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: Teemo changes temporarily on PBE for early feedback
The blind is miserable to play against. teemo makes games unfun. what have you done to make him not be unfun? More teemo power will just mean less fun overall, more dodges when people lock in teemo, longer queue times...
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: February 8
I really don’t like the direction you are describing for conqueror. Making it ability only will leave auto attack champs like trydamir out in the cold (and he’s already well below 50% win rate). Maybe go the other way, have conquer only apply to auto damage and not ability damage. That was people who get in and bash can use it, but you cant just have all your abilities bypass defense.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: January 25
This is a great post. It sounds like you guys really heard and responded to community feedback on the needs of melee PD users and on Akali shroud. This has given me more faith in the long term health and staying power of league than I’ve had in a long time. Any game has ups and downs, but as long as the developers have a good relationship with the community any problem can be solved. Bravo!
: Patch 9.2 notes
Curious, do you guys make balance decisions with a view towards the number of people queueing for each role in order to maintain a balance and provide players with reliable and short queue times? If yes to the above, was this change meant to address a problem with too many players queueing jungle?
: There are a lot of factors that will be different between players depending on their amount of experience in a position, how long they've been playing, etc. We bundle all those things together and look at things in terms of your win rate. We know you're at the right MMR/rank when you win about 50% of your games in that position. If you're losing more than that, we know you should be lower and we can adjust accordingly. That should generally help compensate for the potential issue you're mentioning, but if you still have questions I'm happy to go deeper on it with you!
This may be late, but I think a bundle it all via win rate probably isn’t giving you as good matchmaking as you could get with a more feature rich approach. You guys have an enormous amount of information on games in general and on players in particular. Moving to an approach with thousands of features either via a logistical regression approach or a simple 2-3 layer net would probably massively increase your match making accuracy when doing complicated pairings like matches where multiple people are in off roles.
: They were never really planned for 9.2, we'll buff/nerf any Champs as appropriate after the item changes go live, it's a bit hard to gauge exactly how hard/soft Champs will be impacted by broad system changes
Just curious, how much do you guys read the feedback / comments that gets posted in threads like the recent crit item post? Do you view posts like that mainly as a way to tell the public what you’re thinking, or are you looking to find out what directions excite people and what directions people are unhappy with?
PhRoXz0n (NA)
: Crit Item Explorations Part 2
It looks like whoever did this design only thought about ADCs and didn’t consult with any other crit users. The ghost portion of phantom dancer is absolutely vital for melee crit users. Creep block is super annoying feel bad and in order to be useful melee damage dealer must have a way to avoid creep block. Phantom dancer was that way. If they lose the ghost passive all melee crit users will have a massive performance drop. And the kinds of stat buffs needed to offset that will make them op fighting anywhere that doesn’t have minions (jungle / around baron etc). It’s a balance nightmare that I don’t think you have fully thought through.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: January 11
When you say jungle is too influential, what actual quantitative metric do you use to track the influence of various roles? Do you guys look at the database of all games and measure the MMR difference between each role and logisticaly regress win probability vs MMR difference at each role? If not that, what do you do? I feel like right now as a player it can seem like you guys just make up some crazy change for no reason and then backfill a story. Intellectually I know you guys probably have real reasons, but as a player it would be a lot more compelling if you shared real numbers that backed your impressions. And in the event you don’t have numbers, then you should go back to the drawing board and get them.
Meddler (NA)
: Nothing concrete yet. First step's likely to be assessing the previous round of shroud changes and whether we ought to start with more work on that ability or not.
Yeah. You guys really need to remove her tower immunity. I banned her every game the last few patches. The most recent buff makes Nasus overpowered so I’m forced to waste my ban on him, but as soon as balance is in a good state again I’m going right back to banning Akali. The tower is supposed to make you safe. It’s absolutely unacceptable that it doesn’t. Every player says this. Every player says this. Every thread where you get feedback says this. In forums with votes it’s upvoted. The feedback is loud and clear. Follow it. This aggressive and almost hostile indifference tonolayer feedback is how blizzard semi killed SC2 several years back and took it from largest global esport to “ded gaem”. Seriously go back and read blizzard’s QGT equivalents from around the time Legacy of the Void was in development and what players said and how they ignored it. You will see many clear echos in how you guys are handling Akali now.
