: But Nunu has line in his VO directed to Lissandra...
I know this thread has evolved into talking mainly about VO interactions, but the way I interpreted it was talking about stories. I wanna see stories with the two. Thought that was obvious from what I wrote.
: 2018 Lore Tournament - 11th December: Stone Cold vs. Hunter of Shadows
I loved Stone Cold. It captures the feeling of reading something a little kid wrote so well. Just look at how much of the prose has sentences ending in exclamation marks! It's so cute. Also I didn't really like that Lucian story... it didn't do much for me.
wolvius (EUW)
: I have found the promised lands of "skin preview"
Yeah this site is really good. I like it a lot better than lolking for a number of reasons, chief among those being that all the models are actually there and not glitched out and neglected from being fixed for months
: 2018 Lore Tournament - 10th December: The Cage vs. The Shadow Door
Nocturne's story was bone-chilling, it really brought a super-old champ into current lore in a really effective way.
: Shurima Seems Like A Pretty Crappy Place To Live, Right Now
{{champion:81}} "They say Shurima's a nice place to visit, but you wouldn't wanna live there. I certainly don't."
: What do you personally dislike about the lore ¿
I hate the fact that so many champions from the old days have been left in the dust in terms of lore, most egregious examples being stuff like {{champion:16}} {{champion:12}} {{champion:54}} and everything involving Bandle. Yes, they're slowly getting through these guys, the most recent example being {{champion:76}}, but it's really painful to know that these champs still have barely more lore than what was there in 2009. Also, when most champs finally get updated lore, we rarely get to go back to them. For example, the was for the Freljord was set up in a big way through a huge lore event like five years ago, and we haven't heard anything from that since, except building on it a bit with the Void being integrated. Lore progression is so rare that it's a huge deal when it happens (Confessions of a Broken Blade). And when these lore progressions DO happen, we don't see the champs change in-game. Look at Nidalee, who just got a lore update, or Lissandra, who was reframed in the lore. Neither is reflected in-game. Nidalee's still a stripper and Lissandra is still a Captain Planet villain. I realize that budget constraints don't allow Riot to implement EVERY SINGLE LORE CHANGE in game, and if they wanted to VGU every champ they released lore for we'd never get any lore, but it'd still be nice. TL;DR - So I guess the thing I hate most about the lore is that there's not enough of it, haha. P.S. - I'd put {{champion:10}} & {{champion:25}} in that little list of egregious examples, but they're not far off from a proper full update, so they get a pass.
: > [{quoted}](name=Triistana,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=c0EG5ztG,comment-id=0009,timestamp=2018-12-09T22:48:52.679+0000) > > The absolute neglect and mockery of Bandle City. If they gave it a quarter of love of what they've given Bilgewater... I might be extremely wrong but I think they said that all champions will have up to date lore by the end of this year. If that is true... you know...
This year, as in 2018? I'd love that, but there's still a couple dozen champs with outdated lore, so I don't see it.
: Rammus and Rek'Sai. There's no way Rammus hasn't rolled through her territory before.
: None. I play with voices turned off because of these {{champion:13}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:518}} {{champion:142}} {{champion:20}}
Ifneth (NA)
: {{champion:126}} and {{champion:51}} {{champion:254}} Vi is lesbian and has loved Caitlyn for years, but feared to ruin their friendship and partnership by confessing her attraction. Caitlyn, bisexual but preferring men, has nearly led Vi along with the genuine kindness and intimacy she’s demonstrated. Jayce, straight and looking for a wife, dates and courts Caitlyn, who accepts his advances only after he curbs his pride. When Caitlyn comes home one night, a diamond sparkling on her finger, Vi breaks down in tears and rage, having watched her love drift away. Caitlyn is shocked and asks for time to think, appreciating that Vi has been just as good to her as she’s been to Vi. She feels obliged to at least consider Vi, but forbidden by her agreement to marry Jayce. Caitlyn emerges and tells Jayce what’s happened. Jayce is just as surprised, especially when Caitlyn admits she can’t live without Vi any more than Vi could live knowing that her love were in another’s arms. Jayce reminds her she promised to marry him, but Caitlyn reminds him of divorce. Jayce storms off. Caitlyn comes home again and tells Vi what’s happened. Vi can see her honor has been satisfied but that her heart is aching. She tells Caitlyn that, although she’d wanted to settle down to a quiet life together, she loves her enough for an open relationship with Jayce. Caitlyn tells Vi that she deserves not to share her, but Vi insists Cait ask. Jayce refuses. He wants the same quiet life Vi does. Caitlyn tells him how much Vi means to her, and asks that if he loves her enough to marry her, that he should want her and her loved ones to be happy. Jayce objects that Piltover’s laws prohibit marrying more than one person. Caitlyn says she remains still his fiancée, and that Vi would not be legally attached. After discussing kids and property and financial planning, Jayce agrees. They file for their license as husband and wife, but at the ceremony, the three stand at the altar, agreeing to form one family of two loves.
