: The HUD update hits live
I love the new HUD. Read the dev blog posts about it, and you achieved all your goals. I especially love the enemy respawn timers, improved stats, smaller screen space. I don't want to use the old HUD anymore ever :)
: But with the name 'Irelia', and the getup, it is a pun that instantly comes to mind, and an entertaining one.
The pun is good (as is your comment :), but it can be understood only by people who are a bit aware of American aviation history... And that's just a small fraction of worldwide Lol players. I would bet someone at Riot has thought of that pun (Phreak!), but in the end, I guess the reason the pun did not make it to live was the reason I gave, and that's my answer to Povertypan's question.
: How is Aviator Irelia not called "Irelia Earhart"?
Because the USA is not the only country in the world with a history of female aviators?
: Rek’Sai, the Void Burrower, available now
Riot, never have you made a champion with such an immersive feeling, a well-rounded kit, and so much fun. And I love a lot of champs, but really... Wow. Rek'Sai is nearly a game mode in itself. GOOD JOB RITO, and thank you!
: Bots ruining 3 v 3 Twisted Treeline
I wante to try the new TT jungle, and there : 4th game, alone with 5 bots. I report them everytime as bots, but damn. No one wants to play TT with me, because there are so many chances the other team will be a 3-bots comp...
: Ahh, I feel sorry for all the midlaners having to face Heimerdinger this week! Myself? I'll be trying out a couple of other, non mid champs so I should be fine.
{{champion:268}}. **Untargetable** sand soldiers.
: Still no {{champion:44}} splash update/rework... *sigh* {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}}
They'll update the splash in the same time they update Taric, and this won't be anytime soon.. Check the [Champion update Schedule](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/202294884)
: Back when i started there where no refunds of any kind so be happy with what you had and stop asking for more.
One can be happy with what he has and still ask for more. Why not be even happier? :)
: Can we get 1 refund credit at the start of every season?
That's a rephrasing of [this](http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/miscellaneous/aE9TcZzl-please-riot-replace-the-3-refunds-per-lifetime-by-2-per-lifetime-1-per-season) discussion. You should upvote it, too :)! I hope we get a Red answer...
: level 14 sheep baa baa baa baa baa baa baa baa baa baa
Maybe I should be angry? This comment actually made me smile. Your sheep acting is so good! And I find sheep naturally funny. Also, your post has been downvoted (not by me!) even though it expresses no opinions nor contains arguments, so.. just maybe.. downvotes are not only opinion-related? Which is precisely MissigGrave's point. As a side note, this account is obviously a smurf (duh).
: No actually you are wrong, but at least not a sheep. People are down voting cause i am against the OP and telling him flat out that he is wrong. I should not need to sugar coat anything. Everyone on these boards hate seeing contrary posts in a thread. I have been polite on these "NEW"boards and still get down voted. The people here are sheep that think any view contrary to an OP is toxic. I had the conversation i wanted from the OP. I personally i do not care if the mindless fools who upvote and can not think for themselves are down voting. This board has shown intolerance to intelligent discourse many a times. I am not playing nice with them any more. I disagree with Sir Ammunu (a prominent board user)on a lot of topics and he has had to come to defense and tell people to stop down voting with me mid argument since i was being reasonable. The sheep prove their existence every time, with mindless upvotes and downvotes.
I don't know about the others, but I downvoted you for the exact reasons given by MissingGrave above, not because you tell him he's wrong. And since I'm a sheep among other sheeps, I suppose others have done the same for the same reason.
: WHat happens when Kalista dies when soul bound is in her? o.0
Good question! I don't know... I would love that both champions die. So dramatic!
meipian (NA)
: I think you mean "Soon(TM)"
Lol! Yes, you are right, that's the actual definition of Soon(TM).
Rikari (NA)
: Keep the gun,remove the cigar. smoking is killing our youth faster than guns are.
"our youth" is killed by cars more than guns. Remove cars.
: Did you even read the ult? The Soul-bound ally gets the ability to dash in. She can't do it herself.
