: Hey there, I totally follow the Diana subreddit and all the suggestions and ideas that get thrown in there. Did you have a specific example of the one you mentioned offhand? I really don't want to change her pattern too much as a whole, but just provide a better play experience when it comes to reliance of AP and Spell casts.
> [{quoted}](name=Riot Zhanos,realm=NA,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=ZOH65NIy,comment-id=00060000,timestamp=2019-05-14T22:22:54.793+0000) > > Hey there, I totally follow the Diana subreddit and all the suggestions and ideas that get thrown in there. Did you have a specific example of the one you mentioned offhand? > > I really don't want to change her pattern too much as a whole, but just provide a better play experience when it comes to reliance of AP and Spell casts. I think the reason why people are mad is because the AP ratio on Diana is all she had. Now we're removing it? The movement speed is nice, but us as Diana players always have a problem with not being able to match with other passively strong champions like jax and kayle. Eventually when late game comes around they just out class everyone. It feels like a partial rework; or a rework that was thought about the first time. I don't mind the removing of mana proc and attack speed steroid and I even like the movement speed buff because I think this will bring back {{item:3027}} {{item:3115}} . One thing I do think we need to focus on is the value power of her E. Every champion have an amount of power they can be given so that they will not be overpowered or overloaded (Like Irelia, Akali). It feels like Diana's pool of power is not being fully used. So let's say every champion gets 100 VP (Value Power). Champions like Yasuo, Irelia, Akali have a VP of 110/100. Why, because they have difficult kits that need to be used in innovative ways. Champions like Kai'sa, Jax, Camille have a VP of 100/100. But.. Champions like Diana, Kog, Noc have a VP power of 80-85/100. I think the problem is adding the right amount of VP. Now I do want to say that I love that she see some attention. I thought she would never get seen again. I would like to Thank you Zhanos.
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: We'll have some Diana changes on PBE soon, potentially next week . Not expecting we'll ship those in 9.10 or 9.11, but instead that we'll see how they test, what discussion is like etc. Based off that we'll then figure out what adjustments to make and whether to get some form of them into an upcoming patch in the moderate future or not. Context post with full changes and rationale to come the day they hit PBE.
I'll go ahead and tell you. Don't bother! Aatrox is about to go through the same thing. They won't be able to balance it, and then just say "what's easier and quicker to fix." I've played so long with Diana and just lost hope that anything will change. What will go on the pbe, will stay on there. -Love you Diana {{champion:131}}
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: Diana within a year? Dude, there are way too many more urgent candidates for that to happen.
Urgent candidates, you mean like ezreal… one of the most popular and viable champions in the game.... or morgana...whose kit is as old as dust but still sees play... oh oh I bet you talking about half of the other reworked champions who were perfectly viable and had a niche to make the unique... but diana, nahhhh. Her being over 50%wr is scary. Riot is not going to do anything about it and sad to say there are other champions who are going to see changes because they "urgently" need them. Oh what about that lonely corner where azir, ryze, and diana live in... that's the no man's zone. They can be as bad as we want them to be and no one cares. Oh those people on the board who cries for a diana rework for years now... SHHHHH THEY DONT FKING EXIST!!!!!!!!!!!!
: Why Diana?
Quick update.... Play Irelia Mid... At this point it doesn't seem like diana is going to get fixed anytime soon and I can probably list a bunch of things that make irelia feel like diana but better. Mark passive: You get resets off of these marks from both champions; except irelia's does on hit (good with triforce), gives life back, fuels her passive, and her dash is on a basic ability and not her ult. Dash: Both have dashes and both are reset by marks; except irelia's is on hit (mentioned), Heals (mentioned), fuels her passive (mentioned), and can be reset by killing the unit with the dash. Diana, works with mark (one mark until your next q), fuels passive, small channel (can use other abilities and items while dashing) Defensive ability: This one is debatable. A refreshed shield is a life saver and so is damage reduction. But what makes irelia's so good is that you mitigate much more (potentially) and you don't need to hit someone to get the reduction. Diana get's an initial shield but the refreshed shield has to explode all orbs on an enemy unit. CC: This one is no contest. Diana pull is something that people have been complaining about for a long time. Does no damage, pull isn't major and is fairly high on the cooldown. Irelia's CC, though it is a skill shot, it is greatly rewarded when it hits. You get a mark, Stack on your passive, Stun, Ranged and good for engage. Also, though it is a difficult ability, it has a learning curve and it is what makes irelia so hard to play. Passive: I've mention passive though this post multiple times. Diana's passive (for those who don't know, you should probably not be on a diana forum) gives attack speed when you use an ability ( does not have to hit) and every 3 Auto Attacks allow you to cleave for 80% of your ap in magic damage, and gives you mana back. To be honest you can argue that their passive fit their kits extremely good but the one thing that breaks it for me is that diana has to keep casting abilities to keep using her passive. Once you proc your passive for irelia, it stays on while fighting large monsters and champions, helping you save your abilities for when you need them. Overall Irelia just stay relevant the longer the game goes on and the longer she fights, which is something I would like in diana, but it is not possible for diana. Btw you can build zhon on irelia so that was the only thing diana had going for her. sad face.
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: I imagine Diana is prolly a year away from a VGU. I'm interested to see what happens. Side note though, I like messing around with Diana and going Conq into a more AS/Bruiser build. {{item:3115}} {{item:3124}} {{item:3047}} {{item:3001}} {{item:3068}} .
why does it have to take a year for them to decide on a simple change. When they were just about to give yasuo an extra 100% ad ratio on his ult?
: Why Diana?
