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Dasdi96 (NA)
: Duskblade rework idea
Perhaps they could work Mutilate (healing and shielding reduction on Aatrox's passive) into an item, but outright preventing heals/shields does not make for good gameplay, and in any case I don't think Duskblade is the correct item for it.
: Vasuri - The Fanged King (Dinosaur)
I don't think his passive needs a new mechanic like the one you've described. The majority of the time, you'd consume it right after clearing a camp, and, likewise, an enemy counter-jungling would deny it immediately after stealing a camp, so you might as well just make it so killing units (and possibly scoring takedowns) heals him for a certain amount (could be percent of the target's max health to go with the "devouring" theme). His Q resembles Trundle's Q, so I'd make it a basic attack reset too. The slow probably doesn't need to be so strong, but I get that numbers are somewhat arbitrary. I think his W is too similar to Warwick's E. Maybe an alternative could be to cripple enemies affected, or otherwise reduce the damage they deal for some time instead of granting damage reduction. In any case, I think the bonus health is unnecessary. As for his E, I find this is starting to be a significant amount of lockdown considering the (presumably) low cooldown Q and AoE fear on W. I assume this was meant to be a juggernaut champion and not a tank, so consider removing some of the crowd control to actually leave room for damage. I don't think an ascended-style magical power-up with increased size an health fits the theme of a dinosaur (a natural creature) very well, and this would definitely be too much with extra damage reduction, so maybe just have a period with a bit of damage and CC reduction, and the ability to reactivate to use the tail swipe once.
Wyrin (NA)
: Basciel. The Ascendent Avenger (Original Concept)
So do basic attacks instantly give her a set amount of AP which refreshes on-hit? Does is stack up to a certain point (kind of like Fervor of Battle), or otherwise have a ramp-up time (e.g. like Conqueror)? Anyway, I'm not sure having CDR loke that is the best idea, or at least true CDR; maybe it could work if it reduced the base cooldown of her abilities (like Sona's R). As for the rest of her kit, it doesn't seem to me like there's much of a theme, and a few abilities would likely be problematic. She has a passive like she's meant to be an AP Darius, but the abilities of an enchanter support, so I can't reliably tell what you where going for with this design. Fearing enemies away from each other is an interesting concept, but how does it fit into her play pattern? I assume this kind of effect would work best on an assassin or diver. Even if it requires a channel, AoE shielding (and cleansing) _in addition_ to damage is too much (which is why they removed the damage from Karma's RW, for example). Gangplank has a self-targeted cleanse and heal, so I assume a self-targeted cleanse and shield would also be acceptable. If she can cast it on allies, that's enchanter territory, and I'd limit it to one target. Her E seems like another enchanter ability. If this is meant as a damage enhancer and catch tool, couldn't it just gives her next three basic attacks bonus magic damage, with the third one stunning its target or something? Or, if you really want to counter dashes, have it be a chain like a Kled Q but instead of dealing damage in instances and pulling back after a set time, have it deal DoT and pull back if they use a dash. Her R seems like it would be really unfun to play against _at best_, and not particularly fun to use either. It also doesn't really synergize with anything else in her kit. For the record, names that end in "el" are masculine (e.g. Daniel, Michael, Gabriel), and the "sc" combination wouldn't really make sense in a pseudo-Hebrew name. C.f. the Baciel demons from Disgaea 4.
: Just an Item idea!
This is basically the exact same thing as Protobelt, and Oblivion Orb doesn't make sense considering the final items stats.
: *in a season where anything is possible and no rules are off-limits, lets create a mage-assassin champion with NO DASHES that is still capable of aquiring and dealing significant damage to his/her target without sacrificing themselves to do it.* risk can and should still be a considerable factor throughout the kit, but I think skill execution and consistent prediction+skillshot accuracy would be a more effective metric to use for balancing this champion. imagine something of a polymerization between {{champion:41}} {{champion:202}}
{{champion:202}} Don't need no dashes when you get 80% MS buff every time you autoattack. /s Anyway, the champion you're looking for already {{champion:142}} exists.
