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: > You're Not Entitled to Your Hovered Champion And you're not enititled to win the game in that case ;D
So you're admitting to griefing. Cool.
: when i plan to ban a teammate's champ i usually either warn them and apologize if i really need to ban them or ask them if i can ban it first try to not be a dick dude
Lol I love how the both of you are presuming I'm doing it intentionally to troll them or be an asshole to them for fun and not to avoid risking losing LP because the enemy picks Mordekaiser first and snowballs against mastered characters with little effort. Just an example.
: Imagine being the kind of asshole who griefs his teammates, and then thinks he has a right to report them over flaming.
@Riot this guy. If I have honest reasons for banning a character even if you happen to want to play it, sorry but tough luck. You aren't entitled to flame me either simply because your pick was banned, and I'd be in all right to report you for it. There's like 140 champs in the game. Surely there are others to choose from. You not getting your way doesn't mean you throw a tantrum about it.
: https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/rant
I'm not demeaning a protected category.
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Kelg (NA)
: {{champion:17}} He has free stealth, infinite movement speed, a blind so you can't ever out trade him, and free wards. How can an extremely balanced champ like {{champion:104}} or {{champion:122}} even hope to compete?
1) he has to sit in a bush for (3?) seconds to proc it. Not the most useful passive above bronze 3 cheese. 2) you don't have to out trade him. He has 0 value in a teamfight. Just farm under turret or bait out the blind for 1.5 seconds then go in.
: Tell me again why Urgot is allowed such a loaded kit?
: Congratulations. You listed his kit. Garen has a silence, infinite healing, literally no mana costs, an armor shred, execute ult, %max hp true damage, damage amp on a low cooldown, free armor and MR for killing things, tenacity, and insane damage reduction. Nasus has infinite sustain, can two-shot someone, melts a structure with just a single melee nearby, has mixed damage, %hp damage, armor shred, strong poke and AoE, and doesn't need a *single* damage item to do shittons of damage. Ashe has a free {{item:3022}}, higher crit scaling than every other marksman, a basically free AS steroid, long-range poke, the third-highest base range in the game, and the *longest* stun in the entire game. None of these champions are overloaded. I just listed their kit.
Garen's silence requires him to aa you in melee range. Healing is garbage until level 11. Hey, a lot of new champs hardly have any mana costs anymore (e.g. 30-50 per ability). E, again, doesn't mean much till like 4-5 levels, and you almost never want to max that first. That W dmg reduction lasts like 1 second on a 20+ second cooldown. You won't feel the difference till he's got items. Nasus sustain means nothing because he can't punish anybody effectively without running through a lot of mana. Two-shotting? In what elo? He'd need like 500+ stacks while sitting in front of a marksman, which is almost never the case. Haha, those slows are peanuts the second the enemy has tier 2 boots unless you've got your own + 100% crit and a ton of attack speed on you. Why are we talking about other champs with ACTUAL counterplay behind them?
: Griefing in an ARAM of all things should be an instant suspension -> ban
Always an excuse, huh? If it's not "it's just a norms," should this happen in ranked they'd then go "it's just a game." Read carefully people. I'm placing emphasis on ARAM because it's such a short game mode, and it's an easy way to weed out some of the problem players when they can't even last that long.
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