PhRoXz0n (NA)
: Crit Item Explorations
Adcs are not the only crit users. Many melee champs build crit. For these uses phantom dancer is a crucial item for the ghost / walk through minions ability it provides. Whatever you do you need to keep a crit item with this ability or you leave all melee crit users out in the cold.
: Sounds dumb, taking a great idea and making it stupid. Just give a variable reward. Winners of their duels get their own rewards.
Yes. No one wants to 1v2. Best would be to have all three fights at once in separate spots so no one has to watch and wait and lose their flow.
Meddler (NA)
: Hey folks. Same situation here as on Wednesday. Won't be commenting much at all on balance questions like 'what do you think about X?' or 'how about some love for Y?' today. As above, in pretty much all cases we'll see where preseason lands, then assess again. Additionally I've got to dash off to something right now. Will be back later (couple of hours hopefully?) to respond to some comments though!
This isn't a balance point but a game design one. Is there any chance you can shorten the time before minions and jungle camps spawn? I know you considered this, but then backed off on it. In solo queue one of the biggest feel bad moments is when the enemy team five man invades and your team didn't group and so the game is over 1 minute in and you have to play out the next 14 minutes so far behind or without a functional jungler before you can leave. WIthout comms there is no way you can make your team group or counter in an effective way. I know it's exciting in pro games, but it absolutely ruins solo queue games and completely removes all your agency as a player.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: November 9
Meddler, Any chance you might do something to help out Tryndamere. He’s an long time iconic champ but he currently has consistently sub par win rates well below 50%. I think maybe 47-48%. How about giving him something minor but useful? Like have his W do 1 point of damage so it counts as a damage source and can stop recalls. That would make it a big more useful and help out the champ without giving too much extra damage or durability. Thanks.
Meddler (NA)
: No, that video and most responses to it are more jokey than serious. I'd also argue we hit the theme of peacock at least with Rakan last year!
Any chance we get Turkey Xayah skin for Thanksgiving?
Meddler (NA)
: Position select in blind pick - potentially yeah. The folks who'd work on that are currently mainly focused on Clash and the Ranked improvements for next season right now. That's one of the possible projects we've talked about for sometime after that though. Can't make any promises, but is on our radar. Games by queue type - Maybe. Let me check with our data folks, see if they've got any concerns about sharing that info. Probably fine to do, I'll put it in a future post if so. One interesting thing is how much some queues vary be region (e.g. non SR modes get much lower play rates in Korea than most other regions for example).
Please please don’t starve other modes to give developer resources to clash. Clash is a fun idea, but it will never be more than a niche product because the demands of giving a whole weekend squeeze out so many people. Parents can’t play clash. People with jobs / shifts on the weekend can’t play clash. People on sports teams that travel can’t play clash. People on other clubs that travel (debate, model UN, trivia, hiking clubs etc) can’t play clash. People with girlfriends that want to go out to brunch can’t play clash. But everyone wants normals to be better. So give the developer resources to features for normals. Don’t starve your core product for something that’s inaccessible to most of your audience.
AD Yuumi (NA)
: Nexus Blitz - Week 4 Feedback and Patch Notes
Casual nexus blitz player. Best part, predicable game times. If it’s 830 and I need to leave at 9 to get to dinner on time I can play. The sudden death / walking nexus is far and away the best part of this mode. Second best part, opportunity to try new champs in a quick / fun environment. If I want to learn to team fight with Kennan I can just pick him and get into fights quick Improvements: 1) maybe have ban phase 2) way less time in the pick champ choose. Loadout phase. People just pick who they want to play. Then they have 40 seconds of dead time as the load out timer ticks down. Then after that is loading screen. It takes way to long to get into a game for a game mode who’s major selling point is that it’s quick. 3) game should start at level 3. It’s too crowded and too much of a cluster&$@# to have a real early lane phase. So the pretend early lane phase just wastes time till you get to use your champ. This mode is like ARAM. It should start at level 3. 4) there are too many bushes. There are too many bushes in and around lanes and not enough vision to cover them. At present this isn’t too bad because people are just goofing around and not actually trying, but if this were a permanent mode and people try harder gameplay would be degenerate. The surplus of bushes over vision means you couldn’t actually stop assasins from blowing you up if you farmed. So you need to stand way way back to be safe. This ends with ultra long ranged champs farming with abilities at opposite ends of the lane. Need to fix this early before people start tryharding. .