: That would kind of loose the aspect of it being an On-Hit item, if it would have more AD than Attack Speed. Additionally I think Cull is the essential item here, even if it's considered a starter gold gain item.
Yea, I don't know of any on-hit items {{item:3153}} that have more AD than attack speed. Anyways, even if it appeals to you, Riot would never make an item that builds out of a starting item (except maybe if they bring back Sword of the Occult).
: No no NO no NO NO NOOOOOOO if this skin is made i swear to every god that exists, i will play {{champion:157}} {{item:3022}} {{item:3080}} {{item:3095}} against her every dam time and make your life miserable.
Why would {{item:3095}} + {{item:3072}} be more cancerous than {{item:3812}} + {{item:3046}} ?
Ares2341 (EUNE)
: Also i think they need to be a "peace" related character, and Olaf would definitely not fit here.
If your condition is that they have to have some aspirations involving peace in the main lore, then I'm not sure how Akali, Fiora, or Orianna fulfill that requirement. Also, I don't remember suggesting Olaf.
Ares2341 (EUNE)
: Rebellion Star Guardians
Interesting, but you're basing your character selection based off of their personalities in the main lore, which is mostly irrelevant when it comes to parallel universes like the Star Guardian one. Within this specific universe, the five members of the team should probably have a common backstory in which they're lead to doubt the decisions of the First Star (though their personal reasons for going the extra mile and deserting can be highly individualized). Actually I already felt like the New Horizon star guardians had a vibe of the sort, with Ahri having quotes such as > The First Star doesn't control my destiny; I do. > We're not sisters, just strangers with memories. > People follow stars, Kiko. But what do stars follow? which seem to suggest some level of disillusionment regarding the First Star and Star Guardians in general (to me, anyways). I also think that having all five skins be semi-ultimate tier (because of the multiple forms) is a bit optimistic, but maybe the leader of the group can have that privilege.
: What is True Mastery? Concepts for a Potential Mastery 8, 9, and 10
The thing is, these missions could also be achieved by grinding and eventually getting that one game in which you're up against a bunch of potatoes that let you stomp them, just like the S-/S+ requirements. The games in which you demonstrate _actual_ mastery of a champion are likely not games where you end up with an amazing score—ever heard someone say "He's so fed he could've rolled his face on the keyboard to win"? Take Jhin, for example: actual mastery of Jhin isn't about getting that flashy snipe with the fourth shot of your ultimate; like most marksmen, it has a lot to do with maximizing your damage potential in skirmishes and teamfights through good positioning, etc., and not only is that impossible to evaluate based on the results screen of a game (how is Riot supposed to determine your "maximum possible damage output" for a given game?), but it's also much harder to do when you're massively behind—which is why measuring mastery based on stand-out performances is flawed.
: Champion Concept: Hass, the Bloody Storm
_Crimson Rush_ is already used within the game (Vladimir's empowered Q). Ignoring Blinding and Dodge is vastly different from ignoring Taunt, since the latter is hard CC, and I don't think it's a good idea to have a champion that can cleanse himself of one specific hard CC effect only, for gameplay purposes. In any case I find this ability very narrow: its only purpose is to counter Jax, Shen, Teemo, and Rammus. Nevermind the fact that it's "offset" by being less effective against other targets, I don't think it's good design to create champions specifically intented to hard counter a few other individuals. The escalating "challenge" mechanic is interesting, but I think it could be streamlined. A basic attack reset and an R that damages turrets are enough in my opinion to make him a potent splitpusher; I don't think he needs the bonus true damage to turrets. (You could give his W attack speed if you _really_ want another way for him to take turrets faster.) Also, considering the target selection, just helping out your team in a skirmish could throw you out of whack, so I'm not sold on it either, and if you change that, then reduced damage to non-marked enemies might not be necessary. Basically, I like the stacking and 1v1 aspects, but not really the implementation. (Random numbers incoming.) Maybe he could gain 10% bonus damage and 10% damage reduction against a single target over 10 seconds as long as he keeps damaging it, resetting if he switches targets? Or make his basic attacks stack marks on his target (up to 10), each one increasing his damage to them and damage reduction against them by 1%, resetting if he changes targets. His ultimate could be targeted (and deal damage around the target), and instantly put the target at ten stacks, or deal bonus damage if the target already was at ten stacks. Anyway, I think tying it to takedowns makes it too awkward to use in-game.
