: Quick Gameplay Thought: January 24
Ppl choose specific secondaries that increase the likelihood of getting their primary ie support/mid always getting support, do you think this is an issue?
Meddler (NA)
: Quick LoL Thoughts: January 17
How is Blitzcrank sitting after his Q range increase? I feel like Naut and thresh are still fulfilling the hook catch archetype better than the original god hand.
Hotarµ (NA)
: > I mean in the end, what's more important? Upholding some arbitrary set of rules put into place to punish the trolls? Or your mental state? Sitting in a game where you are becoming a victim of a harmful ideology (never surrendur) or a victim of people who are abusing the system put into place (never leave no matter what even if the trolls are trolling) literally holds ***zero*** value for me or whoever is in the situation. Pushing through an extra 5-25 minutes in a game won't degrade your mental state to the point where it becomes problematic. If you're consistently running into those games, play with a premade and try to regulate or limit your exposure to the game if it's that much of a detriment. Realistically speaking, a few of these games every now and then isn't going to severely damage your mentality or health. > I don't care what Riot says, if I deem it healthier for me to just leave the game\* then there's nothing they can do to stop me, and as long as I am making sure to put a good chunk of time between my games that I leave, the system probably won't think anything of it. If you do it consistently, you're going to receive punishments. If you do it sparingly, yeah, I doubt you'll receive any severe consequences. Ultimately, my point is: Don't queue up for a game if you can't handle whatever is thrown at you. The overwhelming majority of games (90%+, probably more) end in about 30-40 minutes and if 20 minutes of that is enough to damage your mental health, you should probably limit your exposure to that game or multiplayer games in general. If your team agrees to continue playing, you _owe_ it to them to continue trying. If a duo is preventing the vote from passing, bite the bullet and play it out. It's unfortunate but that's the risk you run when you accept the queue. There's zero reason to AFK. Two wrongs don't make a right.
> [{quoted}](name=Hotarµ,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=BgucT2JG,comment-id=000a00000000,timestamp=2019-07-08T15:28:16.412+0000) > There's zero reason to AFK. Two wrongs don't make a right. Zero reasons to AFK? What about emergencies? What if my house is on fire? Only the Sith deal in absolutes.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: March 20
Any word on how those Blitz changes on pbe are trending? Also does the ult marking system work with Tiamat?
: > [{quoted}](name=AIQ,realm=NA,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=A8F8ArAw,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2019-03-15T16:37:35.756+0000) > > So it's an on hit thing with a 1 second gate? > Does this apply to abilities too? So a Q/E applies 2 procs (granted you waited one second) OR does the E only apply it? > > When the R detonates does it too apply that damage? > Is it possible to add any effects to his ult? A slow, longer silence? Or maybe slap a single on hit passive of the Blitz ult passive to allies that got hit in ult range? > > Also how will this impact his rework? Is he a candidate for most a VU rather than a VGU? > > > I wanted to throw some unrelated Shyvana stuff because... I'm desperate? lol > Since you are a designer I would think you talk to Meddler, he said two different times a few months ago that he'd have Shyvana scale with elder, but that never came trough. Can you remind him or tell us why ti didn't go? > Is it possible to remove the decay on her W, also since AP Shyvana took the W ratio can AD Shyvana gain total AD on it's ratio? > Can we please have her ult cool down work while dead? Abilities don't add the mark, just autos. Blitz's ult is a pretty powerful burst tool, and any extra effect I'd add would probably have to come out of the burst damage. I tried a few things, but I wanted to retain Blitz's dream of hooking a key target and blowing them up immediately. I'm not familiar with the Shyv changes, but I'll mention it to him.
So does Blitz with Tiamat mark everything hit by Tiamat or just his target?
: Upcoming Bounty Changes
I think you are pretty Jatt.
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Ozu (NA)
: Banned For Taking Ghost/Cleanse Strategically
How has this not received a Riot response? @Meddler !!!!
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: February 8
Will other champions be given vulnerability windows like Blitzcrank's self slow on W? Or is it just old champs that have weaknesses?
