'.. low CDs, spammable passive, shes overtuned. I've played her in both and i seem to get the same amount.. ive never seen anybody with anything near 160 in 25minutes. Most i've seen was around 70, and i myself, usually get to around 90-110... By that time anyway, 30-40m in, its pretty much the teams fault for not shutting her down.. her souls off minions are not reliable at all, and shes only good when she leechs off people.
rujitra (NA)
: That's the exact type of thing this OP was punished for. Unfortunately, you're not really complaining about "brand support 1/17, with three start items, and continuously 1v2s". You're complaining about people who you literally cannot tell. You can claim all you want that you are better than Riot at using a crystal ball (which doesn't exist), but you aren't. People like Dunkey (and yourself) are leaving because they refuse to accept that this is first and foremost a multiplayer team game where you will lose about half the time. Instead of accepting this, you are always looking for someone to blame for the loss - either they AFKed, they didn't listen to you when you shotcalled, they went into a fight that you didn't think they should.... whatever it is, you find some way to say they must be trolling/inting when they may not be. And to be quite honest, when you look at it, you actually win about 20% more games due to trolls on the enemy team than you lose because of trolls on your team. So in the long run, it doesn't matter at all. This is a statistical fact that you cannot argue - it's pure math (4 teammates, 5 enemies) assuming that you are never a troll.
I mean its very invalid and opinionated to claim that its not tellable. Its literally shown, in game via what they do, or what they build. Dunkey left because he was punished for saying 3 things that were toxic while the person that inted somewhere near 0/24 into turrets was left to play the game.. Uberdanger left, Dyrus left for a little while, then came back. Nobody cares about losing, we care when it becomes unfair for us as a player and the persone infringes on the game and absolutely wastes everybodys time, lp, or just mentality. Blaming for a loss is more of something for somebody that can't climb. the statistic of winning 20% due to trolls on the enemy team, that shouldnt be that high at all. its a statistical fact that thats an insanely high percentages for a GENERAL statistic based on trolls.
: Honor Levels Shouldn't Be Severely Punishing on End of Season Rewards
yea.. its kinda disgusting how bad the grind is to get out of honor 0 and back to honor 1, or heaven forbid honor 2. I feel like it takes 3 times as long to go from honor lvl 0, to honor 1, than to go from honor 4 checkpt 0, to honor 5
: So I've been playing Ryze lately...
I feel like if they just stop giving ryze this same concept every rework that he should be able to use 2 of his 3 spells every .5 seconds, he would be okay .-.
Remus Wins (EUNE)
: Aphelios New Champion Revealed
: Videos for Learning
Honestly, just watch somebody play in a stream and watch what they do and try to ask urself, why would they do that? or if u play the game and u die, try to figure out what made that happen, what steps u took or what did they do that probably led to it. Relying on advice from people is a bit odd since, that situation that u see isn't in the game 90% of the time.. builds aren't too hard to figure out, it mainly is common sense by looking at who they have, and knowing those champs kits and their items.
Hotarµ (NA)
: Note how I never said anything about the rate at which people are punished. It's not as simple as looking at someone's score to determine whether or not they're inting. There are plenty of factors that go into detecting them, and that takes a lot of time when spread across the millions of League games played every day. "Revamping the system" wouldn't do anything to fix that. There is no simple, catch-all fix to detecting intentional feeders.
Well i mean u say they are punished immediately then it kinda sounds like they get caught regardless as long as it looks like it and it has a reason behind it. I feel like just having somebody review game footage should be easy enough to weed out inting players. or simply just making it so that if u die alot solo, u build really bad items, u put on the gimmick in chat like "Me Do my best, i trying" then it really kinda just shows itself. I feel like theres alot easier ways and ways that people should indefinitely be reported.
: They were working on these ahead of time tho like lol. We'll probably get a juggernaut 2 weeks after, I'm pretty sure they work on them concomitantly and the marksman team pulled ahead or something, calm down lol. Also, Senna is still a support at the end of the day so.
