: > [{quoted}](name=QuanticPsyche,realm=NA,application-id=K6EGEal2,discussion-id=rEIM8zBu,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-02-16T16:53:24.336+0000) > > Hmmm. Ever considered the idea that you should maybe respect the meta and understand that khazix top won't work as you climb higher and start to face top laners who won't ghost to lane...? The unfortunate thing about one-tricks is that they experience highs and lows depending on the meta. Azir one-tricks used to dominate a season ago, but are now called trolls with lowest mid lane win rate. > But with at least those people, there's a meta where they fit and they worked. Khazix top was never a thing and was never part of the meta. Unless you are genius enough to pave your own way of playing top similar to Pink Ward and his shaco (in which case no coach can help you), it's not gonna work. > Those are my quick thoughts Otp = one trick pony It's not a typo for top. He's playing kha'zix in the jungle, and plays other junglers in the jungle when kha'zix is banned.
> [{quoted}](name=ValyrianBlade,realm=NA,application-id=K6EGEal2,discussion-id=rEIM8zBu,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2017-02-16T19:04:22.095+0000) > > Otp = one trick pony > > It's not a typo for top. He's playing kha'zix in the jungle, and plays other junglers in the jungle when kha'zix is banned. you're right. i misread. guess i'll delete my post
PolloMan (NA)
: Hello, I'm new in league of legends
Hi! The argument of "NA worst server" aside, I'm personally one of those people who wants to welcome anyone who joins a game that i enjoy as well. So welcome :) That being said, this game is easy to learn and hard to master. Unless you have previous MOBA knowledge, the learning curve will be pretty damn steep for you. Hell, it'd take pages of essay to describe how to become a top player in this game. So go out there, watch youtube videos and have a mindset of a student taking a course on League. As ridic as that may sound, it's kind of what it's like to be good at this game Xd gl hf
KnuckeD (NA)
: Upsurge esports looking for bronze to gold skill level players
Are you looking to make a team with a roster? Or just find people to join a flex community?
: Climb to plat
How long ago was this "high diamond"...? You were low plat early in season 6 then been going through demotion after demotion...
: Looking to make a 5s team. Need all roles but mid! Read carefully Silver-Gold.
why the fk are u expecting ppl to stay up at 2am to play with you..? Might as well tell them fuck your sleep schedule
Colorosa (NA)
: Chief Tournaments
I thought riot has shutdown prizing for online tournaments? I believe these are not allowed. Please confirm with this link http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/miscellaneous/6c2OrJEA-upcoming-event-finder-tool-changes
: LF Coach
Add me and I can help you out
: Looking to better myself
: Searching for skilled players to create a team for 2017!
If ur in EU, why make a post on the NA board?
IGN: QuanticPsyche Role: Mid/Bot Champs: {{champion:202}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:236}} , {{champion:112}} {{champion:63}} {{champion:103}}
sevenj (NA)
: Creating Silver / Gold Ranked 5s Team for season 7!
Mid/Adc main here. I'm silver 2 on Mujona Kaibutsu acc. QuanticPsyche is my main. Add me on smurf and I'm rdy to join.
: Creating a Flex Q Team Silver 2+
Hi, you can add smurf acc: Mujona Kaibutsu. My main is QuanticPsyche. I main mid/jg, but i can play other roles if needed
: LFM flex plat+ HAVE adc and jg mains
Mid/Support main. Plat 4 (season ended during my promos XD feelsbad).
NAKo88 (NA)
: Team Never Flame (TNF) Recruiting High Silver-Gold players for LCS style ranked 5s (BSGL)
Look, let's be honest. No one wants to be a sub. When they're browsing the team recruitment page, they're looking to play, not for a chance that they might be able to play for someone else.
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: new and leveling
Add me Jookiiez. I'm lvl 17 and learning as well
: need bronze team
Hey, add me iiintoxiicatiing. I'll help u climb. I only play mid, and occasionally top
Kid Coop (NA)
: Support & Mid for 5 man Gold or Silver Elo
Geraldjxhez Silver 2 Mid main: Zed, Fizz, Lux
: Team Wicked [ TW A/B/C ] [ High Silver - High Diamond CAP ] Building 3 Teams [ Coached Teams ]
Name: Alan IGN: QuanticPsyche Age: 23 Teamspeak: Yes Work/College: College Rank: Gold 4 Role: Mid Season Started: 2
iPeachy (NA)
: I need some friends, preferably female...
I'm afraid I'm not a female. But I'm looking to play with others as well, regardless of gender. If that's alright w/ you u can add me: QuanticPsyche
: Looking for one more player any role for some ranked 5s (just for fun)
ß ƒ (NA)
: LF adc gold+ and jg/mid dynamic que
Added. I'm a gold 4 mid main.
: LF Gold players who wanna play ranked and come out with a win. and play all night
: s2 Girl gamer looking for new friends to dynamic a few games tonight!
I'm looking for ppl to play w/ as well. I'm a mid main, sometimes jg. Currently in Gold 3. Add me and I only use web version of discord if that matters to u I'm prolly gonna play some tonight, all day tomorrow (since it's Sunday)
: G.A eSports is Looking for Dedicated players in the Bronze - Gold Tiers to fill in our ranks
Hi. I'm a SIlver 1 Mid main. I see that your teams don't have a mid role open, but if you're willing to form another team, i'd def be interested Also, no one wants to be a sub. They look for teams cause they want to play, not wait to play (imo)
nydani (EUNE)
: climbing up
username: QuanticPsyche rank: Silver 1 lanes and champions: Mid - Azir, Fizz, Kennen, Zed. Jungle - Lee Sin, Gragas. Top - Darius, Graves. Support - Alistar, Thresh Obviously I'm a mid main :) But I can def play jg and support as well. Add me on client? I'd love to practice tonight\
: Forming a Silver+ Team! RIGHT NOW!
Rank: s2 IGN: QuanticPsyche Skype: QuanticPsyche Position/Lane: Mid Champs: Leblanc, Zed, Yasuo, Lux, Fizz, Akali, Orianna, Diana
: Competitive Silver/Gold Tournament Team looking to Fill Roster.
- Summoner Name: QuanticPsyche -- Current rank/elo: Silver 2 -- Age: 21 -- times available: After 5pm PST -- Role applying for: Mid -- Top 5 champs in role: Zed, Yasuo, Leblanc, Orianna, Ahri -- Playstyle: Aggressive -- Past experience with teams: I've had a team, but they were inactive most of the time -- Why are you interested in us: I am interested in tourneys, but mostly looking for people who are consistently online
Rioter Comments
: Dedicated 5's Team
Would like to top. IGN: QuanticPsyche Role: Top Best Champion: Jayce, Fiora, Riven, Vladmir, Ryze Skype ID: Don't have one :P I can make Best Trait: Objective control and shot calling Question: Yes, only once tho
: Bronze Mid L4 Team Also looking for people to play with(READ)
Hey, I can join ur team as a top laner. Add me please
: Looking for 4 Players to join new team
I don't see that you added me O_O Also, I main top and mid... are either of them flexible with their roles?
: Looking for 4 Players to join new team
Add me in game plz. I'm interested


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