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: It will make Precision secondary less attractive to some, yeah. We'll probably be going with a 70% AP or AD/30% attack speed split for Precision secondary from Domination/Sorcery as a result, reduce that exclusion somewhat. At some point we should also look at stats from Rune trees in general, particularly whether the current tree based system is doing more harm or more good. That's a larger task, and other Runes work (keystones generally) is higher priority right now though, hence this split change which we believe is better, even if it doesn't fix everything.
Do you think it might be an option to make the benefit for taking precision adaptive between Attack Speed and Cooldown Reduction? It would still fit the idea of "sustained damage," and it could help a lot of bruisers or marksmen who don't scale as well with attack speed to be more encouraged to take the tree.
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: We'll likely be reducing starting MR across the board, not buffing it, so while champs won't start with flat magic pen like they used to they'll be facing lower MR values, both from champ starts and generally from pre-game.
I worry that this will lead to an unintentional buff to magic damage tops and supports, who often never had magic pen, but will now be doing more damage early game.
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: Because the individual shields in question are generally quite appropriate. Anti shield items, that aren't just a default part of your build, then serve as soft counters against teams stacking a lot of shields or particular shield users doing extremely well, in the same way that MR for example can serve as a soft counter to a team stacking magic damage or a runaway mage.
Why are you deciding to create an item to nerf large amounts of shielding instead of giving shield-stacking diminishing returns?
: Midseason Rift Herald Update
Considering that the new Herald will do damage based on current health, will you be disabling the ability for her to be healed by champions with things like Redemption or Soraka's w?
: The Preseasoning Day 2: Open Forum [VISION / STARTING ITEMS / RIFT HERALD / ETC]
I'm curious if you guys are being careful about the rift herald and competitve laneswaps. With dragon being very rarely taken before 5 minutes, and it being the only real downside to laneswapping, is there a concern that this change will shift the meta in that regard? If so, is that a good or bad thing?


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