Satuurn (OCE)
: Can we vote on a minor VGU too? :D
I'm just eagerly waiting to hear the news that we'll even get any more VgU's. But I guess we won't hear it until they've got someone actively in development (I'm most hoping for Blitz)
: So what's Gragas' lore?
He just wants a fuckin' drink
: So a really cool fiddle sticks ability could be a Q replacement. Scarecrow Clone* (workshop this) Cooldown 25/22/19/16/13 seconds Inital range 500 Max range 700 Fear duration initial Always .5 seconds Fear duration 1.35/1.45/1.55/1.65/1.75 seconds Active 1 Whenever fiddle sticks is in range of an opponent (initial range) he channel their fears for up to 1.5 seconds while slowing himself by 40%. After releasing them he fears all enemies in range. Holding Q allows the fear to grow in size and duration. Active 2 When no enemies are in range and fiddlesticks is in a brush, at the end of the channel Fiddlesticks will make a clone of himself that remains at that location forever. (up to 2 clones) Vision range is only the initial range. If an enemy steps in range of fiddles clone enemies in the max range are feared and pinged for 1.5x the duration. Afterwards the clone disappears. Minions and monsters are fear for 2X the duration. Clones look identical to Fiddlesticks when standing in his passive, all stats and items will show as they do on fiddle. So imagine having this for Jungling covering areas with this scarecrow. if an enemy wards they may see the Scarecrow and freak out or if they step into the bush and instantly get feared that can result on some follow up. Fighting around a clone could bait the enemy in to a double fear. Theirs a lot of options with this. Fiddle could also set up near a clone and enemies have to guess which is him. If the ult is allowed to channel while frozen it could lead to some spicy plays. Random idea. Still voted for Shyvana and I have much better abilities in mind for her.
SuperYay (NA)
: Which champions do you think look best with their default skin?
Rioter Comments
Sukishoo (NA)
: It never really implied that, that's just what people speculated. The teaser was an obvious early concept, it told us very little about the theme but just gave us an idea of the possibilities of it being more. They showed it as well because showing a champion from it would have ruined the reveal.
idk I feel like if you put nine badges in a teaser that's supposed to mean there's gonna be nine skins.
: So How 'Bout That New Skinline?
I'm disappointed. The teaser implied there were gonna be nine skins, but there's only six, and two of those are Lux and Ezreal. Boring lineup except for Jayce and Yuumi
Satuurn (OCE)
: Pantheon, probably: *"My left arm is a lot stronger than my right arm"*
Damnit I was gonna make that joke
Zoli Ben (EUNE)
: Chose a VGU for 2020
I wonder who's gonna be there to vote on. Definitely {{champion:106}} / {{champion:56}} (whichever doesn't come after Panth), and I agree with you that {{champion:9}} and {{champion:36}} would most likely be there as they seem to be in the most dire need out of the remaining champs. The rest are kind've up in the air. Maybe it'll be {{champion:33}} and {{champion:31}} since, along with Morde/Panth/Mundo, they're the only ones left from the original Tier 1 list? Maybe it'll be something like {{champion:77}} and {{champion:102}} , who people seem to be especially excited about as of late (along with the other four I mentioned first) Or maybe it'll be something totally out of left field and we'll see something like {{champion:54}} or {{champion:23}} in the poll, something that Reav3's never mentioned. That would shake things up. But most likely they won't even think that hard about it. We know they're always trying to come up with concepts for VGU's (heck that's what the Tier 1 list is about, the champs they're actively talking about), and we'll just see the five projects that are being talked about the most at the moment. In any case, I want {{champion:9}} the most at this point. I've wanted to see him get VU'd ever since A Twist of Fate came out back in... 2013?! Was it really that long ago? Okay, yeah. Give Fiddle his due.
: Pantheon? or ....Atreus?