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Dr Dog (NA)
: so basically {{champion:161}}
> [{quoted}](name=Dr Dog,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=nkVzTE5X,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-01-26T01:57:21.978+0000) > > so basically {{champion:161}} from the void and cousin to vel i like your thinking friend
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Meddler (NA)
: Biggest issue in that video you link is where Brand's hitbox is relative to his model. His hitbox is a circle around the location his feet are at. Given LoL's camera angle, and with that angle on his body as he runs, there's a difference between where you'd expect him to be and where he is in game terms though. Solves to those are pretty high cost (never let champions lean much, plus draw hitboxes on the ground at all times etc). Could just nerf the width of Blitz Q, I'd argue its reliability profile is about right however at present. Additionally if you go meaningfully narrower you'll also start getting cases of 'this should have hit' where the hitbox/camera angle skew in the other direction (already get some of that, but would see significantly more).
Make blitz Q narrower please, it will distinguish between who can hit a hook and who cannot, it will also let me q through an undisturbed minion wave walking to lane... hehehe
: There are some concerns about abusive Conquerer cases but we tested a lot of the scary ones to enough of an extent that we were willing to ship it. We didn't find the support cases to be much of a concern since staying in combat as a support has a relatively high cost (exposure to trades for the enemy, pushing lane) and AD is generally not a desirable stat for them outside of a few fringe cases like Leona or Blitzcrank who pay a higher cost to stay in combat in botlane as they're melee. As far as tank assassins, we tried some of those cases quite a bit (particularly Fizz since he has the "in combat" synergy) and didn't find it to be particularly abusive. Fizz and Ekko (who are the primary concerning cases with that type of pattern) have seen pretty significant kit changes to prevent systemic options like Fervor (in the past) or Conquerer (now) from being as much of an issue. On MF getting the dream scenario with E>Q>R, it's something we tested a little bit but didn't find it was consistent enough to be universally powerful - there are cases where it will work and it will be strong in those situations but as long as it's not something that's strictly optimal over other keystones in all cases it's probably okay.
It's Conqueror with an O rito geez.
: But what AoE based mage is currently overperforming?
It's not that aoe based mages are overperforming it's that assassins are under performing.
: Locket Change is bad
You are looking at this completely wrong. There is no net change against aoe damage from these locket changes it only effects single target damage which is now better against locket. The 50% reduced aoe damage the shield has counters the loss in max shield value when the shield is used to block aoe while the single target isn't countered and the loss in max shield value is a huge buff to assassins trying to get through support actives to kill carries. Or at least that's what I read as the intention of these value changes, the numbers are probably still being worked out but as a support main I like these changes.
1nsan1tyy (EUW)
: Any word or Nautilus buffs/rework? He currently sits at a 46% winrate both support and top, a mini re-work akin to Ekko in the jungle would suit him really well
He needs a shield buff, costs too much mana for how much Health it provides. That or an armor buff as when they increased all armor naut got shafted and not in the good way.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: March 14
Stupid forum won't let me delete comment on phone
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: Indeed. It is a LOT of mana.
With this change my dream of AP blitz top is finally going to come to fruition!!
Barkley (NA)
: Lets discuss oddball builds that actually work
Blitz top Check this blitz top mains op.gg for everything you need. He is D3 currently main Blitz top... http://euw.op.gg/summoner/userName=Prim0
Sanngriðr (EUNE)
: The problem with blitz.
Blitz has so many counters in bot lane he literally can never be meta other than as a counter pick. Don't like playing against Blitz? Learn Tahm Kench and laugh every time he tries to pull the adc or thinks he can pull you and still win the fight. 55th highest blitz mastery NA and TK still fucks me That being said I do think Riot is looking into changing Blitzcrank...