: Xin Zhao and other Ionians. I'd be very interesting to see the culture clash.
That would be really cool. Xin is so far divorced from Ionia that I think it'd be interesting for someone like Akali to reflect on him and whether she really wants to have a part in her homeland.
: Gangplank and Singed. {{champion:41}} {{champion:27}} I think they'd have discussions on how to keep a victim alive while they work on it. _<shudder>_
I'd read it. It'd at least be _something_ for Singed!
d00mface (EUW)
: What champs would you like to see interact with one another that haven't?
{{champion:20}} & {{champion:127}} I know we've seen them _talked about_ together, but we haven't seen it _on screen_, so to speak. And Nunu hasn't seen her since meeting Willump. I just really wanna see a big Freljord civil war and Nunu and Willump go to Lissandra and melt her cold heart with their cuteness! I really wanna see her take on the adoptive mum role for him, I think it'd be really fun. We saw a bit of that in those mini comics they showed off in that 9 fun facts thing but I want MORE!
: I think if they encounter each other in lane they should start a really loud and very heated argument, while making their respective lane partners feel _suuuuuuuuuuper_ awkward. Like, "Please let me d/c outta this game" awkward.
Terozu (NA)
: Amumu doesnt proc the Yordle quest.
Welp that theory is debunked I guess Rip that amazing concept art of him as a full-on yordle
: Where is the new skin of Ivern
Playing Ivern comes with the caveat that he will never get another skin. You'll just have to learn to live with it, friend. I have.
Rioter Comments
Zeanix (OCE)
: Nidalee’s new character design
There's been a lot of talk on the boards lately about the way women are portrayed in the game and Nid is a big talking point on that. I think this new design solves all the gripes people tend to have with designs like her current one. I for one love the new design. It's a lot more practical and grounded, while still being a bit sexy, including a v-line that actually works... unlike some void ladies we know... I saw someone mention that it helps a lot with the 'same face' problem that a lot of the League characters have and I could definitely agree there. She's got a pretty unique look. I'd love to see this translated in-game, even if it's only a base splash-art update.
Lyaso (EUW)
: I would say that {{champion:80}} and {{champion:56}} are coming before {{champion:36}} and {{champion:9}} . Since {{champion:9}} and {{champion:36}} got both recently skins. Two weeks ago there was a youtube video from wired where Ghostcrawler and Meddler talked about all champions. They mentioned particularly that {{champion:82}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:56}} and {{champion:106}} were needing updates.
Yeah I was thinking that too. Morde and Panth seem pretty likely and there's been a lot of demand for Voli lately, and Noc has always been someone that Reav3 was really interested in getting to so I could totally see them being the ones we get next year.
: When a champion is reworked, could we get a skin of the old base skin of the reworked champion?
They used to do this (see Traditional Karma, Trundle and Sejuani) and they even included their old voicelines, but that stopped when Sion hit. The reasoning for stopping was that the new version should always be faithful enough to the old that it would still feel like the same champion and not be someone completely different (like rework Trundle). The last one to get something along these lines was GP. When he got reworked they made Captain GP, which is basically his old look from before the rework, but more in line with the current lore. I'd kinda like to see them go back to this. Like imagine if Swain got something like Superb Villain Swain that basically looked like his old design when he got reworked. People probably wouldn't have been so up in arms over the design change. Then too, I wouldn't want to sacrifice Dragon Master for something like that, so I guess that's the trick.