: > [{quoted}](name=Ozzie Storm,realm=EUW,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=EZPbF8Ef,comment-id=0000000000000000,timestamp=2018-10-29T18:24:08.059+0000) > > How am i supposed to tell? Riot haven't created such a concept to begin with to compare its financial performance to the ones that already exist. > > In all honesty i haven't compared to other games and companies, but it hurts that a company like Riot with the imagination that they hold haven't done any concept whatsoever that branches out of the norm, at least in a long time ever since the regions in league were established. > > I'm pretty sure there was a ton of hype when the 1st void champion got released. Wouldn't similar hype be generated about such a new concept? It's all business in the end. I'm 100% convinced that the reason Kai'sa is just some generic bodysuit girl is because of this sort of fear. Why use one of the hundreds of creative void monstrosity designs when you could just slap a catsuit on a hot girl? Keep in mind that she was probably the most anticipated champion from another champ's lore next to maybe Katarina's dad. I think there was even an official Ask Riot post thing once discussing this sort of stuff and how monster designs consistently do poorly from a business stand point. It's also why there's been a crusade against "ugly" champions in League, which you can see in all the reworks of champions like Trundle (From a little filth troll to a bulky muscular ice troll), Yorick (Rotten hunchbank to poetic muscle man), Sion (Arnie to manly big orc boy), Swain (Bald old monster shapeshifter to hunky Final Fantasy bird), Urgot (Fat monster to Bane) and the like. Conventionally gross or disgusting champions have been bred out of the game since again, their audiences are too niche. A damn shame since several of those champions scratched my itches.
As he said, champions with conventionally gross or disgusting appearances don't fit well within a world which has begun to feature much more nuanced storytelling and characters, as opposed to a stereotypical black-and-white narrative. And in any case, a character that simply features the opposite of everything that's conventionally desirable isn't very creative either. As for Kai'Sa, my biggest gripe with her visual design is that her suit doesn't look very organic: I expected it to have Kog'Maw-esque eyes scattered across its surface and to look like it's growing over her, instead of being super sleek and symmetrical. However, the point of the character is that she _wasn't_ corrupted by the Void, and I don't know how you can better represent that visually than by having her be a good-looking human underneath. Could she have use a bit of dirt on her? Sure, but things like huge scars or a sickly skin tone would greatly undermine that image. On the other hand, I think they really dropped the ball when in came to her personality and lack of mental trauma, which would have been a way to counterbalance the fact that you can't show signs of corruption on her body.
Lord Poison (EUNE)
: Sariel - The Guardian of Harmony
Why don't you make the passive portion of her Q (magic damage on-hit) her innate passive, and make it so her Q grants her bonus resistances depending on who she last used it on? Seems to me like it would make more sense that way. In any case, you have two really offensive passive abilities (akin to Jarvan IV's and Camille's respective passives) on what is clearly a dedicated support champion, which seems a bit weird. Is she supposed to be an enchanter or a vanguard? I think these abilties could work in the latter case, but they appear out of place if it's the former. On the other hand, if she's an vanguard, then having a high damage ranged skillshot seems out of place. What's the condition to breaking her E bond? Is it leaving the tether radius? or can it be interrupted by crowd control? The problem with her R is that there's little counterplay. This is why Zilean, Kayle, Aatrox, etc., have to activate their ultimates _before_ dying: the counterplay is to wait it out, then finish them off. One way I can think of to try and balance this is to make it so she has to channel for a while (at least 3 seconds, like Karthus's R)—possibly having to stand within melee range of the target—, and if she's not interrupted, she'll revive that ally. By the way, names of Hebrew origin that end in "el" are typically for males.
