: If Warwick became an honest man because of these memories with Jinx and has taken her in as his child, then he shouldn't be "not wanting to remember". Taking her in is his redemption, in this case, forgetting her is not an option in my opinion. Don't know, I think this quote does not fit in with Warwick being her caretaker. Makes no sense for me why he should say that in this situation. I think it just makes sense when he is running away from something he actually didn't cope with in some way. There is a trauma in his past that he never worked through. And I think killing Jinx' and Vi's parents is this trauma.
He isn't really an honest man anymore or trying to be. Warwick has already forgotten who he was before and doesn't want to remember who he was because it pains him to remember. Warwick as he is now isn't really trying to redeem himself. He is a bloodthirsty beast now. Forgetting her is an option in this case because he thinks the past doesn't matter anymore and that he kills criminals deserving of it.
: I doubt that he is their father. I think he was personally involved in their story, but not as their father. Especially the quote towards Jinx "you were there.... LET ME FORGET!" kinda speaks against that theory in my opinion. That is something a loving caretaker wouldn't say to his child. My own theory, about which I made an own thread, is that Warwick killed Vi's and Jinx' parents.
I interpret that quote as Warwick not wanting to remember her because it really pains him to remember her and that he is trying to forget who he really was in the past.
: why does jinx shoot her dad in game then (hes a caretaker/father)? i thought my family is messed up. lmao anyways i dont see a reason that he is related to her i mean Vi is the sister of jinx so... Vi doesnt have any story into warwick. if hes a father of jinx then he should know Vi.
Well, Vi hasn't really had any updated story in a long time and if she does get one, it's usually between her and Cait. Maybe Jinx was the favourite and did more for warwick? Vi might've been the rebellious one, always went outside and didn't do anything therefore warwick doesn't remember her much but remembers jinx?
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: The Unifying Theory of Rhaast
Aatrox tells that he did not think his fellows weak. Meaning Rhaast is darkin just like him. Rhaast doesn't seem traumatized because it'd quite possible that it broke his mind and went insane. Pantheon is dead. It's Atreus who is the new pantheon and he doesn't any Darkin aside from Aatrox unlike Old Panth. Maybe it's because he likes to kill and that's just it. It's more likely he is referring to the immortality of the Ascended. Good try though.
Sancre (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Hayaishi2,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=8ZIWRmb9,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2019-08-08T21:52:48.835+0000) > > Tbh even if Kayn is exceptional and mentally strong i don't think he should be able to defeat Rhast. Rhast is an ascended he should be above any human by default. Does Kayn ever gets to really defeat Rhaast? Rhaast is inmmortal by virtue of his curse, if it was that easy Aatrox would have tried that already. What probably happens is that Kayn suffocates Rhaast with shadow magic, sending him to sleep and leaving behind the power of an ascended (but not the Darkin Blood Magic). When Kayn finally dies, and his shadow magic can no longer affect Rhaast, he will probably wake up, finding an old and decrepit corpse, useless to him... If Kayn didn't get the Ascended's inmortality when becoming Shadow Assassin that is...
Kayn has no way of winning against Rhaast. Suffocate him with shadow magic? It won't work. Rhaast is already suffocating in his weapon for thousands of years. The inevitable end is that Rhaast wins.
Jaspers (EUW)
: While technically Rhaast is a side character to Kayn, the main character. Renekton has development. He's a great warrior living in his brother's shadow, was a brilliant fighter and lead Shuriman's armies to many victories as a man. Having done wrongs, he tries to atone for them but sacrificing himself for his brother then sacrificing himself again to save Shurima. He is now a shell of that man, tormented by a deranged Xerath for centuries in an magic tomb, his mind tricked and twisted. Rhaast is a homicidal maniac, this is great for his character and all his character needs. You want to make Rhaast relateable? No thanks. Murdering nutjob is a great characterisation already.
