: Prepare for your account to be banned for a BS reason and riot exspecti g you to restart and rebuy
LOL oh man don't joke. That would suck ass
Aerothal (NA)
: and here i thought i was crazy, but i "only" have 156. pretty impressive, 635 skins! and now you have to have friends gift you mystery gifts so Rito is forced to give you skins that are not available for purchase! ps: work on getting Triumphant Ryze, man! you can do it!
I wish. To avoid people from abusing the gifting center you have to have at least 10 skins available for purchase to be gifted... No more gifts for me {{item:3073}}
Oxbridge (NA)
: Congrats! I am also a skin enthusiast. Perhaps you'd care to add me in game for some lively discussions?
Crett (NA)
: How... much... did... you...
Not really sure, and kind of scared to see how much has been spent getting them all. I do know as of last Feb, I was told by Riot I was near the 2k dollar mark. http://puu.sh/mnI6q/eb06ab9a8d.png
Rioter Comments
: HUD Update
Rip Streamers with League displays. Great design overall though.


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