: Anecdotal evidence is not enough to prove a point. What is true in your situation is not then automatically true in other similar situations.
: > [{quoted}](name=QuickenedBlade,realm=NA,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=E9fdf1Mf,comment-id=000000010000,timestamp=2017-05-22T18:37:48.971+0000) > > Self esteem has nothing to do with it... > > ...If somebody else's stupidity is causing me stress, I feel the need to cause them stress. That is counterproductive. You're just going to create more stress for yourself. Why not help them overcome that 'stupidity' and learn so that they won't continue causing you stress?
Stupidity is an incurable disease. Natural selection has been stopped by the simplicity of life through technology and structured society. I help people that recognize and understand that I am better than them. People are too ignorant to see that most of the time.
: My Shop, What to buy?
they are all really good i got fucking dogshit i got 70% off a 520 leblanc skin 4 skins that cost 750 and 1 skin that's 975 all for champs I already own their best 1350 skin for
: Considering incredibly dark topics such as the holocaust and rape are commonly used as insults in gaming, I think social disorders are several steps down.
Annotation vs connotation also context Racist jokes are not racist because they have a connotation of being humorous
: Calling someone "Autistic" is a really dumb insult for League
> [{quoted}](name=AbsorbentTNT,realm=NA,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=E9fdf1Mf,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-05-22T15:58:49.284+0000) >were **thought **to have Autism I was thought to have autism when I was younger lo and behold I am actually just a psychopath and have an IQ 5 deviations above average why am I a higher rank than my autistic brother if autism doesnt effect skill in league? exactly.
Rioter Comments
: No, that's a terrible idea. It leads to binary "Hit or miss" gameplay that's either "She hit her E so I die, no contest" or "She missed her E, and now she's absolutely useless", which no other mage in the game has. Every other mage lands their CC to make their damage more *reliable*, not increase their damage to kill someone. If you can't kill an Ahri whose missed everything but her auto-target abilities, let alone the fact her Ult has a static 1 second CD, which alone extends the kill time to over 2 seconds, I think the problem lays somewhere with you.
It does not lead to binary gameplay at all. What's Lux? Land Q, Press R. Don't land Q, throw Q again Rinse repeat What's Leblanc without her chain What's akali without her ult? What's xerath without his passive mana? Every other mage is gated by something. Ahri has no gates. She's just busted as fuck. No weakness to take advantage of.
: No, they tried that before and what happened is ahri players became worthless trash who shouldn't bother casting any skill and just back off if they miss E. No champion deserves to be guttered like that.
ahri has never been worthless trash she wasn't able to be played by anybody first-timing her from how broken she is
Glory97 (EUW)
: if you dodge e and q and still die, then ahri is either super fed or you should have backed a long time ago. I do agree that ahri might be a little too strong atm, but i don't think your idea is the right approach of nerfing ahri.
What other approach would there to be nerfing her? I'm open to suggestions. This is the most logical thing I can see for a nerf. She has high damage across every ability, tons of moblity and sustain, and has hard CC. I think She should be gated by the weakness of having that hard CC on cooldown.
: Oriana doesn't have to land her e to do a shit ton of damage, only her q w LB doesn't need to land her Q to do a shit ton of damage, only her e and sometimes W Anivia doesn't need to land her q to do a shit ton of damage, only her ult and E Lux doesn't need to land her e to do a shit ton of damage, just her q and ult Syndra doesn't need to land all of her abilities to do a shit ton of damage, just the stun and ult, and in some cases just the q + ult will one shot someone Vlad doesn't need to use ult or W to do a shit ton of damage, just E and Q Xerath doesn't need to land his E to do a shit ton of damage, just Q and W Fizz doesn't need to land his E to do a shit ton of damage, just his auto attacks and maybe ult But of course since its Ahri people have a mandate to complain about her Hell, her W doesn't even hit 2/3 most of the time. And I dont understand the point in bringing gunblade into this, take gunblade out and tell me how her kit is still toxic. If gunblade is the thing doing all of the work here then its gunblade that's the problem. Its the same thing with LB, Gunblade is the one thing keeping her viable
I wasn't aware Ahri's W and R were skillshots I wasn't aware Xerath, Vlad, Lux, Anivia, ETC could dash around everywhere while killing you with targeted abilities while missing her supposed-to-be-main-damage-ability Q You wouldn't be too happy if Xerath missed his Q and E and just blatantly killed you by clicking the R key from the safety of his tower. The only difference with ahri is she has the safety of her mobility rather than the high range of xerath
: Lux or Orianna?
