: **A Corporate Matter: Episode Spooooooooooooopy** _(Sorry I am late, Turns out Rito didn't change the schedule for daylight savings time ending.)_ {{champion:150}} **_"GASP"_ "I, CAN, BREATHE! WHY IS THAT THING SO SLOW?"** {{champion:41}} "It's a stink barge, how fast do you think it's gonna go? That's why I call it the Big Old Rowin' Turd. By the way, think you can make me free this week?" {{champion:150}} "Fine, sure, whatever. Let's just stop the Harrowing so i can get my Golden Black Cleaver." {{champion:55}} "My Captain, you have returned." {{champion:41}} "Of course, me darlin'. How goes it in Bilgewater with the Harrowing?" {{champion:150}} "I thought you didn't keep any of your new crew?" {{champion:41}} "Well, this one impressed me. She has, vigor, ruthlessness. Skimpy outfits. Everything I was looking for in a first mate. Back to me question, has everyone died from the Harrowing yet?" {{champion:55}} "Nope, turns out there is no Harrowing this year." {{champion:41}} **"WHAT?"** {{champion:55}} "Yep, they just decided not to attack or something. Supposedly, it's to allow them a stronger army, and more freedom. I blame the union, personally." _**Earlier:**_ {{champion:120}} "You want us to, not attack this year?" {{champion:21}} "Yeah, I am still trying to get Bilgewater in order. A Harrowing would really screw everything up." {{champion:120}} "But, that would mean no new spooky skins." {{champion:21}} "Yeah." {{champion:120}} "And no cool shadow isles game mode?' {{champion:21}} "Mhmmm." {{champion:120}} "But, we have done it every year." {{champion:21}} "Things have to change sweety. Hey, what if I requested a change to Phantom Dancer. I know someone who made this really cool Shadow Isles version. This one would give you up to 12% movement speed. As well as have cool spooky Shadow Isles effects." {{champion:120}} "More movement speed you say?" {{champion:21}} "Yep. I heard you secretly always wanted to build a phantom dancer, now it will be amazing on you. I have a few connections, so I am sure I could get it in." {{champion:120}} "Fine! But since we are throwing away all tradition and meaning. From now on, we can strike at any time, **NOT JUST DURING OCTOBER.** You will never know when the next Harrowing will be. Hope you get your town in order before we come around again." _**Present:**_ {{champion:55}} "Even with no Harrowing, we have an even greater threat to Bilgewater." {{champion:41}} "What is it? Did the PBE version of Graves, with his one shot and kill, make it out early? Or is red smite Warwick back from last year?" {{champion:55}} "Red smite Warick is still dead, luckily. It's even worse, actors from the hit TV show, The Ganking Dead, Are here in Bilgewater." {{champion:41}} "I love that show! Who knew a show about a bunch of junglers, who purchased a corrupt Guardian Angel, would be so popular. Me favorite character is Slay Yasuo. He is just such a good guy, plus he is the only Mid-laner left. Representing diversity." {{champion:55}} "Oh, you must not have seen the latest episode yet." {{champion:41}} "Why? **WHAT HAPPENED TO SLAYER YASUO?**" {{champion:55}} "I won't spoil it for-" {{champion:150}} "He dies." {{champion:41}} **"WHAT!"** {{champion:55}} **"I JUST SAID NOT TO SPOIL IT FOR HIM!"** {{champion:41}} **"HE WAS ME FAVORITE, AND THE ONLY ONE OF HIS KIND LEFT. DARN THE RACISTS WHO MAKE THIS SHOW."** {{champion:150}} "**HE WAS EVERYONE'S FAVORITE!!!** Man, I hate that show. All drama, no action. Even it's slogan is stupid, _"get ganked and you're dead."_ Ughhh." {{champion:41}} "Let's go and meet the actors." {{champion:150}} "**WAIT, GIVE ME MY GOLDEN BLACK CLEAVER SO I CAN LEAVE!** Ah darn it, now I have to go with you." {{champion:41}} **"MOVE OUT OF THE WAY, I NEED TO MEET THEM!"** {{champion:4}} "Watch it old man. Everyone wants to meet the Slayers. You will have to wait your turn." {{champion:41}} "Old man? **DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM, I AM THE ALMIGHTY GANGPLANK. SCOURGE OF THE SEVENTEEN SEAS, SLAYER OF BARONS, FARMER OF TOP LANE. YOU WILL LET ME THROUGH.**" {{champion:55}} "Allow me, Captain. **DEATH LOTUS!!!!!!!!!!!**" {{champion:4}} **"EVERYONE, RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!!!!"** {{champion:133}} "But, shouldn't someone just, like, stun her?" {{champion:4}} "What? No, do you want to die? The only thing to do when a Katarina ults, is to completely panic and run around like a bunch of goats." {{champion:133}} "But, the goat dies!!!!!!!" {{champion:4}} **"QUICK, EVERYONE HIDE BEHIND THOSE CHAINSAWS."** {{champion:86}} **"SMART."