Novalas (NA)
: Patch Chat with the Playtest Team - 8.2
Blitzcrank nerfs were mentioned but then not on PBE or in patch notes. Is it safe to assume he has limbo'd under the nerf bat for the time being? Also if the support changes turn out to be too much of a buff to the support role would the solution just be to raise the cost of upgraded support item to offset the gold advantage support now have without the support tax (Sightstone)? If so may I suggest a more elegant solution: reduce the passive gold gen on the support items while increasing the gold generated by procs instead of changing the cost of the upgrades, it will more clearly differentiate low/high skill supports by separating those that are able to get all the support item procs they need and those that aren't. If this slows down getting the sightstone upgrade for the support item then lower the quest completion gold requirement as needed.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: January 24
Blitzcrank nerfs were mentioned but then not on PBE or in patch notes. Is it safe to assume he has limbo'd under the nerf bat for the time being? Also if the support changes turn out to be too much of a buff to the support role would the solution just be to raise the cost of upgraded support item to offset the gold advantage support now have without the support tax (Sightstone)? If so may I suggest a more elegant solution: reduce the passive gold gen on the support items while increasing the gold generated by procs instead of changing the cost of the upgrades, it will more clearly differentiate low/high skill supports by separating those that are able to get all the support item procs they need and those that aren't. If this slows down getting the sightstone upgrade for the support item then lower the quest completion gold requirement as needed.
: "Removing the unstoppable on ornn is one of the WORST things you can do" - Scarra
I think they removed this because it is actually a lot of hidden power. You don't really see that he is unstoppable when using his fire breath you just have to know that he is. As a Blitz OTP I approve this change... HA
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Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: January 12
Hey Meddlypoo What's your thoughts on Tahm Kench overriding his self slow with Phase Rush to essentially eat and run turning his opponents into fast food for towers? TK seems to be over-performing this pre-season, is he on the nerf radar or can I keep abusing him into the foreseeable future?
: I'm not sure if I'm convinced! 1) Changes will be made to the support quest requirement so that acquisition times are around the 8 - 10 minute mark (ideally comparable to live). There are scenarios on live where you're able to grab sightstone a couple minutes earlier, but I personally think the benefit outweighs the cost. 2) On live, early build path itemization depends on how you prioritize gold generation, vision, and movement speed. With the upcoming changes, vision becomes replaced with working towards core items which I feel is less limiting. Why do you think build paths are now limited? 3) I'm not sure where you're coming from here. Why do you think there will be less variation in bottom lane/ jungle and what do you think will the dominant strategy? 4) I definitely agree that the old quest rewards & T3 actives will be missed. Players will probably feel this pain; there might be some plans to bring back these actives in other items. 5) Overall, I don't think support will be in a weaker state since the upcoming changes should make supports economically closer to other roles.
As a support main for the last 4 seasons: IT'S ABOUT DAMN TIME! Enough of supports living on welfare and food stamps! In fact I think to balance out all the seasons where support made the least gold, support should make the MOST gold now!! Give all 3 gold generation items a buff to passive gold gen... triple current values should be good.
Novalas (NA)
: Patch Chat with the Playtest Team - 8.1
Hey Players more skilled than I that work at Riot! Was wondering what you thought about the power level of tank supports like Leona, Taric and Blitz in 8.1 compared to their counterparts in the support role. Med or someone posted about looking into a Blitz game-impact nerf which was subjected to a bit of scrutiny on reddit who thought taric and leo were more of an issue. What are your thoughts on this? Also is it wise to be changing individual support power levels just before introducing such a large change to the support landscape (potential removal of SS)? I do agree Blitz is a little too good all-around, I feel that is more Thresh's identity as a Catcher while Nauts is his tankiness as a Catcher and Blitz's (at least in my opinion with the 55th highest Blitz Mastery NA) is his mobility. I feel Blitz would have more of an identity if his W slow was removed (slowing yourself feels terrible) in exchange for a significant loss in durability.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: January 10
In a previous post you dared mention a possible Blitzcrank nerf that seemed to confuse and enrage all commentors on reddit. I was hoping you could provide some more insight into what and why the nerfs for blitz. Is it because he has failed in his fleshing compatibility service to find you a mate?
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: December 13
Hey Rito, Was wondering if anyone over there saw that reddit post about Blitz Q being changed to an OPEN HAND (which kinda looks reminiscent of the hand monster in link to the past that came from the ceiling and threw you out of that dungeon in the forest) instead of a CLOSED FIST as it would help with readability of his grab and be more thematically sensible.