i find orianna very fun to play lux is just press Q till you land it, then press R
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Lock On (NA)
: You're trying real hard to impress us :P Postgame stats don't prove it's your account.
postgame stats that include rank lmao trying real hard to impress some bronze-plat inbreds on the boards
Lock On (NA)
: http://imgur.com/a/GDdQ5 And I'm Doublelift. Current Challenger. I can snip other people's accounts too. Because I seriously can't believe how a diamond player struggles to dodge Zac's knockup when it now even comes with an indicator beforehand.
http://i.imgur.com/jlZRdWM.jpg http://i.imgur.com/DkOwoK3.png http://i.imgur.com/MyLO8pw.png sure jan
: > You are getting skins for discounts larger than what you'll ever see on the store and people still find a reason to complain. The reason why people are upset is because the discounts are for champions they frequently play. It's likely that you're already going to own the best skins for those champions already, which forces Your Shop to give you discounts for skins that you don't want. It was an oversight by Riot, to be honest. They should have made Your Shop give you a couple of discounts on champions for which you don't own any skins. And as for the people who are saying that the players aren't being appreciative of Riot's generosity, they're naive. Riot didn't make Your Shop as a way to give players large discounts on skins. They made Your Shop to make you **_think_** you're getting a good deal, especially on skins that you would have probably never bought but are more inclined to purchase because a large number of human beings are impulsive buyers.
They gave me 5 skins for champs I play, but own skins that cost 2x more already. The 6th skin is for LB which I don't play and it's 520 default price with 70% off.
: > [{quoted}](name=QuickenedBlade,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=EEvh4rYn,comment-id=0013,timestamp=2017-05-20T21:45:49.673+0000) > > it's insulting to discount prestigious leblanc by 70% > > why the fuck would anybody want that skin? I think the biggest discounts are on the cheapest skins, I've got Mercenary Kata for 70% off (its 520 normally)
: The fact that people are complaining about My Shop is sad
it's insulting to discount prestigious leblanc by 70% why the fuck would anybody want that skin?
Lakrosin (NA)
: Idk I like the Thresh and Leblanc skin. I don't know what you are complaining about.
i have championship thresh which is blue, which i like, and is limited the leblanc skin is literally asswater it's a 520RP
: Best nami skin in your shop. I already have it, but I wouldn't mind getting it in my shop if I didn't have it already.
i have a 1350 nami skin ecks dee why would i want that one better question, why would i want to spend more money to buy another skin that is worse than the skin i already spent money on to have
: Stupid Nicknames You've Given Your Champions
Rioter Comments
: Which champion do you people think is the most fair and balanced to play against?
: https://img.memesuper.com/e02e5ffb5f980cd8262cf7f0ae00a4a9_press-x-to-doubt-memes-memesuper-la-noire-doubt-meme_419-238.png
not my fault you kids dont know how to use critical thinking to identify and solve problems everything I've said was retarded 4 years ago I still think is retarded in diamond {{champion:58}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:1}} {{champion:103}} {{champion:28}}{{champion:64}} all still downs unfun champs to vs
: You Guys Ever Realize That You've Been Playing The Champion Wrong?
: ***
so tank fizz and tank ekko have counterplay? {{champion:23}} right clicking has counterplay? {{champion:103}} spamming R, missing every ability, clicking gunblade, then auto attacking with lichbane has counterplay?
30 op champions with 5-8 really op champions
: Look on the bright side, Riot can now see champions that average over 1 ban per game. Edit: My upvotes here have reached the meaning of life :O and now they have surpassed it
Incoming 180% ban rates on Yasuo xddddd
: My Shop: Expectations vs. Reality
i got 70% off prestigious leblanc (520 base RP) I've never played Leblanc a single time. She is one of the three champions in the whole game I do not have champ mastery in 20% blood moon thresh when I already own Championship Thresh. Wow thanks for these enticing deals. I will definitely NOT be spending money on this.