> [{quoted}](name=Ashe mage AD,realm=EUNE,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=30M0axVz,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-11-19T17:30:39.833+0000) > > They were working on these ahead of time tho like lol. We'll probably get a juggernaut 2 weeks after, I'm pretty sure they work on them concomitantly and the marksman team pulled ahead or something, calm down lol. Also, Senna is still a support at the end of the day so. Yea I 100% thought the juggernaut was gonna come out first... I thought they were gonna plop out a Darius 2.0 so I could go ham in top lane with a fun new jugger :D
: Riot needs to stop sucking up to marksman
LMFAO Marksman don't really get any love. They get nerfed every season for doing their job. You got kayn, ivern, if we include reworks since they're basically entire new champs, Nunu, warwick, Evelynn. off roles, Taliyah, sylas.. Off meta in general. Theres alot to do in jungle. There's a rotation for how champions are released unless they find really good ideas that only belong in 1 lane. Jungle has the MOST REWORKS in the game, it has the most refreshed champion pool. The marksmen pool is very boring, its very limited due to meta, its extremely bland. This is shown when we see the same 3 adcs every other game over and over. If you dont like that hes a bot lane roled champ, just play him jungle, its not that hard.
: If you do it blatantly yeah. If they don't build random shit and just relentlessly try to 1v1 everyone you see while massively behind it's kinda hard for Riot to prove someone is feeding 100% and not just tilted. You'd have to ban like half of Silver.
I mean, if being tilted justifies feeding..... its hard i guess for a bot to justify it as inting, but i mean, if u look at it and its say, brand support 1/17, with 3 start items, and continously 1v2s adc and supp, its inting regardless.. This is why people like Dunkey left.. The amount of trolls in the game is always increasing, inters aren't punished unless its a blantant 100% they confirm it in chat, and they build 100% troll items that they cant use. The system needs a revamp.
: Perma Ban Criteria
I mean.. when I appealed my permanent banned account, They told me that your player report card's slate is never wiped. So. I mean yea. Nomatter what ur report card builds up.. its a very bad and uncommunitive system with anti player written all over it, but thats how it was told to me, by the support team on the tickets for my other account.
Hotarµ (NA)
: ?
Just that alot of people int and are never punished lol. See it in streams, see it in videos, see it in games. Alot of people Int, or mask their int with a smile, but still basically int. they aren't really punished. this system needs to be revamped and it needs to double down on how "inting" is punished.
Speeedy (NA)
: i disagree I don't want to go as far as the original poster but I hate her range later in the game. She becomes like a cannon minion with banner of command on it vs towers. It is not good and lack of interactive to play against since you cant really push that off the tower since she out ranges it. I think they should take her 600 range leave it at that since its already large and just remove the +25 range from her passive. Edit: towers have 775 attack range and senna needs only 160 stacks to out range a tower
her range later, thats probably because shes as squishy as kalista and is alot easier to catch out. she still has to literally farm for 20 minutes and stack off people to get that range. Shes no different than nasus or veigar, except, she cant 1 shot you. If they remove her +25 from passive, alternatively she'd need alot of compensation since, at that point shes severely nerfed, unviable in late game, has as I said before, NO SCALING STATS PER LEVEL. he roles are jeopardized, she wouldnt make sense since she is using a light cannon based rifle(?) Shes not really any of a problem at all.. she has a 50% WR, shes average right now.
Hotarµ (NA)
: It's probably due to the [**ranked game where you went 1/17 Nunu with Ghost/Cleanse, built mobis, and intentionally fed. **]( Feeding is always punished with an immediate 14-day suspension. Chat logs **are not** included with gameplay-related punishments as they take place on separate ladders.
> [{quoted}](name=Hotarµ,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=Wb6xkgzF,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2019-11-19T17:11:17.822+0000) > > Feeding is always punished with an immediate 14-day suspension. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
: They made it so the effect of statik only goes off when the units go through the full auto-attack animation. Blademaster swings don't proc it, and effects like Yasuo's ult don't proc it either, that's the problem that should be fixed.