Moody P (NA)
: Volibear doesn't need a VGU so why would he be getting one Who is Reinboom anyway lmao I don't want some random touching my champion
Keep fighting the good fight, brother.
: I'm still waiting for a full size Willump plush in the merch shop.
Same dude, same. {{item:3070}} {{champion:20}} {{item:3070}}
: Not sure in what context you mean with old like do you mean a week or older per say?
: Nah, it's got to be for someone with wide ranging popularity who will sell the skin. My thoughts are probably {{champion:122}}, {{champion:92}}, or {{champion:86}}, or even {{champion:62}} since he's apparently hugely popular overseas.
Lol could you imagine the uproar if Darius got an ultimate skin immediately after getting his second legendary? I wanna see it happen just to see people lose their minds.
: Who would you want to receive the Ultimate Skin this year?
{{champion:82}} The man deserves it. Someone posted a cool concept for what was basically Darth Mordekaiser and I'd absolutely fall in love with that.
: With all of these Visual FX/Sound FX/Walking Animation Updates...
Definitely agree with {{champion:117}} . Ever since the second wave of VFX updates, she's been on my mind for that style of update. Some of the others you mentioned are really more VGU material (and I think it was a mistake to do the VFX update for Mundo even though these aren't supposed to affect their spot on the schedule, it just feels like wasted work). But apart from them here's some I'd like to see: {{champion:12}} {{champion:27}} {{champion:32}} {{champion:76}} {{champion:96}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:61}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:117}}
: It's Been Two Years Since Xayah & Rakan Were Released
Yeah crazy how fast time goes by. Just the other day I said something along the lines of "Taliyah's been out for like a year and I still don't understand her." and my boyfriend was like "Taliyah has been out for three years." Yeah, I'm a bit of a scatterbrain, but still.
: The same champions I always wish to see. Noxian Drill Sergeant, preferably having his design based off a Roman Legionnaire. Who just yells at his allies to buff them. I want Riot to channel the fury of every healer saddled with a bad team into this guy. “What kind of idiot just stands in enemy fire!?!” “Wow, you killed a guy. Good for you doing your damn job! Want a medal, Snowflake?” That kind of thing. Demacian Knight. I’m talking full plate with either a horse and lance or on foot with a pollax. Hell, both would be great. If Riot wants to be original with the concept of a knight find a way to also control the knight’s squire could lead to interesting mechanics. Demacian Pikeman. I want a simple soldier, with a strong view of how Demacia is from the lower class perspective. I’m picturing a weird area control tank kind of guy who’s long weapon is the area he controls. Also thinking a cockney or Yorkshire accent. Noxian Old Hag. Go full Baba Yaga on this lady. If you can get away with having her ultimate be her getting into a house running on giant chicken legs all the better. But here’s the thing, I think it would be awesome if she was the nicest sweetest Noxian ever. Demonstrating how true strength can come from helping others find their dignity. I also want her to call all other Noxian champs “chilluns” and chide them on their bad behavior. Longsword champion that can actually use a longsword. I’m hoping they get as deep (or deeper) into the actions used in a longsword as they got with Fiora’s rapier and Yasuo’s katana. Despite the frankly numerous zweihander wielding champions we have, none of them seem to know what they’re doing. Garen spins like a top, Tryndamere bashes his like a sledgehammer, Aatrox jumps around and does dance moves in the air. I want something focused on stances and strikes performed in those stances. A troll. Preferably a plague troll that took the diseases of his tribe upon himself and was then cast out by these same ingrates. But I’m really willing for anything. More trolls would be great.
Now I just wanna see a knight bash someone over the head with his squire like Peach's neutral-B
: Yes, I'd love another dragon, preferably one that actually plays like a dragon, unlike Shyvana or Aurelion. A skeletal/zombie dragon from the Shadow Isles that belches out rolling clouds of necrotic miasma would be pretty awesome. I'd also like to see some new races of Runeterra, maybe a reptilian race from the jungles of Kumungu.