: Play the Nexus Blitz alpha
You really really really need to have the item descriptions posted here. In game is no time to read items. The game is so fast if you stay in store to read and think about all the new items you might as well be inting.
: Learn more: VS 2018 Event
I’m confused by the days next to the missions. Does a new mission unlock each day but we can still do prior missions? Or can you only do each mission on a single day? If the alternthis seems like a real slap in the face to anyone with work obligations, or family obligations, or social events. Basicly a big finger to anyone who’s not a college kid with infinite free time.
PhRoXz0n (NA)
: Early Snowball 8.13
This probably doesn’t do anything for pro level snowballing, but for lower and mid Elos something that would make a big difference would be limiting how much players are able to feed. This would also help with agency. The games where you feel most powerless are the ones where you do you job and win lane maybe 3 kills to 1 and you have a 30 cs lead (so pretty good) but then you get to the team fight stage on someone on their team is 9-0 having been fed all alone phase long. Then they just stomp you even though you won your lane. Then they get an objective and snow ball. You should be looking at design to reduce one persons abilty to make a non game for 9 other people by feeding.
: Star Guardians Stand Together: 2.26.18 – 3.5.18
Is there a bundle to get all the Star Guardians at once? Or do I need to click the buy button FIVE times? like a chump.
: Upcoming Kindred changes, looking for feedback!
As a long time kindred player, I really do not like these changes. Gameplay wise kindred is distinct in being an attack speed / on hit marksman rather than a crit AA type or a damage caster spell based type. There aren't a lot of champs of this type and if the result of this rework is to have one fewer viable play styles in league it will be a real tragedy. Rather the totally change the play style, the rework should aim to play up what is unique about kindred. Keep marks as on hit damage. Abilities should work in conjunction with attack speed and on hit effects. W: Make wolf attacks apply the same on hit as lamb and if wolf and lamb both hit the same target within a half second apply a bonus third on hit. Q: early game this does damage but late game this is more for mobility within fights and for kiting. Play that up. Have each Q give bonus move speed scaling with attack speed that decays over 2 seconds. That way kind isn't too noble early, but once attack speed has been stacked late they will be able to kite around fights. E: this is pretty good. The hit three times to trigger plays into attack speed and on hit. Maybe have wolf apply on hit with his attack as well but not much to change here. R: you probably want to pull some power from here. This is a classic better in pro play ability and pulling power lets you make the core identity of ranged on hit stronger.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: May 9
Nami dragon. Healing +200% Shoulda given more gold to your support chumps.
: Patch 7.6 notes
OMG thank you so much for adding the toggle so I can chat after games again!
Meddler (NA)
: Experimental changes testing focusing it more on on-hit builds, including as a first item (hence the shift from AS to AD) and less of a duelist item (hence removal of active damage/self heal to buff other elements). Hasn't got much testing yet though.
This might be fine for standard lane marksmen build, but this is bad for the unique builds. Any Kayle build that considered botrk for optional tank busting will be hurt by this (the AD was just throw away; it’s the % damage and attack speed you want). Any on hit jungle build (essentially anyone who builds bloodrazer) would rather just be applying more procs of the bortk proc and bloodrazer proc, and their own on hit proc. Examples are tiger Udyr or on hit Kindred. I know none of these are “most played” champions or build paths, but they are fun and unique and offer a meaningfully different play pattern. Riot always says that they want to foster a diversity of play patterns and experiences, but that talk needs to be backed up by having the balance team protect the items that support unique play patterns from multiple champions.