: [CHAMPION CONCEPT] Tulu, The Tailless Siren
Her passive activates upon killing spree? As in, she gets movement speed for 5 seconds after her second kill (and subsequent ones) without dying? That seems like a very restrictive limitation, especially since it only gives 13% attack speed. In any case, a lot of the effects and numbers seem arbitrary. Why does she have 497 range instead of 500? Why would her ultimate cost 278 mana exactly? Also, it's unheard of for an ability's cooldown to _increase_ with rank. I also have to ask: what's the intended purpose of this champion? To be a carry mage? a marksman? Her kit seems really unfocused as is. Her Q teleports her within range of an enemy, but prevents her from attacking and slows her? Why would any squishy carry want an ability like this? It seems better suited for an engage tank: you can blink onto a target and lock them down, but to compensate, you're slowed so that you can't catch up as easily if you get disengaged. Even then, it's basically a Maokai W with severe downsides. (You haven't specified the range, however.) Unless you misphrased the explanation, her W only damages targets that are stunned, which would mean she relies heavily on teammates, as she doesn't appear to have any crowd control abilities herself, excluding her ultimate. To sum it up, her Q completely goes against (what I assume is) her intended role; she can only use her W in combination with R if she's by herself; and she seems to rely on ability damage, but has an attack speed passive.
xUnRavelx (OCE)
: Shelly, The Dream Chaser
So if I get this right, this champion has ten abilities (plus a global teleport passive), one of which gives her Zoe-level oneshot potential in a _cone AoE_, in addition to massive buffs to her entire team, and a plethora of infuriatingly unhealthy debuffs for enemies, such as messing with movement commands and increasing enemy cooldowns? Is this even a serious proposal? Do you even have to ask if this is too OP?
Shmeeve (NA)
: Darak - The Blazing Blight (Dragon champion concept)
I don't really get the thematic aspect of his passive, and as is, it would be kind of awkward, since it ties his jungle sustain to opportunistic captures. If the concept behind the champ is that he absorbs the souls of living creatures to grow stronger, I'd suggest making it so he restores something like 3–12% (based on level) missing health every time he kills a large monster or minion, or scores a takedown on a champion or epic monster, and he gets stacks (say, one for monsters and minions, four for epic monsters and champions), increasing his maximum health every ten or so. _Dragon's Descent_ is already the name of Shyvana's R. In any case, I'm not sure I understand: does he lock himself out of every ability other than his W when the passive kicks in? I think that would translate really poorly to actual gameplay. Instead, you could have it be like a mix of Kayn and Hecarim's respective E's: upon activating it, he starts building movement speed for 2 seconds or so, after which he can move over wall; reactivating the ability makes him dash, knocking back enemies he hits. (Additionally, it could briefly slow enemies after the knockback, or deal bonus damage if he knocks them into walls, etc.) So his E is kind of like a wider Akali Q, with the "sweet spot" being a DoT zone instead of a slow? In any case, this should probably be swapped with his W, as most champions have their mobility options on E. His R seems a lot more fitting for an artillery mage than a bruiser. The way I see it, you could take this one of two ways: if you want him to spew a giant fireball, have it be lower range (like, much lower range) but leave behind a huge AoE damage over time and debuff (slow, resistance shredding, etc.); if you want him to have semi-global map presence, make him fly into the air and land with a huge fiery explosion after a delay (though this mught be too similar to Galio's R).
: Thanks for the comment! To answer your question: Adrian was designed to be a Jungler with a lot of damage potential and decent-ish cc, but not a lot of surviveability outside certain situations. For his abilities, I've already discussed this with several people, and I'm thinking of removing his passive. As unique and interesting as the ability was, it just doesn't seem to fit with the kit of the character. His new kit if focused more on a Diving Jungler, with the "KILL ME OR DIE" mentality. His new Passive lets him leap to CC'd opponents, his new Q is a line with light CC, his W is a shield, his E an unstoppable swing, and his R is a channel that upon release pulls everyone to him. As for his quotes: I need to rewrite his lore, but I'm thinking of moving away from his "super edgy" personality, and more focus him on dark humor. In regards to the quotes referencing Summoners, I actually forgot about them (I designed this guy back before the lore overhaul). I might change them to remove the mention of the summoner, as they honestly work fine without referencing anyone. Thanks again for the comment! Cheers :D
That new kit definitely seems more focused. I was going to suggest replacing the attack speed on W with damage reduction if you wanted a diver, but a shield works just as well. From your description, I imagined his Q like a Vel'Koz W that rooted upon detonation, and I do think this works better without tying it to his basic attacks. As for the quotes, you don't have him say "summoner" specifically, but I assumed that's who he was talking to when saying "By your will," or "As you command."