SanKakU (NA)
: clarity feedback on one of the new skins
I think it's more a problem of Yi himself being a fairly generic sword-fighter with no major distinguishing features. He's kinda got the goggles going on, but that's about it.
: can we please have a Tahm Kench skin (concepts included!)
Lewanor (NA)
: I think that rule applied when they didn't work on them much. Now they make them like epic skins. But with that said, i don't like e-sport skins. Taliyah really needs another skin, but after Ornn and Ivern.
Kalista still doesn't have a second, non-esports skin either.
: Some thoughts on more dated female champions, from a girl
I can't get over how much I love that Ashe redesign. I really hope she goes on the list of smaller VgU's with Blitz and Jax and such.
TisBis (NA)
: who got the last splash updates?
MF And she got the update in like February, so it's been awhile. EDIT: it was actually January
: Ashe has better clothes in the "legends never die" cinematic for worlds 2017 than she does in game
Probably because they knew it would look silly if she was wearing a bikini in the snow... {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: > [{quoted}](name=QMighty,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=blxf9abZ,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2018-12-03T20:54:48.616+0000) > > I&#x27;ll keep praying that Sivir is next despite the rule against doing two champs from the same role in a row. > I mean, MF will have been over a year past by the time they get to her so I don&#x27;t see the problem. Yeah, while I want Sivir next, I think Heimerdinger is a bit worse, I mean his splashes still show him with human skin, which has been completely phased out of modernized Yordles.
: When will you finish the Splash Updates? People are still waiting...
I'll keep praying that Sivir is next despite the rule against doing two champs from the same role in a row. I mean, MF will have been over a year past by the time they get to her so I don't see the problem.
: Man, everyone keeps saying they want Viridian to be made into an elderwood skin. Maybe, I would hope they make it more of a the Green Knight kind of thing, with a clear ethereal, ghost knight kind of feel. Also make Silver Kayle a warden skin, and Battleborn some kind of Norse Valkyrie kind of skin.
Either way would be cool. Taric kinda has both in Emerald, so that's basically what I'd be looking for in Viridian.
: > [{quoted}](name=QMighty,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=bEnwXnIs,comment-id=0004000000000000,timestamp=2018-12-03T16:25:31.418+0000) > > What about it? That one was removed.
It was removed from the store, not from the game
: > [{quoted}](name=QMighty,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=bEnwXnIs,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2018-12-03T16:13:57.255+0000) > > I&#x27;m 100% sure they&#x27;d never remove a skin. Rusty Blitzcrank?
Zoli Ben (EUNE)
: {{champion:25}} Blade Mistress - Omen of the Dark Blackthorn - Eclipse universe, maybe Coven Ghost Bride - Already in Fables Sinful Succulence - Culinary Masters Exiled- Canon {{champion:10}} Viridian- Elderwood Battleborn- Warden/Marauder Aether Wing- Steel Valkyre skin line Unmasked- Canon skin Judgement- No idea Silver - No idea
Oh yeah, Aether Wing would be PERFECT for that line! Oh boy now I really wanna see it!
: Judgement was given away to ppl who played ranked games for that season. I believe that victorious jarvan was the victorious skin for that year so it couldn't have been even a technical victorious skin
: {{champion:10}} : Viridian = Elderwood skin line. Battleborn = Warden skin line. Unmasked Kayle = removed. Helmet is now toggable in-game. Refunds given. Silver Kayle = removed. Now an exclusive chroma only available to people who pre-ordered the Digital Collector's Edition. {{champion:25}} : Blade Mistress = Omen of the Dark skin line. Blackthorn = Coven skin line. ~~Ghost Bride = Death Sworn skin line.~~ Stays in Fables.
I'm 100% sure they'd never remove a skin.