: Patch 7.2 Notes
Any chance you guys will add a report from champion select button? Most bad games could be prevented if 4 people could report a troll from champ select.
Meddler (NA)
: It's safe to say we don't think Rift Herald's hitting the mark in its current form yeah. It's not really causing problems, but it's not offering much either alas. Suspect we're more likely to do work on RH before looking at possible alternate dragon types too. In terms of making it specifically a 'you didn't get dragons' benefit we tend to be pretty cautious about those sort of mechanics because they can lead to low interaction objective trade situations (they take A, we take B instead of contesting A). That can lead to dull games. Wouldn't be so bad in the version you propose given dragon's assumedly clearly better, especially as the game goes on. Would be inclined to start by looking at things that make RH really exciting in its own right when looking at it though, then look at fallback effects like that later if nothing that stands on its own more could be found.
If you want people to take rift herald it needs to drop two buffs. It needs two people to take so it needs to drop two buffs
: Monthly Q&A with Ghostcrawler
Any chance you will post transcripts of these for the hearing impaired?
: 2017 ranked season kicks off
Just wanted to say thanks for allowing solo players to share equally in the IP bonus. The past team only bonuses really made me feel like a second class citizen. This really makes me feel inlcuded
: Soooooooooooo where are out Items Sets Riot? Large part of the Community was not amused when you called us all a "tiny minority" who used them.
Yeah. i want item sets
: Patch 6.23 notes
Support. All the queue and position stuff is because not enough people queue up for support. Some of this is because the logic now asks too much. If I put support as secondary I get support every game. I would be happy to support 20-25% of the time and if putting support as secondary got me that I would do it. But support secondary makes me always support, so I put is as nothing at all and go for top lane secondary. There is no reason to think I'm unique. If the algo was less greedy about putting support secondarys into support more people would put support secondary. The current logic is probably self defeating.
: Some thoughts on Support
I used to main support. Now I main jungle and there is one main reason. One out of ten games I’m the best person in the game. When I was support, if I was the best person in the game and my ADC was above average we won. If I was the best person in the game and my ADC was below average we often lost anyway. As jungle, if I’m the best person in the game, than barring something egregious like a laner feeding 0/7, we are going to win. I’m not always the best player, most of time (9/10) I’m not. But when I am, I want it to mean something.
: How to rank up in the 2017 season
The role calling champ select part of blind pick is literally the worst thing in all of league. Its the only truly awful experience in this game. If you want to get rid of draft, at least add new champ select to blind where you pick blind but your role is pre assigned. Or have only draft but disable bans, anything but blind.
Fearless (NA)
: Let's talk about Plants!
I'm willing to give this a try, but this is not what junglers want. I feel like you probably did not interview a wide cross section of jungle mains before starting on this project. It feels too down rather than responsive to player needed. If you had interviewed jungle mains, the feedback you would have gotten is not that we don't like smite buffs or that we don't have any choice of pathing or starts. I use several paths based on side and champions. If you watch pro games they vary paths greatly. The thing jungle mains want is for laners to stop stealing our camps. No ADC don't take gromp / krugs before you go to lane, they weren't meant for you. It's ok if the other jg invades but it sucks when mid steals my raptors. And it's not so great when in mid game top starts stealing farm too. Just make laners not steal our camps. That's all jungle mains really want.
: Road to Pre-Season: Gameplay Systems Update
Please before making changes consider how they impact fringe junglers. I know Riot often says they want people to be able to choose from a diverse set of champions, but many changes force people onto a more narrow set. Smite makes it possible to do things like take A-Sol into the jungle and heal up on the red buff. Smite let people take kog maw into the jungle and smiting gromp gave you a stun that let you farm without taking too much damage. If you take these tools away, be sure to give something back that helps preserve interesting and strange jungle choices.
