: We have a preview of the NEW Classsic Warwick and Blade Mistress Morgana splash arts!!!
Time will eventually fix this one would think, but it's a shame that these two are basically pictures of Big Macs vs actual Big Macs. The splash arts look so good - the models not so much.
: The pose seems random and unlikely. I can't quite piece together what motions would produce a snapshot pose like that. But it seems like a pose that could be done, albeit awkwardly. (I'm not an artist, so I could be missing an important anatomical detail.) New splash: Her right foot vanishes into the fog of war or something...? I can't tell if she'd be tripping over herself, or if her right foot should be inside of her left shin.
Check her right leg. Look good and hard at it. To pull that pose off the way she's doing it, she has to have a reaaaalllly deep hip. Seriously, just look where her thigh connects. It's clearly an absurd oversight by the artist that drew it. I'm not saying they're inept at their craft or anything, they just over looked it. Why it's gone so long unchanged is even more absurd. They took the time to make Cottontail Teemo creepy as hell but can't at least bump that leg up to where her hip should be bothers me - and it probably bothers a lot of other people too haha.
: Riot. We *NEED* to talk.
After she gets done cleansing these foul streets, she'll ask us to check our privileges.
  Rioter Comments
: Champion Update: Shen
Shen's update is more interesting than Jhin, both visually and kit wise. That said, I'm trained at this point to automatically assume you took the easy way out and left his voice over in its limited and bland untouched state since this isn't one of your "big" updates.
: Champion Update and the Flawed Fencer
And it's still terrible. The white pajamas, the awful face, the poor art direction, and the terrible disconnect between her ultimate and her story. All this puff piece article proves is that Riot continues to have little to no clue what their players actually care about besides the generic canned responses. Riot seemingly defies the impossible and continues to survive on pure luck alone. Garbage/10
: Anyone else finding this World very disapointing?
Yo though. This is the company you support guys. Welcome to Riot Games. #LCS-BigKoreaPlays
: I used to look forward to champions being added in the game
What? You mean you don't appreciate the 3 auto-attack, % damage, healing ult, movement skill? You're right though. This is a boring ass champ that had the potential to be original and interesting. Instead it's **another** frankenstein kit that's boring as all can be.
: Dunkey quits league
The biggest surprise in this video is that it took Dunkey this long to figure out Riot and League are full of shit.
: Give us tempoarily 10 bans until you fixed the shit you created with the juggernaut update and fiora
I think doing something like this would cause a conflict in resource allocation (TM) when there are better places Riot can spend their time. It takes a frightening long amount of time to come up with high quality names for their recolor Chroma packs after all. On top of that, figuring out how to properly add in 2, 3, or 4 passives on a single champion and creating a level of broken that's just right is more of a science really. As long as it's cool enough, there won't be _that_ many people complaining. Besides, the balance team is hard at work prepping the game for Worlds which is arguably the most important part of League of Legends. Spectators look forward every year to see the ridiculous outplays of the chosen and enforced meta the B-team works hard to foster. With the recent nerfs to historically problem champions like Janna for example, I'm sure you as another statistical spectator will be thrilled at the epic Thresh plays and Lee Sin/Yasuo combos this year's showing will surely provide. After all, you're suggesting in some way Riot admit to making a mistake and if memory serves, that's never happened before. Why should it happen now?
Fluppets (EUW)
: How is the leveling and acquiring gods? Bc right now i just want to play these two champions to check them out.
You need to be lv 30 and have some God mastery in order to play ranked. This means newly released gods won't ruin your ranked games right away. There are several game modes: tri lane, 3v3, 4v4, aram, all out slugfest, and a rotating match of the day which includes an Urf like game. The ingame goodwill system matches you with people with similar goodwill. If you leave too often or get reported a lot, you'll have less goodwill and be matched with more toxic people. If you stay and work as a team, you'll have more goodwill and be matched with better (or at least nicer) players. There is **no** all chat. The $30 god pack will buy you EVERY god, current AND future. There's a lot of optional stuff to buy like load borders, voice and announcer packs, obviously skins, player icons including gods and country flags, etc. Recolors (Chromas) are bought with favor (ip). There are no runes and masteries to worry about and summoner spells are bought in game as needed. Need flash? Buy it. Ghost isn't useful anymore and you'd rather have cleanse? Sell ghost and buy cleanse. There's also a HUD editor and the custom game mode let's you choose your starting level, whether minions spawn, and what your starting gold is. It's more than what you asked for, but Smite has a lot of nifty features worth mentioning. Make sure you take advantage of their four free offers by liking their Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Instagram for four free Gods and skins.
