: I really do not support the ... sion support idea. His W requires CS and is what makes him the beefy tank that he becomes late game.
Sion support somewhat pushes the W on the backburner, I admit. However, you still get fair gains as Support, because Relic Shield still gives you W bonuses. Thus, you are not missing out on the big ones (10 HP), which are the ones that matter most. Sion Support thrived in the previous meta because he had so much teamfight disruption and poke that he could outright dominate the lane, leaving the enemy underfarmed and underleveled when played correctly. Tanks had no place anyway, so a strong disruptor was about the best you could get in a teamfight. Of course, that is no longer the case. With the recent nerfs along with the release of Cinderhulk, I definitely agree: Sion Support is not looking so hot anymore.
: Sion Jungle is UNDERATED
Before the Sion changes I was playing a lot of Sion as support. I saw Sion Support as his best role, with Jungle and Top a close second and third. The changes have made Sion heavily skewed toward the jungle. Top has been nerfed overall, and Support has gotten the most nerfs with the changes. He is extremely helpful in positions where he can help other members of his team, so Jungle is a great spot for Sion. I am not surprised at all that he is strong, especially with the Cinderhulk's synergy with his W.
: ***
I'm assuming you were attempting to reply to me. Rather, you replied as a new separate post, but that's okay. I'm active and I read your wall of text. Let me just say this to you. I have a friend, who is mechanically twice as good as I am. He can carry most every game with any champ. I am dumbfounded at how good he is at playing games (not just league, he was a semi-pro fps player as well). I shot straight from Silver to Plat 5 in 100 games of playing ranked. He couldn't get past mid-Gold last season, and now he is stuck in Bronze. Why is that? He's a better player than I am. He's a better teamfighter, better 1v1'er, he has better knowledge of the game, a bigger champion pool... but he always blames his team and gets angry at his teammates. I am the very testimony for players who do not deserve their ranking, but get there through sheer teamwork. I probably have more fun playing the game than he does, and I make more friends on League than he does. I have more comebacks than he does, for sure. Don't blame your teammates for anything. As confusing as it may sound, they are not there for you. They are there for themselves. Just like you are playing for yourself, they too, are self-centered creatures called humans. So don't complain. Show your worth as a player by being encouraging. Be a leader with charisma, and again, never blame your team for anything. Your teammates at bot gave a double kill to the other team and you lost the game? Your fault. You should have gotten three kills at top, and two towers, and roamed mid and gave two kills to mid. See what I'm getting at? Good luck.
: Except it doesn't test the skill of lower elos. I sticks you with random players supposedly your skill and if you lose because your team feeds thats on you. Great system indeed
that's fine with me. I carried myself straight to plat easily within my first 100 ranked games. **If you truly deserve to rise in the ranks, you will.** If you aren't rising, then you aren't improving. Maybe try practicing and studying more. You can't avoid studying. Studying is a part of learning, and to get good at this game, learning must take place. And if you really want to blame your teammates, then never feed yourself. Do you go 0 deaths every game? If not, then there is room for you to improve. Why should you expect your teammates not to feed when you feed yourself? Remember, a death of a fed member is far more significant than a death of a feeding member. A single death by you, who I assume is "carrying the game", brings down the power level of your surviving team significantly. Until you can handle not dying yourself, then don't blame your teammates for dying, either. EDIT: oh pfft I saw something in my inbox and came here and realized I replied to you, who made your post 6 days ago. My apologies.
: Has a broken sustain, but w/e
That's his identity. Infinite-sustain basic-attack oriented jungler. No one else in league holds that identity. Yeah, yeah, Aatrox and Xin Zhao exist, but they don't hold that same core identity like Warwick does. What you're saying is like saying Braum is too tanky with his E, or Ahri is too mobile with her R.
: When you report someone for verbal abuse/feeding. You shouldn't be put into another lobby with them.