: [Champion Concept} Cigna, The Fey Nomad
I understand your intention in making it so you have to manually retrieve the staff, but I don't think this is a good idea, as it could lead to _extremely_ punishing gameplay from the enemy team. Imagine placing your staff down while sieging an inhibitor, then the enemy team makes a comeback and aces you, reclaiming that area; you could realistically be unable to use your passive, W, and R for the rest of the game. Instead, you could give it a standard leash range, but make it so the zone the staff affects is rather small, and you need to be within it to get your passive (on-hit damage **and** movement speed), and give your repositioning tool (W) a longer cooldown (maybe 24/22/20/18/16 seconds). This would also help with balance, since an AoE damage reduction of up to 40% is really strong (twice as strong as the old Maokai R). I don't think having a skillshot heal is a great idea; it's far too unreliable. If you want to preserve the skill aspect in harassing enemies, you could have it be point-and-click, but make it so the projectile can be intercepted if it's targeting an enemy. If you want, you could have her E be mirrored by her staff if it's placed down (like Zed's shadows or Taric's Bastion partner). For her R, I think the difference whether or not she's holding the staff is too significant. Personally, I'd make it so she plants her staff in the ground if she's holding it, then begins a channel, during which she can still move and cast spells, but can be interrupted with CC (like with Ryze's R). In any case, I think this ultimate is a bit too close in function to Janna's. I believe you could make it more tactical and more unique if it were just a massive one-instance heal upon completing the channel (though I suppose that would make it function somewhat like a Taric R or Redemption active), or if it were a less substantial heal over time, but shielded all allies upon completing the channel. You have mentioned it, but I thought I should say it anyways: most of her numbers are massively undertuned at the moment (in terms of scaling with rank and AP), the AoE damage reduction being the main expection.
: (Champion Concept) Astra and Gab, the Circus Performers
I think the complexity of the champ could be better distributed: currently, her passive and Q have many effects, which render them somewhat unreliable, while her other abilities are rather lackluster. (I also recommend switching W and E, because most champs have their mobility option on E.) For example: Passive: Every Nth basic attacks (scaling down with level) is AoE (cone around target). Q: Skillshot (or auto reset) that slows (strong slow for a short time). W: DoT area that grounds and slows (weak slow for a longer time); final tick inflicts nearsight or disarms. E: Dash that goes over terrain and grants tenacity for a short period. R: AoE cone knockback on cast, followed by decaying movement speed buff for X seconds. That's my take anyway; if it inspires you, use it as you see fit.
: Champion Concept - Guildethorne, the Darkin Lord
First, as an easy "fix" for the name, you could change it to "Gildethaarn" or something to better mesh with current Darkin names. I believe omitting the "u" is also preferable, since "gild" seems more appropriate for a lord than "guild" (could also be "gyld" of you want it to look more archaic). For the passive: he gains AD based off of his bonus health, or his maximum health? I also think his autos while in Darkin Rage should heal for a flat amount in addition to the 2% missing health. What's the area shape of his Q? And in any case, isn't it a bit too close to Aatrox's Q2>Q3 in terms of looks and effect? Does his E have passive and active components? or is every third basic attack an AoE knockup that shreds armour? I really like the ult concept (cross between Odyssey Malphite, Ornn, and Gnar), and I think it should should scale with AD as well has maximum health. However, considering the rest of the kit being more of a "raid boss" juggernaut design, I don't know if this kind of massive gap-closer-with-CC would lead to healthy gameplay.
