Siachi (NA)
: Gangplank tips?
I usually go with corruption potion for extra poke, try to rush trinity or at least get a sheen as your first item since it procs on-hit effects, from there on I usually like tank because critplank just doesn't do it for me anymore. Also place one barrel into bushes and then bait your enemies and place another at their sides and shoot the one in the bush for massive surprise poke, for his ult go for the speed buff or the big cannonball. Hes an amazing duelist and has a lot of tf potential.
shyv (NA)
: Why I Am Considering Quitting League
I miss being able to light the whole map up, and not because I don't have the gold to make it, I just simply can't anymore.
AdanYEva (NA)
: Dont quit league yet, Tencent is gona fire all the incompetent Riot employees
Are you aware that Tencent is the reason of why they are still reds right?
Onimarus (NA)
: If Riot implemented one idea out of every one hundred (from these forums), the game would be unplayable. It isn't that they hate the community, but instead they just don't trust it. and it's completely understandable.
Im not saying they should allow all ideas into the game, but that real developers with good ideas see it as a waste of time since all feedback regarding anything that isn't RP or Skins goes to the shredder.
Onimarus (NA)
: All of your ideas are terrible. Your concepts, from items to champions to skins, are absolute trash.
At least they try, if Riot didn't hated community so much there would be a lot more content.
: To add onto this, feedback is always welcome. This is the first time we're doing something like this!
_writting feedback to riot_ Hahahaha, yeah we will champ.
Mulchy (EUW)
: Is it just me or does MF's Q hit WAY too hard now compared to other ADC'S?
Shes a lane bully, shes meant to punish you for the sole fact of being in lane, thats why on mid/late game if you catch a MF alone shes dead as hell.
I x C (NA)
: How would you counter a Teemo as Quinn?
Enjoy Quinn while shes overtuned as hell, she may not win lane but can get to any other lane so quick your opponent wont be able to react so fast.
: Very Cute Skin Concept Yes.
: What does mana help League of Legends with? just sloppy design?
Actually its the other way around, manaless champion design is sloppy as hell, the only good thing that manaless champions have is the lack of an item that speeds up their energy regen.
Mael bro (EUNE)
: What champion do you hate seeing picked in your team?
{{champion:67}} "gg team no peel" - After dying to a 5 men gank because she was roaming around the jungle alone.
passıon (NA)
: Riot Games to the Public CT feedback mailbox and Riot in general.
: Be afraid. Be very afraid. Time to hoard weapons.
: It's kinda weird...with some of my ARAM games with Lux, I go 6/0/18 (just as a numbers example, dunno if it actually happened), but when I finally die, I end the game at 9/1/30 (or whatever). Always wondered why I could get more kills with less items.
Because the items are a lie
: When you are fed on ARAM
skyrim86 (OCE)
: yi broken in snowdown
Yi is broken in general on ARAM if you don't focus him, thats why you focus him katarina style on a fight.
DogIsGod (EUNE)
: That's how you dodge!
DogIsGod (EUNE)
: 3 flashes, 2 walls, 1 ult
He tried to pull off a dyrus.
: Teemo Mid Actually Wrecks
Right now hes locked on top where he can make full use of his harass without getting blown up by almost all mages, at least if you are average at him. On a side note I like to take him against brand, since he needs to land his Q to actually stun me so I can take advantage of the MS steroid and simply dodge his stuns. Hes also good when it comes down to assasinations, I usually try to get into a teamfight from behind or the sides so I can try to kill the enemy mid laner, adcs are small time with him also.
Myrmiron (EUW)
: It would be faster to make a list of champions that don't take it. Here it is: You're welcome.
Effly (NA)
: Op doesn't hate evelynn, and there's nothing wrong with feminism. Feminism is about considering equality as it applies to not just women but men too. Don't be ignorant.
_He thinks that nowadays feminism is about equality_
Horward (NA)
: Really Riot?!
Incompetence as always.
: Soooo, anyone else think Sona is going to be nerfed?
You can still blow her up with one ADC AA on late game, or as soon as the ADC gets crit.
: Making you choose between dedicating to a relationship or a playing a video game all the time means their a bitch? comments like this show how many virgins there are in this game.
Did your gf told you to stop playing or she would dump you for his black friend?
: Why was Poppy changed from a bruiser/assassin to a utility tank?
Because she was meant to be a tank, but people never (at least the ones I've seen torough the years) built her pure tank, maybe one armor/mr item on a full damage build and that was it since there was no need of building tank on her because of her passive and ult. Now shes kinda locked into a tank/bruiser set up, but honestly this new poppy is just as devastating as the old one, just without that fucking toxic ult.
: > [{quoted}](name=TrulyBland,realm=EUNE,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=sEt5vJTA,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-12-15T08:06:16.891+0000) > > Imagine somebody was punching you repeatedly... hard enough to cause pain, but not hard enough to cause actual injury. > Now imagine somebody told you "Dude, he's really not that bad... just take some painkillers." > > Yeah, sure, it technically solves the problem, but apart from undesirable side effects, it might make more sense to reform the guy who for no reason starts punching people (or remove him from the community). Punching someone repeatedly is something physical/ noticeable that can show harm. Thats the equivalent in video games of feeding, trolling, and ruining a game. Now, if youre in school lets say, and someone says "fuck you asshole" (assuming this is middleschool/high school") you will walk away (mute button). If someone punches you in the face, you report it and get them punished as they deserve (Feeding/reported) Thats how it would work in real life. Now yes I agree videogames are not real life and you should have fun but if you cant deal with some asshole in a videogame you will have serious problems in real life.