It has just gotten to the point where all her benefits are our shined by other champions. Look at akali… she was meta at least some parts of each year, but she got her rework first. No matter how ahead you are with Diana, there is always that major problem... she doesn't have enough outplay potential besides the fact of zhon when you ult the back line. It really don't matter if you kill the adc diana, you the only one that is fed and you cant kill the tanks. Loses team fight. I mean it is just ridiculous. So many ways you can build her, but none are effective enough. And even when she gets 50% w/r riot nerfs everything she uses. So now she back to a 48% w/r with no rework and ryze with his 2nd million reworks. You know who needs an update, this champion, ezreal. So popular, meta most of the time, great builds.. hmmm lets make his w finally worth something since the rest of his kit is worth something. Meanwhile, Diana stuggling to be meta just once after they pushed her to the ground. Then riot lies and says we gave he a mini rework, we will keep working on Diana . This isn't the last you have seen from us. Apparently it was the last we seen from them. Got them damn monkeys off my back. Let go back to Ryze. Lead or not... Diana just isn't strong enough. He lore doesn't even make sense. She kill a whole bunch of elders, but couldn't kill an actual champion. Poor old people didn't stand a chance. I'm tired of supporting a dev that doesn't listen to the minority.
: Why Diana?
And why does zed stay on top of performance list with no major nerfs?
: Why Diana?
The same problem Ahri had. The ability to stay effective.
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: I kinda don't agree with removing the cc on her e, it's the only form of cc she has and it's actually even a pretty weak cc comparing to all the cc's in the game.
So the cc is one is a good thing to have but the problem with her kit is that she has to many 'this ability is eh' and if I would like an eh ability I would rather it be with damage (to scale) than some lame weak cc that only hinders me to taking abilities to the face. I highly doubt that A) right will give diana a stronger cc and B) give diana damage and cc. If they were to keep her cc and gave her damage people, who dont play diana, would complain that she is to strong. Then we would be right back where we are now. I just played some games with diana and got demoted. At this point in time im ready to give up the fact of trying to climb and just stop playing until they fix her. Which would probably be never considering they are just going to say "she would be way to strong and we have balancing problems with her" and try to throw in our faces that they gave her a buff in 7.14 (which is wasnt). You know its bad when rank 1 Arcsecond, the person who got there with diana, doesnt even play her anymore. and i agree that removing her cc would be a mistake but this is league of legends we talking about. We dont get things for free.
: Buff Diana
I feel where you going but I do not think the 20% more damage would be a good idea. Diana is one of those champions that you have to becareful. One mistake on riots end and then BOOM she becomes the strongest mid laner/jungler in the game. That being said... Diana has been neglected. Riot loves buffing champions that are already good and let champions who start to be decent fall off. Diana for example, a few patches ago she was actually a pretty decent champion, but with the recent changes to how gold works with minions, she can't just give up some cs and then come back late game. I mentioned in another post that she is feast or famine and that she feels more famine most of the time. With that being said, here was some of my ideas... Crescent Strike (Q)- changing the cooldown from 8/7.5./7/6.5/6 to 7 at all ranks. -This gives her a little bit more power in the early but not taking away from her late to much. -Diana's numbers are fine, considering the is a scaling champions and not a early game, high base damage champion. Moonfall (E)- remove- slow 35/40/45/50/55% New- damage 10/15/20/25/30 (+10% AP) Cooldown reduced from 26/24/22/20/18 to 22/20/18/16/14 -We want to make sure we don't over buff this. As I said before, one mistake on her numbers and BOOM back to good old famine Diana. -Adding a little bit of damage to her E makes it so it cant be used as a waveclear early but still helps with diving that one poor soul. -Reducing the cooldown by 4 at all ranks will help use this ability more often and to compensate for that we took the slow off. This change gives you the option to decide to max E second, Or last still. Lunar Rush (R)- New effect: hitting an enemy champion with lunar rush will grant diana 15/25/35 armour and 10/15/20 magic resistance for 3 seconds. -This change helps her stay into fights longer and rewards you if you hit your q before ulting. hint: use her second ult after your 3 second buff is about to end. Trying to keep her from being a duelist is the reason why we are not giving her some kind of healing and thus champions like jax and fiora will still be able to out duel you if fights go on to long. We also don't want the incident where diana deviates from building AP scaling items by giving Hybrid or Ad scaling on any of her abilities. The point of playing diana is to have a damage dealing diver in the mid lane who can contribute more in teamfights instead of trying to contest with better splitpushers. There is one thing to note out of all of these. -No high boost in damage so she wont become this one-shot, don't fight Diana, champion. -Tankiness from ult to reduce hard punishments from diving. This does not mean she can't be killed. This just means that she has more time to use zhonya's properly or escape to fight another day. You still need flash to escape. -No extra mobility spells. Last thing we need is another katarina jumping all over the map. -No damage or crowd control reduction to make it impossible to kill her. -Flat cooldown to help with early game. -Not making her broken for other people to play her. THIS IS A MAIN CHAMPION NOT A SIDE CHICK FOR OTHERS TO ABUSE. -Rewarding when hitting your Q before ulting -Making a definitive identity for Diana. She is a diver. Not an assassin. Not a battlemage. Not a Duelist. -Making her better at punishing squishies for positioning poorly. -Not making her a difficult champion, but can tell an experienced Diana (who knows when to use q/ult or ult/q, e-flash, and shield. And who knows how to use moonsilver blade (Passive) Properly) and a new Diana (who knows what she does but doesn't know her full potential). IF these were ever seen on her I think the best way to build Diana would be Arcsecond's ROA/Nashor's Tooth Build.{{item:3027}} {{item:3115}} followed by {{item:3020}} {{item:3111}} , then {{item:3165}} {{item:3157}} {{item:3135}} with {{summoner:4}} {{summoner:12}} With all this being said... I think this would make her a strong post-6 champion.

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