Side character to Kayn? Yeah no. Rhaast is Kayn's villain Without Rhaast, Kayn is nothing. Just another person in Zed's group. The only reason Kayn looks like the main character is because he was given lore. They had lore in store for Rhaast but the writer left before finishing it. In no way is Rhaast a side character to Kayn. You're implying that Kayn will win in the end because he's the main character but what will happen in the end is Rhaast consuming Kayn because let's be honest, A demigod warrior fueled by the sun vs a teenage shadow assassin? Demigod warrior wins everytime.
: Honestly this is some good thinking but I believe that Lissandra will not be affiliated with Trundle after Trundle gets his update. Sadly...
GreenLore (EUW)
: Sejuani offered Volibear a war. A single raid on a village isn't a war. Udyr even told Voli that he won't allow him to take Sejuani, implying that Voli is intending to stay with her, at least for now.
Voli is the only thing to be afraid of. The rest of the Ursine Clan are not to be feared by the trolls. Who's to say that Anivia and Ashe's clan won't fight Voli and the Winter's claw while the trolls raid their villages? I'm not saying that the trolls would win fighting the two tribes head on. They would win by picking parts of the tribes one by one. Anivia and Volibear aren't omnipresent as far as I'm concerned.
GreenLore (EUW)
: I think the Olaf comic wasn't canon, it was fanmade(doesn't change the fact that Trundle is fricking huge though). However I'm not too sure if the Trolls would be enough to really drive Ashe and Sejuani into a corner, especially since Sejuani has Volibear on her side and Ashe will likely have Anivia on hers, 2 powerful demigods, who might be able to hold off the trolls on their own.
It's unknown if Volibear and Anivia will actually interfere in the affairs. Sejuani's deal with Volibear ended with the raid on a certain village. Eŕ
EdgeLady (NA)
: The trolls have a lot more potential than people give them credit for, especially with Trundle leading them. He might not be book smart, but he can keep his wits in a fight and use them to outsmart more powerful opponents. That makes them formidable foes to the beasts of the Ursine cult and whatever beasts Ashe and Sejuani can bring into their armies. Besides Lissandra herself, the only Freljordian champions who could easily crush the trolls would be the demigods, and that's if and when they decide to join the fight against Lissandra at all. Chances are we'll need to see them settle their spats among themselves before they band together against any sort of common foe. Then there's Braum, but we don't have any concrete lore on him to know how powerful he actually is. I suppose Olaf might stand a chance against them because of ironic prophecies and all, but that won't stop the trolls from destroying the rest of the Winter's Claw while he's charging headfirst into their battle lines. Oh, and I shouldn't forget about Gnar and Willump (with Nunu), but we have yet to see either of them in a real fight in the current lore. Trundle vs Nunu and Willump might be a pretty even matchup (lore-wise), but who knows about Gnar.
Gnar might have a chance if he's in Mega Gnar form. I heard that Mega Gnar is pretty gigantic in lore. I think Nunu and Willump's affinity to frost won't have an effect on Trundle since he is extremely adapted to the frozen barren wasteland environment on Freljord. However they moght have powers that I am not aware of.
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: All of the Frostguard. And the Watchers, more importantly. Having an "army" of basically wild apes who only follow Trundle because he is slightly larger than the rest of them isn't more beneficial than a group of people.
The Watchers are frozen solid underground. Her beings allies with the Frostguard is a given already ever since her debut. It's not like they were made jsut now to be her allies. She is their leader. Those "wild apes" follow Trundle who also follows Lissandra. I didn't say Trundle is slightly larger than the rest of the trolls. I said that all of them are giants. Not just Trundle. In terms of firepower or what, I'd take an army of giant trolls over a group of humans.
: No, Lissandra has human allies now.
Are they notable? Who? Are they outside of her frost borne group? Having a frost giant (troll) army is more beneficial than a group.
: Well.... he really has no relevance to the story. Like Rammus, or Ivern, or Kindred, or most of the demons. They exist in the world, possibly in the vicinity of and interacting with other champions; but they don't play a role in the greater narrative. Trundle's just a troll. He doesn't have a connection to the Iceborn like the human Freljordians, nor the Void like the Watchers. And he's not a demigod. He's just kinda there. Which is fitting.