Fluppets (EUW)
: Wow, I just checked their wiki pages, Medusa and Serqet are both exactly what they should be. Its very obvious if you look at their god reveal videos to see this double identity in Cassiopeia, Medusa is obviously from greek and Serqet from Egyptian mythology. Cassiopeia has both mythologies and this divide reflects in the opposing gameplay fantasies players have with her aswell as the balance problems with her kit, it all revolves around this schyzophrenic identity crisis she has. It is just uncanny to read these two champions (gods in Smite) and just how much their kits, fantasy and (on paper) their gameplay is in sync. This seriously makes me want to play this game, just for these two Champs/gods. **If Cassiopeia should be back for a rework, she should be split into two champions:** One the Medusa poison mage; providing aoe damage and control with her poisons and ult and the other a seductive single-target poison mage/assasin. thanks for pointing this out, very interesting. *downloads smite*
It's different than League since everything, even your auto attacks, are skill shots and the placement of the camera. If you can get used to that though, it's a pretty fun game. Personally I think it's better presented and more rewarding than League has been for the last year or so. Plus you get to be a freaking God and Hou Yi's ult is fantastic.
: {{champion:157}} feels like he belongs in an entirely different game, which is why many people hate him, but you know what, maybe it's good. I will admit that there are some questionable things in his kit that don't have the makings of healthy mechanics, but you can't deny that his kit flows incredibly smoothly and meshes with itself in a way that ideally every champion should. He is unlike any other champion in the game, and even though his first iteration might be a balance nightmare, overall I believe thinking outside the box brings more positives than negatives. I'm not a total fan of CertainlyT and I hold harsh criticism towards some of his work, but I don't think he deserves the amount of hate he gets, and he actually has great ideas, just not very good execution but we shouldn't demonize him or any other rioter for it.
Yo for real though, no one at Riot is my best friend and they aren't yours either. Ct is a pos and he probably knows it. If I had seen this thread a few years ago, I'd be right with you shilling away but after three years of this bs, my patience is non existent. Fired? No. Personally I'm not that petty but he can go f right off. I'd be satisfied with that.
: Considering there are no fiora nerfs this patch..
>Needing this instance for confirmation
: Can we pretend that the Cassio rework never happened and put her back on the list?
Sounds like Serqet from Smite, but hey! Serqet is a snake poison mage lady that's actually fun to play. Even Medusa, who has most of Cassiopeia's kit, is fun to play because on her it makes sense.
Uiru (NA)
: Can’t be good at everything, Janna - that’s a job for Threeeeeeeeeeeeesh
Expecting Riot to make any kind of sense outside of LC$ BIG PLAY$ is kind of silly at this point. It's clear to everyone where Riot has thrown their lot towards.
: [Champion Concept] Raina - The Seamstress of Demacia
You call her a seamstress but I see nothing that involves sewing. Call her a jeweler instead.
Digielf (NA)
: Teenager Annie Skin
Will she sing songs too? http://dontsaylazy.com/traces/imas/iori.png _Iori Minase: THE iDOLM@STER_
: Nice to know that despite our huge, up and down split, with about 5 top teams at different points...
tfw down voted by fanboys I have no hopes for NA. After 4+ years of international tournaments, I have no reason to have any hope otherwise.
: Stop loosing streaks (lower level ranked especially, like bronze)
I think above all, tightening up your game should be your overall objective in this and in any competitive pastime.
: Is it just me or are normals no longer... fun?
Hell. League is no longer fun. It's a frustrating mess.
: Dear riot, balance is at a really really bad place right now
It's not just balance. It's a lot of things. Champion kits are becoming a clusterf of mini games, champion breaking bugs go unnoticed when there's seemingly no excuse for it (See recently: Gangplank's double trip to disabled land), and let's not forget how just recently there wasn't literally a thing Riot could say without pissing off the vocal fan base. Pick something that's not meta and you get bitched at. Pick something that is and do poorly and you get bitched at. Try to help and you get bitched at. Be new to the game and you get bitched at. It's a case of a company getting so full of themselves that they've forgotten their empire is built on the people that play their game. Their "we know better than you because we're the designers" crap certainly isn't going to kill League (can anything at this point?), but it will certainly lead to their eventual fall in popularity. History repeats. You need only look as recently to Starcraft; once the most popular game in all of S Korea and now just something the dead fan base desperately refuses to let go.
: So Rito, about Azir...
I can already play that skin in Smite.
Rioter Comments
: Project Skins, Why do they all have different trace repair percentages?
It's a simple hype technique. It makes you think something is actually happening while in all likely hood the skins are already done and waiting to be activated on the pbe.