: Autofill means fill not troll
Except Ill play whatever the fuck champion I want regardless of your opinion because I am playing for my own enjoyment not yours? Like I don't WANT to teemo support but Riot made it so I NEED 2 in order to unlock hextech chests and I've got chests on every support so now I have no choice!
Warios (NA)
: And then admitting you have done this in the past..... Sure let's give someone a reason to look at your past games if it is not acceptable behavior and take appropriate action.
To be clear I have never told any to kill themselves or used any racist or bigoted slurs.
: I would avoid doing this. Riot has made it clear that encouraging self-harm is not acceptable in *League*, even as a joke. This seems *awfully* close to simply attempting to get around that. And by that I mean that it comes off as exactly that, and I would not take the chance with my account.
Did you watch the video though? It isn't REALLY telling you to kill yourself or advocating self-harm it literally tells you NOT to kill yourself, it is comedy...
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Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: November 3
Hey Meddler, Going a bit off topic here but... _**How do you feel about the state of bug fixes in the game?**_ It seems the champion balance team has a lot more resources behind it than the bug team as with every patch we get balance changes seeking to tame the OP and encourage the downtrodden yet some of the downtrodden are so downtrodden because of unintentional code interactions that go unresolved for months if not years. The state of the bug report forum is imo embarrassing... (no rito presence on anything but v/o and skin bugs.) As a Blitzcrank OTP: one such "unintentional interaction" I have noticed is that Power fist doesn't always knock up it's target! Now over the course of a game 1 Powerfist not applying CC isn't so game-breaking as say a Galio Q that deletes champions faster than 20 stacked shaco boxes but it DOES hinder a champion over a season. What bothers me about this though is Riots lack of communication on the matter. If I knew Riot knows about ALL the bugs and IS currently working on them then that would explain the lack of Riot presence on the Bug forum but I highly doubt this is the case... as such I do not have high hopes about getting a fix or 30 for champions like Mord...
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: November 1
Hey Meddler, Going off topic but... How do you feel about the Hextech-earn-a-chest-with-S-on-a-champion-you-own-but-haven't-got-S-before-on system now that we have had it in play for a while? Are there going to be any changes to the system with the new season? My personal thoughts on it: As a Blitz OTP: every week I have to play a champ I never play until I get lucky enough to get an S-. This usually results in 5-10 games of absolutely terrible play and a 30% winrate at best because I never play this champ...until I get enough familiarity to get an S and then I go back to playing the champ I ACTUALLY WANT TO PLAY. Was this the intention of the system? It is a very tiresome system, forcing players to constantly pick up different champs long enough to get a reward. If I could just play Blitz and get multiple S rankings for more chests it would be far more enjoyable... Like first chest get 1 S- on Blitz, then second chest get an S, third get an S+, fourth get 2 S- and so forth. And then there is the limited champion pool... I have earned an S on EVERY support this season and then even some champs most wouldn't consider support... I can't imagine what an ADC main has to do with their even more limited champion pool. Play a different role? I won't get an S... Support main for lyfe.
Broporo (NA)
: Yup, still no bugs here. You're still earning honor at the normal rate and you're rank 3. Again, the thing to keep in mind is that your progress is your own, and shouldn't be compared to others. It's also worth noting that even though recent behavior might not have punished you, your behavior is still being tracked. Looks like there was at least one game where you might have been less than honorable, which is most likely weighing you down.
Thing is without feedback how do we know that we ARE being less than honorable enough to progress in honor levels? Like if I get honored by 3/4 on my team but then justifiably reported by the 1/4 other person how does that effect my honor? Was I honorable that game or dishonorable? The one report isn't enough cause to issue a penalty like chat restrict or ban but it's enough to effect honor level without us even knowing that we got dinged for saying something like Make me! to a teammate the tells me to STFU! (they can mute me right?)
Polytra (EUW)
: Hard stuck Honor level 3 !!