Well, Trundle is Lissandra's only ally. He may not have relevance now but he might or will have in the future. The story goes that Lissandra hired Trundle to gather a troll army which is a huge thing. Trolls are basically Frost Giants as seen in Ryze's trailer. They have a strong affinity to Frost and possibly True Ice. If they were to be gathered as an army, they would be able to conquer most of Freljord with only a few exceptions stopping them like the Ursa or the demigods. Backed up by a powerful mage, they would have possible knowledge about the other factions. Also, they don't have relevance right now because Riot didn't update him.
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: Can rhaast be as strong as aatrox
They probably would be at the same level of power. Due to Rhaast's dialogue with Aatrox, we know that they are equal in skill while the former is more into speed and the latter into strength. Xerath is the most powerful Ascended to date. He was able to take on Nasus and Renekton at the same time, seconds after he ascends meaning he had no idea how to use the power he had before. Now that thousands of years has passed, Xerath knows more than enough to control and use his powers. Rhaast as he is now can't fight him. Xerath would just disintegrate the bodies around him, rendering Rhaast incapacitated.
: Two sisters and a wolf [Lore theory about Jinx, Vi, and Warwick]
I always thought Warwick was their father but you have a point there.
d00mface (EUW)
: Why would they fight? They're boyfriends. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Pika Fox (NA)
: Mord would win, easily. Aatrox is old, worn out and weak. He is no longer anywhere remotely close to his prime, and cant even exist for an extended period of time since no host can actually handle his weakened power.
But what about Pre-Darkin Aatrox?
: We don’t know how Morde’s Necromancy interacts with Celestial magic. For all we know Morde could imprison a Darkin weapon in his own Shadow realm and render it moot. Edit: Morde could probably wield a Darkin weapon
Yeah, he could imprison on it inside but only for a few seconds before returning because it isn't really dead so it doesn't belong in the Death Realm.
Jaspers (EUW)
: I know you didn't but but they aren't Ascended, they are souls trapped in weapons malforming bodies. A weapon is still just that an inanimate thing, drop it and it stays there. Disconnect the weapon from the host, what do you get? Send a body to the death realm but leave the sword, what do you get? Just saying Ascended's die to make sure people know they do. I think everyone makes too much of Ascendeds/Darkins and make them out to be too powerful. Also think people make out like Aspects are too powerful too, beating a Pantheon is not a feat, everyone has done it. :P Pretty sure throw anyone (other the voidborn obviously) into the Void they'd die, Aatrox and Morde alike.
Only two people have been stated in lore to be able to kill Pantheon. Aurelion Sol and Aatrox. I don't know where you're getting that from. I agree with you about the darkin sword stuff but Ascended Aatrox has been stated to kill beings like Ornn. Something I haven't seen Morde do at all and safe to say that he couldn't do so to a similar being. Nasus killing one and Taanari killing one kinda don't mean anything because the beings in mentioned are the same as them. 3 ascended and Setaka died to the Void which we can all say has even more destructive and corruptive power than Mordekaiser.
: Well I’m going to give Mordekaiser the edge due to his knowledge in magic. Aatrox’ Blood magic can’t really affect the Tinhead, and if anyone can understand and use magic powerful enough to destroy a Darkin, it would be Mordekaiser. I somehowe doubt that’s Aatrox has the magical know-how to permanently destroy Mordekaiser, if even just killing Mordekaiser is possible. In fact, I would go so far as to say that Mordekaiser could take on all five of the Darkin, at the very least, the three we’ve already seen. As for the respective armies, I’ll give that to Mordekaiser. Army of ghosts tends to outmatch army of thralls.
Don't know about that. I seriously doubt Mordekaiser can destroy a curse made from celestial magic by the Aspect Of Twilight. We all know that the Aspect of Twilight is one of the most powerful beings in the universe that can affect the world on a global scale unlike Morde. Neither does Morde because necromancy and spirit magic won't cut it and again, the curse was made with celestial magic. You're overrestimating Mordekaiser's capabilities. Mordekaiser won't be able to handle even two and even more, three celestial/sun powered god warriors. Sure but Aatrox would use and meld his army into his own and improve his form even more. He would become gigantic and then he'll be able to take care of the army of ghosts and Morde.