: omg fuk rito for giving you discounts on skins you dont own HOW DARE THEY !!! http://imgur.com/1AsXxcu
yo do u want 99% off of a sack of shit? I usually sell it for 10$ but I'll discount it for you for 2 weeks
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Durzaka (NA)
: And yet you hide behind a dummy account on the forum. Totally believe your screenshot right now.
Yeah where the fuck am I finding screenshots of a 1trick urgot that hasn't existed for 6 months ecks fucking dee
Durzaka (NA)
: Youre currently unranked and havent played a game on that account in nearly 4 months. So fuck off with you ad hominem. Sounds like you are never wrong and are a perfect god, and only champions are broken, never your shitty playing.
the only champs I lose to in lane against is Kled, Ahri, Lux because all my picks are hard countered by them Otherwise I win 100% of lanes. I am a perfect god of league and I have more credibility to say so than you.
Lock On (NA)
: 1) You're unranked; who the hell are you to speak out on elos? 2) You can side-step the shots rather than mindlessly going forward or going backward, genius. What elo do you pretend to be where Zac is on the top of your pretentious Christmas list of champs you'd like nerfed when he's doing shit across plat+ games http://champion.gg/champion/zac/Jungle?
http://imgur.com/a/1giFb "unranked" current d3 Zac never should be meta because of his unfun playstyle. Boo fucking hoo if he's weak. There's a fuckton of other champs that are weak. He's the fucking Ryze of the tank class.
Durzaka (NA)
: So now youre saying you dont have any map awareness. And yet you insult peoples rank Mr. Havent played a game in 4 months.
This acct hasnt played since season 2 http://imgur.com/a/1giFb Don't try to look up more stats. Changed my name 6 months ago. Current Diamond 3
Durzaka (NA)
: First, i dont know what world you live in that Zac has a 3500 unit jump. At max lvl, and at max charge time, it has a max range of 1800 units. Which ups 1.3 seconds to reach that range. On top of that, yeah, that is almost exactly what outplayed means. The Zac forced you into an unfavorable position that you could otherwise have avoided if you had played better (AKA not putting yourself between 2 sources of CC).
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand silver you have 0 credibility my opinion is more valid and carries more weight 2 seconds to travel 1800 units is 900 movement speed. Hec doesn't go that fast. > The Zac forced you into an unfavorable position any fucking champ can do that if they have a broken kit Yasuo/Ahri/ivern/kat/lux force you into unfavorable positions because they're just complete bullshit and can spam high zoning abilities with 0 cost or risk
Sqkerg (NA)
: You can see him sweeping it and back off.
sweeping and not attacking the ward unless you're looking at the fucking jungle while you're farming, you wont see him stay bronze
: My main problem with adding voice chat in league...
I have a habit of putting my mic down my throat when stupid shit happens
Durzaka (NA)
: If he leads his shot, and you run into it, you got outplayed. Simple as that. If you know he can lead the shot, your response is to then stop short, or change directions. Not continue into it. It is not a guaranteed hit unless you are already hit by CC.
So walk into his CC or walk backwards into more CC. "Outplayed" spoken like a true silver Like saying the new Kat blinking 76 times is outplaying Being in range of a 3500 unit jump guarantees being hit by CC from either him or his team And it's a 7s CD since he maxes it and builds straight up cdr
Venomar (NA)
: Deep ward, problem solved. He can't hop "across the map" if you see him coming from across the map.
Durzaka (NA)
: What, yes you can move out of the way. it gives an indicator where he is going to land, and pretty much every champion with a pair of boots (and eyes) can walk out of it without using any abilities.
And he can half-lead the shot and force you to run into a hard cc support. Anybody with a fucking brain can think of that
Voluug13 (NA)
: He has a charge time, if you ward obvious spots you can move to your tower or out of the way. For example in toplane there are only 2 spots he can slingshot from (river and your bush). Mid has more spots but less tower distance. Vi makes inmobile champions more unviable because her ult is point and click so she basically has no gank counterplay after level 6.