: oh look another hyper carry/assassin meta thanks riot
World's is coming up. You saw how their viewing hours in 2014 were lower than in 2013 right? They gotta make the game flashier to keep everyone's attention. /lcsbigplays
: Sona needs another rework. She's in a bad spot and you can't really buff her without making her annoying to play against. The only good thing about her is her Ult. I mean, you might as well play Lulu, Nami, or Bard over her.
This almost looks like part of a growing trend. Riot gets lucky on occasion but for the most part they can't rework shit. I'm almost inclined to believe they're just throwing shit at the wall and seeing what sticks.
: So Riot, are you going to officially announce your end of high resolution display support?
Hmm, I play a lot of Final Fantasy 14. It's got a monthly sub but with the money you might be spending on rp, you could easily afford it.
: Okay, maybe i need to clarify. I know plain well that the game is just a mess of random A vs Some B. Im sure that Zac, an amorphous blob, and Lissandra, an Iceborn demi-god, would team up to punch Corki in the face. I'm asking about the Project line. Who made the Project suits? Does that make sense? I'm not one of those "OH THE RETCON RUNED ALL LOL" I am just curious as to what Riot came up with. Just like Battlecast and Victor.
That actually has little to nothing about what I said. The PROJECT skin line will almost certainly have zero bearing on the story line in much the same way the 2015 Championship skin line did. It is it's own separate "what-if" scenario. That scenario is what if six champions looked like Metal Gear Rising Revengeance.
: > [{quoted}](name=Purodyuusaa,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=s9A6LXFK,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-08-17T21:43:29.005+0000) > > Renekton/Nasus/Azir aren't intergalactic space hunters. Stupid Azir and Shurima... Nasus and Renekton WERE aliens in the old lore D:<
Those were the days right? IIRC, Anivia was one of 4 elemental beasts as well.
: > [{quoted}](name=Phife,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=YhE38oO4,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-08-17T21:42:05.560+0000) > > wat I was disappointed because when I was new, it was fun to randomly buy and try champs... but now... {{item:3070}}
At least you have stuff to spend all that ip on. Oh...right {{item:3151}}
: Where do the Project Skins fit into the lore?
They don't. League has a fragmented lore, as in there's the base lore found through the champion bios and then a bunch of "what-if" lores found in the skins. Quinn and Ryze aren't pirates. Cassiopeia and Fiddlesticks aren't bandits, and Renekton/Nasus/Azir aren't intergalactic space hunters. However, each lore "group" has it's own individual lore and it's fun to postulate where they would interact. For example, The Commando line probably has something to do with the (lacking) Bioforge line. The Mecha line is probably it's own "what-if" response to the Battlecast line. The PROJECT line is just another "what-if" storyline people are going to get overly excited about that, while cool and all, won't really impact much of anything.
Wolfeur (EUW)
: One of the current problems is that it's inattractive for AP support, even when we're in late game, because they don't really care about health and one more ward stored in it. WORSE, it's counter productive on Soraka! However, all supports usually get a lot of active items: Trinkets {{item:3364}} {{item:3361}} {{item:3362}} Gold gens {{item:3401}} {{item:3092}} {{item:3069}} Utility/tanking items {{item:3190}} {{item:3060}} {{item:3143}} {{item:3222}} {{item:3050}} {{item:3800}} {{item:3023}} And sightstone itself {{item:2049}} {{item:2045}} We finish a game usually with minimum 4 actives, that means doubling our number of abilities. Having more access to _Actives CDR_ would be great to emphasize our utility.
Now there's a novel thought. Something you can buy in the game that improves active CDR? With all the things supports juggle in their item bar, it wouldn't be that bad of a thing to have.
: Do NOT open. Angry Mordekaiser Addict inside
Don't act surprised. This is how most of Riot responds to criticism. They blatantly ignore you and hope you go away, or at the very least forget the whole conversation. They've done this in the past and they will continue to do this. Now I will admit there are a few Rioters that don't act like this but they are few and far between like a drop of water in a desert. Unfortunately for you guys, the one working on your champion is another grain of sand.
The show itself is pretty odd. Want to see horror? Find the scene where the big guy is playing Annie.
: Patch 5.16's locked in place and no meaningful changes in sight
Rip Mordekaiser. Stay safe forever in our huerts.
: Is it Just me Or does Spirit Guard Udyr have anal beads on him
Prayer beads. The only thing inappropriate about Udyr is your interpretation of him. http://www.tibetartwork.com/image/b0279-tibetan-wrist-malas-prayer-bead-bracelet-1.jpg http://i684.photobucket.com/albums/vv202/FrizzBees/img17BigDownLoad.jpg
: It's called change, you aren't the only one that has to deal with it. You seem to be on a horse the way you describe things good sir, so I suggest you step down from it and "adapt."