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: Demigods vs. Lissandra
Feels like if Volibear wants to finish the job then he could. I think we can say that Volibear/Ornn/Anivia are much more powerful than the other demigods and are essentially, the Big Three. I'm cinfident to aay that Lissandra won't be able to remove Ornn or Volibear at all. Also, were you thinking of Blackforst Anivia when you said Liss plans on corrupting her?
Jaspers (EUW)
: I'd rather he lacks it so he stays this homicidal maniac we have, what are they going to do? Make him relateable? Please, nut job wants to do nothing but kill, let him stay that way. BUT having something would be nice, the champ is Kayn mind you, so he has the bulk but Rhaast plays a big role so why not something.
They don't have to really make him relatable but he should really have a backstory on either how he became worthy of ascension or during his prime and fallen days.
: Take a look at Necrit, a lore youtuber https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CKwR-tC53UI. And Rhaast is a darkin, which have plenty of lore. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=knRpuWCQMhE Keep in mind these are older ones, watch his newer videos for more
I know about Necrit. His newer videos don't really have anything to do with the Darkin. I'm talking about lore specifically on Rhaast but I guess I might be able to get something else out of the video.
: Because Nunu and Willump are partners and both are a part of their kit. Nunu uses his flute to summon snowballs and help his allies/Willump while Willump hits people, eats things, pushes snowballs, and roots people Nunu hits. They also both use their powers together for their ult. Their kit is very much the both of them while Kayn's kit is just Kayn doing things and Rhaast just doing evil scythe things. Rhaast is meant to be a one note character, his purpose is character development for Kayn.
Aren't Kayn and Rhaast partners? Without each other, they aren't a champion. Both are integral parts of the kit. Without Rhaast, Kayn is nothing.
: ***
Then why is it in the game, the name is still Kayn? You do know that the wiki cam be changed right? Someone who is unsatisfied with it changed it. And you call me toxic? Look who is name calling and is spouting some bs. It sucks even more to have people like you in this community of good manners and hospitality. I think you're the one who looks up to them buddy. Not me. Uuuh what? I didn't complain about the lore though? I complained about Rhaast. Don't put words in my mouth. You just wish I'd say those things to prove your nonsense. I don't play NA league. I play in the Garena. I'm well over 100 levels in. I don't want to hear that from you. You aren't even a moderator or a famous guy here. Just some toxic guy. You don't represent them and stop putting words in their mouths. The only people I recognize that are known here in boards are Warlord Rhinark, theIceborne, Ryzethesmurf, Hyper10plosion (the power levels guy) and Camille. Who the hell are you? Now you try to act all high and mighty and walk off on your high horse acting like you won.
: I agree, a little reason as to how he became a crazy bloodthirsty snark machine would be great. Was he always a bloodthirsty maniac and did his Ascension emphasize that? Or did it come after the Void war? What was he like that he was respected enough to be allowed to ascend? I know people say Rhaast can be a little one-note, but we just don't know that much about him. I think some back story and some development of his relationship with Kayn could remedy this. Do Kayn become somewhat close despite their nasty rivalry? What does he think of Kayn other than his value as a host? Will his opinion change over time? From their dialogue you almost get the feeling that Rhaast kind of likes some of Kayn's behaviors, even though he effectively wants him dead. Kayn almost feels glad to have someone validate him, even if its an awful person like Rhaast. There's a lot of potential there. Rhaast is as much a Champion as Kayn. You have the potential to play as him and only him. It only makes sense that he gets some lore more focused on him.
It's just a shame Riot doesn't recognize him though I think? Riot named Nunu, Nunu **and Willump**, meaning they recognize Willump as a champion too. Right? People say that Rhaast is a one note character but we don't know anything about his past to conclude that. He might've even been the opposite of what is now back then.