"Go! Dash in! Let's kill!" "Errr... Not now. I'm not sure, I think we could wait a little longer. " "Please, get OUT of ME now! I'm certain we can 2v5 them! " "Hmm... At least wait for our jungler to come nearby?" "GET OUT OR I FEED" "Ookay... <sigh>" --ENEMY DOUBLE KILL--
: What ever happend to that one champion thjat was supposed to come out? That dragon of wind?
In a post months ago, a Rioter said, not before 2015. In other words : Not Soon (TM).
: Indeed... I've given Riot wayyyyyy too much money... but they keep suckering me. Well it doesn't help when you're single, making $3,000 every two weeks and have nothing else to spend your money on. {{summoner:3}} {{summoner:3}} {{summoner:3}}
Actually, being single *helps* playing LoL. :)
Sprint (NA)
Jesus works at Riot? Oh. That explains things.
: Well, I just played a draft mode game and I could instantly tell the difference now that ranked restrictions are in place. Already someone has told me to kill myself at the end of the game. Earlier in the game he even said that he didn't do anything to get restricted and it was Riot's fault, but that obviously wasn't the case.
> Well, I just played a draft mode game and I could instantly tell the difference now that ranked restrictions are in place. Already someone has told me to kill myself at the end of the game. Earlier in the game he even said that he didn't do anything to get restricted and it was Riot's fault, but that obviously wasn't the case. So.. you are happy you didn't have to play with this guy in ranked, am I getting it righ?
: Ranked Restrictions
Nearly one month later, can you share some data and results so far?
: Pool Party Evelynn was so lewd, they cut her out of the splash art for Graves. Wait jk, it's her passive. We're all good.
> Pool Party Evelynn was so lewd, they cut her out of the splash art for Graves. > > Wait jk, it's her passive. We're all good. Is it me, or is she naked?
: *"Riot is so player focused, every day we discuss things we ask 'how does this help players?'"* -- Frequently stated by Riot employees Meanwhile noob trap runes, 3 lifetime refunds (no exceptions, even if you used it on IP), massive IP grind required for runes and rune PAGES, Adobe AIR, no replays, etc. Its PR nonsense, nothing more.
Replays are being worked on (ok, very slowly, but still).
: No, stop buying champions just because they are FotM If you are not buying them because they are not FotM, then you have no reason to refund them because in the end, you want to have them all
>in the end, you want to have them all .. Not me. There are champions I will _never_ buy because they are I find them utterly boring to play. And I suppose I'm not the only one..
: 1. Everybody alredy got 3 refunds,bonus refunds shouldnt be free. 2.Seems fair. 3.Who would use a refund for IP?If i got the refund i would refund a skin i bought and buy another...
3- Runes are IP-bought only. As I got better into the game, I realized I was doing things wrong. I suppose the same has happened to many people..
Graiskye (NA)
: **Please Riot, replace the 3 refunds per lifetime by 2 per lifetime + 1 per season... ** It doesnt matter what Riot says, does or gives, someone always wants more. If I was CEO of Riot I would say one refund per account per lifetime, if you cannot learn to pick champions that you actually want to keep, too bad. We are given opportunities, FREEE opportunities too try every champ the game has, you can see every champ in action, ad nauseum, on youtube, there really is no reason, no good excuse as to why anyone should be buying champs they think they might not like, or that might not fit thier play style(LOL). North Americans and their MASSIVE entitlement issues. Always wanting something for nothing always want more than they get, and for what, what have you done to earn these rewards ? Nothing, they whine and snivvle everytime Riot does anything Small minded idividuals cant see that they are already getting a really really good deal, the fact they will refund you even once is more than most deserve.
: I have half and I came in halfway through season 4
Rioter Comments
: did you know: "Brand" is german for "Fire" so... say what you want to that.
What I want to say is thanks for teaching me something :)
: dude your logic is backwards lol... talon is the english name for the champion..so the french name is whatever talon in ENGLISH translates to in FRENCH not the French translation of the french word talon.
