: The "5" Darkin
Pretty sure all the Darkin, including the dead ones, were pretty reviled in their time. There was a whole war over that.
Jikker (NA)
: Honestly, as much as I hate to say it, Ez is probably a solid candidate for this year. He's been consistently good and a top/consistent pick, especially in pros. Only thing stopping that is probably that he got a Legendary skin this year and has too large a fan base that many would complain about not being able to complete his skin collection. We got a mid laner last year, a jungler before that, a top laner before that, and an ADC before that. We're due for a support. Braum or Alistar maybe?
Alistar would have been my first thought, but I think he might be exempt since he's got Conquerer. But I might be wrong in that and they might have just said that a champ can't get Conquerer and Victorious in the same year.
: Victorious Skin???
My instincts tell me {{champion:266}} / {{champion:6}} , simply because I remember seeing them more than anyone else, but I've been historically bad at predicting these skins, so take my opinion with a grain of prestige-edition aatrox sparkle dust.
EdgeLady (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Naalith,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=QQ3oemeY,comment-id=00010002,timestamp=2019-09-18T00:05:54.455+0000) > > Considering who Gragas is as a character, I'm pretty sure those who play him actually love the grotesque out of date splash arts. They're fucking hilarious to look at. > > I'm surprised Leona's base splash is still in the game. I'm pretty sure it's the oldest existing base splash in the entire game and it looks kinda janky. I think Leona's is the oldest, but to be honest, Skarner's looks worse (and he came out not too long after her). But Skarner is top priority for a rework; Leona is not, so if anyone needs a base splash update and nothing else, she should get it. To be honest, most champions that do need base splash updates are in need of a rework, like Skarner as mentioned, Corki, Amumu, and Mundo, whose rework is now guaranteed. The one exception is maybe Fizz, since his splash is starting to look fairly dated now. Possibly Nautilus's too, but I think his is better than Fizz's.
Agreed, I'd so love for her to get just a splash update. She's one of my favourites and I'm getting tired of staring at her terrible icon.
: All VGU tier 1s so no, that won't happen until they VGU them They do update one of two animations on new skins like they are doing with Valiant Rivena nd I think the Udyr Dragon skin has a homeguard or something. Otherwise it's not gonna happen
Not necessarily. Mundo got updates too and he's high tier 1.
: Hey, Lissandra is a mommy to every poor orphan whose parents have been taken by other **evil** tribes! Liss found the kindness in her heart to become a mother. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
THIS. She's Nunu's stepmom.
Rodsquad (EUW)
: What Ezreal Tier reworks do you want?
{{champion:32}} - is definitely the one I'd like the most. His art & animations are really bad and he's got a lot of those shitty Chinese splash arts so it'd be nice to see those replaced. Maybe his kit isn't great, but I'd take a smaller scale rework if it brought a VU faster than a full VGU. I've always thought it would be cool if either Tantrum or Cry were moved to his passive and they went off automatically when he gets attacked... that'd feel thematic. {{champion:53}} - I wanna see mostly for lore reasons. Other people have mentioned it but he's supposed to be a helpful good boy and he's the terminator in-game. Ori also falls into this. {{champion:45}} & {{champion:26}} - Both of these really should've been VU'd back when they got their mini-reworks a couple years ago, because they were essentially Ezreal-level reworks. They're both super old and clunky (visually) and could be VU'd with minor or zero kit changes. {{champion:79}} - just cause he looks like total garbage and I don't see him getting a proper VGU within the next decade.
Aclaren (NA)
: getting so tired of the {{champion:84}} nerfs
Shouldn't you be used to them by now? Pretty sure they haven't stopped since her release.
Kazekiba (NA)
: Oh man, Let me introduce you to my favorite skin of all time: {{champion:1}} In Wonderland. $15 for ... Tibbers with rabbit ears and Annie wearing a blonde wig? Big oof. Corporate Mundo and AiW are, iirc, the first Legendary-tier skins which is why they have no new VO and minimal other changes; At the time, an 1820 skin got you a new model and all new VFX (Mundo's holding his phone up to his ear and the suitcase spilling papers everywhere on Q are all model changes) but nowadays that level of change is 750 or 975 depending on the depth of changes and quantity. (excepting that all skins are 1350RP, I mean, since they completely ceased making any lower tiers ever again)
Toboggan Corki was the first Legendary Annie in Wonderland doesn't have VFX changes Corporate Mundo has a new VO
Araderr (NA)
: Why buff lee
it's worlds
: How Does Zyra Eat?