: Adrian, The Guilty Soul (Re-launched Idea)
First thing I'd ask is: what is his role supposed to be? Currently, he has the base health of an enchanter support, an attack speed steroid and permanent ranged basic attacks (if you consider rank 5 Q and 40% CDR) like a marksman, and a combination of crowd control and mobility more befitting a diver. If you could clarify what your goals are, I could provide a more thought-out opinion. In any case, my biggest gripe is probably that his passive seems kind of unappealing. Sure, you might be able to set up an ambush from time to time, but realistically, you'll only ever use it when triggered by your Q, so you might as well make that a part of the ability and find a new passive (depending on what direction you intend to take him). Last thought for now: his current quotes when snaring an enemy with his passive seem reallly out of place, considering everything else he says is somber and serious. It's common for jokes to be out of character, but these are lines that are tied to a basic skill of his. Also, Riot has moved away from voice lines directly referring to or addressing the players directly (as summoners), as this aspect of the lore has been abandoned.
: Help with an ability concept
What do you mean, a _weaker _ Veigar E, when it deals damage? Does it not stun or stay up as long? In any case, a charge system would be rather oppressive for an AoE hard CC basic ability. Maybe you could have it work like a Viktor W, but it damages instead of slowing? In any case, silencing your teammates isn't a good idea, because it would lead to _extreme_ feels bad moments. Besides, silence is a powerful tool, so maybe you'd be better off with an AoE interrupt (a bit like Viktor's R), which could work on an empowered basic ability. Though I can't say I understand what you mean by "a cone" the size of a Ziggs R, when the latter is a circle; do you mean a cone even bigger than Cassiopeia's R? If I can suggest something based off of what you've presented, assuming this is for a basic ability, you could place down a zone that deals DoT (say for 5 seconds) which you could reactivate after a short period (say 1.5 seconds) to end the DoT (maybe dealing one last burst of damage) and stun everyone in it. This is a lot more simple, but what you described was more of an ability with multiple parts (the result of one "Q" would place three DoT zones, then a silence zone, and overlaps would cause combination bonuses) than an ability that evolves (which stay more or less the same, but with added effects). Anyway, I think huge DoT zones combined with mass CC is a bit much for a basic ability.
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: The EVIL Principal!
Fiora is already the headmistress.
: wasn't Shaco one of the drama teachers?
Shaco was always a student.
Remery (NA)
: Academy{{champion:89}} and {{champion:131}} ? {{sticker:sg-jinx}}
: Academy {{champion:35}} {{sticker:sg-jinx}}
I really like Academy {{champion:222}}.
: who is sitting behind shaco? Can't tell if that is poppy or another gnar just with a somewhat snow-day skin?
That's Tristana.
Thundoro (NA)
: Am I having a moment here, or does anyone else think the girl on vladimir's left in his birthday picture looks like raven from teen titans?
You mean the girl behind him to his right (left side of the panel)? I see what you're talking about, though really, the only similarities are her hair and colour scheme. (That's {{champion:7}}, by the way.)
: Why does Warwick go to school? Isn't he an adult dog?
In this universe, he's a teen wolf.
: Um... what is Gnar trying to do to Ahri there...?{{sticker:sg-lulu}}
Pierce her buoy with his claw.
: Ahri
Evelynn is like that because she's much more recent, so they might fiddle with the state of things if they eventually give Ahri a VU (or VGU). Beauty is subjective, though, therefore Riot can't really help it if you find Evelynn more attractive.
: Well its not like any alternative would have had a better outcome. Riven's men die regardless, I assume a few of Emystan's as well and Ionian's would have their hands on Noxus secrete weapons. If Emystan had sent the reinforcements, we can assume she didn't have many anyway on account of her requiring Riven's help to begin with, and those men are equally exhausted from the trek into Ionia probably would've all died together in vein. The only truly ruthless thing in this scenario is Noxus utilizing chemical warfare in general. However in the context of my theory, Emystan made a best of the worst decision. So I feel more sympathy for the obvious war criminal than you otherwise would do.