: > [{quoted}](name=QMighty,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=AUUQxs0O,comment-id=000c,timestamp=2018-12-03T01:47:42.799+0000) > > Redesign Freljord&#x27;s champs (especially Ashe) to wear actual snow gear. That&#x27;s been bugging me so much lately. Yeah Ashe looks funny but as you said a good glow up would look for the champions from Freljord. Something that would signal that they are from the same frozen place....Trynda is shirtless Gragas is naked...Hmmm okay.
Udyr, Ashe and Olaf don't wear pants
Jango Mage (EUNE)
: Please, do a bit of research next time, before you disagree with someone. Also dont make false claims about she being on the splash update list. Theres no such offical list, and even if there was she wouldnt be on it, because **sivir did receive a splash art update like 1-2 years ago** Here i made some comparisons for you https://imgur.com/a/Fx3LbcG
I mean everything you said was just wrong. She never received an update except where was mentioned before, and there is an official list, maintained by Moonboy and confirmed by Reav3. Looks like you oughta do the research, eh?
EdgeLady (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Camille Ferrøs,realm=EUNE,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=bEnwXnIs,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-12-02T22:58:59.652+0000) > > It would be funny if they go with the &quot;its an iconic thing about the character&quot; for her dance. They should at least keep the dance for Sinful Succulence Morgana. That's where it's actually iconic. > [{quoted}](name=QMighty,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=bEnwXnIs,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-12-02T21:55:43.043+0000) > > I think it would be really cool if the reworks drew direct contrasts between some of their skins. Here&amp;#039;s a few examples... > > Exiled Morgana / Unmasked Kayle > This is the one where I could see the biggest improvement. So Exiled Morg is supposed to be her right after her fall. But what if Unmasked Kayle is Kayle right after Morgana&amp;#039;s fall? The splash art could like show her looking down on Exiled Morg and being like &amp;#039;wtf dude&amp;#039; and maybe she&amp;#039;s revealing her true self to Morg or something... unmasked doesn&amp;#039;t have only one meaning, eh? Or maybe she&amp;#039;s just in her pajamas or something, idk. > > Viridian Kayle / Blackthorn Morgana > So Viridian Kayle, I think, is gonna get the same treatment as Taric&amp;#039;s green skin and get a nature-theme. I&amp;#039;d like it if it went up against Blackthorn Morgana, maybe by making it a Spring skin, while BT is Autumn-themed. > > Blade Mistress Morgana / ~~Battle Born~~ Iron Inquisitor Kayle > So BB Kayle is just Kayle with _more_ armour and a bigger sword, so it could get re-themed. Blade Morg is her but metal, so what if BB Kayle turned into the same kind of thing? They could both get moved over to the Omen of the Dark universe (makes sense, right? Blade Mistress and Blade Queen?) and Morg could become a follower of Lissandra, and Kayle is leading the fight against the Blade Queen. > Okay, I&amp;#039;m just now realizing that Iron Inquisitor Kayle is already part of the OotD universe, so this couldn&amp;#039;t really work. So just move Blade Mistress over to that universe, I guess. > > Silver Kayle / Victorious Morgana > This one is a bit nebulous but it&amp;#039;d be kinda funny if Victorious Morg had a unique quote to Silver Kayle that went something like &amp;quot;What, couldn&amp;#039;t get boosted to gold?&amp;quot; I dunno. > > Well, that&amp;#039;s all the ideas I had. Y&amp;#039;all can use this as a jumping-off point for discussion. All of these ideas are really good, but wasn't it Judgement Kayle that was technically the first Victorious skin? Perhaps it should be renamed Victorious Kayle. The Viridian Kayle vs Blackthorn Morgana idea sounds amazing! Especially because I, along with a few others, have thought that Viridian Kayle should be placed in the Eclipse universe, likely as an angel of Taric's Emerald Chapel. What if Morgana was also an angel of the Emerald Chapel, but got corrupted and "fell", either becoming one of the twisted old gods or a Coven servant? That would fit perfectly! And yes, Blade Mistress Morgana could definitely work in Omen of the Dark, either working with Cursed Revenant Nocturne or corrupted by him like Blade Queen Lissandra.