Because then people would abuse the system by reporting people simply because they don't want to play with them again. That would cause an unnecessarily increased number of false reports. It would also allow for manipulation of the matchmaking system, which is not something Riot likes. Just mute them and move on. If they're really that bad, then report them twice (not because you're salty about the first game. Only report twice if they are twice guilty). EDIT: Don't report people for "feeding" unless it is explicitly intentional. 0/7/2 is not necessarily intentional, and intentional feeding can occur by players who are 26/5/12. It's all in the intent, not the numbers. Yes, there are players who are much worse than you. Yes, it's possible he did not see that Vi behind him. ...Just wanted to make that clear.
: You can dodge his slow. 1. It's not hard
1. Why does the text change from two to one if I don't start with bullet point number one? 2. If he's ranking it up, he's eating his own mana. Dodge it and watch him cry undead tears. Honestly, if you're crying about Sion Support post-nerfs, then how did you ever deal with him before? Sion Support main here btw.
: extra gold after full build? click this
The out-of-game mechanics should serve the in-game, not the other way around. That and bots would abuse the shit out of this. And 5 IP per 100g is way too much. And how do you measure "leftover gold?" Does all the gold past 6 doran's blades and a greater trinket count? It's not that I like bashing on you. It's just that this idea sounds like you came up with it two minutes before you typed it out.
mye PP (NA)
: Solo/duo system seems so broken and lost.
I can't think of a better system. Duo queue exists because some players simply don't have 4 other friends to play with, and playing solo can get lonely at times. Just be glad 3-queue and especially 4-queue is not allowed.
: It was actually a first pick in korea with a very high ban rate,,, Koreans know more than you do
: Riot never called veigar's changes a buff and mentioned it a few time that they can't simply increase the numbers with the play pattern he had
Yes. Yes they did. "Compensatory Buffs", as they were called. You know, for the removal of DFG? But then some pro player played Veig as a support and they were all, "fuck naw"
: keep the delay give it 2-3 charges
We can see from Kalista that Riot is okay with infinite stacks Why not infinite stacks on W {{champion:45}} {{champion:45}} {{champion:45}} {{champion:45}} {{champion:45}} {{champion:45}} {{champion:45}} {{champion:45}} {{champion:45}} {{champion:45}} {{champion:45}} {{champion:45}} {{champion:45}} {{champion:45}} {{champion:45}} {{champion:45}} {{champion:45}} {{champion:45}} {{champion:45}} {{champion:45}} {{champion:45}} {{champion:45}} {{champion:45}} {{champion:45}} pentaezgg
: Veigar's Event Horizon
Boxes in runeterra are apparently 5-sided figures {{champion:412}} But that aside, why would they want to do this? What makes this idea so good that they'll want to completely refashion their assets so that it does just about the same thing? They could achieve the exact same result by keeping the stun cage and simply adding a Soraka swirlie that slows instead of silences. (and manipulating the stun numbers) I'm not bashing on you for no reason, just being realistic here. These two games are so far evolved that honestly I don't think comparing them is a good idea anymore.
: So ugh, Sion. Yea, can we talk about balancing him?
Lol I love how this thread pops up only after he's played in LCS. Just weeks ago, I was replying to threads left and right trying to convince people that Sion *wasn't bad*, and now here we are. For the record, this recent change to Q and E is a nerf to top lane Sion, buff to jungle Sion, and large nerf to support Sion (my fav T~T). If you are having trouble escaping an E+Q combo, you are probably walking up to Sion like he's an oversized minion or something. Rethink your positioning. EDIT: WTF PATCH 5.6. INSANE NERF TO ALL SIONS are you kidding me riot 20% damage reduced on E. and 10% reduced damage on Q for jg
: Say your damn role in Champ Select!
If I want to take unusual summoner spells for my role, I always just go with the "meta" summs but change them once everyone has locked in. Tele/Flash for top Ignite/Flash for mid Smite/Flash for jg Exhaust/Flash for support Heal/Flash for adc bot
: "I main Kata"
I understand your sentiment, but this doesn't belong in Gameplay & Balance.
: What do we think of Chat Restriction system?