I mean, I don't know all of the specifics which led Emystan to make that decision, but I have no trouble believing it would cause Riven to turn her back on Noxus.
: Actually I suspect it wasn't their original intention to use Riven's warband as collateral damage. As far as I'm theorizing Commander Emystan was tasked with sending hazardous weapons to be used in conquering Navori. I'm undetermined if this was during or after Swain's failed attempt at capturing the Placidium, either way Noxus was getting rather desperate to destroy Ionian morale. Fast forward, Riven's group help escort Emystan, but on the way to Navori it starts to rain considerably heavy exhausting them of their movement. Next thing they're attacked by Ionian militia, inevitably about to be defeated. I honestly assume Emystan just chose to abort the mission but rather than let the Ionians have the chemical weapons, Emystan had a fiery arrow shot at the explosive cargo. I don't think Emy would've wanted to kill Riven's men and her own, if the plan had turned out better.
There were definitely reasons that led these events to unfold this way, but that doesn't change the fact that sacrificing your own men (to a chemical weapon, no less) is pretty ruthless, desperate or not.
: > [{quoted}](name=KestrelGirl,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=KzmxHLtH,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-04-27T01:32:57.283+0000) > > I'm pretty sure the narrative team has at least one language nerd who does something like this. I don't know if they're going to flesh these languages out at some point, though, like they did with Buhru (Illaoi's language ofc). (I forget which Rioter posted a little Buhru glossary...) It was Odin/WAAARGHbobo.
Any chance you could have him post that again, using notation from the International Phonetic Alphabet? I have no clue what he meant by any of his pronunciation guidelines, if the apostrophes have any phonetic significance (like the Hawaiian _ʻokina_), etc. It also doesn't answer my question about grammar, or how thoroughly you work out your languages in general.
: Well, speaking in generalities. I expected Noxus had a little more depth, but what we _normally_ see is their warmongering, survival of the fittest side. The same is true of Ionia and its general "Blue-Grey Jedi" stance. I feel like if we were to explore each nation post-war, we might get a perfect chance to see some of the parts the lore doesn't usually delve too deeply into.
It's true that all Noxian champions either come from the upfront belligerent military or the shady underbelly of Noxus, but I that's primarily because those are the two main sectors which would provide both champions capable of combat for the actual game, as well as compelling narrative drama for the lore. Riot could mention more of the positives of Noxus in their stories, but these aspects are hard to justify exploring by themselves, because there isn't much place in League for, say, an painter who was able to have a successful career through the support he recieved from the State. (This is not to say it can't be done.) I think you shouldn't have to worry about Riot not sufficiently exploring the effects of the Noxian invasion of Ionia: judging from Irelia's new lore, the recent story about Riven and Yasuo, and the retcon they issued to Karma's bio, I believe it can be inferred that they plan on working out how the war affected each champion that experienced it, in time.
: If so, it'd be better if they'd have shown us that. That's the problem here, it's presumption. Riot could have expounded upon the depths of Noxus as a society, showing a side of them beyond that which the warlike aristocracy drives, while simultaneously showing us more of what instilled Riven with the values she now holds. Or hell, what those values were to begin with. Instead, they give us bits and pieces and ask us to guess at the in between. Some say that's good writing, because it lets the reader fill in the blanks their own way, but video games aren't the format for that. If you're going to put focus on a game's lore, you should really commit to building a world that establishes a context for the players to play within. You don't see Akitoshi Kawazu half-assing his cultures, and his characters are rightly provided with a deep, content-rich context to their respective world views. Also, if your latter assumption is true, it still doesn't make a lot of sense that Riven would just up and leave. Not with the context we're provided. This is a woman who'd built loyalties. Sure, most of those loyalties were lost to the weapon, but surely there was a general she trusted. Even if not, how does one go through years of military training, willingly doing the brutal work of a nation that gives no concession for weak soldiers, without developing at least _some_ tolerance to the notion of Noxus' Machiavellian approach. This is why I say that making the conflict more about her personal attachments - something many Noxians eschew in the pursuit of power - would have served them better. It would show that Riven, as a fallible human, had been truly taken in by Noxus' methodology... but it would likewise show that a part of her was always more human than many of her peers, and this redeeming factor would be what eventually led her down the path of... well, redemption. I mean as far as I can read into it, she left Noxus because she was pissed that they planned on turning a weapon on her friends. It goes right back to the crux of my original complaint: It's a flimsy, one-event excuse to have a character do a complete 180 with her worldview. A proud, stubborn character at that. Show us the events that slowly put cracks in Riven's loyalty. This works fine as a last straw, but it needs an established uncertainty in Riven's heart to really feel like it has weight.