: For real. The excuse of him not being a champion makes totally no sense not only for Kai and Valmar but also all the lore they release with random people that arent even champions. Rhaast needs lore we know nothing about him and hes IMO the most important part of Kayn's story, Kayn is just a edgy shadow ninja whos great at every weapon, theres nothing that interesting with that until you bring in the Darkin. He was even name dropped in the Twilight of the Gods story from one of the other Darkin so he obviously is important to the story of the Darkin or atleast has a part that should be told. Hopefully when Riot finally gets around to releasing the Darkin female or the last unknown Darkin rather than these other champs like Yuumi or Qiyana they'll release some lore to show some more love to the Darkin and especially Rhaast.
I agree. Without Rhaast, Kayn isn't that much interesting. He is jsut a teenager who is good with any weapon which is again, uninteresting. Rhaast is an important part of Kayn's story and what people forget is that he is going back to Ionia with Rhaast to report to Zed and once Zed finds out what Rhaast really is, he might attempt to try and dispose of him but Kayn will prevent him from doing so and a battle will ensue.
: I agree. Sorry to go off topic a bit here but I felt like mentioning this.. I'm sorta still sad that the overall lore suggests that each Darkin dislike each other (almost hate each other). I always sort of imagined them being this sort of 3 evil brothers in arms.
I still think they do consider each other brothers but they are the type of brothers who really understand each other and still hate each other. Aatrox and Rhaast still refer to each other as brothers. Also they had some personal history if this helps. Aatrox considered Rhaast strong and was disappointed when he killed him. Rhaast took note of Aatrox' skill.
: Here's the thing though. I say this with all the love in my heart, Rhaast isn't that interesting. He's a **Fantastic** character with great personality, but overall, the dude was just some jerkbag conquering stuff and enslaving people. People are mixing up a fun character, for an interesting character, cause Rhaast is equally, if not possibly greater, a one-note character like Kayn. Why did Valmar and Kai get their own lore? Because uh, they're still a major factor for the story against the darkin Varus, trying to wrest control from him. They're the focal point around the character, these two lovers forged into one. Their love is the entire reason they currently stand against Varus. If anything, until Riot extremely slightly fleshed out Varus by giving him old Varus lore before he was a Darkin, Varus was the one with no lore and background. Why? Because the Darkin aren't the main character of these stories. They're antagonists, and while they do need to be fleshed out a little, they are not who the story revolves around. Kayn is the main character of his story, Rhaast is the obstacle between him and his goal. If Rhaast was a deeper character, maybe more lore would be needed, but as he is now, Rhaast is an extremely one-note character. His motivations: To be free and go killing stuff. His past: He was free and killing stuff. His ideal future: To be free and killing stuff, and then maybe getting depressed like Aatrox. Aatrox has lore, because he doesn't have any host to care about, and hosts become a use and discard aspect of his life. Aatrox is the actual character here, not the conflict between Darkin and Host.
We don't know enough about Rhaast's past to draw conclusions that he has always been an evil guy. We know that not all Darkin stayed the same as they were during their prime. Take Aatrox as an example, he wasn't this depressing, angry and fearsome before. Before he became like that, Aatrox inspired armies and was the definition of nobleness aside from Setaka. He still had good intentions back then. Was Rhaast always like this? Is killing ability worthy of ascension? For all we know, he might've the embodiment of justice in his prime and spread order and justice wherever he went. Maybe that's what made him worthy of ascension, because he was the ultimate cop, and now he become the literal embodiment of chaos and madness. Even antagonists deserve backstory or lore. There are plenty of antagonists in league that got lore and background. Again, Rhaast's past is completely unknown to us so we can't jsut draw conclusions that he was like that before.
: honestly I think Rhaast is the most genuinely evil of all the Darkin. Varus is on a vendetta of vengeance, Aatrox has plenty of mental issues, Rhaast is the one darkin who seems to just enjoy killing, he is just unlucky to be inexperienced in possessing a vessel and ending up with a powerful wielder who's will power is holding him back. really, think about it. the darkin tend to pervert the purpose of their weapons (symbolically). Aatrox uses the noble sword for senseless slaughter for his own selfish reasons. Varus is stated to use his arrows to terrorize victims instead of the precise, quick kill the bow is used for. Rhaast? Rhaast uses a Scythe, a weapon associated with killing and killing only (in terms of as a weapon, not a gardening tool lol). and another thing. Rhaast exhibits a deep cunning and manipulation against Kayn, showing a sharp intellect and patience. once he takes over Kayne, he becomes an ECSTATIC mass murderer. please note this seems to be the only goal of Rhaast when free, unlike Aatrox and Varus. in conclusion, by himself Rhaast is just an evil Darkin with nothing more than bloodlust fueling his every action.