The chat restriction system is designed to track IMPROVEMENTS in chat. If you have a chat restriction for 63 games, and you say nothing, and absolutely nothing for 63 games, you WILL get another chat restriction. The only way to lift your chat restrictions is to say positive things continuously in chat. Using short phrases are fine; just make sure to use all your chats to say things like "gj top" and "nice dragon take" or even things like "excellent csing, draven", and your chat restriction will be lifted, guaranteed, as long as you kiss up 100% and say nothing else. Note that chat restrictions are being "reviewed". Whether that means a real Rioter skims through chats, I'm actually not completely sure. But if a Rioter does read them, I'm not surprised. The chat restriction system is a particularly unforgiving cycle. You will have to prove to Riot that you are capable of spewing nice things out of both ends of your body.
: Why does Warwick always seems... OP?
If you can't beat a champion, play it. Now mind you, I'm not saying "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em." What I'm saying is simply to play the champion to see what Warwicks (or whatever champ you are having trouble with) are thinking, what they are capitalizing on and what they are weak at. Chances are, the players who make a champ seem "OP" are just players who know how to capitalize on what that champ does best. For example, I was having trouble as Annie mid vs Orianna mid. She just seemed to zone me so hard, her 800 range Q seemed broken and OP. So I get in a game as Orianna, and to my surprise, I discover her Q is TINY. Turns out that the Orianna players I went up against were just that good at predicting where I was going to stand when they Q'ed. Also, they were always keeping track of their ball. It's not so easy to do that effectively, especially for me, who was not used to doing something like that. You can try this with Warwick. I can assure you, with a little bit of thought, you will discover all of Warwick's immediate weaknesses and strengths. Good Warwicks will be capitalizing on his strengths, so to beat them you will have to capitalize on his weaknesses. Hope I helped.
: > [{quoted}](name=Simplicate,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=qZ2Az1If,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2015-03-20T20:03:22.964+0000) > > Where is the footage? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LqgZADsNevo Here is a video of the game. It is probably the most intense game I've ever seen.
That was probably the most interesting early game I've ever seen in a pro match.
: R110, Caboose, what he is saying is if a player is on your block list then you won't que up with him again. Also, if the person feeds, then you report them for "Intentionaly Grefing: Feeding."
No, you do not report people for "feeding" unless they are INTENTIONALLY GRIEFING by *means* of feeding. I have seen people go 0/7 in lane when they were honestly trying. I have gone 0/7 myself, too, while trying my darndest (I remember... {{champion:45}} vs{{champion:7}} way back in the day). Sometimes the enemy player is just that much better. So just because someone's K/D is bad doesn't mean they are intentionally feeding. They would only be intentionally feeding if they die out alone, don't help in fights they CLEARLY should be helping in (e.g. Support is right next ADC, within fighting range but just stands there doing nothing and dies), don't follow comms, etc. I have played at every tier from bronze to plat and many people, especially in bronze/silver, are SUPER quick to say "omg report _____ for intentional feed" when he's 0/3 in lane. In team chat I often also hear, "______ you're trash, uninstall" and "never play ranked again". I mean, really. If you think about it, those are terrible things to say. Why would you say that to your teammate? That's like asking for a loss. If someone says that to anybody, team morale is being lost, and you risk losing the game for yourself. I've actually won many games where my teammates have fed in lane, by encouraging them nicely (keyword: nicely). It's amazing what you can accomplish with good team morale. Anyway, I've been rambling a tad too much. I'd rather have a teammate that goes 0/7 in lane but at least *tries* to bring it back in mid-late game and ends with 2/12/9, than have a teammate that goes 24/5/2 and gives himself to enemy team for free at late-game, saying "gg scrub teammates don't deserve the win". But if they are really that bad, "Unskilled Player" exists for a reason. You should use that instead.
: Could you possibly link me to one of the others who have had this idea? I tried searching, but i could not find anything else similar.
unfortunately I've only replied to one of them, so I could only track down this one. http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/83ubEaj0-veigar-q-e-farm-suggestions It's actually extremely similar to yours, and yours is more thorough, even considering how it would behave if Veigar casted it directly on top of himself, which neither I or the other OP had thought of. However, this person's idea differs in that the stun run would gradually expand into a circle-like fashion rather than the 5-segment formation. The other thread suggested that the stun ring expand in a 5-segment formation very much like yours. Whether or not there was anything different about his suggestion, I don't remember. I skimmed through that post, and I'm not about to go digging to find a 15-ish-day-old thread. Yet another suggestion was to make the full stun appear as normal but have the stun time ramp up instead. It's quite different from the other three, but it would be the easiest to implement. An instant stun would only stun for a very short time, but as the stun stays on the field, it increases the stun duration of anyone who runs into it.