I think Judgement Kayle was a prize from the tribunal or something? I'm not sure, I wasn't around back then. And yeah Viridian and Blackthorn should totally be in that universe!
: It would be funny if they go with the "its an iconic thing about the character" for her dance.
: What would you change if you could and why
Redesign Freljord's champs (especially Ashe) to wear actual snow gear. That's been bugging me so much lately.
Rioter Comments
: > [{quoted}](name=Moonboy65,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=iwYaabNT,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2018-12-02T21:05:35.113+0000) > > half of those are already decent... And some of them already got their skin splash arts updated. Like MF, Nidalee, and Soraka just to name a couple. (and on top of that a lot of them are VGU candidates, so updating their splash arts now would be a waste of time) {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
MF and Nid have really old base splash arts that could use an update, and Soraka doesn't have updated skin splashes. VGU need updated splashes whether they're getting VGU's or not, and they'll inevitably get updated with the VGU, so they're still being updated. Admittedly, everything after Malph doesn't _really_ need it, but they're still not _totally_ up to the fidelity of modern splash arts. I'm not saying that all these people NEED to get updates, but rather making a point about a lot of stuff still being behind the modern standard. And almost every champion I listed before Nid still has some 'temporary' asian art, so they definitely need it.
datfatguy (OCE)
: Based on lore, who wins, Kha'Zix or Rengar?
Both when they realize their love... {{champion:121}} <3 {{champion:107}}
: Sivir splashes please
She definitely needs it the most... I'm hoping they'll resume splash updates next year what with there being less VGU's. Also hoping they forgo their rule of not doing updates for two champs from the same class in a row.
: > [{quoted}](name=QMighty,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=Y9UyER3H,comment-id=0077,timestamp=2018-12-02T04:28:17.768+0000) > > Ashe has always been one of the worst designs in my eyes... how does she stay warm in a miniskirt and a bra? I really love that first concept art and I would LOVE if they brought her in that direction. And if anyone says she doesn&#x27;t deserve a VU because her last one was pretty recent, remember that was back in 2012, and it was just a straight up VU. She still has the same design she did from 2009. She&#x27;s a posterchild of League, she deserves it. > > Half the Freljord champs are dressed in little more than underwear... {{champion:2}} {{champion:79}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:77}} > ...of course, all of those people are also in need of a VU/rework of some level. tbh id be fine if ashe wearing fewer clothes with the condition that she is JACKED AS FUCK like illaoi levels because literally all the other people in the freljord besides sooorta sejuani are jacked as fuckkkkk which is a fun fantasy trope explanation for why they have fewer clothes make her jacked and sejuani more jacked like basically make them like the lady vikings from for honor
It'd be a bit of a strange design if a fragile, immobile ADC like Ashe was jacked, though.
We the Ivern players are gonna have to face the facts: there will never be another Ivern skin. It's just the way it is.
: Maybe in 3018
: Ivern has the fourth lowest pick rate in the game, though. Perhaps you could buy a Pajama Guardian skin, instead? :^)
Pajama Guardian Ivern?
: Some of Cho'Gath's splasharts need updates
Tell him to get in line {{champion:15}} {{champion:1}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:58}} {{champion:12}} {{champion:86}} {{champion:41}} {{champion:38}} {{champion:30}} {{champion:37}} {{champion:74}} {{champion:22}} {{champion:69}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:27}} {{champion:16}} {{champion:4}} {{champion:112}} {{champion:5}} {{champion:32}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:10}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:33}} {{champion:34}} {{champion:45}} {{champion:36}} {{champion:53}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:51}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:26}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:40}} {{champion:77}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:8}} {{champion:59}} {{champion:56}} {{champion:68}} {{champion:62}} {{champion:9}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:42}} {{champion:79}} {{champion:85}} {{champion:2}} {{champion:96}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:91}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:102}} {{champion:76}} {{champion:21}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:63}} {{champion:61}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:72}} {{champion:101}} {{champion:104}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:106}} {{champion:103}} {{champion:115}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:120}} {{champion:110}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:126}}
: Do you think Jax and Zilean knew/know each-other
They would definitely have a bunch of interesting interactions if they weren't both old as sin
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