Please bring Lizard Men into League of Legends
: wait, what? what happened to Him? edit: does it have something to do with a confidentiality agreement/an NDA?
Yeah Reav3 said he's not allowed to talk about Morde anymore (until the rework)
: Kaiser of Mord / Emperor Mordekaiser / Star Conqueror Mordekaiser
I guess other people have to make Morde fan posts since He can't anymore...
: Zac skin pls
I really wanna see either liquid metal or Program Zac, where he'd be made of nanobots
: Quarterly reminder that we need Emumu Band skins set
(pair it with an Emumu splash update and I'd be happy)
òwò (NA)
: Step1: Rename Demolish rune to Ohmwrecker. Step2: Wave goodbye to Ohmwrecker item.
This is actually a great idea ^
: Useless Lore trivia (inspired by a previous post)
~~Ivern was once a dick. Then he cut a tree. Now he isn't a dick.~~ Ivern once had a dick. Then he cut down a tree. Now he doesn't have a dick.
: More Portraits?
here ya go
: _Technically_ MaliciousMetal never said that they would be Morde.... He just said he likes him... that's all....
Yeah it's more a case of _heavily implied_. Still, I don't trust it.
: Quick Xayah/Rakkan Skins thoughts
Xayah should get a Beyonce skin
: Potential new champion?
If we're to believe Malicious Metal, that guy might be Morde. But he might be trolling us, so it's hard to say.
: I like this Ledros fellow
I feel like you're definitely effing with us just so we feel a fraction of the hype pain you're feeling
: Riot - You are starting a bad trend with Camille.
"All her other skins do away with her grey hair" *shows a robot and a pans labyrinth*
: Galaxy Slayer Zed Voice Over
Not exactly what I expected from the Zed legendary, but I'm not complaining! This is cool! (and thank goodness because it's the only good one this patch)
: {{champion:19}} fell in love with {{champion:16}} when she visited Zaun. Originally he attempted to rob her at knife point but was transfixed by her beauty. During this period Soraka had taken the form of the Divine Soraka skin so her presence would go unnoticed. She inevitably foresees her own future reflected through Warwick's eyes. In one vision she sees Warwick carves her heart from her chest to give to a strange man {{champion:27}}. In another she sees Warwick transformed into a horrific beast that rips the strange mans heart from his chest. Soraka knew her fate rested in Warwick's hands and offered him the choice to give up his life of crime and become her champion or continue his wicked ways and become her demise. When he chooses, Soraka wipes his memory and leaves Zaun for Mt. Targon. Warwick awakens some time later with no memory of where he is or what has happened, but remembers a beautiful girl whose eyes shimmered light starlight. As he exits the alleyway he is captured by a strange man {{champion:27}} who interrogates him as to the whereabouts of the celestial. When Warwick cannot answer his questions, the mad chemist realizes there may yet be other uses for him. Also {{champion:36}} is Singed's son. Singed took a wife to gain access to her family fortune in order to cover the cost of his experiments. Desperate to create an Elixir of Immortality the mad chemist uses his own pregnant wife in his experiment. When she does not survive her body is dumped in the sewers. The child within her corpse is still alive thanks to the chemicals within her. Mundo is born from the corpse and matures at an accelerated rate at he devours raw sewage.
This is actually good tho
Falrein (EUW)
: April Fools theories
{{champion:62}} x {{champion:103}} is canon
Zyranium (EUW)
: Saw some "Nixy" and "Purra" names on reddit, for me it's really feminine, but those are just speculation.
plot twist: the new champ is actually Purrloin
: Jhin is the most beautiful/handsome character in League, and he despises himself because he fits society's ideals of what "perfection" is. Perfectly symmetrical face/body with no blemishes of any sort... Its no wonder why he's fucking insane. Its hard to come up with weird shit for Jhin because literally everything I can think of would probably make sense for him because he's _that_ weird already.