She eats through her hooves like an Andalite
: I want a themed Ornn, Voli, and Anivia set, maybe a vs with 1350 skins, elemental skins, world boss, idk something.
Ooh that would be cool for the release of the Voli rework... but I don't want Ornn to have to wait that long for a new skin.
: Pretty sure cassio is in there too. her eternum in 2016. Also annie i think? her hextech skin was also in 2016
Annie also got Super Galaxy in 2017
Arakadia (NA)
: Are you joking? He's a comical character but he is not colorful or lighthearted.
He pretends to be evil, but he's truly a sweetheart. He's pretty lighthearted.
: Champs over 1000 days w/o a new skin
They've been doing good on knocking these out recently, but we've still got a ways to go. Also, thank you for acknowledging the worlds skins as invalid. Those lot deserve something more. P.S. I'd argue that Kalista should be at the top of the list since she still hasn't gotten a non-esorts skin since release. Maybe, if my dreams come true, she'll get a Star Guardian skin next week and I can finally rest easy. But we all know that's not gonna happen.
Adder (OCE)
: No colourful / playful / light-hearted male caster mages :(
{{champion:45}} is pretty colourful and light-hearted
Zoli Ben (EUNE)
: {{champion:110}} {{champion:43}} have Riot chosen Conqueror skins. Unlike {{champion:163}} who has player chosen esport team skin. Conqueror, Victorious, Championship count for Riot.
That's why I put an asterisk beside them and said that I don't count them
Rioter Comments
: Once again, complainers forgot about the real champ that needs a new skin {{champion:429}}
I complain about her every time I get the chance. In fact... KALISTA NEEDS A NEW SKIN THAT'S NOT ESPORTS! There, now I feel better.
: It's been 4 years since updated the Summoner's Rift Riot. Where are the Shopkeepers voicelines ?
They said they decided not to because the lines would get repetitive and annoying. It's different from ARAM because that's meant to be a side mode.
: Ezreal's update, aftermath
It feels like it was a success, right? I mean, what are they judging successes as? I mean, his play rate has definitely increased significantly and they've given him a few skins since the update, so I can't imagine them seeing it as a failure or anything. However, I feel like if they do any more it'd probably be for other popular champs like Lux and Ahri. And yeah, they'd be nice, too, but I want by Blitz VU dammit! Just kidding, mostly. I'd be happy with any VU's.
: Thoughts of Skins: Katarina
You should totally keep posting these here. Mostly because I like them and I don't read C&C
: Thoughts of Skins: Kindred
Yeah we really need Elderwood Kindred. Making them actual grim reapers sounds cool too, but not for their next skin. I don't want them getting a legacy skin after going so long without one.
Pika Fox (NA)
: How about noooooo (No. No.)
mzicio (EUW)
: Imagine if he had very few voice lines of its own, but instead repeated the lines of the champions he's recently killed with some kind of voice filter effect. Sort of like a crow imitating human words.
: What Champions would you like to see featured if Riot created a new Cinematic?
: what is your favourite skin line?
Eclipse Universe is my favourite. The Elderwood skins are beautiful and Leona's Eclipse skins are two of my favourite in the game.
Sukishoo (NA)
: >I want to ask for Shyvana but I understand her VGU is upcoming now so a new skin would be excess work. SHY hasn't been confirmed, only that she had the third highest from the 2020 vote. So she could happen but it's not definite yet.
I mean they basically confirmed it. Reav3 said something like "We'll definitely take into account that she was number 3."
Kazekiba (NA)
: RIOT YOU HAVE ENTIRE TEAMS OF LIKE 20 WELL PAID ARTISTS WHOS ONLY JOB IS TO SIT AROUND AND THINK OF THESE DESIGNS. dont tell me theyre all stumped for any ideas for any champs besides the same 15 {{champion:84}} {{champion:266}} {{champion:51}} {{champion:145}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:202}} {{champion:39}}{{champion:555}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:16}} {{champion:44}}
Taric has gotten one skin in the past 8 years.
Sukishoo (NA)
: Hers is probably gonna be Star guardian, so very soon.
Yeah that's what I was thinking too.
usul1202 (NA)
: What's your 'it happened in a dream' skin?