You just don't get it. Talon is a french word meaning "heel" in english. Champion names are *not* translated -maybe you didn't know that?-. When french people read about Talon slaughtering people, they read what english people would read about Heel slaughtering people. Your understanding is backwards, I'm afraid :)
: Not so much to help KDA or gold, but to get your team to finally realize that you as support are not feeding when you go 2/10/26. When I play support, I feel like I get plenty of gold and am plenty helpful, but I still hate playing it. Why? because supports get the butt end of every single remark about KS or feeding or being a n00b. Having the assist spree part (the part I think would help most) would really help non support players realize that their support deserves respect, not toxicity. EDIT: Support is really fun to play and it can feel super rewarding making clutch plays, but it is toxicity towards supports that makes it not my number one choice for a role.
Well, the problem is not the support role, the problem is the people. Just report them. Also, supports don't support only by hitting the enemies : they shield, they speed up or slow, they CC, they destroy wards. Focusing only on assists would miss all that. And sups could still be insulted for not doing enough assists, even if they do an excellent job of all the rest. So.. wrong fix, I'd say. The problem is still people.
: But wait, you forgot to make the case for support being undesirable in its current state! I know I'm biased, I love playing support, but we've also discovered that ~1/5 of players identify themselves as a support main (the same number of supports needed for a game of LoL). Also, this season, supports are earning more gold and buying more items than ever before. I'm not trying to knock your assertion, really I'm trying to understand what it is you want to solve for. It seems you want supports to get more assists and get more recognition for assists. But is that because supports are still gold starved or because supports need higher KDAs to stay satisfied with their role? When we have a better understanding of the problem we can do a better job of working toward the solution :)
Why is even the death count showed during the game? There is an interest in showing the kills and assists count, because it hints at how much gold the champion has amassed, but I think the deaths count can never be used in a constructive way during a game, while it is so easy to use it for flaming and insulting. Maybe the deaths count should only be available to a champion's own player, and not any of the other players. And show it only in the end of game stats.
Yngol (EUW)
: Launcher shows only the old sales
Exact same problem here. Even after patch 4.18, the sales are still those shown in your screenshot.
Karberus (NA)
: Fun fact #2: in Spanish "heel" also translates as talon, the only exception would be the small accent mark on top of the o "talón" which makes the pronunciation a bit different but still :P
I didn't know that. Thank you!
Drada (NA)
: Someone doesn't know how to work the Google Translate he used to make that "fun fact"
You know.. People can speak different languages without using Google Translate. I'm French, and I've been speaking English for more than 20 years.
Lumaba (NA)
: ***
Errrhm.. I am French too. Heel does mean "talon". Maybe you are thinking of "hell" or "heal".
: Cutthroat -> Achille's Steel.
Fun fact : in French, "heel" translates as "talon". In other words, for french-speaking people, the name of this champion is "Heel". Ooooh, scary, I'm facing Heel.
: {{champion:63}} {{champion:33}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:76}} {{champion:41}} ..............{{champion:201}} {{champion:103}} {{champion:51}} {{champion:55}} ......................................{{champion:77}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:114}} !!!!!
{{champion:39}} {{champion:14}}{{champion:81}}{{champion:60}} {{champion:19}}{{champion:120}}{{champion:84}}{{champion:23}} {{champion:83}}{{champion:61}}{{champion:77}} {{champion:131}}{{champion:39}}{{champion:122}} {{champion:91}}{{champion:74}}{{champion:28}}{{champion:68}}{{champion:60}}
: {{champion:64}} i didnt
Well, they {{champion:103}}{{champion:64}}g a {{champion:63}} new {{champion:14}}
: Patch 4.18 notes
Hey, look at Lee Sin neat and stylish facial hair! How does he shave? Who shaves him? Master Yi's barber? Lore Team, I'm summoning you!
echo659 (NA)
: GOTTA GANK EM ALL! {{champion:80}}
Epengu (NA)
: This is what I'd play up. Charming and serene. He's a paladin through and through, and new opportunities for the humor associated with the character will arise naturally from him being too charming to the point of naivete, or the contrast of his charm with his utter love for gems.
You are right! I didn't realize the humor there was in the contrast between the all-ever-good-far-all paladin global attitude and the gems single-mindedness... Thanks! EDIT : I think the contrast between a massive, brutal, blunt thing such as a hammer, and a suble, fragile, shiny thing such as a gem matches this duality. Keep the Gem Hammer, it embodies this contrast so well!