I pray you never have a main or get remotely attached to a character in this game then. These aren't number changes or qol tweaks. His whole kit is being changed on him so naturally this guy has legit concerns about the "rework" he's being forced into. What more, he presents his concerns with information and experience which is more than what most people in this game come with.
: Fiora's Role?
Fiora is good if you want to play Fiora. For all other situations and scenarios, pick someone else.
: Champ Update Exploration
That Cho'gath one looks like Godzilla and that's alright with me.
AceBlack (NA)
: The situation in a nutshell. Now how could we encourage him to come back and listen?
This statement, on top of all your others in this thread, makes you sound like a cooperate shill and if you aren't one...how much is Riot paying you? No seriously. I'll vehemently defend Riot's decision making night and day if the pay's good enough. Sign me up.
: How can you not refund champs and skin after rework?
If there's one thing Riot's learned, bitch, this game is about motherfucking money They make that dollar, y'all, motherfucking money Even make LCSers make some motherfucking money They set up shop and got a few grand off that RP money Rose to the top, now they got that socks made of silk money They ain't got that guilt money, They don't give a fuck They take their checks to the bank and they sign 'em with their nuts They give the fanboys what they love, while the critics say they're evil Got no time to read their forums, while they're working on the VU Got a gift from above, and the eyes of {{champion:34}} When it comes to blowing up, no developer is their equal
AceBlack (NA)
: This is too funny
I wonder when we can stop pretending that Riot is a company of 100 employees in their first year. I wonder when can stop making excuses for poor decisions. I wonder when we can stop pretending criticism is a bad thing. I wonder when we can stop pretending that Rioters are infallible.
Sweetiex (EUW)
: Only champions I ban these days are junglers.
I look forward to preseason when we spend the entire time just readjusting the jungle again.
: Toxicity in this game... from the viewpoint of an admittedly toxic player
Somehow or another, League of Legends develops a "me vs them" mentality amongst its players. I play lots of different games that require team work in order to succeed. As an example, Final Fantasy 14 and their raid system. We have eight people that have to work together and overcome multiple mechanics in a single fight in order to be victorious. The lengths people go through in that game to be helpful is astounding, from minor tidbits to outright explaining an entire fight from start to finish. The amount of flaming I've experienced in six months can be counted on one hand, whereas all I have to do is play -tonight- in League and I guarantee I'm going to run into at least one person that's being toxic for the sake of being toxic. I'm not sure what does it, but League's negative influence on someone is ridiculous.
: > [{quoted}](name=Hallows Evelynn,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=GpE1uuQz,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2015-08-09T04:25:40.825+0000) > > fixed. instead of riot fixing the buggy mess that was old fioras ult they decided to be lazy and remove it entirely. No her old ult was cheap no skill insta kill B.S. Her new one while not the best has some counter and out play potential.
Except if you knew what she was doing, you could just bring her under a turret, lock her down, and blow her to pieces. Old Fiora was feast or famine and the only reason it was op was because she was ahead. If she ulted into a team that was even mildly organized, she died instantly. The new Fiora ult is essentially a warning system. You put it on someone so they go away for a few seconds. Oh boy.
: I'd like to hear your interesting ideas
My idea? Everyone at Riot takes a PR class, a public speaking course, a sociology course, fix (not improve because that's not near enough) their lines of internal communication, and remember what it's like to be a gamer on the outside looking in. Some Rioters are better than others, but none of them are better than all of them.
: Has there been any successful reworks outside of Sion?
No, none that I can think of. There are a few GU's I enjoy like Maokai's ult change, but as far as reworks go? Nope.
: watch this Fiora vid https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XlHtbQIQenw
Bot game. 4 levels higher than Shen-bot. 4 infinity edges. Stacked blade of the occult. Right. I'm sure that scenario is going to pop up so often in an actual game. Your video is thinking and attempting to argue in a circumstantial bubble.
Droogzy (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=AIaya,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=klyVsxEA,comment-id=0003000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2015-08-07T16:45:19.020+0000) > > Maybe you should be using your ult to peel people who are diving your carries then, instead of trying to chase down a squishy target. > > Just a thought. So a grand duelist should be using their ultimate to peel for the carry? Do you see the problem here? If that's the most efficient use of this ultimate, then this rework was atrocious.
https://media.giphy.com/media/b9aScKLxdv0Y0/giphy.gif Thank you.
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