: > If Riot grows some legal balls and decides to take your guys' ideas, I'm all for it. But I wouldn't count on it. What are the legal issues? Should I be afraid of making suggestions to riot. Perfectly good idea not used because someone other than riot came up with it?
http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/f/6kFXY1kR/d/EEPKkkVp Riot feels uneasy about taking specific art ideas. Based on the speculation that just about every good idea I read on here never makes it to PBE, Riot is likely actively avoiding ideas on here too, for the same reason of "it's a legal can of worms". (2nd bullet point) It's all speculation, but I've been active on these forums for who knows how long. I never see forum suggestions make it to PBE lately (season 2 and earlier was a different story). It's almost as if they say, "Hey, so the forums have all these cool ideas. What is the one idea they haven't thought of yet? Let's go with that!" I've suggested that everyone who makes a balance suggestion explicitly express consent for use of their content in the game, but I'm not sure if that actually helps. Worth a shot I suppose.
: Serious Veigar Changes to Make Him Both Good and Healthy for the Game
This idea has been proposed time and time again. I've personally read through three different people who've all come up with three variations of this same concept. Not one of them was replied to by Riot. If Riot grows some legal balls and decides to take your guys' ideas, I'm all for it. But I wouldn't count on it.
: So, AP support Caitlyn is awesome.
The players in this video seemed so bronze Sure enough it's bronze to low-silvers (bronze IV to silver IV, to be exact) on EUW. Fun concept though. I've played around with this a while back, but this would be even stronger now with Luden's Echo.
: Rito, we need "Don't match me with premades" option, please!
If this option is made, duo queue wait times would go through the roof lol Not that I'm complaining though.
DropFill (NA)
: Katarina is much more risky than zed Kennen can't waveclear without putting himself in risk Anything else sir?
The OP is dead set on his opinion and he'll laugh and not discuss anything with anyone unwilling to make this thread into an eQQo chamber. If he's not willing to discuss anything maturely, there's no point in discussing this point further, imo. Bad thread is bad.
: Not to sound like a whiny 3 year old, but Annie's stun is bs early game.
{{champion:1}} > loaded {{champion:238}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:429}} {{champion:59}} {{champion:92}} lol.
: You mean nerfs. The mana cost of e is going up a lot. But yeah, he should complain as sion is my main. >.>
yep lol those mana costs are in no way a buff. I main support Sion and I will be having significant mana problems once that patch hits.
: Veigar Stun Box Buff Idea
If that's the direction they want to go, I'd say this is the best option. I would increase the stun time to start at maybe .6 or .75 seconds. a .5 second stun is TINY (Riven's stun) and will hardly help with Veigar's problem. 0.75 seconds would still allow plenty of time for W to be dodged (thus not making it an automatic "instant" EWRQ combo). Also, make the stun duration rapidly increase to the full duration, not gradually (rapidly as in Sion's ult damage ramp up, or Sivir/Draven's MS ramp-down, and gradually as in Rammus' Q MS ramp up).
: Soon to be 130 champs in league.... Still only 6 bans? Need an increase of bans.
Damn 130? I still think {{champion:119}} is new, and he was the 100th champ. Or was it his brother? {{champion:122}} I forget.
ybuR (NA)
: "I hate being forced to build zhonya when I have to lane against a ad mid" -ap bias
Personally, I'm impressed. You managed to get 10 downvotes in a matter of 30 minutes at non-peak hours.
ForPortal (OCE)
: How to fix Veigar? Add a "shove".
Veigar/Gragas dual AP comp. Get rekt.
: Flash DFG + R and anyone within the 2k hp radius will die. How is this fun again?