It really depends, because by your text, if it procced like that, yasuo does several slashes on his R, close to probably like 6.. It would be quite broken for something like shiv to keep proccing over and over. blade master statics shouldn't proc due to, I mean there would be a bug there pretty sure.. you would probably see it get duplicated and it proc a few times at once. I personally dont use Statikk since its not good on many people from what I see, Dont know if it has a charge mechanic like the actual statikk, but if it doesnt, then I dont know what to tell ya.
: to have fun, you risk feeding. feeding is bannable so fun is therefor is bannable?
it really depends. Do you infringe on others when you have "fun". I mean I'd call ivern top grief.. maybe others wont, But I would. I could see mages top, adcs top, some jngs top, Definitely not Ivern tho.. thats probably one of IMO perspective type situations tho. I mean if you infringe on other peoples games while u have fun then i mean by all means I believe people should report you, unless you are playing blind, aram, or draft. But even then it really comes down to, is this working? no? im gonna keep doing it? reported.. thats the basic process for how a grief should be reported.. but other than than I dont see a problem as long as its not a terrible matchup.. League is a very Toxic based games, competitively balanced and based.. its toxic regardless.
AhmCha (NA)
: Azir is the fucking coolest champion in this game and I wish he was allowed to be good
allowed? I mean the champion is outright broken if u can play him correctly. Harassment from miles away, free turrets, low costs, HIGH DAMAGE. Theres a reason people still use azir, and theres a reason why hes not buffed lol.. buffing him at all would be ridiculous
: "Yasuo attacks 3 times, applying basic attack damage and on-hit effects"
because its a board game with chess pieces..?? do u think the tft is animation canceling? LMFAO
usul1202 (NA)
: I'm sorry? They follow a 2 week (sometimes 3 for lining up with holiday schedule) patch timing pretty consistently. With all the bugs that get through, I'd be sad to see the game with no pbe bug fixes.
Definitely way too long. Don't remember it even taking half this long for the bigger systems in S6, S7 to come into the game. Definitely. Way. Too. Long. Should've extended the ranked season if they wanted to keep it delayed, specially with how bad the client is right now.
usul1202 (NA)
: Nah, you really can. It's a small pool, but most people don't realize just how good the people at the top of the ladder are. They cruise right through our masters bs. It's actually super impressive to watch when they're try harding. That being said, last I saw hashitshit was sitting in gm for the last split on one of his accounts that he was playing a lot, so where the main account ends is w/e.
No.. you really cant at masters skill level. You cant carry in top of the top it doesnt work that way. 1 person cant face 5 others of the same skill and carry the game by himself. I mean you can hate hashinshin, but 2-3 of his accts still have diamond+ mmr, master mmr at that. and to Gemmas, I mean its a hashinshin duo.. its gonna be toxic, imagine thinking you can "smurf" in highest tier(s). Thats not how masters work.
usul1202 (NA)
: Preseason changes will be live over the next few weeks, recent dev blog bad some good patch time lines. Season 9 started January 24th, I'd assume 10 will be similarly timed.
So meanwhile, we're stuck playing this garbage for atleast a week and a half until the new dragons and map come out? That sounds absurdly stupid. Should just release it today.
: senna is so overloaded
not really no. Good bait post. But ill pass, trolls are in troubling times when trying to dog on senna.
: > [{quoted}](name=Arcade Lulu,realm=EUNE,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=dxq1kikL,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-11-19T16:25:04.410+0000) > > You don't need to own Aatrox > You'll get aatrox for free if you don't have him > > The skin hasn't been released yet > It'll take a while BUT I JUST BOUGHT HIM FUCK ME WHY GOD
> [{quoted}](name=StylishSlaughter,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=dxq1kikL,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-11-19T16:25:26.591+0000) > > BUT I JUST BOUGHT HIM FUCK ME WHY GOD just refund him. pretty sure u can refund champions u buy with BE for free within a few hours as long as u dont play them
PzyXo (EUW)
: New champ is weird asf
Senna is pretty balanced and ppl still ban her every game lmao. They dont ban champs because they are OP, they ban champs because they're afraid they cant counterplay.