I know that but I want to know about his past. Was he really always like that? Was murderous intent and ability recognized as something worthy of ascension? If so why? What forced him to become a Darkin so malicious? What are his views of being trapped in his own weapon? What I truly want know is his backstory or ayleast some parts of his past.
: When have they given this excuse: "Don't give us the excuse of Rhaast not being a champion." for literally ANYTHING? They give lore for people who aren't champions all the time. Not only that, but RHAAST IS A CHAMPION. Literally the whole point of Kayn is that he's two different timelines in one champion. One where Kayn wins and one where Rhaast wins. Your name literally changes to Rhaast when you go red form, he is very much a champion. You're really trying to bait people into getting angry over Rhaast lore when he at least has lore. There is still a Darkin we haven't even heard about... and you're over here worrying about a Darkin that at least has lore? Why the hell wouldn't they give Rhaast lore eventually? Like what is up with your mindset? He's literally part of one of the most interesting stories riot has with Zed and Ionia. League's lore is finally starting to move forward, he'll probably be getting stories with Kayn and his attempts at manipulating Kayn. Stop searching for a problem where there isn't one. Rhaast isn't of concern lore wise. It's clear you're not even a big fan of the lore just by how obnoxious you sound to anyone who does.
They did though. Just can't remember what post it was from. If Riot recognized Rhaast as a champion, shouldn't it be Kayn and Rhaast and not only Kayn? You're spouting bs. You clearly haven't played Rhaast at all. Your name doesn't change to Rhaast at all when you pick Rhaast. Again, you're just spouting bs. Interesting parts? Like what? He only featured at the END OF KAYN'S STORY. Hell, even in the Twilight of Gods, he only got a single mention. There is a problem though. Why couldn't they updated Rhaast during the Darkin Update? And that Darkin isn't really a apart of the game yet. Why should I and others worry about something that isn't even in the game yet? We'd rather worry about something that is IN the game. Rhaast IS A CONCERN LORE-WISE. You do realize that Rhaast will be brought to Zed and when Rhaast corrupts Kayn or him, both of which are extremely exceptional assassins, he can cause a country-scaled massacre across Ionia. Even if he isn't, that is not an excuse not to give him lore. Mundo got lore even though he contributes zero percentage to Zaun's story. Who are you to say that I'm not? That's your perspective there buddy. Name-calling won't get you anywhere with me. I'm not obnoxious, I'm just stating facts, seomthign you don't seem to understand and just start to spout some bs. Should've known better than to expect good hospitality and manners here but here you are.
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: So Mordekaiser Could BeThe Strongest Being?
{{champion:136}} : Am I a joke to you?
: low odds but might still stand a chance: {{champion:266}} darkin, so ascended lvl of strenght at least {{champion:127}} power from a watcher or something i think {{champion:75}} ascended being {{champion:58}} same as susan {{champion:101}} op ascended {{champion:142}} i think ascended or something probably stronger: {{champion:34}} a god {{champion:516}} a god {{champion:106}} a god {{champion:432}} a celestial being (above a god) but he aint a fighter so idk stronger than mord for sure: {{champion:136}} he launch galaxies at people not a champion but, the watchers (only exist in lore) kinda strongest being in league {{champion:17}} mord fuked if he face him 1v1, he is the only reason the watchers dont dare invade runatera
I think the Ascended and the Aspects win since they are fueled by celestial energy which is superior to Morde's magic. Also, Morde can't be killed but it doesn't mean he is impossible to 1v1.
: Yes but Ixtal apparently assisted in the creation of the Sun Disks. Also they fell apart after both the Void War and Azir's failed Ascension. Ixtal survived, Shurima as it was once known did not.
