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C0l0urless (EUNE)
: Why are you buying both Cull and Ancient Coin? One rewards you for CS-ing and the other rewards you for missing CS, why would you ever want both of these?
It depends on the champ I am using. If it is a melee then i would use relic shield. If it a magic champ than i use spell thief edge. I do try to build based on the aspect of my champ. For example if the two traits a champ has are AD and attack speed than I focus on those traits and usually will try to include critical strike and health steal. If i am a magic user I will normally want items that increase my ap and my mana. If my champ does not use mana than i avoid items that boost mana. Usually ancient coin increases my speed and i understand it gives me 2 gold per turn. It also can help me replenish my mana. I have a system how I buy items. I first try to get income items, Then I will want to get boots, if it is a mana using character I will get muramana and then seraphs embrace. I will then try to get rod of ages, ramadans and lichs bane and either laundrys torment or luchens echo. If it is a ranged ad champ than I will start with ancient coin, boots and cull. Then I will work towards runaans hurricane, lightening shiv, and rapid fire cannon. After that it is blood thirster, deaths dance and either ruined kings blade or infinity's edge. If i am a tank I will normally get all the items that increase my heath to the fullest as well as health regeneration.
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