Cräfty (EUW)
: Senna's kit is fine. She just needs some nerfs to her passive and her dual-scaling on Q and R.
Once again, No. She. Does. not. She has NO SCALING besides her passive.her E is weak, her R is okay, her Q is okay, her W is okay. Her passive is fine. She has more counterplay than other champs, to use her viably, she actually needs people to scale by aaing them, just put senna out of the game early on, she wont be a problem later.
Manxxom (NA)
: This interaction is all I needed from legends of runeterra
I hope they add a death interaction in game that lucian does when he sees Senna die.. like in runeterra.
klin537 (NA)
: whats the most free skins anyone's gotten?
^ What this guy said.. hextech was added S6.. so if u theoretically grinded out as much as u could get would probably be around ~150, I cant exactly give a more definite number due to irregular champion releases, events etc.. but if we're playing the safe game or the a bit more gracious game. I'd say AT MOST.. you would've earned 150.. thats which having to disenchant skins to get essence, the account that, u can get wards or icons (which blows dick.. remove this or add a different chest), the max chests being 48, and the RNG being in your favor probably.. this is very skewed and I made it out of logic, but my guess would be, No more than 150 if we're being nice.
: How is what Hashshinshin doing fair
Ngl you can't really carry in masters.. it doesnt work that way. you can carry in gold, silver, plat, diamond... Not masters. He has higher MMR than most pro players, Hashinshin complains about overtuned champs and complains when hes angry. He plays solo Q I'd bargain, 60-70% of his games. Then Duos if he feels like it.
: I know right? It's like, I can't even do anything because he has the ONE dash that can just kill me. And why on God's green earth does he gain MOVEMENT speed when he activates his ultimate? Hashinshin definitely knows this and that's why he plays this stupid champ because he's not any good at the game.
god like, i just dont understand man how could they give somebody thats melee, A DASH.. THATS SO BUSTED, ITS LIKE HES FASTER THAN RANGE CHAMPS, GOD WHY. BRO JUST LOOK AT HIS PASSIVE, 25% HEALING.. THATS FUCKING INSANE, OH MY GOD
: as a bard main
Yea.. moment i saw "her fucking heal at level 1 is better than a fully charged shrine"... No. lmao. her heal at level one is pretty small. its like 125, has LITTLE scaling for heals.. People honestly need to stop baby raging at senna, she has to actually stack to get anywhere. Her CC is one of the slowest CCs in the game.. her E definitely isn't comparable to shroud, its only useful for anti auto attacks.. the ULT is really easy to dodge, the shield is okay, and the damage on it is low until level 2 with some items, even then its still mediocre. She has no scaling at all except for HP, ALL of her scaling is on her passive, ALL OF IT. Shes too easy to counter, really tired of people complaining just because they cant play against her.
lVlizuxe (NA)
: Gifting champs with BE?
Now this argument is made almost every seasons (particularly a big case in uh.. I believe S7?) and the main counter argument for this being no, is that it helps smurfs and encourages people to grief low elo with their alt accounts.. I am in favor of gifting with BE, but there would need to be a solution.
: Complaining But It's Opposite Day
God man i hate how aatrox is just so mobile.. and the way he gets up after he dies? JESUS CHRIST MAN THIS GUYS BROKEN REMOVE HIM FROM THE GAME, HE HEALS WHEN HE HITS OMMMMMMMGGGG
: When does preseason end?
Because its for people to calm down after grinding days on days hours after hours. To adjust to the new meta, since the meta is about to flip.
: I really can't wait for legends of runeterra to go mobile
This. Please. Also hope they hurry up and add a CUSTOM DUEL MODE for friends... seriously, this shouldve been in already D;
Kørks (NA)
: Chances of 2019 Legacy Vault?
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