Upvoted to make it 4 likes
: but what about udyr skarner xerath zilean shaco mordekaiser reksai (has only one skin) kassadin velkoz sion nocturne kindred (has only one skin) shyvana volibear taric & kalista
Thanks for listing every single champion so no one else has to
: Ryze skins
He hasn't gotten a (proper) new skin since 2015!
: What do u guys think the new support is gonna be?
I think it's gonna be deceased 4th Beatle George Harrison.
: i would like to see a janitor line with {{champion:11}} getting the first skin in it. EDIT: Also this line should have {{champion:24}} , {{champion:75}} , {{champion:67}} , and {{champion:145}} with all of them holding either a mop, push broom, cleaning rags and squirt bottle, or incorporate some sort of floor buffer. Because that would be hilarious and wonderful at the same time.
Clean-up Crew {{champion:24}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:30}} {{champion:145}} {{champion:432}}
Naalith (NA)
: What kind of lore do you hope to see when Mordekaiser releases?
I wonder how much MM knows about the lore we're getting...
: Cho'Gath: Why is he important, and how can we make him matter?
When he eventually gets VGU'd I'd like to see an evolution of lore like they did with Akali and have it be that he already existed in his current form before the VGU. My idea is that he'd have been on Runeterra for a long time, wandering and purposeless other than eating things and hating the world. Then the Watchers see his potential and make him the leader/grand general of the invasion on Runeterra (which was his fantasy before the retcon IIRC) and he gets new powers and whatnot, hence the changes that'll happen with the VGU.
: Sivir Theory: what even is spell shield
Crazy theory: {{champion:268}} is also {{champion:56}}'s grandpa
: I don't think its really a reference to Wilt. That's just honestly the first thing that came to my mind when I saw it. Tall, lanky, happy guy? Yep, that's Wilt.
But c'mon... the red hair?! This has to be at least in-part referencing him. Red hair!
: Wilt was my favorite character from Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends, so I honestly love Dunkmaster Ivern. It brings back good childhood memories. I can see why people don't like it, though.
oh shoot I didn't even get the reference! Thanks!
: Not only that, but Sinful Succulence Morgana and Battleborn Kayle are 975 RP skins too, as is Exiled Morgana. None of those skins, including Transcended, have unique recalls, which is customary of their price point in the past like 4 years, and only Exiled got new particles. They got REALLY sloppy with Kayle and Morgana's skin updates, and I recall it was partially due to Jinxylord being completely unaware of the worth of some of the skins (he called Sinful a 750 skin on a stream at one point). So Riot needs to buck up and fix these skins to bring them up to par.
It's kind of ridiculous how little Riot pays attention to their own game. It's completely unfathomable to me how they could make mistakes like not knowing how much one of their own skins cost, or what lore a certain champion has {{champion:102}}
: the real question tho, WHERE is Olaf? {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
I'll do you one better: WHY is Olaf?!
: * {{champion:51}} {{champion:12}} {{champion:15}} {{champion:32}} {{champion:103}} {{champion:1}} {{champion:22}} {{champion:74}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:4}} {{champion:58}} {{champion:75}} They are all in need of splash art updates since they won’t get reworks anytime soon.
how did you find this thread lol
Sukishoo (NA)
: Unfortunately right in the TOU of the game it says that Riot has the right to change/remove any content as they see fit, and you have agreed to this. So asking for refunds on owned content isn't something that will be given as the time to refund is long past. They also say if content changes they aren't obligated to refund it either
This is true, don't know why you're being downvoted for it
: It's great they're fixing this skin. Now they just need to fix the 975 RP skins for Kayle and Morgana that are nothing but 750 RP quality.
He also said that they're fixing (most) of them, and giving unique effects to Battleborn, Silver, Judgement and Riot Kayle and adding the leaves back to Blackthorn Morg. Nothing on Succ Morg or Unmasked Kayle.
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