I was unaware that health had a definable geometric shape. Also, assuming that DFG is still in the game and R still had a 1.2 AP ratio: A late-game ADC with 2000 HP (consistent with your example) and ZERO defense runes, masteries, or items (30 MR) vs. A Veigar with 1000 AP. DFG deals 15% current health and amplifies other magic damage by 20%. R deals 500 (+1200) = 1700 AP damage. 1700 damage with a 120% modifier due to DFG active = 1700 * 1.2 = 2040 damage 2000 with 30 MR = 2000 * 1.3 HP modifier = 2600 effective HP against Magic Damage. Veigar uses DFG. 2600 - 15% current health = 2600 - 390 = 2210 HP. Veigar uses R. 2210 - 2040 = 170 HP. **The ADC with absolutely no defense still did not die.**
: Champion recomendations?
{{champion:45}} Veigar WOULD sound like a perfect match for you, and I am a Veigar main so I would love to help you out, but right now is probably the worst time to be suggesting Veigar (~37% win rate as a result of Riot's freakishly horrible "buffs"). The next suggestions I might make are perhaps {{champion:23}} Tryndamere or {{champion:24}} Jax. Both are played in the top lane, which is one of the two solo lanes in the game (jungle is solo, but is a difficult role to play at this time). Both Tryndamere and Jax are duelists who excel at mid to late game duels, as the title suggests. Their early games are not particularly strong, but you can expect to be helpful once you reach level 6. But then again I'm old. I have never tried most of the new champs, so my champ suggested may be outdated.
: > [{quoted}](name=Devi Freak Mint,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=2IEXEvEd,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-03-01T19:00:35.666+0000) > > {{item:3110}} {{item:3143}} So first Frozen then Omens? o_O
For Master Yi, anything that slows his attack speed will significantly reduce his damage.
Rioter Comments
LyraSona (NA)
: A 325 range instant stun is still an instant stun that can be used on low range / melee heroes. Riot does not want to see Veigar doing any stun + 100-0 nuking.
Then they shouldn't have made Veigar. What kind of logic is that? If they want to nerf him then they should just say so, not call it "compensatory buffs".
: Riots balance team completely misunderstands Veigars old playstyle
Well, actually I'd say most Veigar players would start out as playing "farming" Veigar, but after getting familiar with Veigar's capabilities would eventually switch to a much more "dominating" style. That's how it went for me, and all of the Veigar players I've played against and researched after (aka STALKED on op.gg and lolking (lol)), or have tutored all seem to have followed that trend as well. Playing the more effective dominant Veigar is difficult without understanding him front and back and not yet having mastered landing E, so I'd even go as far as to say that is the preferred learning curve for old Veigar mains. Clearly by this logic no one on Riot's balance team was at the dominant Veigar stage.
LyraSona (NA)
: Your suggestion, if I understand it correctly, will simply turn him yet again into an easy stunner hero followed by a 100-0 nuke. The delay on E being effective in any way is necessary to ensure these Veigar cheese strats cannot be reliable.
You're not even reading into it. He's suggesting that the starting point for the instant stun be on the closest side of the stun ring juxtaposed to Veigar's position. The stun would then expand forward at a delayed rate into the familiar ring formation. With this change, Veigar is allowed to have an instant stun on the short side of his cast range, but on the far side there will still be a delay. Veigar players didn't even use the inner side of the stun ring pre-patch 5.4. In practice, this allows Veigar to have his life-saving instant stun, which he NEEDS because he would get melted before he can even cast anything after E otherwise (are you forgetting that Veigar is one of the squishiest champions in the game next to Shaco and Kog'maw?), yet also have a delay on the part of the stun ring that most players used to use to catch far targets "instantly" (E actually had a delay already but whatever). Effectively, the range that Veigar has for an instant stun is SIGNIFICANTLY reduced. He wouldn't even be able to use it against ranged champions. His max cast range is currently 700. His ring has a radius of 375. Therefore, the short side of the ring would have a max range of 700 - 375 = 325. You would have to be blind and bronze to walk into 325 range against a Veigar.
