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: Diamond smurf looking for partner. Silver IV.
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48127352 (NA)
: Silver/Gold team recruiting
Name: Ryots Current Rank: Gold V Last Season Rank: Silver II, Role: Mid/Jungler Champ Pool: Ahri, Lux, Viktor/ Noct, Olaf, Diana Have skype: yup Strengths: shot calling, kill participation Weaknesses: flashing forward, warding
: Team looking for gold and under
Rank: Gold 5 Role: Mid Best Champions: Ahri, Lux, Ezreal, Azir Age: 23 Can you practice daily?: Yup Do you have Skype/Curse/Teamspeak?: Yup Can you shot call?: Yup Are you willing to be respectful and help team improve: Yup
: ~Climbing To Bronze 5 Ranked 5's~ Looking For Subs for all roles, pref gold+
Ryots Gold V Ezreal, Noct, Graves, Bard, Lucian Sure can. :D 23 Yup Kill participation, pushing, call outs. Flashing forward, warding, Irelia;D Been playing since season 2, just enjoy playing the game, and learning other peoples styles and strategies Was a shot caller for my last real team for about 4 months. so yes.
: Looking for fun people to play with Bronze/silver
: Flaggstaff Gaming looking for PLAYERS!
IGN: Ryots Rank: Gold V Previous Rank(s5,s4,s3,s2,s1): Silver I, Silver 2, Bronze I, unranked, N/A Role: ADC, Jungle , Mid Champ Pool: Ezreal Jinx Ashe Jarvan IV Nocturne Jax Strengths: Call outs, positioning, playing from behind Weaknesses: pink warding, flashing forward, map awareness Are you willing to work to finish your weakness: Sure, been trying. Able to participate in tournaments: Definitely If needed can you attend lans (if not its ok): ah, depends on the distance Why do you want to be on this team: to learn from the experience, to learn others tips and tricks to winning, as well as teaching them my own. participating in tourneys is always fun and i enjoy team play. i was Mid and shot-caller for my own ranked team for bout 8 months. but never went serious. Have a working headset: yes Flagggstaff
HB1 (NA)
: Raven Guard Gaming
Name: Coty Summoner name : Ryots Age : 23 Language : English Country which you live in: US of A Role : ADC/Mid Secondary Role : Jungle Main 3 Champions : Ezreal Jinx Nocturne A brief description of what you want from this team : meet others, learn from them and their play styles A small bit about yourself : been playing since end of season 2, maining adc mostly, but a i have very good knowledge of all positions, ive played in a ranked 5s team for over a year before we fell out as ADC then switched to Mid. my highest tier reached was Gold IV, but i strive for more.
: TPC Recruitment
im gold so if you have any bronze players it wont work. but ADD me in game. i can coach you guys if you dont have one. :D
: Silver Dynamic Queue Looking for 2 more players for 5-man.
: LFM, need gold jg for ranked team
IGN Ryots --- Gold V Pool: Nocturne Ekko Diana Pantheon Jarvan IV Playstyle: im really about kill participation Shotcalling: in previous team, ive done all the shot calling
LysoI (NA)
: League Team Looking For Jungle Bronze-Gold
IGN: Ryots Role: ANY Rank: Gold 5 Top Champs: Ezreal, Ekko, Jarvan IV Pros: high kill participation Cons: knowing when to push or objectives Availability throughout the week: im down for anything Time Zone: EST
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Twìst (NA)
: "Just Toke It" Recruiting
IGN Ryots Division: gold 5 Role: ill apply for jg and mid Timezone: EST Strengths: high kill participation Weaknesses: knowing when to push
jreeves1 (NA)
: Dynamic Ranked I have a team ready we need an ADC MAIN Add me if you're interested
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Nirvoy (NA)
: [LFM] - [SERIOUS] - Looking to create a second team
IGN:ryots Age:22 Rank(Season 5):gold5 Role:ADC / coach Prior Team Experience: been an asst coach for a silver/gold team. Been on several small teams but looking for serious Why should you be considered above others: I've got the know how and the will to learn.
: Gold 5 all-around player LF ranked team/people to play with
Add me in game. Ryots. gold 5 during offseason. i main ADC>mid>top. im looking for a serious team with serious players.
: Looking to make a silver to gold team
IGN: WAAAAAAAbafett RANK: Gold V LANE OR POSIT: Jungle/ADC/mid BEST CHAMPS: Lee Sin, Ekko, Trundle/ Lucian, Ezreal, Draven/ Kassadin, Diana, TF.
: League-o’-Lantern contest winners!
im gonna carve{{champion:28}} .. oh wait.. you wont be able to see it unless you brought a pink trick or treating :c

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