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: It's kinda funny how is Ahri is shipped with everyone You can find Ahri Hentai/Yuri with Literally every single champion in the game , even x Warwick or Wukong
I can't tell if this is a complaint or a celebration.
: Four whole hours? Man the "artists" are getting slow
Tempted to downvote for the air quotes. Those "artists" are saints doing God's work.
: > What exactly do I exploit here? How am I expected to bully him out of lane when he has his rotations up more than I do? The only thing I can bank on is my jungle ganking or him being bad Jax pretty much can't win a fight without using E unless he's ahead, he has no poke, and his kit is straight up bad pre-6 in terms of damage and survivability/sustain. Your statement about his rotations being up more than yours are isn't very true. Let me make some comparisons: {{champion:24}} - E cool down is 16 seconds rank 1 and he doesn't rank it up until level 14. {{champion:6}} - W cool down is 17 seconds and his E cool down is 16. Plus, he has the poke from Q every 12 seconds rank 1. {{champion:114}} - W cool down is 24 **(8 second difference is pretty big)** and E is 13. {{champion:58}} - E cool down is 18 seconds (2 seconds isn't a big deal) and W is 13. He has a decent gap to get a stun in. Plus, he can dodge Jax stun with E if he plays it right. {{champion:122}} - Sure, his E cool down is also 24 seconds like Fiora, but his W cool down is 7 and his Q cool down is 9, allowing for easy trades when Jax's E is down. {{champion:420}} - E cool down is 16 seconds, the same as Jax's, so she doesn't have a very hard time. Never mind all the champions that just shit on Jax, either because they're AP, tanks, or have really good CC: {{champion:8}} {{champion:266}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:14}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:68}} {{champion:85}} {{champion:13}} {{champion:27}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:127}} Now, I'm not saying these lanes are unwinnable for Jax, but they're damn hard if the person knows what they're doing. Side note, can you not use a level 7 account on the boards? It's hard to put up an argument if I can't see your rank, the champions you play, your previous games against Jax, and your games playing as Jax.
> [{quoted}](name=PerfectPower,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=wwAUUKtG,comment-id=0007,timestamp=2019-02-02T19:51:50.988+0000) It's hard to put up an argument if I can't see your rank :l
: TBH Neeko’s disguise is only ever gonna work on a cursory glance level anyways. What I mean is, even if you fix all the toggleables, passives, etc. the way her character behaves is still not going to fool anyone under scrutiny. Since Neeko doesn’t copy stats, I’m gonna question why the ADC is attacking so slow, I’m gonna question why the Yasuo isn’t pressing Q and spamming E every second it’s near a minion wave, I’m gonna question why it’s slower than a mobi boots Thresh, question why Caitlyn is suddenly walking into melee range (her ult) If I have time to discern certain cosmetics, I have time to discern behaviours. Not to mention if she uses W while disguised, it’s a dead giveaway.
I get what you say, and I was 100% in your camp, but I just played a game as Warwick and was up against an Udyr jungle. Udyr was being extremely aggressive, and at one point I caught him out by scuttle at around 20% hp. I immediately e-flashed-e, but before I could set off my second E I was rooted by what was actually Neeko and killed since she was full HP and mana. My immediate reaction was "Shit. Well played. Great bait."
: Hey everyone, I am back to bring a problem to someones attention. Or gain some advice. I have been having issues resolving something that has been happening for over 7 years and had reached out for help in regards many times for help in people threatening me in-game and outside of it. Telling me they are going to bomb my house, slaughter my family, and try their best to cause me harm and find me. I saw the same player in another match after this happened and nothing had been done to them even though I followed the rules and reported them plus muted them. But then it continued and I had no other option but to up and defend myself because riot was not concerned enough about my positive experience playing the game or physical safety. They have told me that nothing can be done and then proceeded to permanently ban my account. They have ignored my proof and then proceed to ignore me. They have closed my tickets without answering them, deleted my posts on the boards ( probably this one too ), broke the rules of their own standards ( also have proof ). When I show someone this when working at riot they just instantly don't say anything and everything gets shut down.
Yea no one's gonna believe this.
: you might as well call it a root with the amount of cdr you build
The difference is that roots prevent mobility abilities from being used, unlike a 99% slow.
Vegathron (OCE)
: Anyone else hit Honor level 4?
Just hit honor 4 myself on the NA servers. Seems like it's timegated + minimum honors/minimum average honors per game
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PendulumTG (EUNE)
: the same thing is happening when sion's passive dies but no one is reporting anything for a couple of weeks now
I've had this bug since I started playing league, I thought it was client-side though. Thanks for letting me know!
: 6AM. That's when Ranked Queue would close in my area, according to multiple friends who play here and are up-to-date on LoL news. 6AM. My WiFi went down at around mid-day right at the beginning of a Normals I was gonna do as a warm-up to finally getting into Ranked and trying to finally get a Rank I want, one at my level. Instead, what I got was a grind for hours until after winning the first game of Promos, Ranked shut down three hours early. I feel even worse for those who needed just one game, especially for Gold5+. I finally didn't get repeatedly ruined by how stupid Ranked is just to ride around on 100LP and lesser Rewards. What do, Rito
Well then, whoever told you are liars. All the information I read said 3:00 AM PST.
Fuyuxi (NA)
: I am sorry for the guys who are having higher pings, but I really think that moving the server from west to middle is a good thing for the majority. Although it seems like there are still a lot of problem to fix ...
No, it wasn't. They did the move over a period of sever hours, and they bunged it up. For such a big regional change, the game servers should have been down at least 24 hours, not 6, or whatever it was. West coast is still decent ping, but the issue is that the game now constantly crashes and ping spikes are much more frequent.
: FACTIONS — Sign-Up Verification and Info Thread
I joined! This sounds like lots of fun! Joined Noxus! Blood for Noxus!
: As an east coaster and reviewing some of the comments here, some people say that the west coasters are "getting a taste of their own medicine" in a way with the server move, and I frankly don't agree with that. Some of us on the east coast prior to the move had ping issues, agreed, and we know that it is not an enjoyable experience to get banana juked by an {{champion:268}} with 10 ping and you didn't know it happened till you're dead. They've grown up on 30 ping and we have 90 or so ping, our enjoyment is their downfall, we aren't entitled to rub it in their faces. As the community for LoL we should have a unified opinion on the servers, and rito should be flexible enough to satisfy it's customers overall, and not pick a side like we're trying to get them to do. {{item:3153}}
The issue for us west-coasters is not the new 90 ping, in fact there's very little difference at all. The issue is the amount of crashes, the amount of spikes, and the sheer lack of connection. I usually spike to around 2000ms a game at least 3 times. In team fights, that's devastating, especially as someone who mains oddball support champs with a lot of very precise CC.
ntbcool (NA)
: rp-exclusive? you cant even get them with rp.......
IP boosters make the worlds biggest difference.
: Really? Really? REALLY? In what world are you living in? Riot is greedy? The main things that make this game tick, and the game itself, are all free. Runes? Free. Rune pages? Free. Champions? Free. This game is designed so that you never have to spend a dime on it. Now quit your bitching you whiny little pre-pubescent child.
Oooh boy. Honestly, with the prices of runes and the pages, they might as well be RP-exclusive unless you want to slave away ~30 games (victories, at that) to get 3 quintessences.
Squashie (NA)
: I already have all of the champs. Will new champs be made to give to those who have everyone? ... :)
*sigh* some people can't read.


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