pleep (NA)
: Pleep's Official Guide to Escaping Low Elo. (HARDCORE information no BS)
I would be careful about calling this cold hard fact. What OP has said contains the truth: you *can* get out of Bronze/Silver by playing snowball carries. But then again, you can get out of bronze by playing just about anything. Of course, when I say that, I only mean COLLECTIVELY as an entire player base, players can get out of bronze with anything. So what am I saying? What's my point? This guide is not the cold hard way to get out of Bronze. **The key to getting out of bronze is to develop a strategy and understand it fully in order to bring out its optimal effects.** It doesn't matter what champion your strategy uses, nor what position you start in, AS LONG AS you understand your strategy as your own. Ever wonder how enemy players in mirror match-ups always seem to wreck your face? It's highly likely that they've developed a personal strategy that works far better than *your* personal strategy. If you tend to win mirror match-ups, then congratulations, your personal strategy is likely superior to others'. That same reason is why I try not to hand my beginner LoL students any champion guides, especially if it's written by a pro. That pro has written the guide with his own personal strategy in mind, and it won't matter if a beginner builds the same build, or uses the same runes and masteries. If the player cannot adopt the personal strategy used in the guide or worse, cannot figure out what the personal strategy behind the guide is even supposed to be, then the guide is worthless. This guide written here by Pleep is a guide designed with a lane-dominance-oriented personal strategy, for example. Any player that does not have the mechanical skill to overpower another opponent during the laning phase will not be able to adopt the personal strategy behind this guide, and therefore will not be able to make use this guide, at least until they practice and bring their skill level up. At the same time, I play (and often win with) Support Sion. I even made a tutorial about it. However, even if you went to check it out, if you don't understand how to play the role--when to do what and how to go about doing it--then you will do terribly. Support Sion works for me because I know what it is that I want to accomplish by playing him (as a support). Now, just as Pleep has developed his own personal strategy, and I've developed mine, you as a player need to develop YOURS. Developing a personal strategy, as the name implies, is a rather personal process as it must take into account what you as a player are good at or enjoy doing. Adopting someone else's personal strategy is not impossible (not at all), but it will be difficult for someone without extensive knowledge of the game. I suggest using Pleep's guide as an example, not necessarily to attempt to *adopt* the personal strategy but rather to see what kind of things you should think about when creating your own. Notice how Pleep has carefully chosen his champion line-up as well as the positions they are to be played, along with how to go about playing them. He hasn't posted his build, but obviously your build should reflect the type of plays you are going to be making. An Annie player that will be trading blows often might want to invest in a Rod of Ages, whereas a Flash-Assassin type Annie player might just want to build straight damage and focus some extra effort into not getting caught out or bursted down suddenly. Well, hope I helped.
Pikmints (NA)
: I've even seen it used for changes that weren't clear nerfs. Reducing a spell's damage, yes a nerf. Minor damage reduction plus a mana cost reduction and reduced cooldown plus more scaling, wouldn't be surprised if someone called that gutting either.
Some people were calling Veigar's changes a "compensation". AKA "not clear nerfs". Changes to Q (I'd say buffs), clear buffs to W, clear nerf to R, and changes to E (which, when looked at closer, is a KILLER nerf) Had they left his E alone, it would have been a buff. The deserved compensatory buff for the removal of DFG. But a measly 50 range buff and a whopping .75 second delay on top of his already long cast delay makes him unplayable, and more importantly, not fun to even play. Crazy, right? With one skill change Veigar goes from the quirky fun champ with a full frontal power fantasy to a champ that pan-handles for kills because he can't catch his own fish anymore. Anyone who says otherwise is not playing against an opponent with a competent level of game sense and psychological game depth. I know I'm going off on a tangent, but honestly. I don't care how high my AP numbers get. Even if I can carry every Veigar game I play, I can't catch anyone completely off of my own skill anymore, so none of the kills I get are gratifying. The fantasy is lost. And to have a champion be nerfed in how fun they are is the worst type of all. {{champion:69}}
: I'm sorry, but Riot finally buffs tank junglers and nerfs the top-tier ones and now you whine about how harsh they were? Is there ANY way to satisfy this community?
