Stãtic (NA)
: Season 9 KEKW
Here's a better Version mb.
pretty sad too whenever i see a tank poppy,malphite,amumu on my team i know were doomed.
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: 1 Mil Mastery points but plays like a bot?
You can usually tell if it is a bot or not if they play like the beginner mode bots, they have like a chase kill hp enemy threshhold wer ethey just walk at you. the difference between riots bots and their leveling bots are that most of the riot bots dont int towers except for olaf, rammus bot.(edit) Some of the leveling bots just go to shoved lanes and use their abilities and autos on the enemy and wave as well.
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Alidoe (NA)
: Looking for a duo tonight. (Gold 2 - Plat 1)
Tubby (NA)
: Masters jungle player looking for someone who wants to smurf to diamond +
I main mid one tricking Anivia since season 5 the highest I have gotten to is Plat 1 100lp. I added both of your accounts. give me a shot
: Riot - You need to calm down a bit with Event Passes. We need a break.
I like event passes, I don't spend money on anything and get extra blue essence, what's not to like.


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