I agree that there's a whole lot we don't know, but unless I'm mistaken, Riot's basically posting lore as they come up with it.
: Can someone clarify this for me?
Personally, I don't find Noxus to be a one-note, brutal empire. Yes, its government has a clearly colonialist agenda, but it's still a meritocracy, where hard work is valued much more than ancestry (unlike in Demacia, if I'm not mistaken), and anyone who shows talent in a field (granted, the military especially) will be made to prosper in that field. Also, while the political sphere is very cutthroat, as far as I know, it doesn't impact the other strata of society. On another note, Ionia's general fixation on balance has already brought about multiple different perspectives: Karma and the Kinkou think it's a flawless ideology, Zed thinks it's making their society stagnant, and the Vastayans seem mostly indifferent.
Risen29 (NA)
: How many dashes and displacements will this one have?
It's all in the passive: if you click anywhere within his basic attack range, he dashes to that location. If he runs through a champion while doing so, it knocks them up.
: Almost fixed Yasuo and Riven
From what I understand, Noxus can be pretty cutthroat, but it's still a meritocracy. If you're _genuinely_ talented or hard-working, you can rise through the ranks without having to deal with the backstabbing and stuff. Presumably, this is what happened with Riven: she grew up away from the city life, believing that Noxus was a fair and just country, where your position in life is reflective of your own worth; this worldview would have been consolidated as she tore through the ranks of the military on her own merit (and, being a favourite of everyone's, wouldn't have to deal with assassins or whatnot). Then, she was sent to Ionia, and she realized that her superiors had just sent her squad to escort the alchemical weapon, and they had planned on blowing them up all along, which made her reconsider the motives of the higher-ups, as well as the general state of Noxus as a country.
: Blood moon Evelynn's splash art
I believe the part of the lore in which Twisted Fate and Evelynn were an item is now obsolete (feel free to correct me if I am mistaken). Maybe the artist had that in mind as he drew it, but canonically, it's probably just a random person, like in her default splash.
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: No Hurricane or Wit's End? Shame.
{{item:3111}} {{item:3153}} {{item:3124}} {{item:3085}} {{item:3031}} would be my build if you want a zeal item. Similar basic attack DPS, less ability scaling, no W evolve. You can replace {{item:3115}} with {{item:3091}} if you need the MR or MR shred, but you lose some DPS and scaling.
Nyloaf (NA)
: it really does disappoint me when people are like " you need to build this, this, this and this on kai'sa and nOTHING ELSE! " she's supposed to be the embodiment of versatility and creative playstyle, build what you want!
Many items are good on her, but as a carry, if all you want is the highest DPS possible (as is often the case), there are some builds which are simply superior to others mathematically.
: {{item:3111}} {{item:3153}} {{item:3124}} {{item:3146}} {{item:3115}} / {{item:1419}} Most basic attack DPS, best ability scaling, all skills evolved.
And you even get a flex slot, though {{item:3089}} really ups the damage.
: is there a build that allows her to get all her upgrades? Even if the passives on said items don't make sense for her effectively, and what's the power bump like from having all 3 evolved? Also first.
{{item:3111}} {{item:3153}} {{item:3124}} {{item:3146}} {{item:3115}} / {{item:1419}} Most basic attack DPS, best ability scaling, all skills evolved.
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: Academy Adventures Series 2!
{{champion:32}} be like: "Son, I am dissapoint."
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