I'm glad that they are finally buffing some things that desperately need buffs. But that doesn't change the fact that they gutted our champions {{champion:45}} Do you think I would be satisfied if Nature made my favorite fruit, let's say plums {{champion:45}} taste like shit overnight, and then announced that she is making watermelons {{champion:111}} (and co.) more delicious? Would that really make me forget about the plums? Hell no I want my plums back. And I know we're talking about a different plum here {{champion:38}} but really, range is such a delicate skill stat, seeing a whopping 40% range decrease on a melee champ is a HUGE non-rework change for a single patch. Keep in mind these plums went bad YESTERDAY. I don't care if they send me positive news today about fucking watermelons, I'm still mad that I can't enjoy my plums. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad that watermelons are going to taste better. They've tasted terrible for a while now, but... shit, man. My plums.
: I think that they mean that he has to be closer to you to jump on you than he used to, so he is telegraphing his intent to jump on you because now he has to get closer to do. Whereas, before he could run away and still be running away and teleport all the way back now that your guard is down. They halved the range.
By that logic then Veigar should have kept his stun. Veigar's stun always had a very obvious and "telegraphed" stun range if you've played against him enough. As a champ with no mobility, it was a rather predictable "danger zone" and you were a fool to walk into that range without expecting Veigar to throw down a stun. But no, "instant" stun (if a skill with a delay sounds like "instant" to you) = 0 counterplay, delay skill. They should have just nerfed Veigar's stun range. That would have been better.
: Annie's Tibber should have a delay instead of being instant.
I agree. They ruined my Veigar, why not ruin my other main. I'm actually 100% all for this. *ahem* sorry not *ruin*, where did that come from? Certainly we should **buff** her by telegraph the landing spot and add a 1 second delay while increasing her cast range by 25.
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DeusVult (NA)
: The latest patch rundown made me lose a ton on what remaining faith i had
9:48 "I think Veigar players would be sad if our buffs to him put him right on top." So we nerfed his E to the ground. LAWL GL NF Yeah, that's right Riot I'm salty as fuck. I will try out this new Veigar and I will try my best to fit him in, but I can already see, he is not going to be the same Veigar. 0 solo kill potential. So much for 100-0 fantasy.
Tarrok (EUW)
: League of Legends - Master Yi pentakill. [n9wka nomer1]
Irrelevant topic. Do not watch. What? Your ears are hurting? Tsk tsk, what did I just tell you?
: Another Sion Nerf????
wait WTF link please?
agbudar (NA)
: i had a tiny brain explosion right now im sorry what did you just say? exception to the rule? {{champion:63}} {{champion:69}} {{champion:42}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:131}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:60}} {{champion:28}} {{champion:9}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:3}} {{champion:41}} {{champion:79}} {{champion:74}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:30}} {{champion:38}} {{champion:85}} {{champion:121}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:21}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:56}} {{champion:2}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:133}} {{champion:33}} {{champion:58}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:68}} {{champion:13}} {{champion:98}} {{champion:102}} {{champion:27}} {{champion:15}} {{champion:72}} {{champion:37}} {{champion:50}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:91}} {{champion:44}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:4}} {{champion:29}} {{champion:6}} {{champion:110}} {{champion:45}} {{champion:112}} {{champion:106}} {{champion:62}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:154}} {{champion:115}} {{champion:26}} {{champion:143}} all of the champions above need (i forgot a few i think) need reworks/outright buffs to their kits to become even close to what {{champion:103}} {{champion:268}} {{champion:429}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:5}} {{champion:238}} bring to the table atm and i can't fukin believe i put fizz in the list of needing a buff cuz i fukin hate that fish but being as honest and objective as i can be he needs a tad bit of love atm. his problem lied solely in the fact that he ABUSED death grasp.
> [{quoted}](name=agbudar,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=c1AeYTVY,comment-id=00080001000100000000,timestamp=2015-02-21T03:31:12.887+0000) > {{champion:119}} {{champion:119}} Yes.
: He's fun, but in solo que with everyone playing Lee, Jarv, Fizz, LB, etc. It feels like a waste. I like that he is a CC amp but dear god do these constant mobility champs make it impossible without a full team coordination.
Yeah, it's hard. Sion is definitely not the best of solo-queue champs. I'm hoping some pro teams would use him, but then again he's too much of a risk to take in a high-stake game where full stability is preferred.
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