: Thank You
Thanks so much! I really appreciate the great job you guys do. I also wanted to say thanks for giving the IP bonus to everyone and not just to parties. It’s really nice to be able to just relax and play the game without being made to feel inferior because I don’t want to play in a premade.
Meddler (NA)
: Yeah, didn't notice it before, but the changes posted above are only a partial change list. I'm assuming issues with PBE scrapping. Full list (still in testing) below. Main thing to note is that while his W bonus damage is getting cut damage is getting added to the damage from his passive, so it's a nerf in many but not all points of the game to star damage (and technically a slight buff late game). P - Center of the Universe Damage:: 20-97 >>> 20-130 W - Celestial Expansion Bonus Damage:: 10 / 20 / 30 / 40 / 50 >>> 5 / 10 / 15 / 20 / 25 Persistent Mana Cost:: 16 / 22 / 28 / 34 / 40 per second >>> 22 / 24 / 26 / 28 / 30 per second E - Comet of Legend Escape Velocity removed, can now be cast at any time outside of combat. Goes on short cooldown when taking champion/tower damage. Can no longer click to cancel, only cancelled with E recast. Now casts immediately, even if outside of cast range.
If you want want varied and diverse gameplay, then you want the more unique and diverse champions to be strong so they are played more. If you want homogeneous gameplay, then you nerf the diverse champions so that more standard play patterns are more frequent. I feel like there is a bit of a mismatch between riot design who allways are talking about champion and gameplay diversity and riot balance who frequently seem to nerf non standard champions or champions used in non standard ways. Riot should really have an all hands meeting between design and balance to try to get on the same page.
: As a mostly solo player, I have question. I feel isolated by rito, dare i say almost discriminated against. The issue is not just match making or dynamic queue, it's the lack of incentives for solo players. Every single time there is a rewards, bonus etc, it is always for group players, not solo. Oh look "party" ip weekend because your region won. Want to earn more hextech easily, better play as a group. And now even ranked rewards are easier to obtain as a group then solo. I understand the point is to have fun and enjoy league and its not just about in game rewards, but when you consistently only reward your group players, solo players like me can't help but feel that you don't care about us. Rant over.
Yeah, I feel this too. I work a tough job with long variable hours. Sometimes I get home and just want to play lol, and always feel like I'm being punished for playing on my own. Feels bad.
: What I really want is a check box that says "Don't match me with a pre-made." I'm not talking about the enemy team, I'm talking about MY team. Trying to work with a premade group of 3 or 4 is a hair pulling exercise in frustration every single time for me, and the fact that I can no longer opt out of that horrible experience is the biggest reason I have a hard time justifying playing this game this year.
Very much this. As JG playing with a premade is awful. No one wants to blame anyone on their premade for anything, so any time anyone screws up you have 3-4 people hating on you in chat. Its really unpleasant. Not to mention they often are on coms and so don't ping or use chat. You should get some extra IP or something to compensate you for having to deal with that
: This is what bothers me most: I don't get an IP boost or a decent chance at hextech chests from solo queueing. The emblem means jack shit. For me, my distaste of DQ was never entirely about the status of "I got here on my own" or not. It was the game experience changed. Last time I played it, I got matched with groups of 3-4 in over half my games. Each time, I was forgotten about and received 0 help or communication from my team. I tried to adapt to what my team did - but without pings saying "Take this turret" or "We are backing off now" it was miserable. I haven't played since. At least give me some kind of reward for putting up with this.
This is a very important point. Playing with groups is really no fun. It doesn't require a 4, even a group of 3 three, you can really feel it. They all go off and do soenthjnnf with no chat coordination and often with no pings. You can't really play a team game because part of the team isn't interested in the team chat. They just voice with each other. If you're in a role that needs to coordinate with people, like jungle, it's a really miserable play experience. I feel like riot needs to acknowledge its mistreating it's players and try to make amends. "Sorry we used you as a means to an end to help bulk out a ranked 4 instead of letting you have a real game where people ping and chat, here's some bonus IP to make up for the unfun game. "


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