** {{champion:55}} "Sigh" "Why do they always hide there. Alright sir, way's clear. I am going to hunt down the rest, my passive already has my ult back up. Now, where could they be, I can't seem to find them." {{champion:4}} "See guys, told you she wouldn't find us here." {{champion:55}} "Could they be behind the chainsaws, no, only an idiot would hide there." {{champion:4}} _"Snicker."_ {{champion:55}} **"HERES KATTY!!!"** {{champion:4}} **"AHAHWHAHAHHAHAHWHAHAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHWAHWWWWWWWWWWWWWAAAAAAAAAAAWHAHWHAHWHAHWHAHWAHWHAHWHAWHHAHWAHWAHUUUUUUUUUUUUU."** {{champion:80}} "I am so glad all of you love the show so much." {{champion:266}} "Is slayer Yasuo really dead? {{champion:80}} "You know I can't spoil it. Just watch the show and maybe you will find out. Don't forget to watch all the commercials. For the mini short about what happens when you are alone in the howling abyss. Also, tell everyone you know to watch the show, and buy some more, The Ganking Dead, official merchandise. Like this exclusive statue, that shows me in a blue outfit. Available now, for only 10000 gold." {{champion:51}} "Slayer Jinx, I love your character so much. Marol Mixon, she is just so awesome and cool." {{champion:222}} "That's not really a question, but thanks so much." {{champion:41}} "Slayer pantheon, would you sign me chainsaw stick replica?" {{champion:80}} "Here you go. If you want, you can call me by my character's name. Grick Rimes, former baker, turned ultimate zombie slayer and leader." {{champion:20}} **"MARGAHAGRGAHAHAH, GOLD!!!!"** {{champion:80}} **"GANKER!!!!!!"** {{champion:222}} **"HE HAS A DEVOURER, AND IS OUT FOR STACKS. ALSO, WE ARE ON A KILLING SPREE, THAT SWEET SWEET SHUTDOWN GOLD SHALL NOT BE HIS!!!!!"** {{champion:150}} "Finally caught up to you guys. Bilgewater is safe, can I have my Golden Black Cleaver now?" {{champion:41}} "Well, I said I would give it to you if we save Bilgewater. Turns out we didn't need to do anything, so you get nothing." {{champion:150}} "But, I, we, the Rowin' Turd." {{champion:80}} "Don't worry, it was probably a pirated one anyway. Get it Gnaral, pirated, **PIRATED GNARALLLLLLLLLL!!!!!**" http://i.imgur.com/w64jNz6.png (I would like to thank Riot, for finally letting me into the insanity that is the PBE. Es crazy mang. That new Graves shotgun, that thing hurts a lot. As a side note, Yasuo gets 100% crit chance from a Statikk Shiv + cloak of agility.)
I honestly love your writing! This is the first time I’ve actually read it but I have absolutely no regrets. I love all of the references, lore twists, and how you put gameplay experiences into your piece. What I’m talking about is the Quinn part, but yeah. Keep up the great work! You’ve earned yourself a new fan! :)
: And everything changed when the Yordle Nation attacked {{champion:18}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:68}} {{champion:74}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:85}} {{champion:115}}
{{champion:32}} {{item:3070}} Okay...
: its a trap!
’Tis not a trap, dear! I have gifted Lunar Goddess Diana, Bloodlord Vlad, TPA Orianna, Popstar Ahri, Dragonslayer Vayne, Whistler Village Twitch, iBlitzcrank, Happy Elf Teemo (twice), and Earnest Elf Tristana so far. :)
: Anybody want to team up with me to get rewards?
: Team Up Week: A legendary Mystery Gift upgrade
I only gift people if they either do a nice job in game or are very sportsmanlike to me and others! :) Anyone can play with me to earn gifts ^_^
Kuzja1 (NA)
: {{champion:81}} Nose Bleed
Prepare the anime Lux hentai {{champion:161}} {{champion:99}}
: Still waiting on Star Guardian Garen. {{champion:86}} had better be just as pink and frilly!
In the name of DEMACIAAAAA!!!! I will punish you! {{champion:86}}
: My banana mains Soraka {{champion:16}}
UPDATE: I just found out my shadow mains Zed! {{champion:238}}
Sheefa (NA)
: My fox plays too! She has nine tails and she mains {{champion:103}} !
That's odd, my Naruto also mains Ahri! {{champion:103}}
: Legolas ain't got nothing on Ashe ;D
: Champion Update: Ashe update heading to live!
: my cat {{champion:107}} mains {{champion:55}}
You should watch out... It could get KATastrophic {{champion:55}}
: My Satan mains {{champion:17}}
OH YEAH MY LAMP MAINS LUX {{champion:99}}
: Should I wait for Ekko or get thresh? I have about 2000 Ip right now, and just bought the jayce skin....
Lee Sin to your heart. {{champion:64}}
: there needs to be an ekko skin where he looks like shulk. ***im really feeling it!***
: found out my dog played league thanks to this... she mains nasus {{champion:75}}
My banana mains Soraka {{champion:16}}
: Chef LuBu: Professional Feeder
This guy is my hero. {{item:3070}}

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