BigFBear (EUW)
: can you give us a link?
Yea for sure PSA: its a little ways down past all of the major gameplay changes
: The state of the jungle
If you guys read the dev blog post about the new preseason patch they talk a little about how they will be changing the jungle to narrow down certain champ's viability
PuttriQ (NA)
: The issue with low elo support players
Another note In season 10 it appears that riot in a way is attempting to fix troll supports by changing the amount of XP gained in the bot lane and jungle and they also seem to be tweaking the support items, and removing {{item:3301}}
Kai Guy (NA)
: {{champion:99}} with {{item:3174}} is actually useful to her adc but most idiots will rush{{item:3285}} .
the other issue is, regardless of the out come of the match, they don't learn to improve being their support playstyle
: nah mate ranked is luck based why you even bother with it and btw why you judge people if they are bad they paid for champs or skins so why would you say shit about them leave people alone
While I do agree with you when you say ranked can feel almost like a lottery, but regardless of whether someone used in game currency to acquire champions/skins etc, it isn't an excuse for trolling 4 other people
Ratrose (EUW)
: Since your bronze ofc your supports will suck but so do you (no offence) since you share that rank. As main support i think you should focus on your own gameplay more then on what support is doing wich is what will make you leave thoose guys behind you and get better and better supports.
I guess what I am trying to say is I feel like a full magic damage Lux support can weigh the team down for the style of play. I think its most comparable to a strategy in counter strike where someone will save up their income regardless of winning or losing a round to buy an awp not paying attention to the rest of the teams economy.
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