Terff (NA)
: They are aware of it... dunno why they haven't disabled him though... or mentioned anything about it in the client to prevent people from playing him for the time being.
yes, im more or less not asking them to fix but to disable it because it is rather annoying figuring it out later on :/
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: The Heist ending soon!
why dont skins ever stay anymore? wtf
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: Yes, here is my suggestion: - Riot should sell a USB-powered spring-loaded punching-glove with a camera. - In order to play LoL, you must have it plugged in and aimed at your face appropriately. (The camera is used to verify it is set up properly.) - If it is disconnected or moved such that it isn't aimed properly, you disconnect from LoL (and leaverbuster will get you) - If the majority of your team votes to do so, the glove will punch you in the face. (Limited to once every few minutes.) - Would need to figure out some way to stop pre-mades of 4 from repeatedly beating the 5th guy.
legit probably the best suggestion ive seen this needs to happen but i was thinking more of a vote kick approach and antoehr system where other players can join in random games as a random champ( whoever the last person was) and play with the people this would solve the problem with trolls, afks and all that but you know why would riot want to do this?
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: Sion survival guide
biggest nerf ive seen
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: The Final Boss approaches
Guys if anyone is wondering what this is a reference to, its most likeley one of riots arcade games, such as the teemo and chogath games in the past
: Patch 4.13 notes
well back to barrier
: Welcome to Primetime!
probably one of the worst skins in league, draven: noxus assassin, turns into a new reporter, draven: a certified badass gets justin bieber hair, draven: RIP style
: too much AD
last whispers and borks should do the trick there mate ;D
: I don't care what people say, Dragonslayer Mantheon looks awesome. Both in game and splash art.
yea itd be great if theyd release it already
: Possibly, or maybe this is building up for another champion? If there are dragon slayers now, then why not use that stage for another dragon champ such as Ao Shin to make an appearance? I'm not saying that he'll be announced (since they've shelved that idea for a good while), but I am saying that a conflict like this can be used to open up new opportunities for skin ideas and possibly champions.
they did say 5 ppl but theres only 4 dragonslayers :o UH OH
: Rise of the Dragonslayers
yea this is all great in all but can you go head and release the skin already?
Cressela (NA)
: Maybe... But Jayce is a dude and looks more like Iron Man IMO than anything from Metroid. Khazix kinda looks like the Space Pirates from Super Metroid.
: Pixel Poro minigame - featuring Braum - out today!
thats great now itd be awesome if youd release the new skins anytime now?


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