If someone punchs you in the face you fucking destroy him, claim self defense, and THEN you report him to autorities that will take care of the tearing AND punish him for being a problematic person.
Rozair (NA)
: The frustration when someone else on your team picks your main
The frustration when you want to play "X" role/champ and someone else asks for it and you say "sure man, no problem" and think he will do way better than you and then proceeds to faceroll at minute 5. I don't even know why I hold such high expectatives regarding my teammates.
: If it's not ranked I have no sympathy for you. They're probably all in skype and have already decided 7 different ways to ruin your game. And it might not even be that, if they have the jungler don't expect to get ganks. From my experience if I'm in a premade and I roll one of you I just don't ping MIAs cause the only people that matter to me are in the call. Now if it's ranked, I'm terribly sorry.
Sciela (NA)
: Today, I learned that having an opinion is "toxic."
Tl;Dr You are entitled to your opinion but your opinion is not a fact, so if someone is against your opinion just accept that someone has a different opinion and carry on. (Unless opinion is based around a fact supported with evidence.) ~~opinions~~
: people who refuse to surrender
"punishment for people who refuse to surrender". Even if you had one troll it won't matter since it will be irrelevant if 4 people agree, if more than 2 people are trying to come back you should stop going full dorans blade and pull your shit together.
: Top 10 Reasons Team-Play Hurts Real-World Gameplay
At least hes not brofresco or steal-it-keyo
: maybe i dont play lol anymore ... but ill tell you one thing this game literaly NEEDS to improve
Maybe I'm not even bronze, but if I can farm with 269 ms I bet you can do it without any issues.
dEAdbUs (EUW)
: Again unfun picks on All-Stars
We knew this was going to happen, not even surprised imo. But Im puzzled about no yasuo.
: 6 days until star wars Good goy.
: Ribbons
The issue with ribbons is that either you got them at S1-S2 or you would never get them ever again, right now I have the teammwork ribbon that I got during S2 when supports were shit on by pretty much everyone (I played a lot of support and always managed to get some pretty good games around), back then people wasn't so toxic and ackowledged their mistakes and were open to suggestions, now everyone thinks they are gosu and flame everyone surrounding them. People who is able now to get ribbons are legit good players or traded honor.
: Chiara Bautista (Kindred)
Well all know they stole it, Riot has already showed us that creativity is something they simply can't into. Just look into the reworked/retconned lore.
: Is league dying?
One can only hope for Riot to die.
Meddler (NA)
: Overall basically still the same as per my post in this thread: Preseason's also increased her effectiveness a noticeable amount, so if we felt compelled to make balance adjustments to her I'd imagine they'd be nerfs not buffs. There are certainly some supports that are more dominant overall, we've either just nerfed, or are in the process of nerfing, those that are over the line though (some of whom will probably need further work too - looking at you Brand).
Why you hate Sona so much? Did she made someone go down a division or something?
HuoMao (NA)
: Recommended Items - Poppy ARAM
{{item:3069}} {{item:3111}} {{item:3065}} {{item:3742}} {{item:3025}} {{item:3071}} (if too many tanks on the other team) {{item:3102}} (If too much AP) {{item:3083}} (if you see you are surviving a lot of battles with low health) You can also sell the talisman if you need an extra slot, but usually with this Im tanky as hell and can be annoying enough to keep them focused on me.
Raoul (EUW)
: Combine 2 game mods for one ultimate one: URF+Nemesis!
Rew711 (NA)
: When is Le Blanc going to get a real nerf? (And I don't mean a gut, I mean a reasonable nerf.)
I think shes on a good spot. Her playstyle is blowing squishies up, just like veigar.
: What is your reaction when....?
I tell him to never gank my lane again. If I managed to get my opponent low without him then I don't need him.
: Scarlet Hammer Poppy Skin got Trashed...
I honestly think that Crimson hammer and Regal poppy looked better before.
RichBean (NA)
: Let's list words that make you eyeroll.
: Jax is NOT broken.
Rageblade should be removed, seriously, I bet that people who says jax should be nerfed are the same idiots who think that WB is not broken af on crit based champions. But you know, Vayne is fine, Swain is broken and CT is not cancer.
: When the Jungler asked if you want blue buff
And you just look at his unwarded lane pushed all the way and say "No, I don't want their mid to have blue"
: What Are Your Thoughts on The Snowdown Gamemode?
No, they took aram and made it a **BLIND DRAFT** on a map where certain champions and compositions are **INSANELY OP**, so the bans are usually the same and the champs seen are always the fucking same, you forgot to ban kat? Well the enemy team has 5 for some reason, forgot to ban brand? Enjoy getting DoT to death because of the starter gold. Bad idea and bad execution, like always.
: It is possible. A Bug's Life was an excellent movie, so I am sure people have used it before.
: Shaco mask or face?
His face is made with the pain and madness of the people he killed just for the pleasure of hearing them scream while ripping their hairs off. Hes a mask.
: I was Tahm Kench, Poppy ulted me.
I ulted a zed who was ulting my cait, somehow I interrupted his ult.
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