So I had the same issue and asked Riot support to help and they looked over a couple past games for incidences where I was less than honorable (ie. preventing me from moving up in honor level.) and it was basically for saying: Make me! to someone saying GL HF! Not entirely sure how that was negative but alrighty then!
: i did had this once in 2014 ish... my account was hacked by some dude from israel (i think i did mentioned the name once and people were reminding of not sharing other person's name account, and also he threatened me to hack and he did)... also he actually played 2 games with my account as fiora which is toxic as hell and got perma banned first step is support riot games and report this thing... then ask someone in your League friend list to send the screenshot of his conversation with that hacker ( i asked one of my bud to talk to that hacker who is using my account, and i have the evidence to be provided so its legit that wasn't my intention) then keep in contact with the rioters until your account is decided to be acquired back or gone forever
you just necro'd an 11 month old thread...
Broporo (NA)
: Your ranked status isn't taken into account in normals. Your MMR plays a smaller role, and mostly the system is aiming for balanced teams rather than trying to match you with players of similar rank. You may want to focus more on ranked if you're looking for that type of gameplay.
LOL YEAH RIGHT Playing ranked as G1 and my games are ALL PLAT 3 PLAYERS. So nice having to beat Plat 3 players to get out of G1 tell me again how if I want to play with people of the same rank I should play ranked.
: What games are you playing?
Been playing Shadow of War and Cuphead between league losses.
: Patch Chat with the Playtest Team - 7.20
These Tahm Kench buffs seem quite substantial, what prompted the love for the benched Kench? Are you not worried that he will be taken top more than support now that his damage is buffed? I use TK as a hard counter to catchers (blitz/thresh/morg) and have found he works perfectly, these damage buffs seem unnecessary but the bug fix and ult lockjaw (that inhumans reference) removal are super appreciated! Do you feel Biscuit Delivery is a sufficient mastery for those mana stacking champions(Ryze, Blitz) with the removal of mana runes?
: Well, you're just going to have to try stuff out and see what you like! the Predator keystone gives Blitz some terrifying roaming ganks, Guardian is nice for providing some defense for your lane partner as support. You might want to go into Inspiration and try out Glacial Augment for even more CC...that lands you in the Inspiration tree which also gives you access to Hextech Flashtraption for some terrifying surprise hooks from bush or jungle.
Do the Hunter Mastery choices in the Domination tree proc off assists or will I have 2 KS?
: Janna Hotfix Context
I think nerfing Janna was unnecessary, they should just buff all of her counters.
Fearless (NA)
: Runes, Expectation, and the FUTUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURE!
Ok so yeah everything looks swell and stuff but the REAL question is... How does this effect my main? (Blitzcrank) Not seeing a lot for the catchers seems more focused on pitchers and while I love throwing a good knuckleball, sitting behind the plate catching that Ashe is where I'm at. And is it affect or effect?
: There's an interaction with certain movement abilities that if a hook lands in the middle of the cast time, it's buffered and the movement ability doesn't stop. Two such abilities are Tristana's Rocket Jump and Ezreal's Arcane Shift. This is true for any CC ability, not just a Blitzcrank Q. Thresh hooks work this way, as do Lux snares, Renekton stuns, Ryze roots, and even Malzahar ults. If you hit any of these or any other CC on an Ezreal who has buffered Arcane Shift properly, he'll be hit with the CC on the other side of the blink (so he's usually safe). Tristana works the same way. Unlike Ezreal, Tristana can be hit mid-leap and be knocked out of her jump, but her jump can be buffered to overwrite stuns.
YES! Thank you! EXCEPT!!!! See: https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bug-report/n2TYR897-gameplay-blitzcrank-powerfist-fails-to-knock-up-during-blink-abilities Ez arcane shift completely negates Power fist! No knock up on an Ezreal on the other side of the blink! NO CC AT ALL! Also see: https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bug-report/3ZUE3Q32-gameplay-blitzcrank-powerfist-fails-to-knock-up-target-video-provided For more Blitz E bugs!
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: September 8
These Anti-shield items are going to completely destroy my Mana stacking Blitz top that Prim0 on EUW promoted. Thanks, Riot! /s
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