: Elementalist Annie. Grown up and wiser with deep and sometimes twisted voice lines. Tibbers no longer a bear, but an elemental. Ultimate skin.
I love this, except for the fact that my wallet already hurts thinking about it!
: Thoughts of Skins: Mordekaiser
I think they should design a skin around an idea they come up with for his ult... like I love the idea of it taking you into space and you're right next to a dying star.
: {{champion:90}} Just leave my boi alone! Every time riot touches him they make him shittier. He has suffered enough.
EdgeLady (NA)
: To note: Udyr is confirmed to likely be getting a rework very soon, maybe even at the end of this year or the beginning of next year. So we should likely be getting two Freljord updates that'll cover a lot of what we still need in that region. With Udyr will likely come all the Winter's Claw stuff: his own color story of course, Olaf lore, a Sejuani color story, maybe even stuff on Tryndamere and Gragas if we're lucky. Volibear's rework will of course update his bio and give him a color story, and we'll likely get Anivia lore, a Lissandra color story, and maybe even stuff for Braum or Trundle. This should also mean that we'll have space in between these Freljord updates, which will give us room for Fiddlesticks's rework, whatever new champions will be teased in the next roadmap, and maybe even one of the other champions in line for a rework which were mysteriously missing from the voting list, like Shaco or Cho'Gath. What I'm very curious about though is what lore will come with the Pantheon rework. His bio will be changed and he might even get a replacement color story like Mordekaiser did, but what else could we get? Maybe Alistar lore? We know that there's a Minotaur tribe in Noxus, at least, but I'm still curious if the species themselves originated in Targon, which would fit the origins of the Minotaur myth.
Where did you hear about Udyr getting reworked?
Zoli Ben (EUNE)
: Most likely it will be kept, they rarely fully replace splashes from 2013 and beyond. Only exceptions are Riot Kayle, Blade Mistress Morgana and Aether Wing Kayle in terms of skin splashes.
And Winter Wonder Warwick, I distinctly remember that one getting updated with a whole new splash only a few months before his rework.
usul1202 (NA)
: We need a hot anivia skin
Or Pool Party. That'd be pretty hot.
: Probably because she doesn't really do anything groundbreaking like some of the releases recently. Ultimate Stealer, Champion Mimic, Summoner Spell Stealer, AD support assassin, etc. She's a very simple and easy-to-understand champion, and I don't think there's anything wrong with that at all. TFT is also another factor.
Plus she's coming out the very next patch after Morde. People can only take so much new stuff.
: Its going to be {{champion:145}}
I was kinda thinking that too... they could actually have her change her form when she levels up.
: > [{quoted}](name=RookPusher,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=h3lQ5pzI,comment-id=0001000000000000,timestamp=2017-04-14T12:30:44.113+0000) > > Battletoads called and had some choice words for you that I'm not going to repeat because there are children around. Battletoads are also what, the only instance in the world of video games and cartoons where we have actual legit frog people who aren't side scenery?
Chronotrigger, off the top of my head.
d00mface (EUW)
: Happy Birthday Aatrox!
I still remember when he came out. I was still very new to the game and all his abilities sounded so exciting... but I couldn't afford him because he was so expensive! 6300 ip! I'd never be able to save up that much! I wanted to play him so badly, but alas...
EdgeLady (NA)
: The choices for the Arcade Event this year prove how safe Riot is playing this season
Yeah, I'm a bit disappointed even though these honestly look great. Was really hoping for Xerath/Karthus.
Sukishoo (NA)
: laughs in Kalista
I will never stop complaining about the injustice that is Kalista's skin catalogue... until she gets a proper skin.
: Please, for the love of Nagakabouros, give TB Skyen a fat female champion
: This cant be the actual splash art for the champion ....
Yeah, I thought the same thing. It doesn't look finished, or something.
Rioter Comments
: Voting Result for the upcoming VGU
Kazekiba (NA)
: "*It's cold out there...*" "*DON'T make the yeti angry. You won't like him when he's angry.*" "*Such Noobs, will matchmaking ever find true balance?*" I could list a few more iconic lines taken harshly by VGUs. Even Ezreal's lost a few great ones. Point is, that one is almost surely gone. It doesn't belong with his new design and place in the lore.
{{champion:20}} "It's cold... I'm glad you're here, Willump!"
: Her ult slows all enemy targets around her, which is why there's a persistent AOE effect.
I literally never knew that effect existed.
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