It is said that Ixtal **likely** assisted which means it's just an assumption and not a fact. Shurima has now also been rebuilt by Azir and it's Ascended are still around.
: I wonder since the new lore says that Ixtal joined Shurima and contributed some of the first Ascended, is Aatrox's accent from the region? It would explain why his accent is different from the other Darkin and Ascended.
No, the lore says that they "likely" meaning it is assumed and not sure that they contributed. It is just an assumption that they contributed to Shurima merely because the Ixtal is older. Aatrox is not from Ixtal.
: Qiyana - Special Interactions!
Qiyana: "What does Shurima have?" Several godlike ascended that could level your entire city or wipe out your armies all by themselves, A sun disk that was made to create said godly ascended, and weapons such as the Shuriman Colossus in Ryze's video. Also, the Shurima is also comepletely large while Ixtal is only half the size of it.
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: > [{quoted}](name=Craft Zeppelin,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=89xO9qch,comment-id=0007,timestamp=2019-03-04T04:11:16.751+0000) > > Also, Zoe happens to be a Lunari. Zoe also happens to be a successor of the girl who trapped the darkin in the first place. She could finish them off, if she cared.
Only if Zoe can trick the Darkin. Only reason that the Aspect of Twilight did those things is because she had help from another Darkin.
: Female Faces
Why would they bother changing the face when you aren't gonna see it anyway at all.
: Without armor, your army will lose. That’s just how medieval fighting works. Is he afraid to die? Maybe, I dunno. In his lore he puts himself in life threatening situations with regularity including promising to be killed by a witch where his armor would not protect him. But pointing out that he wears something necessary to be effective at his job with the self satisfaction that you’ve somehow said something cutting and enlightening is bizarre.
I don't know how you think I tried to say something cutting and enlightening but that is your fault He puts himself into life threatening situations with regularity so that his men and his people can be safe. Being fearful doesn't mean you can't act at all. It simply means that you are afraid of what might happen so you try to do something to prevent that. Wearing armor is necessary for his job so that magic is nullified and he won't die. The fear of death is still there. The reason petricite armor was made is becuse of their fear of magic. This is deeply embedded into Garen when he was a child ever since his uncle was killed.
: Wearing armor does not mean you are afraid to die, means you smart enough to attempt to keep from dieing. Big difference. And not wearing armor doesn't mean you embrace death, it simply means you dont think you need armor. Now you can wear armor and be afraid of death, but wearing armor does not = afraid of death. Wearing the armor is not making you afraid of death, but being afraid of death could make you wear armor. See the difference?
People wear armor to keep themselves from dying is basically fearing death. It is also the general consensus for almost everyone that wearing armor will prevent anyone from dying. One of the reasons armor was invented was so that people won't die. Wearing armor isn't making you afraid death if you are already scared of it. You fear death so that's the reason you wore the armor in the first place Not wearing armor in a battlefield means that you are not afraid to die at all. It isn't just something that soldiers think they don't need. A person knows the risks of not wearing armor into battle and yet he still did not wear it. That must meam he is either brave or foolish. If you are trying to be condescending then you shouldn't have bothered replying to my comment.
: Honestly, Morgana's line to Garen kinda annoyed me. "Those who wear armor are afraid to die." Bitch do you know how insane medieval battlefields are? Weapons are flying around, arrows are shot at you, there is a mass of a hundred men with spears all attempting to stab you in rows. What fucking moron wouldn't wear armor?
The point is that wearing armor means that you are afraid of getting hit by weapons which basically means death so you wear armor to prevent that. It signifies that you are afraid to die to those so you wear armor instead. I just repeated myself though. Not wearing an armor however means you are either extremely brave or foolish and you are not afraid to die but you instead embrace it.
: The worst part about the Kayle rework...
You're complaining about her neck? You do know that you look at her from the top right? You won't even see it. Have you seen RiotAugust's post? They are doing something about it. Her wings are a whole lot better than the previous ones.
Käcey (NA)
: Made a screenshot armor edit of the kayle rework
The wings are horrible to look at even if you make it detailed. It would also shrink her model, making her a midget once more. Since I personally like the color red. It looks more appealing to the eyes.
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