: I personally like this a lot. Wondering how others feel about this. "Prince Charming" is an interesting idea. Something that I had considered a lot but wonder if it's enough to separate him out from something generic. What do you think?
I would add some Parsifal in the recipe, for the innocence, moral blindness to things evil, and because nobility really has some self-centered issues (my family, my inheritance, my title, my lineage, my blah blah blah) that don't seem to go well with a really altruistic character. Taric should be a natural born saint, sort of. Untouchable by illness, sadness, cowardice, moral doubt. Bordering on the boring, obviously, if there was not for this aweness ("how can he be so GOOD? so BEAUTIFUL?").
: Not saying I'd prefer him super serious, but I've also heard a LOT of feedback that players would like him to have "dignity" versus being a joke. That's not to say there can't be comedy, irony or levity in his character, but the feedback I've heard in other discussions seemed to skew the general idea that he should move away from being a joke. But that's just what I've gleaned so far. Could be wrong.
Well, discussions are serious things so I'm not surprised people discussing want something more serious ; but consider the huge number of people who have been enjoying the "truly, truly outrageous" fun meme -allowed by the "fun" side of Taric- with profit. Which numbers are greater?
: DEFINE! No, seriously. What does this mean? My vision of "outrageous" can mean a totally different thing than yours. Can you please elaborate?
I think part of the fun with this "outrageous" thing is, everyone can imagine whatever he likes. The term is full of humor, evokes something morally extreme and yet stays positive to anyone knowing what fun means. It feels like 70s or 80s disco and shiny lights, but is not well-defined enough so that people have to position themselves as "pro" or "against" and everyone can use it as he likes. Also, you should note that "truly, truly" is often used quite often before "outrageous", and I think this word is quite important, because it adds a feeling of "incredible-it can't be true" that adds to the "unbelievable-impossible to describe" feeling. So, elaborating may be quite difficult and even counter-productive.. After all, we're talking about a meme that has a life of its own. BUT! Since we are all here to help, Taric + outrageous means to me : -lots of "ooh, shiny" lights and colors (disco!) -total lack of empathy to things "eww", like Kog'maw (think someone high, on a very good lsd trip [disclaimer : drugs eventually ruin people's brains and life IRL]) -vanilla-sexiness (to both male and female) and awe and "naaah, this guy is way too good to exist" -being much too shiny/sexy/good/beautiful for the mundane (monochrome, if you see what I mean) world, and being joyous (the nirvâna sort of joy) to put some of these qualities into all, enemies included (even if you have to hit hard for this).
: Champion and skin sale: 10.07. - 10.10.
Please Riot, replace the 3 refunds per lifetime by 2 per lifetime + 1 per season...
: probably not true, everyone I know buys Riot Points
Well, you and the ones you know ARE the 1% :)
Vadoe (NA)
: Yes.
Then, I suppose we would get neat 3D models of the servers (with particles and physics), super-cool "server down" splash art, and great lag management concepts (with redirects to Facebook games). Of course, no more champion reworks, visual updates, or new concepts, but who cares? Everyone works on the servers, yay!
: There's a thing called money. Money is invested into projects within the company. An example of a project would be the Sion rework. A group of artists and designers are assigned to work on this project. The project will receive a budget and people will work on it accordingly. When people ask Riot to work on the servers instead of reworks they are simply asking riot to invest more money into work done on the servers than designing champions. If you cannot grasp this concept then please stfu.
There is a thing called PEOPLE. Remember this word. People have to learn things, in order to work. Taking a techie to work on a problem takes TIME -remember this word, too. 3 weeks to 2 months is considered average in the IT industry. If you cannot grasp the concept "WORK TAKES TIME" then please stfu. And good luck in your professional life.
Jámie (NA)
My item sets never get deleted. This is a bug you have. So, you should file a bug report. And also, PRESS YOUR CAPS LOCK KEY.
: {{champion:268}} should be release today, cause 9/11 and passive
Quite a h{{champion:268}}dous reasoning.
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