You can't move out of the way, he can change where he lands after he starts charging, unlike Pantheon for example. He can dive towers in almost any situation where his team is pushed to your tower. You can't push because he can jump from fog of war. Mid lane has 8 potential gank spots for Zac. He's completely unfun and uninteractive to play against and has an overall overwhelming amount of map presence for being a tank.
: At least Zac doesn't invade me at level 2 for an easy kill. At least Zac doesn't auto win every fight after getting a core item. At least Zac doesn't have point and click CC. Zac is much more fair in retrospect than a LOT of other junglers, and you can ward spots that you think he might slingshot from.
He hops across the map and dives you, regardless if you see him or not.
: Stop buffing Zac.
I never want Zac to be meta, ever. He is absolute fucking cancer to deal with. The only way to counter him is to have a Janna.
: Self-Serving Bias and how it effects your League experience
If I realize my mistake and don't make it again, that's different from my retarded ADC running in and going 0-15 in lane phase. Jg camp isn't an excuse to die unless they're diving, it is an excuse to not WIN lane Keeping track of summs is a fundamental part of good gameplay. If they use 3+ summs to 3v1 you, that's worth it if you take advantage of the down time to get other objectives/kills. I can tell whether a turn-around or an all-in is good or not while others don't. It's that simple. That's why I ping 5000 times before I do anything, but then Riot makes u able to mute pings like monkeys. Credibility: Diamond
: again just want to say this I use to think I was cool when I'd take a hand full of Klonopin and hydrocodone and play league but after 1.5 years of being sober i see I was pretty damn pathetic like honest to god man what you are talking about right now and what you think is so funny is pretty pathetic. I don't know if this was a one time thing for you or if you are abusing the meds but my advice before it gets out of hand is look yourself in the mirror because what happened after you took the med wasn't cool or funny. I'm sure you felt good as hell but it's not a good road. take this from someone who'd take 10 2MG klonopins along with a few hydrocodon pills daily just to play league because it "relaxed me and made me play better" then I ended up on a stretcher to the E.R because I forgot how much I took one night and decided it was ok to take a little more. hope you find some sense man
I don't do it to be cool I just happened to have a fuckton of caffeine and forgot I had meds to take doesnt change the fact it felt fucking awesome I've been laughing about everything for the past 2 weeks. My psychosis has been kicking in allot more than usual. I've had severe depression my whole life and I haven't felt this good in a long time I don't normally have caffeine, only do when I feel good. Refer to post. I wouldn't do this again. It doesnt change the fact it felt fucking awesome.
: List of champions that take literally zero skill
all true {{champion:34}} {{champion:1}} {{champion:53}} {{champion:28}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:9}} {{champion:29}} u forgot these
: Using Master Yi to climb
{{champion:23}} "i like playing tryndamere/fizz "
Rioter Comments
: Wow. did you fail math in school? or basic reading, perhaps? My last games showing on na.op.gg at the moment: 2/7/23 2/0/2 3/2/15 3/1/6 For the math-impaired, thats a respective op.gg given KDA of: 3.5 INFINITE(aka "Perfect") 9 9 But I wasnt the one boasting about how AMAAAAZZZING I am. You were.
did you fail league of legends? o shit yeah you did because you're silver you have no fucking kill participation I could go to lane, get FB, then AFK and say I have an infinite KDA. You're silver for a reason, don't talk to people above your station
: I use to think I was cool when I'd take a hand full of Klonopin and hydrocodone and play league but after 1.5 years of being sober i see I was pretty damn pathetic
I didn't make any mistakes in any of the games. I literally played so so so perfectly I saw everything in my head instantly like a computer not much difference from normal since my IQ is in the top >.1% percentile coming at around 160 with 2hrs of sleep a day, which has similar side effects as being intoxicated. So literally me being intoxicated, I'm still smarter than everybody else on the planet. I'm psychotic I would start hysterically laughing and just suicide because I was destroying them so hard I've never laughed so much in my life I couldn't breathe for half the games a draven i destroyed wanted to duo with me and he could confirm that I was fucking around so much in discord. Just laughing for no reason. Holy shit it felt good.
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